UnitedPlugins Unichannel Review

UnitedPlugins Unichannel Review - 2024 Update

If you’ve always wanted to use vintage hardware in your studio but didn’t get the chance to buy the equipment, you should look at this plugin. It combines several devices into one compact interface giving you the warm, cozy sound that vintage gear is well known for. UniChannel consists of a collection of vintage gear. This plugin was developed by Soundevice’s owner, Boris Carloff,

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10 Tips To Use a Spectrum Analyzer When Mixing & Mastering

10 Tips To Use Spectrum Analyzer

This article will discuss the best tips for using a Spectrum Analyzer when mixing-mastering music using the plugin SPAN.   A spectrum analyzer is a specialized device used to measure the frequency spectrum of a signal. It works by receiving an input signal, typically an electrical signal, and then separating it into component frequencies. The spectrum

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AKG K712 Pro Review

AKG K712 Pro Review

For years, the AKG K700 series has intrigued audio enthusiasts, and the AKG K712 Pro is no exception. With an open-back design, a 62-ohm impedance, and a 105dB SPL sensitivity dynamic driver, these headphones promise a unique listening experience. In this article, I’ll delve into the intricate details of these $300-$499 headphones.  Design and Comfort

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