Hello, I’m Viliam. I started this blog to answer the questions that you may have about the audio world. In my free time, I produce music, mainly DnB, here is my last tune that I made:


On this blog, you’ll find a vast library of helpful content with a focus on Software including DAWs, VST plugins and Kontakt sample libraries, and other valuable music applications. From audio guides to roundups to plugin reviews to tutorials, we cover all you need to know to help you elevate your music production skills.

While the above is our primary focus, we also write content regarding hardware, including pianos, guitars, synths, studio headphones, studio monitors, and more. When it comes to hardware, our main goal is to provide audio advice, though, we also write reviews.

About The Team

Each author on the Integraudio team has unique skills and specialties, making our well of content that much more expansive. With a team of artists, producers, instrumentalists, engineers, and composers, Integraudio is able to provide extensive knowledge to the readers.

Whether you’re getting into music production for the first time or you’re an advanced music producer looking to sharpen your skills, we’re here to help.

Here are our authors:

James Alberts

A part time audio engineering lecturer, full time guitarist, and lover of music, sound, and all things that marry the two.


Chris Maiken

Chris Maiken is a deep and tech house producer, DJ, and sound engineer based in South Africa. He originally started his musical journey as a rapper, then progressed into beat making, graduated as a sound engineer, and later got into DJing. Music is an integral part of his life, and he’s produced various genres including hip hop, trap, dubstep, and of course house music.

Luiz Fernando Hauck

Luiz Hauck is a composer, guitarist, and music teacher based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Being in the final phase of the bachelor’s degree in musical composition from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, his artistic work concerns mainly concert music as his main interest.

Alvinos Zavlis

Alvinos Zavlis is an artist/producer from Cyprus based in Bristol, UK. With three albums under his belt and plenty of singles, his catalogue covers a wide range of sounds, from hip hop and trip-hop to IDM and experimental electronic styles, all fused together to create unique blends of sounds. He works as a freelance mixing and mastering engineer in Bristol for artists of all styles.

Kaustub Joshi

K. M. Joshi is a multi-award-winning composer and sound designer, specializing in film, game, and TV audio. He enjoys making cinematic music, rock, blues, and electronica. He started playing the piano at the age of four, and he began learning the guitar and the flute at the age of eight. Now, his primary instrument is the guitar, and his music is influenced by his love of storytelling and reading. His hobbies include learning the violin, writing, sketching, and reading fantasy novels.

Ilarion Ivanenko

Ilarion Ivanenko is a remote mixing and mastering engineer, a musician with more than 15 years of experience. Specializes in rock, metal, progressive, and other genres. He can’t imagine his life without music, as it is the biggest passion in his life

Tyler Connaghan

Tyler Connaghan | Integraudio.com

Tyler Connaghan is a producer, composer, and engineer based in Los Angeles, CA. He studied music for two years at the University of Southern California before landing a job at Killingsworth Recording Company, where he currently produces music for television and film.


Eduardo Cardoso

Eduardo Cardoso is a musician and audio producer based in São Paulo, Brazil. He studied both music production and choral regency in college and has successfully launched his career as a solo artist. With over 10 years of experience with the music business, he currently develops his projects at his own record label, Griphon Records.

Javier Perez

Javier specializes in Audio Post-Producing and Sound Design to help brands and online businesses stick out delivering top-notch audio quality for advertisement, podcast, films, and music.

Pedro Nascente

Pedro Nascente | Integraudio.com

Pedro Nascente is an artist, record producer, and mix engineer, currently operating his own studio and working with his band, Yellow Boulevard. Believing that music should convey experiences and feelings, Pedro is known for applying design thinking to his workflow to achieve different sounds and deliver the right messages.


Monji Omer

Monji Omer | Integraudio.com

Started as a rapper and songwriter back in 2015 then quickly and gradually developed his skills to become a beatmaker, music producer, sound designer, and audio engineer. He currently works in a local underground record label called KOKADAIMON that has a number of very talented artists and producers.



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