Hello, I’m Viliam. I’m the founder of the site and a passionate DnB artist (You can check my music here).

We started this site to answer the questions that you may have about the software (DAW, apps, plugins) and hardware (covering guitars, synths, studio headphones, studio monitors, audio interfaces, and more). Also, our site was mentioned on Wikipedia pages.

About The Team

Each author on the Integraudio team has unique skills and specialties, making our well of content that much more expansive. With a team of artists, producers, instrumentalists, and composers, Integraudio is able to provide extensive knowledge to the readers.

Whether you’re getting into music production for the first time or you’re an advanced music producer looking to sharpen your skills, we’re here to help.

Our Authors:

Kaustub Joshi

Alex Soare

Sultan Zafar

Eduardo Cardoso

Gabo Agustin

Marcos Brandoles

Ivan Nedic


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