Solved: Why is Zoom Audio Not Working on Windows 10?

Solved: Why is Zoom Audio Not Working on Windows 10? - 2024 Update

Zoom requires all your audio and video resources to run properly. Zoom is the best free application for attending meetings, webinars, and online lectures. This application provides an interface to both audio and video resources. If these resources are not functioning properly, you will encounter many issues.

Zoom Audio Not Working in Windows 10 is one of these issues. This section will review some solutions to audio problems and advice on avoiding encountering similar problems in the future. Without wasting any time, let’s jump into the topic.

Why is Zoom Audio Not Working on Windows 10?

Incorrect audio settings, muted input or output, outdated audio drivers, an outdated Zoom version, or a hardware problem can prevent Zoom audio from working on a Windows 10 PC. All of these errors not only limit Zoom’s audio but also cause issues with Windows audio functions.

Incorrect Audio Settings: If your audio settings are unsuitable for Zoom, you won’t be able to hear or send your voice to anyone on Zoom.

Muted Audio Output: Whenever you join a new Zoom meeting, your microphone is always on mute for privacy. 

Outdated Drivers: Outdated drivers are the main cause of all audio issues in Windows 10. These outdated drivers also affect the audio functionality of your applications.

Hardware Issues: Most of the time, we just focus on the windows and applications, but in reality, our audio-providing devices are at fault.

Troubleshooting Audio Drivers

Troubleshooting audio may resolve your problem. Troubleshooting is Windows’ feature that detects problems and tells you all possible solutions. The troubleshooting function in Windows can also fix the issue automatically. So, it is convenient to identify and resolve the problem using troubleshooting.

  • Open troubleshooting settings by typing “Troubleshoot Settings” in the Windows search bar. 
  • Now open the settings and go to “Additional Troubleshooters.”

Solved Why Zoom Audio Not Working Windows 10 - Easy Fix |

  • Now select “Playing Audio” and run troubleshooting. 
  • Similarly, scroll down and, locate the “Audio Recording” and run troubleshooting.  
  • After running the scan, your Windows will give you all possible solutions to your problem. Select the solution, and it will start resolving it.

Update Audio Drivers

Outdated Windows audio drivers are a potential cause of Windows audio not working on Windows 10. These drivers are incompatible with the latest audio formats, leading to many audio issues. Outdated drivers need to be updated immediately. Here’s how you can do that,

  • Right-click the Windows start icon and select “Device Manager” from the list.
  • Now, navigate to “Audio inputs and outputs” and expand the file. 


Solved Why Zoom Audio Not Working Windows 10 - Easy Fix |

  • Click on your audio driver and then click Update from the file menu. 
  • Now select “Search automatically for updates.”

Note: If you use Windows 7, you must update your drivers manually. You must download drivers from the official websites of companies like Intel and AMD and then install them on your PC.

Check Zoom Update

The Zoom team is always putting out new updates to fix any bugs they find so that their customers never experience any problems. Outdated Zoom versions are among the most common causes of related audio issues. To our good fortune, Zoom has an automatic update function. 

When installing Zoom, make sure that the option to automatically update the software is selected. It will ensure that you always have the most recent version of Zoom whenever you join a meeting.

Run Speaker and Microphone Test

The Zoom app includes a built-in sound check that you can use to make sure everything is working properly. Zoom provides a speaker and microphone test when you join a meeting. This feature checks microphone and speaker sound quality. This test forces both speakers/mic and often fixes the issue.  

  • Open your Zoom and start hosting a meeting. 
  • Zoom will ask for the speaker and microphone test. Click to “run the test.” 


Solved Why Zoom Audio Not Working Windows 10 - Easy Fix |

  • You can also manually test the speaker and microphone from the settings. Go to settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Now, navigate to the “Audio” settings, and you will find both the “Test Speaker” and “Test Mic” options. Click them one by one to run the test.

Allow Zoom To Access Microphone

When you run Zoom for the first time immediately after the installation, it will inquire about your permission to access the microphone and speaker. However, if you don’t remember granting Zoom access, you can do so through Windows’s accessibility settings for programs. Here’s how,

  • Type “Microphone Privacy Settings” in the Windows menu and enter to open it.

Solved Why Zoom Audio Not Working Windows 10 - Easy Fix |

  • Now, scroll down to the list of apps. If Zoom is on the list of disabled applications, turn it on. It will now allow your Zoom to use a microphone.

Check Microphone Settings (Configure microphone as default)

Sometimes, we don’t set the default audio inputs and outputs; as a result, they don’t respond to applications like Zoom. To enable the resources, you have to access the audio settings. It will allow you to configure the default microphone and speaker. Here’s how to do that,

  • Go to the start menu, search “Audio Settings,” and open it. 
  • Navigate to the right-side options and select “Sound Control Panel.”

Solved Why Zoom Audio Not Working Windows 10 - Easy Fix |

  • Now you are in the playback and recording devices settings.
  • Here, first, open the “Playback” tab and click on the speakers you want to make default. After selecting the speakers, click on “Set Default.”
  • Similarly, go to the “Recording” tab and do the same with your recording hardware.

Check Windows Optional Update

We often ignore Window’s additional and optional updates. These updates often fix the audio issues as many audio drivers and other sound-related functions come with the optional Update and don’t send direct update notifications on your Windows 10. So, this is how to check:

  • Search “Windows update settings” in the search bar and enter.
  • Once in Windows update settings, click on “View optional updates.”

Solved Why Zoom Audio Not Working Windows 10 - Easy Fix |

  • Now expand the “Driver Updates.”
  • You will find the list of all drivers and related programs that require updates there.

Check Microphone Connections

Simple things like a microphone not properly plugged into a computer will cause problems down the line and can’t be ignored. Look at the plug to see if it is securely attached to your microphone. If you use a USB mic, try different ports, as some USB devices don’t respond properly on certain USB ports. 

You can test your microphone and other audio devices by plugging them into your chosen device. If your microphone is functional on another device, the problem must lie with something else.


Zoom makes extensive use of your computer’s audio and video capabilities, as well as the majority of its settings. To guarantee that your audio and video playback is uninterrupted, each must be kept up to date and in proper working order. I hope the methods mentioned above helped you solve your audio issues with Zoom.

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