How To Record Only Audio (Not Video) Of Zoom Meetings?

How To Record Only Audio (Not Video) Of Zoom Meetings?

Zoom is an open-source software used for virtual meetings and video conferencing. It provides a secure platform for users to connect, communicate, and collaborate over the Internet. Zoom is considered one of the best applications for online lectures and meetings.

Recording your whole screen just to record your lecture will cost you more storage as it records audio and video. But how to record only audio (not video) of Zoom meetings? This article will discuss all methods to record only audio of your Zoom meetings. 

How To Record Only Audio (Not Video) Of Zoom Meetings?

You can only record audio of your Zoom meetings using the Windows voice recorder or third-party apps that allow you to record your voice and audio from other sources. Some of these applications have audio and video recording options, which you can easily customize.

Moreover, Zoom also has a recording feature called local recording. This feature allows you to record your meetings. But the thing is that this feature records both audio and video. But we also have solutions for that problem. You just need to convert that video into audio.

You can also use third-party applications like iTop screen recorder and OBS studio to record only audio of Zoom meetings. These applications also allow you to customize recording settings such as audio hertz and volume, which can help you save disk space when recording your Zoom meetings. 

There is a feature in Windows called Stereo Mix. This feature allows users to record their computer app audio. This feature must be enabled to record any audio from your computer. This way, you can record your microphone and your computer’s audio.

There is another way to record Zoom meetings, but it involves video conversion. Many simple video editors allow you to extract the audio from the video. You can also use this technique to get only audio. 

Use Zoom Local Recording Feature

It allows you to record the whole Zoom meeting with host privilege. This meeting will be in a video format, not in audio. But we have solutions to that issue, too. You can convert this video file into audio using applications like Filmora. Here’s how to enable local recording and record your meeting: 

  • Launch Zoom and navigate to settings.
  • Go to the “Recording section” and see if all the settings are OK.
  • Now, you can record your meeting by clicking the “Record this computer option.”

How To Record Only Audio (Not Video) Of Zoom Meetings? |

  • It will create a file in your selected folder. Now, you have to convert this file. 
  • You will also find the separate audio files in the same folder. You can merge these audio files using an audio editing application.
  • Open the Filmora, and drag and drop your video there. Now right-click on the video that is on the timeline and press the “Extract Audio” option. You can save this audio as an mp3 file and delete your recorded video file.

Use Windows Voice Recorder

Windows Voice recorder can record audio of your whole Zoom meeting. This application can record both your voice and the Zoom audio at the same time. But to record Windows audio, you must enable the Stereo Mix from the Windows audio settings. This feature is a Windows built-in feature.

  • First, to enable the audio stereo mix. Go to the Windows search bar and type audio settings. 
  • Go to audio settings and press “Sound Control Panel” from the left options.
  • Now, another window will pop up. Navigate to the “Recording tab,” right-click on Stereo Mix, and select Enable from the list.

How To Record Only Audio (Not Video) Of Zoom Meetings? |

  • Now press “OK” to apply all the changes. 
  • Go to “Windows search bar” and then open “Voice Recorder.”
  • Now, start recording by pressing the play button.

Using Third-Party Apps

This method is specifically for those who want to record only audio of their Zoom meetings. You can use third-party applications like iTop Screen Recorder and OBS Studio to record only the audio of your Zoom meetings. These applications allow you to enable only audio recording separately. 

iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is a powerful yet simple and easy-to-use screen recorder. It can record desktop activities, audio recordings, edit recordings, and more. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use, even for beginners. Advanced editing features let you record only audio.

  • Download iTop and install it on your computer. 
  • Launch the application and navigate to the audio, as shown in the image. Click on the audio.
  • Start recording. You can also allow your mic to record your audio too.

How To Record Only Audio (Not Video) Of Zoom Meetings? |

    • The application will record all on-screen audio and will save them.
    • You can also change the save location from the settings.

The free version of iTop has approximately all the features, and you can customize the maximum settings. It gives you enough time, so you don’t need to purchase any other application to record your Zoom meetings.


Streamers and YouTubers use the fantastic screen recording program Bandicam. You can record the audio from your Zoom meetings using the sophisticated video and available audio editing features. Bandicam offers additional configuration options.

  • First of all, Download Bandicam from the official website.
  • Now, install and launch the application. Always run Bandicam as administrator.
  • Now press the down arrow of sound recording and select “Audio only” from the list.

How To Record Only Audio (Not Video) Of Zoom Meetings? |

  • Now, simply press the record button to start or stop the audio recording.
  • You can also set the recording hotkey to start or stop the recording. 

Note: You must enable the stereo mix before using any third-party applications. With the free version, you can constantly record Bandicam audio for up to 24 hours. So, there are no worries about registration, as most of our Zoom meetings last for an hour or so.


There are several ways to record audio from Zoom meetings. You can use the built-in software with your Operating System or third-party applications like iTop Screen Recorder, Bandicam, OBS Studio, etc. All these methods are verified and tested and can be used to record audio of your Zoom meetings. We hope this guide will help you easily record audio from the Zoom meeting.

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