UnitedPlugins Unichannel Review

If you’ve always wanted to use vintage hardware in your studio but didn’t get the chance to buy the equipment, you should look at this plugin. It combines several devices into one compact interface giving you the warm, cozy sound that vintage gear is well known for. UniChannel consists of a collection of vintage gear. This plugin was developed by Soundevice’s owner, Boris Carloff, …

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Kirk Hunter Diamond Symphony Orchestra Review

Kirk Hunter Diamond Symphony Orchestra Review -

Explore plenty of articulations and different section sizes without any pretentious enhancements with Kirk Hunter Diamond Symphony Orchestra. Pompous orchestras with percussive hits and risers are all the craze nowadays, but there’s still a place in every composer’s heart for a little natural sound. The Diamond Symphony Orchestra captures the rawness of a genuine live …

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EpicPRESS Review (By CutThroughRecordings)

EpicPRESS Review |

In this article, we talk about the brand new versatile compressor plugin by Cut Through Recordings. EpicPRESS is a straightforward compressor plugin that features all of the standard parameters in compression. Further, it also has an authentic tube saturator along with selectable Feedback and Feed-forward detection modes. We’ll talk more about that later. Category Rating …

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Pulsar 1178 Review

Pulsar 1178 Plugin Review |

This time we reviewed Pulsar 1178 by Pulsar Audio – a FET compressor modeled closely on the original hardware with several twists, resulting in a delightfully modern interface and versatility. The Pulsar 1178 is an emulation of the Urei 1178 compressor, known for its punchy and aggressive sound, thanks to the FET (Field Effect Transistor) …

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Best Laptops For Music Production 2022 (With High CPU & RAM Power)

Top 6 Laptops for Music Production With High CPU & RAM Power |

Looking for the best laptops for music production? We’ve handpicked the 6 finest notebooks and laptops for music producers from Asus, Lenovo, Apple, and Acer. As a musician, having a portable music production workstation can be a blessing, so laptops look increasingly enticing. But with so many laptops available in the market, it can be …

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