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Integraudio is an audio blog made specifically for musicians and those seeking audio knowledge. It covers all kinds of topics, from software (Plugins, DAWs, Music and Audio Apps, Courses, Sample Packs, and more.) to content about hardware. We believe we can deliver and inform you about these matters in greater depth. You will also find non-traditional audio topics, like Discord, YouTube, Spotify, and more.

Each author on the Integraudio team has unique skills and specialties, making our well of content that much more expansive. With a team of artists, producers, instrumentalists, and composers, Integraudio is able to provide extensive knowledge to the readers. Whether you’re getting into music production for the first time or you’re an advanced music producer looking to sharpen your skills, we’re here to help.

Integraudio Authors:

Kaustub Joshi

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Kaustub Joshi | Author on integraudio.com

My passion for composing music and understanding the tech behind it comes from my family. From the age of four, I was introduced to my dad’s hardware music sequencers, effect plugins, and PCB circuits from his projects.

Learning to play instruments like the piano, flute, and guitar and experimenting with resistors, coils, and capacitors to change how the speaker sounds became a pastime.
Hence, when faced with the vast wealth of opportunities that is digital audio workstations, I couldn’t resist diving further into music production and sound designing.

Alongside that was my passion for writing stories, which ultimately led me to my small discovery of telling stories with sounds and music. Of course, that guided me to realize film scoring was my calling.

I started learning composition, orchestration, and sound designing for media when I was around fifteen. And to my surprise, I was invited to score a few indie projects.
When I was eighteen years old, I received my first award for film scoring – Best Music by Top Indie Film Awards.

Following that, in 2021, I received accolades for Best Original Score, Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing (IndieX), and the Grand Jury award for Best Sound Design (Oniros) alongside other nominations.

However, while I was working on films, I was also writing articles for blogs and various websites. Thanks to my interest in telling stories at an early age, I enjoyed writing as it let me share my experience and knowledge. So, after receiving the opportunity in late-2020, I’d written over seventy articles for Integraudio by 2021!

Some days, I was researching the economy of guitar market, while other days, it would be about world music and instrument libraries.

The challenge in writing about so many topics meant my musical expertise was pushed to its limits. Towards the end of 2021, I was offered the opportunity to compose the soundtrack for Splinterlands, a browser-based game. And while I was involved in the back of Integraudio, providing minor editing and suggestions, I focused most of my time on music once more.

Since then, I’ve endeavored to create a balance between my two passions as a musician and writer. I’ve received incredible feedback from people I admire on both fronts, encouraging me to strive for perfection whether I’m composing an orchestral score or reviewing a new instrument.

I enjoy helping people create music by writing helpful content and realize their films and games through my own music. Occasionally, I receive an email or tweet asking a question about music or gear, and I do my best to answer. Similarly, another time it’s to let me know that my composition has genuinely elevated their film or game.

I’m convinced that knowing I’ve been helpful to realize someone’s creative project is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone could have!

Shaurya Bhatia

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About - 2024 Update

I am Shaurya Bhatia, also known as MC Snub and ½ of the Indian Pop music duo called babyface. I am a rapper, music producer, songwriter, content writer, and audio engineer from New Delhi, India. My passion for music was initiated when I was a 14-year-old teenager who got introduced to hip-hop by a friend at school.

Very soon after listening to rappers like Eminem, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Kanye West, etc., I wrote my first song, and there was no stopping afterward. I was always curious about how music is created, and I slowly got into recording music and making beats. I learned about FL Studio from YouTube and started writing, composing, producing, and recording music.

Initially, it was just a hobby, but I took music as a full-time profession right after I completed college. As an artist, I have songs out with major record labels like Sony Music and Hits Music, have been featured on Red FM India, Rollingstone India, and other renowned publications, and have songs with millions of streams on Spotify. I also co-founded India’s first Song Gifting company, called Gift a Melody, and currently head its creative department. 

I always had a passion for writing and storytelling. I also have been a faculty of Music Production at Spin Gurus DJ Academy. Writing for Integraudio combines my passion for writing, music, and teaching. I have done my groundwork as a student of music production by diving deep into not just the working principles but also the theoretical concepts behind each plugin and function of the DAW. I love breaking down music software and tools/tech and doing deep manual diving.

I am grateful to Viliam for giving me the opportunity to share that knowledge with the world and create valuable content for music producers, audio engineers, and music technology enthusiasts. 


Instagram – MC Snub

Instagram – babyface



Ilarion Ivanenko

About - 2024 Update

My name is Ilarion Ivanenko, I am a mixing and mastering engineer, rock and metal producer from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. My journey in music started when I was a teenager, when my cousin bought me my first electric guitar. I was already interested in rock and metal before, but after that it went to a whole new level.

Over the years, I played in various bands, but the most important in my career was the experimental progressive metal band MAUT. With me in the band, we released an EP, a full-length album, and a single, and managed to perform at various festivals in Ukraine from 2012 to 2016.

Along with music, I also had a career as a TV journalist. So, later, it gave me the necessary skills to work with the Integraudio.

At a certain point in my life, I got into music production and realized that I didn’t want to do anything else in life. I began to learn all the intricacies of this craft and eventually became a full-time mixing and mastering engineer. I work with abroad musicians remotely, as well as produce bands from my city.

In general, I specialize in working on such genres as Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Alt and Nu Metal, Post Rock, Post Metal, Progressive Rock and Metal, Sludge, etc.

The most important projects for me so far are the album The Vermin Within by the German Thrash Metal band Infestation, which I produced in 2023. I’m also very proud of the album Stuma by the Ukrainian Blackened Sludge band Azimut, with whom I was also fortunate to work in the same year.

All my experience and knowledge allowed me to work as an author on Integraudio and there are many articles written by me. If you are interested in my services as a producer, you can check out my portfolio.


Alex Soare

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Alex Soare | Author on integraudio.com

I am Alex Soare, a musician, composer, and producer from Romania. My passion for music started at the age of 6 when my uncle introduced me to a 12-string acoustic guitar. Ever since then, I’ve been steadily building my musical identity through the sounds of Death Metal and Black Metal.

At 15, I joined Invader Romania (Melodic Death Metal), a band with members of the same age. Although I was a more experienced guitarist than on bassist, the band needed a bass player, so I immediately followed the requirements.

We started touring our home country with a band from the US called Solace Of Requiem, which was a real success. Shortly afterward, we made a name for ourselves and entered the studio to record an album that would bring us success.

The album “Sons Of A Dying Sun” was recorded in “Consonance Studio”, owned by members of the famous Romanian bands Negura Bunget and Dordeduh. We were financed from our pockets but distributed by “Universal Music Studios Romania.” This album helped us develop our identity as a band and allowed us to participate in numerous competitions in which we excelled.

We got many first places in national and international competitions with Invader Romania. We claimed 1st place at “OSTring- international,” “Posada Rock Festival – one of the biggest festivals/contests in Romania,” “Gurasada,” 3rd place at “GBOB Romania,” and 2nd place at “Wacken- national.”

With more than 200 concerts to my name, I had the opportunity to share the stage with many established bands from this genre, such as Kreator, Exploited, Beheaded, Rotting Christ Dragonforce, Coroner, Ektomorf, Nervosa, Evergrey, Soen, and many others.

Later, I was also part of the band Inbreed Aborted Divinity (Black Metal) as a guitarist for a short period of time. With them, I brought home the 1st prize at OSTring again and contributed to the release of the album “Gloria Incestorum Divinum Est.”

With the maturity I have gathered from experience in the Death Metal scene, I felt I could understand more about music and how it is made. Because of my passion for guitar tones and the mix/master part of a song, I had a strong affinity towards being a producer.

I assimilated much more information about music production and songwriting as the years passed. At 17, I joined URM Academy’s online courses that would teach me how to find my sound. Over the years, I’ve dabbled with the recording process and the mixing/mastering side because I had to learn more than just playing the guitar while constantly searching for my sound.

So I put his knowledge to use, and at the age of 20, alongside a bandmate from Invader, we started a new band, Rise Of The Fallen (Deathcore/DeathMetal), and managed to release a song called “Possessions.”

More recently, a big highlight was receiving a message from Integraudio to write for them. This opportunity united all the knowledge I gathered over the years and pushed me to reread and re-assimilate everything I knew. Shortly after, I had to write about plugins and do in-depth reviews for site collaborators (ShaperBox 3 by Cableguys, Beatmaker RICO by UJAM), but about our plugin (Cramit).

Viliam Šulek decided I could bring my expertise about hardware items closely related to what I have gathered all these years, like guitars, amps, headphones, audio interfaces, guitar effects pedals, etc.

At the moment, I have a mini home studio and a rehearsal room where I meet with my band. In my mini studio at home, I have some equipment that helps me do my job as a producer, musician, and writer for the website. I currently own four guitars (Ibanez, Solar Guitars, Dean Guitars) and a bass (Ibanez).

Being left-handed, I only have a few options for guitars, but the ones I own are some of the best. In terms of guitar amps, I own a modeler amp from Fractal Audio called the FM3, and in the past, I’ve used the Kemper without Power Amp.

On the production side, I have an interface from Focusrite (18i20) and a pair of Yamaha monitors (HS7), which I find the best for a home studio. Along with these, I also have a MIDI keyboard from Native Instruments (Komplete A61), which helps me compose orchestration and drums.

Over the years, I have noticed a penchant for Death Metal vocals, so I started playing with Invader Romania as a bassist and vocalist. Since I needed a microphone, I purchased a Shure SM7B, which helps me record vocal ideas but also helps me during rehearsals. This mic needed power, so I also purchased a FetHead, which boosts the mic.

In the future, you can find me with my colleagues at Integraudio, with whom we plan to help you with all things music and answer all the questions we ask ourselves daily.

Invader Romania On Spotify

Sultan Zafar

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Sultan Zafar | Author on integraudio.com

Hi! My name is Sultan Zafar, and I’m a musician, songwriter, and music producer based in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. Music is in my blood and has always been a part of my life in some shape or form.

When I was 6 years old, I came across a Casio VL- Tone lying around the house and started playing nursery rhymes and children’s songs on it that I’d hear the music teacher play at our school. My folks realized that I had a talent, which is when my dad bought me my first keyboard with 43 keys. I’d practice daily to get familiar with it in an attempt to enhance my understanding of music. However, with time my instrument and I started to drift apart as I had to move to the USA for high school.

One day I stepped into a tech store called “Best Buy,” not knowing that my life would never be the same again. I came across a Strat-style electric guitar with the words “Rock Axe” on the headstock. The instrument was on sale for just $100. I knew nothing about playing the guitar, but I knew I had to own this one no matter what. After some groveling, I succeeded in convincing my parents to buy it for me. And the rest, as they say…is history. I still have that old axe with me after 24 years.

This was a time when there was no YouTube, so I’d spend hours every day learning to read tabs and practice chord switching. With time I got better and better, and when I returned to Pakistan, my friends and I formed an alternative rock band called “Kaffas.” The concerts started to roll in, and life became a whole lot more musical and a whole lot of fun!

As time went by, we gained popularity in Islamabad and got offers for gigs all over Pakistan. As a lead guitarist, my music was all about punchy distorted rhythms, long feel oriented solos, and melodic guitar harmonies. While the focus was on making original songs with my own band, I also played sessions for some popular underground bands like Araiz, Visaal, and Azal. My band Kaffas was invited to play at “Battle of the Bands,” which featured musicians from all over the country. After winning the contest, the cash prize helped us shoot our first video and push out a few singles. The songs were very well received, thanks to some creative guitar work.

Gradually with all the band members finding work or leaving the country, the band was no more, but the music didn’t stop. Currently, I’m more into producing music and collaborating with fellow musicians. I have a small studio setup where my trustee laptop, the ever-dependable Focusrite Scarlett interface, and I join hands to create guitar instrumentals and cover songs.

I’m always on the lookout for new gear and have perfected my guitar rig over the years. Five of my preferred axes include a Fender Stratocaster, an Ibanez RG470 AHMZ, an LTD MH-100QM, an Epiphone Les Paul Pro, and my first-ever guitar, the Rock Axe Strat.

My current pedalboard includes a Joyo AC Tone, Joyo Darkflame, an Xtomp Mini, a Mooer Leveline Volume Pedal, a Boss NS-2, a Mooer Phaser, and ADA Cab Simulator and, of course, the Cry Baby thanks to all those years listening to Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.

I feel like spending all these years playing music has educated me somewhat in that I can transfer my wisdom to people and help fellow musicians in some way. This is why I have been associated with Integraudio for almost a year now and hope to continue long-term so that people can benefit from my writing.

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Eduardo Cardoso

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Eduardo Cardoso | Author on integraudio.com

My name is Eduardo Cardoso, and I’m a musician and audio producer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

I fell in love with music at a young age, mainly by myself. I had no family members who played an instrument, so I decided to explore music via the internet around 2006 and 2007. I got to know the wonderful music of The Beatles, which prompted me to learn the guitar as soon as possible.

I began learning the acoustic guitar in December 2008, and in about a year, I was already playing the electric guitar. I was self-taught from the start, giving me a unique view of the instrument and allowing me to develop a musical vocabulary.

I loved bands like The Beatles, Cream, The Who, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, but I always cared for guitarists like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, to name a few. Among these, Clapton was fundamental in presenting my blues music, which I bonded with instantly.

From there, I enjoyed the music of B.B. King, Albert King, Freddie King, Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, and many others. As I’m Brazilian, I also explored legends like Rita Lee, Os Mutantes, Secos & Molhados, and Tutti Frutti, aside from classical musicians like Tom Jobim, Adoniran Barbosa, Belchior, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, João Gilberto, among others.

My musical career began in 2014 when I decided to study music production and immerse myself in this artistic world. I studied at Anhembi Morumbi, one of the best university schools in Brazil dedicated to this subject.

In my two years studying there, I met wonderful professionals and musicians that would contribute to my musical journey in the coming years. I began learning more and more about hardware and software dedicated to audio production.

By 2015, I started playing with local bands in São Paulo. My favorite musical genres are blues, classic rock, and rock and roll, so I got to jam with the blues musicians and started a band that composed blues songs in Portuguese. This was a profitable period for me because I also got a job in a renowned guitar shop that mostly used to deal with vintage instruments.

There, I met more musicians than I could ever imagine, and this is when I started to use my knowledge about guitars, studio gear, and accessories like guitar pedals.

Unfortunately, the store had to shut its doors at the end of 2017, propelling me to advance my musical studies further. I began to study choral regency at the Escola Técnica de Artes do Estado de São Paulo (São Paulo Technical Arts School), which greatly expanded my theory knowledge and provided the basis for composing, arranging, and writing music notation, which are crucial elements of my workflow nowadays.

This lasted until the COVID-19 pandemic, which coincided with the end of the course. I began to work as a freelance audio producer and musician from my home studio at this time, which put to practice all my knowledge gathered so far.

I work as an audio and music producer, musician, and writer. Among these, writing was the one thing I had always done but never explored deeply. My first job dealing in this area was here at Integraudio. I love that because I can share everything I learned from all these years of studying, practicing, and dealing with multiple equipment and instruments as candidly as possible.

Regarding my musical works, I have considered myself a guitarist from the beginning. I can play electric, acoustic, and bass guitar, piano, keyboard, synthesizer, and organ. My experience as a guitarist has led me to work with wonderful musicians, and lately, I’ve been playing regularly in the São Paulo scene.

I got to play the wonderful music of Tim Maia, Rita Lee, and Os Mutantes with a couple of tribute bands, but my ever-lasting passion is the Allman Brothers Band tribute I got together with a very dear friend of mine. It’s called Skydog Jam, and I firmly believe it’s South America’s most active ABB tribute band.

I tend to play the parts from one of my heroes, Duane Allman, including slide guitar – an ever-lasting learning process for any guitarist.

In 2021, I began working on my solo career to keep myself entertained during the pandemic. I composed, recorded, and produced everything from my home studio, which proved to me that nowadays, we have all the necessary tools to create music from scratch, differently from a few decades ago.

It’s super easy to record and create your sonorities with the help of plugins and sample libraries, two formats we deeply explore here in Integraudio, so I’m glad I could express myself in such a difficult time for many.

Since 2022, I also began working with audiobook recordings and editing, which presented me with a new scope of skills required by any audio producer. I enjoy dealing with voice recordings and have been learning much more since I took this new job.

Most audiobooks I record and edit are available through the Skeelo publishing company, though they are all in Portuguese.

I continue working as a freelancer, creating film scores, arranging songs, recording and editing audiobooks, playing guitar parts, and writing review articles here in Integraudio. I feel very lucky to simultaneously maintain these jobs with my musical career, which gives me happiness and teaches me something new every day.

Music is my passion, and I love talking about every aspect revolving around it: the frequencies that make up the sounds we love to hear, the history behind a specific guitar model or guitar pedal, playing my guitar and singing my music, or simply writing a few words about some music software, I enjoy myself immensely.

I feel grateful to keep doing this and hope to do so for the rest of my life.

If you want to know more about my work, follow me on Instagram, check out my Allman Brothers Band tribute band, and listen to my 2021 EP in the highlighted links. Check out my articles here on Integraudio since I covered many subjects that might interest you.

Gabo Agustin

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Gabo Agustin | Author on integraudio.com

My name is Gabo Agustin, I was born on April 8, 1987, in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. I started playing the guitar during my teen years, learning on my own, motivated mainly by the love I felt for many classic rock bands, such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, and Hendrix.

What started as a hobby became something I dedicated many hours of my time to, and I quickly started composing my own songs and realizing that music was something that would stay with me for the rest of my days. Over time I formed different musical projects, including Lyla Criff, an alternative rock band of which I would be a part for seven years, and other projects in which I worked as a guitarist and bassist. The fact that not having formal musical training helped me a lot to develop improvisation and creativity intuitively.

Some years later, I started my workshop which I named Funkadelic, where I made percussion instruments, guitars, ukuleles, and musical accessories for about ten years. This made me approach music from another perspective and it helped me meet many musicians of different styles.

As time went by, little by little, I was getting closer to music production, and my home studio became an increasingly frequented place where I could produce my projects and also those of other bands with whom I was friends. At the same time, my interest in other musical styles, such as soul, hip hop, and R&B, expanded to the point that I began to study piano and later saxophone.

In 2020, during the pandemic, I finished my own EP, which was entirely composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered at home in my studio and released in 2022 under the name Lou Fai. In parallel, I started working as a session musician, music content creator, and other freelance jobs on platforms like Fiverr, Donner Music, and Upwork.

Currently, I’m still playing keyboards, guitar, and sax on some of my projects, working as a session musician and jingle composer and developing my skills in music and music production as well. Through my experience, I hope I can help you with some of the doubts you may have regarding the wonderful world of music.

Marcos Brandoles

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About - 2024 Update


Music has been a constant presence in his life since childhood, and he began playing both acoustic and electric guitar at an early age, quickly developing his skills and exploring different styles of music. His love for heavy music led him to eventually transition to playing bass for a thrash metal band named Hell Hostel, where he would later also become the lead vocalist.

After several years with the band, they parted ways, and he shifted his focus to the study of sound textures and tone-sculpting by venturing into the Doom metal scene with his own personal project named Voidnaut, where he recorded and produced an EP, composing all harmonies and lyrics for the songs and playing all the instruments himself, and also designing the project’s visual identity.

Music is a passion that has always remained at the forefront of his life, and in addition to his experience as a performer, Marcos has also worked in sales at Brazil’s largest instruments retailer, where he gained valuable insights into the industry and technical knowledge of many of the industries latest instruments and audio equipment.

This allowed him to closely interact with not only the rig itself but learn what’s needed to set up a studio and the equipment necessary for many audio demands.

Marcos has drawn inspiration from a wide range of genres and artists throughout his musical journey.

He was initially influenced by thrash metal bands like Sepultura and Lamb of God, and he also developed an appreciation for doom metal bands like Sleep and YOB, whose album Sleep’s Holy Mountain has been a like a mantra throughout the years, where he learned how to add depth and ambiance to heavy guitar riffs and discovers something new about mixing and mastering skills with each hearing.

His musical tastes expanded beyond metal to encompass jazz, which led him to explore the music of Hermeto Pascoal, Herbie Hancock, Eumir Deodato, Idris Muhammad, and Azymuth.

The latter is a major influence on his current project, which focuses on creating a modern, elegant take on traditional Brazilian rhythms, combining flow and improvisation. Other names that have inspired his work include Gilberto Gil, Dom Salvador, Cesar Camargo Pinheiro, and more.

In addition to his love for metal and jazz, our subject has also drawn inspiration from electronic music. He admires the work of groups like International Music System, Kraftwerk, SunPalace, and The Art of Noise, whose mastery of sound synthesis and rhythm study has inspired him to push his creative boundaries.

Marcos is focusing on drums in his jazz-funk instrumental project. His goal is to express the richness of Brazil’s traditional rhythms through a modern and elegant approach that highlights his virtuosic drumming skills and funky expression. Through his work, he hopes to inspire a new generation of musicians to embrace the diverse sounds and rhythms of Brazil’s musical heritage.

He currently acts as a session musician, producer, and content creator, with a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with others in the music community by either directly lending his playing skills to a variety of projects and artists, bringing his unique style to each project or helping other musicians shape their sound and bring their creative visions to life as well as sharing his knowledge and insights by combining his skills as a musician and producer to create helpful, engaging content.


Ivan Nedic

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Ivan Nedic | author on integraudio.com

I was born on January 31, 1998, and I’m a professional audio engineer from Serbia. I obtained my degree from the SAE Institute in Belgrade in 2019, where I honed my skills and knowledge in the field.

My musical journey started with the saxophone. I learned to play the instrument as a child and continued to develop my skills throughout my teenage years. My experience with the saxophone gave me a solid foundation in music theory and instrumental technique, which has proved invaluable in my work as an audio engineer and music producer.

In addition to the saxophone, I’m also proficient in playing the piano, guitar, and drums. My versatility as a musician allows me to approach my work from different angles, whether I’m creating a new track or recording a live performance.

Throughout my studies, I developed a passion for sound recording, mixing, and mastering. I have worked on numerous projects ranging from music production to film sound, and have been recognized for my technical proficiency and attention to detail. I had the opportunity to record and mix on big consoles such as SSL.

In addition to my audio engineering work, I am also an accomplished music producer and DJ. Under the name Dicne (Ditchne in English), I have created a unique style of psytrance music since I like to experiment with audio synthesis. My attention to detail and technical expertise has allowed me to create dynamic, engaging tracks for festivals.

In recent years, I have expanded my expertise in podcast production. I have produced over 100 episodes of various podcasts, which can be found on all major platforms. My ability to capture and enhance the nuances of the human voice has allowed me to create engaging and immersive podcasts that keep listeners coming back for more. One of the podcasts that I have worked on is Bopcast and Boundless love.

Also I have contributed my skills and knowledge to various events and organizations, including volunteering as a stage technician at the EXIT festival and the Belgrade Jazz Festival. My contribution to the festival was ensuring a successful and memorable experience for attendees and performers alike.

I have also found a passion for recording traditional Serbian folk music. I believe that preserving and promoting traditional cultural music is an important part of maintaining a sense of cultural identity and heritage. My work has also helped to raise awareness of the importance of cultural preservation and has inspired others to get engaged with it in various ways.

You can listen to my collaboration with Big Jazz Bend “MING” 

About the Founder

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About - 2024 Update

Hey, I’m Viliam, the founder of this blog. I’m interested in Drum & Bass, whether Liquid, Deep, or Neuro (and maybe a bit of Jungle). I’m currently working on music for Vision Recordings.

Other than DnB, I also like EDM, House, Techno, and Hip Hop. I like the newest tracks and enjoy new techniques, approaches, and sound design. I believe you can achieve a great sound design by just using three tools – Ring Modulator, Frequency Shifter, and Equalizer. These are really exciting, and unlike granular FX, I can achieve more stable/accurate sound and just less random while having that special sound on my synths!

I’m the guy behind all the plugin lists on the site. If I would recommend only one plugin/brand, I think it would be MeldaProduction plugins. They cover almost all sorts plugins you can imagine. The best thing is that all plugins have the same interface/UI and the same options/features. 

Here is the track I made from scratch in FL studio using free plugins, and then you can also check my other tunes below:

How To Make DnB - Start To Finish: Liquid DnB In FL Studio With FREE Plugins & Samples (Basic Guide)


Some of my tunes you can check (old and new / melodic & dark):

Sulex - Morning Run



And here are collabs and some remixes:


For more stuff, just check out links below:




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