Keyboard Making Noise When Typing? Here Is Why!

Why Does My Keyboard Make A Noise/ Sound When I Type? |

We understand it can be very annoying when you are at work or having fun playing games and your keyboard start to making noise. 

Mechanical keyboards are born to make a sound as they have mechanical switches under their keys. However, these keyboards make more sound if they have old and dusty mechanical switches, keys without O-ring dampers, poor manufacturing material, hollow case, or keys without O-ring dampers.

You may have accidentally turned on the Filter Keys or Touch Sound on your computer. To turn it off, go to Control Panel and click on Ease of Access Center. This feature helps minimize keystroke noise and slows down the speed at which a key repeats when held down.

Another possible cause could be poor manufacturing or low-quality plastics used on your keyboard. It can create rattling, clicking, and tapping sounds from the mechanical switches of your keyboard. Poor-quality plastic keyboards may also produce annoying sounds when typing due to vibration.

To reduce the sound of your keyboard, you can try adding a desk mat or rubber feet to the bottom of your keyboard. It will help reduce any vibrations from occurring and also act as a noise dampener when typing. You can also invest in high-quality mechanical switches with O-ring dampers for a smoother feel when pressing keys.

Additionally, ensure your keyboard is not exposed to dust or dirt, as it may lead to distortion in sound and performance. Cleaning the keyboard regularly will help eliminate any noise from occurring when typing. Lastly, you can try using a quieter type of keyboard, such as a membrane or rubber dome model, for silent typing. 

Mechanical Keyboards are Born to Make Sounds

If you have a mechanical keyboard that makes annoying sounds audible, don’t worry because keyboards with mechanical switches are born to make a sound. Unfortunately, only several companies manufacture a few less noisy mechanical keyboards.

Otherwise, nearly all mechanical keyboards are famous for making loud sounds during typing. It is because of the mechanical switches behind each key. These switches have springs and other mechanical parts. It is why when you press a key, they makes a loud sound, especially when there is a bit of silence in the room.

Keyboard Keys without O-Ring Dampers

The mechanical keyboards have keys that are hollow from behind and shaped like a small empty room. When you press these buttons, the sound from the mechanical switches echoes inside them, making it audible. If someone is speaking, this sound gets suppressed, but it is loud and clear when there is pin-drop silence in the room. 

To solve this issue, most people use simple O-shaped rubber rings to dampen the annoying keyboard sound. For this, you need to get the O-rings pack according to the number of your keyboard keys. Then, just place one O-ring behind each key, opening it carefully. Hopefully, it will solve your issue with the keyboard sound.

Keyboard with Old and Dusty Mechanical Switches

Most of the keyboards become old and dusty from the inside with the passage of time, no matter how much you clean them from the outside. When you use such keyboards, they start to give an irritating loud noise. The reason for this noise is the dust particles that produce more friction inside the moving parts of the mechanical switches beneath the keys. 

Keyboard Making Noise When Typing? Here Is Why! - 2024 Update

Cleaning your keyboard from the inside and adding certain kinds of lubricants to the mechanical switches will solve your annoying keyboard sound problem. For this, you will need some technical expertise or help to open your keyboard first. Then you can remove the remaining dust particle using an old toothbrush or a vacuum. In the end, you can lubricate each mechanical switch and fix the keyboard back to its original state.

You can also use caned air or an air blower to clean your keyboards. Mechanical keyboards allow you to remove all the buttons and air-blow your keyboard. It makes it easy to clean the keyboard. You just have to remember the keys.

The Keyboard is Poorly Manufactured

There is a science behind everything, and avoiding some of its laws will give you a poorly manufactured product in terms of engineering. Unfortunately, some keyboard manufacturing companies focus on the design rather than the engineering and the customer’s comfort. 

Hence, poorly engineered hardware devices have parts that are not manufactured properly. For example, such keyboards make sounds when you type even softly. Therefore, we recommend you always choose a piece of hardware that a well-known company manufactures.

Keyboard Has a Low-Quality Hard Plastic Material

Most keyboard manufacturing companies use plastic that is recycled not only poorly but also very low quality. This kind of plastic is also hard plastic in some parts of Asia. This hard plastic is very cheap, hence providing more profit to the keyboard manufacturing company. 

Keyboard Making Noise When Typing? Here Is Why! - 2024 Update

On the other hand, the customer has difficulties using the product. For example, if you have a keyboard that makes a lot of noise when you use it, it might be made up of plastic. Before purchasing a keyboard, you must search for the best and most economical piece of hardware for yourself. 

And instead of online shopping, you’d better go to the store and get what you want. Try selling out your noise-making keyboard in the first place.

Not Keeping a Desk Mat under Your Keyboard

Desk mat not only protects the top of your computer desk from scratches from your keyboard, but it also reduces the sound that your keyboard makes. Therefore, not using a desk mat is a valid reason for your keyboard’s sound. 

Either it is because of the friction between the desk surface and your keyboard, or your desk is acting like a speaker’s diaphragm.

Actually, the keyboard and the surface of your computer desk are both hard. And when hard surfaces get rubbed against each other, they produce sounds and vibrations. Desk mats are made of rubber that dampens and suppresses the sound as they lie between your keyboard and the desk surface.

Keyboards with Thin and Hollow Casing

Most of the keyboard buttons are hollow from the back. The same is the case with some keyboards’ thin and hollow casings. When you use these keyboards, they give out a loud sound with each keypress. Hence, these could be reasons why your keyboard is making an irritating sound.

Keyboard Making Noise When Typing? Here Is Why! - 2024 Update

There is an easy solution to this keyboard sound problem. For this, you will need a soft foam sheet. Just open your keyboard from the back, then cut the foam sheet that could fit behind your keyboard’s hollow space. 

Make sure to place this sheet at the back of the mechanical switches inside your keyboard. Then, hopefully, the irritating keyboard sound will be gone.

System Configurations – Windows Touch and Filter Key Sound

If you are worried about the sound that is coming from your computer system when you are typing on your keyboard, then this might be due to the faulty system sound configurations. Windows operating system has various features including the typing sound. Sometimes these sounds can be annoying. Here’s the details of touch and filter key sounds and how you can disable them.

Check If Your Keyboard Touch Sound is On

It is a Windows feature that allows a sound when you press a key on your keyboard. It is very easy to turn this on or off this feature:

  • Press the Windows Key + I to open the settings window.
  • Here select the Devices option.

Keyboard Making Noise When Typing? Here Is Why! - 2024 Update

  • There will be a list on the left side from which you should select “Typing”.
  • After this, you will find an option saying, “Play key sounds as I type”, here you can switch on or off the sound your keyboard is making. 

Check Filter Keys 

Sometimes, the keyboard has delayed typing and makes typing sound every time a key is pressed. It is possible that this phenomenon is happening because of the filter keys. If filter keys are on, there will be a small alarm clock icon on the bottom right of the taskbar. To turn off the filter keys, follow the following procedure:

  • Open the “Start Menu” and type “Turn On Bounce Keys”.
  • A window will open as you click on the searched app’s name with an icon on the keyboard.
  • It should be the second option saying “Use Filter Keys”.

Keyboard Making Noise When Typing? Here Is Why! - 2024 Update

  • Below this option, there will be a switch for turning off and on the Filter keys.
  • You can also hold the Right Shift Key for 8 seconds to turn on or off the filter keys.

Run Keyboard Troubleshoot

If you’re still not sure what’s causing the noise, try the keyboard troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is used to detect and resolve the issues automatically. It gives you the best solution for any problem related to hardware, drivers, or connectivity. Here’s how to run keyboard troubleshooting:

  • Open the Windows menu and search “Troubleshooting Settings.”
  • Once you are in the settings, select “Additional troubleshooters.”

Keyboard Making Noise When Typing? Here Is Why! - 2024 Update

  • Select “Keyboard” from the list and then “Run Troubleshooter.”

Your troubleshooting will start scanning and searching for potential errors, and once it detects the main issue, it will suggest the best possible solution. 

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