Top 7 Trailer Scoring Plugins & Kontakt Libraries 2024

Top 7 Trailer Scoring Plugins & Kontakt Libraries 2024 - 2024 Update

Let’s talk about the best Kontakt Instrument Libraries available for Trailers and Action Music + one free library at the end.

The term “trailer music” might not be very familiar, but most people are familiar with the songs used as background for movie trailers. Trailer music is a type of music created to be played in motion pictures.

These songs typically have an upbeat tempo and short musical arrangements, which help catch viewers’ attention and make them more interested in watching the movie. Trailer music has always been an inherent part of the filming industry to hook and impress people.

What Are The Elements of a Trailer?

The’re top elements that successful trailers often have are:

  • The opening sound. Must set the mood for the trailer and tell the audience what direction the trailer will take.
  • The music. Must evoke the audience’s emotions and take them through the story.
  • Quick cuts. To give the audience an overview of the film’s story
  • The mute. To give the impression of loudness or to produce feelings of anxiety.
  • Motion graphics. To add something to read and catch the eyes with a story.
  • The voice-over. To help the audience know what the film’s about.

The entire purpose of a trailer is to sell an upcoming release; therefore, all these elements and many more are mainly focused on causing an impact on their target audience and getting them to buy tickets.

How Do You Mix Music For a Trailer?

To properly mix music for trailers, you must select two or three music cues that feel like they can open act one, increase the pace in act two,  and then get bigepicemotional, and exciting on act three. Take your time on this process, as this is one of the most important aspects of a trailer.

New libraries are coming out all the time, but we tried to pick just a few that would go well with this post and bring diversity to it as well, so you can find the tools that would fulfill your needs:

7 Best Kontakt Libraries For Trailer Scoring 2024


More Info & Price

EMINENCE is a virtual instrument for modern movie composers. It lets you combine sounds from dozens of customizable multi-sampled instruments to make your own unique sound.

AVA Music Group’s Eminence is a library of greater, completely licensed trailer sound effects. The soundtracks of the most anticipated movies of 2019 and 2020 inspired the product. There are a total of 7 distinct Kontakt Instruments in the library, each offering a unique set of sounds from various genres.

The device has potential in the video gaming and film industries for use in trailers.

7 Best Kontakt Libraries For Trailer Scoring 2022 |

Key Features:

  • Interface

The plugin’s user interface is sleek and straightforward. The whole thing consists of two pages: the main one and an effects page. You may check out the main page to hear the music featured in the trailer for AVA’s Eminence.

Anyone familiar with Heavyocity or Audio Imperia gear will recognize the “Big Knob” in the center. In contrast to standard controls, this knob includes a sophisticated equalization and compression scheme, letting you make subtle adjustments or inject some much-needed punch wherever needed.

  • FX

On the second page, you will find a library of in-app Kontakt effects. You may program all of them to respond automatically inside the instrument, giving you a wide range of control over the final sound.

For example, multiple user-defined impulse responses are built into the reverb effect. Although effects are universal and affect all presets in a patch, Eminence’s NKI patches have somewhat varied default effects settings.

  • Big Knob

With the help of the inbuilt audio algorithm and potent tools like the “Big Knob,” you may fine-tune the sound to your liking. Eminence is a library with everything you need to make dramatic soundscapes, whether for a science fiction film or any other media type.

All the library recordings have been recorded at 48kHz | 24bit and come with full royalty-free rights.

  • Modern Trailer Sounds

EMINENCE has more than 250 cutting-edge trailer effects at your disposal. AVA MUSIC GROUP has everything you need, from one-of-a-kind hits, booms, and whooshes to downers, booms, rolls, and pings, as well as drones, booms, and whooshes and drum kits.

That’s not even the start of it, though. Using the library’s riffs, pulses, and percussion loops, you may become creative with your soundtracks.

EMINENCE Trailer Sound Effects - Walkthrough


The library is available for Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher (NOT the free Kontakt Player). Kontakt 5.8.1 is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher 64-bit. It comes in VST 2AU, and AAX formats.


AVA Eminence Trailer Effects raises the bar for virtual sound design with its comprehensive collection of high-quality sound effects, which you can customize to your project’s specific needs.

It is a great archive of professionally selected, recorded, and highly adaptable sound design patches ideal for trailers; all patches are also accessible as high-quality. Easy to use WAV files labeled with key and BPM that you can drop into any audio editing program.

2. Native Instruments Schema: Dark

More Info & Price

Top 7 Trailer Scoring Plugins & Kontakt Libraries |

Schema Dark is a Native Instruments library that offers dark cinematic loop content for music creation.

Its four-layered Kontakt interface allows for layer mixing and pan, loop playback speed, direction, and sample reverse modes. The plugin has a dark tonality ranging from field-recorded sounds to orchestral recordings. Each layer can be edited using intuitive macro knobs, mix controls, and studio-grade effects.

Key Features:

  • Multi-layer loop player

One of the plugin’s key features is its multi-layer loop player, which enables you to chop loops into 16 slices and play them back in any order according to the chosen pattern. You can fine-tune each step in the pattern, giving them precise control over the timing and rhythm of their music.

  • Easy GUI

Plugin’s main page provides access to specialized editing pages and controls, allowing you to tweak their sound and create unique and intricate patterns. Macros and performance controls are always visible at the bottom of the instrument, providing a user-friendly interface for playing and tweaking key parameters.

  • Presets

NI SCHEMA: DARK has 343 professionally designed presets that can be easily tweaked and swapped to suit individual preferences. The plugin also includes a built-in way to generate sounds with a knob and the option to roll a virtual dice in each of the four loops, giving you even more creative possibilities.

  • Random knob

DARK has a built-in way to generate sounds using the “Random” knob. This allows you to roll a virtual die in the four loops, creating unpredictable and unique sequences. This feature can be used as a starting point for further tweaking and customization, adding experimentation and randomness to the creative process.

Additionally, the ability to slice and rearrange loops in any order according to the chosen pattern allows for endless possibilities and variations in the sound, making it a versatile and adaptable instrument for various musical styles.

Schema Dark | Native Instruments NEW Cinematic pulse engine FIRST LOOK!


The NI SCHEMA: DARK plugin has specific system requirements for macOS and Windows, including the latest updates, Intel Macs (i5 or higher), or Apple Silicon Macs via Rosetta 2.

It also requires graphics hardware support for Direct 3D 11.1 (Feature Level 11_0) or higher and at least 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended for large KONTAKT Instruments).

Further, the Kontakt plugin is available as a standalone or in VST3, AU, and AAX formats for macOS and standalone, VST3, and AAX formats for Windows, with support for 64-bit only.


The instrument offers editable patterns for each layer, filters, decay, volume, and pitch controls. It is created in collaboration with pro sound and instrument designer Tobias Menguser. All these features make it a great library for trailers SFX and arpeggiators.

3. Heavyocity Symphonic Destruction

More Info & Price

Symphonic Destruction is a versatile virtual instrument with a nice balance between synthetic and organic orchestral sounds.

Heavyocity’s Symphonic Destruction has two instrument categories: designers and performers. The designer patch is made of different layers of synthesizers blended together to give you a pleasant and playable patch.

The performer patch is a compilation of different variations of orchestral elements, going from a classic traditional setup to hybrid and heavily distorted Braams.

This library includes soundscapes, traditional orchestral arrayshybrid orchestral sounds, and rhythmic pedals patches. All performer patches have a traditional version, emulating the most organic-sounding elements, with some hybrid components.

There’s also a hybrid version that includes different natural and processed sounds, and finally, a damaged version made of the most heavily distorted and processed sounds.

Symphonic Destruction also includes a realistic-sounding collection of ready-to-go guitar riffs and sounds that blend perfectly with the mix and work nicely on dynamic scores.

Top 7 Trailer Scoring Plugins & Kontakt Libraries |

Key Features:

  • GUI:

It has a straightforward interface; you can load presets on Kontakt’s snapshots menu and get started. Most presets are made of three layers labeled as banks 1, 2, and 3. The macro-control has six parameters that make up for automation.

You can tweak these parameters both individually and globally with the macro-control wheel. You can also alter all of the MIDI mappings for all three layers at will under the options tab.

  • Designer section:

In this section, you’ll be able to combine and play different layers of sound. There’s an intuitive browser with over 400 sound sources to drag and drop into each bank to blend them and get creative sounding trailers.

There’s also a braam designer, where you can make aggressive and brassy stabs. All these sounds and effects come as stems that you can also play individually and import into your DAW. Also, design your loops and choose between 6 different combos in straight tempo and another six in triplets to make it easier.

  • Performance section:

It sounds more natural, like unprocessed orchestral recordings, as opposed to the designer section, which is more synthetic. It includes a traditional patch with various snapshots of natural orchestral sounds and the same sounds processed with FX.

There’s a hybrid patch that allows you to play everything in a very orchestral way and feels like you always have an extra articulation or playing style for an orchestra. The damaged patch has more grid and distortion, great for aggressive or intense trailers.

  • Pedals:

In this instance, we’re talking about rhythmic pedals. Traditional pedals have really cool rhythmic loops; all mapped tonally on the MIDI keyboard so that you can do more chord-based type things.

Hybrid pedals are great for emphasizing crucial moments in the trailer. The damaged patch is very aggressive and perfectly adds excitement to bald shots and moments.

Symphonic Destruction - Preset Playthrough | Heavyocity


Free Kontakt Player version 6.1 and higher, or Kontakt version 6.1 and higher.


Symphonic Destruction is a very complete and versatile library with many surprises. Although it’s not as aggressive as one might think from the name, its damaged patches are lovely and have a drastic and distorted sound that perfectly fits the character.

I recommend playing one or two notes at a time with this library because it can get pretty busy, especially around the low-mids. It is also important to know that the dynamic mod wheel only affects volume on some of these patches instead of velocity or intensity.

4. Native Instruments Action Strings 2

More Info & Price
Get your creativity flowing with stunning musical and realistic sounds.

Action Strings 2 is the successor to the well-known Action Strings, a cinematic sample library that creates orchestrated musical tracks. It includes 125 live-recorded expressive modules as well as 11 single articulations, including sustain, staccato, and tremolo.

You may build your original musical phrases or freely play any using these aspects, giving you both the astounding realism of a live performance and boundless creative flexibility with this comprehensive 41-piece ensemble.

Top 7 Trailer Scoring Plugins & Kontakt Libraries |

Key Features:

  • Phrase notation

This exciting tool allows for a fluid and new way of writing down your musical phrases and melodies. The note’s vertical position is shown just like in a real staff, but the musical length is displayed horizontally, just like any MIDI note editor.

Breaks and articulations are expressed by their own symbols, so this is a clever way to visualize better what you’ve just written without losing the clarity of conventional notation.

  • Mixer section

Here’s where you can adjust everything the exact way you want to. Sliding the faders will allow for a precise blending of each microphone, mixing signals, and applying our beloved effects. Plus, you can route to individual outputs in Kontakt.

It also features an “Ensemble Selector” that can switch between “High” and “Low” ensembles (and even solo one of them) and a “Global FX” section that permits you to add EQ to the main output and selects between different types of reverb.

  • Phrasing stock

Are you feeling a bit clueless or without inspiration? Then I’d suggest you take a look at the different phrases on Action Strings 2! You can browse between many stock phrases and use them as you wish. You’ll find “4th,” “8th,” and “16th” variations alongside “Trills,” “Arpeggios,” “Basic Rhythms,” and “Single Articulations,” just to name a few.

  • Envelope shaper

Within the “Editor” page, there’s a dedicated control to assist you in shaping the dynamics and sustained notes. By dragging and drawing the shape according to your need, you can easily change how the notes are being played and sounding very quickly.

Short single notes, such as staccatos, may have only a single step that may be changed, whereas longer, sustained notes will have many handles to allow you to give these modules dynamic forms.

ACTION STRINGS 2 Walkthrough | Native Instruments


This plugin is available for macOS 10.14, 10.15, 11, or 12 (latest update) and Windows 10 (64-bit only and latest Service Pack required). It comes in VST, VST3, AAX, and AU plugin formats and doesn’t run in standalone mode. Kontakt Player or Kontakt version 6.5.3 or higher is required.


Featuring a very nice “Editor” page, Action Strings 2 offers very good software that should be very friendly to long hours working in a specific score. It’s constructive to have tools such as a phrase notation editor on the same screen and easily convert them into MIDI and beyond.

You can shape, alter, tweak, and modify each note regarding its duration, length, or pitch very quickly and with corresponding sound quality.

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5. Sonuscore Elysion II

More Info & Price 

Top 7 Trailer Scoring Plugins & Kontakt Libraries |

Dive into the world of the aggressive and driving side of film and trailer scoring with the second iteration of Elysion by Sonuscore.

Elysion II comes with the entire sound palette of the original Elysion instrument (with both the GUIs available), which was a collection of ambient synth samples or highly treated acoustic instruments.

Now, Elysion II adds raw and massive-sounding samples alongside a brand-new user interface and a sequencing ensemble engine from The Orchestra library.

Combine the power of the sequencer, the wide variety of the sampled instruments, and its built-in effect processors, and you’ll find Elysion II to be a formidable scoring tool all on its own.

The electronic sounds are best suited for sci-fi and action films, games, and trailers. Although, I love using such sounds combined with acoustic instruments to add impact and space to my scores.

Key Features:

  • Layers

Each patch in Elysion II features five instrument slots. You can load an instrument in each to create an ensemble of sounds. Similarly, each layer lets mute/solo, shift the octave and add an arpeggiator/envelope.

Note that the latter depends on the kind of instrument you have selected. Only sustaining instruments allow you to use both, whereas hits only allow arpeggiation.

  • Theme Browser

Click on the preset’s name at the center to open the Theme browser with over four hundred themes. Here, you’ll find three categories: Spheres, Pulses, and Animated. Spheres feature hits and pad themes. The hits are shorter sounds, whereas the pads are longer and moving.

Similarly, the Pulses feature rhythmical patterns, and the Animated patches are the most intricate ones utilizing the ensemble engine to design complex arrangements.
Similarly, you’ll notice that the names of planets categorize the patches or themes. Each planet represents a sonic character.

For example, Mars represents aggressiveness, Earth is familiar and pop-like, Sagittarius is violent and dark, Antares is cinematic, Mercury is lively and vibrant, and Jupiter represents joy. There are twelve such planets.

  • Arpeggiator & Envelope

Each layer features an arpeggiator and an envelope editor. The arpeggiator lets you set the time signature, rate, order, steps count, transposition, swing, etc. And you can write custom sequences using the sequencer, where you can draw each note’s value with your mouse.

Also, the envelope editor works very similarly. Furthermore, you’ll also find a dedicated Pan Engine per layer that adds space and movement to your sounds. You can draw shapes in the editor with your mouse to create the path for your panning to follow.

  • Mixing

The Mix Page lets you control the volume, pan, and send levels to the master effects. The master effects include a compressor, delay, and reverb. The reverb is a convolution reverb with impulse responses from reputable effect processors and real-life spaces.

Best Service's ELYSION 2 by Sonuscore - Preset Demos


This library is available for Kontakt 6.6.0 or Kontakt Player 6.6.0. Kontakt requires Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.13 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.


The first Elysion was a cinematic soundscape engine dedicated to ambient sounds. So, the contrasting aggressiveness of the second version is a welcome change. The samples contain up to three round robins and five velocity layers. Furthermore, the upgraded engine and user interface make the upgrade worth it even for the fans of the previous version.

I highly recommend this instrument if you often make sci-fi or action music and are a fan of electronic sounds. Similarly, the soundscapes and rhythmic themes also come in handy for producing pop and dance music.

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6. Native Instruments Cinematic: Rise & Hit (Kontakt Library)

More Info & Price

Rise and Hit is a massive collection of cinematic and orchestral sounds created by Native Instruments.

This Kontakt instrument is perfect for adding tension to your tracks. It has over 650 Risers and over 1000 Hits, all created from a wide range of sources within the over 8GB library.

NI Cinematic: Rise & Hit- Top 8 Sweep, Riser & Impact Plugins For Transitions |

Key Features:

  • Built-in Effects

Within Rising and Hit, many built-in effects help you shape your sounds. There are fine-tuning controls, compression, saturation, multiple EQs, 26 different filters, dynamic controls, distortion controls, and classic reverbs and delays. All these effects can be used on each layer for even more control over the sounds you create.

  • Multiple sample lengths.

Each built-in sound within Rising & Hit has multiple sample lengths. This means that once you’ve found a sound you like, you can use it in multiple ways. So whether you want a quick Woosh-type riser or a slowly built-up riser, then Rise & Hit has you covered, and the quality of the sounds will not be affected, no matter how long or short.

  • The Interface/Design

Rise & Hit is a very visually pleasing plugin. All the controls are labeled appropriately, so you don’t need to guess what the control does. The visual feedback when shaping your sounds is also super useful when you start, as it gives you a better understanding of how the controls affect the audio.

The overall design of the plugin is nice and simplistic, Native instruments have chosen not to go for the black background with color accents style designs that are becoming more and more frequent, and it’s nice to see an original color scheme for a plugin of this caliber.


This plugin requires Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher and is compatible with both the Full and Free versions of Kontakt. This plugin is available for macOS 10.11 or Higher and Windows 7 or Higher.


This is a good plugin for all your Risers and Hit needs, especially if you need it for cinematic purposes. The sheer number of sounds means you won’t run out of new sounds and ideas. In addition, all the built-in effects mean you don’t need to load up additional plugins saving you time and processing power.

7. Keepforest Ferrum

More Info & Price

Ferrum is a modern trailer percussion powerhouse equipped with several cinematic percussions.

This library works excellently for sound design, synths, and hybrid orchestral cues, as it punches through and is highly processed. Its interface is highly intuitive, as it only has three pages: main, rhythm, and effects. 

Ferrum has a microphone control to manipulate depth and stereo image only by moving around the small condenser in the square. It provides you with up to seven slots to add effects, and there are several different presets you can use, customize, and store. Let’s find out more about this great library.

Keepforest Ferrum Review - 7 Best Kontakt Libraries For Trailer Scoring |

Key Features:

  • GUI:

Customize each sound individually or as a whole activating or deactivating the global function. It has a fixed sound feature that makes the reverb be set at a specific level, and moving the microphone back or forth will control the sample’s volume. It offers up to 16 round robins that you can activate or deactivate by clicking on the boxes.

  • Playback mode:

Choose between stereo, mono, or double the signal to add a slight hass effect (in terms of duplicates) and delay the source by a number of milliseconds you can adjust. It’ll then hard-pan the signal and accomplish a super-wide result.

The ensemble mode, as expected, gives you the sense of several people playing that drum, and you can include up to sixteen players. In addition, the ensemble mode uses all the round robins and groups them differently for every hit to sound different from the last.

  • Step sequencer:

You can select a rhythm from the menu and browse through different categories to find precisely what you need for your score. Set the number of steps, tempo, and humanize your sequences with each knob at the bottom of the rhythm window.

Pan your sequences, add filter effects, and change pitch to create exciting arrangements, textures, and sounds. You can also edit each step of the sequencer individually, add subdivisions, sync them to your session, copy and paste sequences, and randomize with a few clicks.

  • Overall sound:

It’s a vast combination of many different percussive sounds layered one on top of the other, making it larger-than-live and complete. It has a massive high-quality sound with a rich frequency spectrum for each percussive element and a big bottom-end.

When it comes down to the stereo field, you can achieve a great deal of dimension with the variable mic positioning, one of the most critical features of this release.



Free Kontakt Player version 6.0.2 and higher, or Kontakt version 6.0.2 and higher.


Keepforest’s Ferrum is a massive, playable cinematic percussion library for Kontakt that’s great for trailer scoressound replacement, and sound design. However, it’d be best for you to know that its large size can get very busy if you play too many keys or players at once, as it seems to be thought out only to play one key and let the library do its thing.

Another heads-up about it is the hot output, which can catch you off-guard from time to time. 


Sample Logic Trailer Xpressions III

More Info & Price

Sample Logic comes with this library geared specifically towards trailer sound effects and expressions.

If you are looking for a library that offers diversity in the form of transitions, hits, wooshes, rises, falls, and fast percussions, this will be an excellent choice for you.

Even though it’s a bit pricey, Xpressions III comes with over 3GB of samples and offers various functions like ADSR envelope, effects (Delay and Convolution), Reverse Mode, and Stretch Mode. 

Sample Logic Trailer Xpressions Review - Top 7 Kontakt Libraries For Trailer Scoring (And Bonus VST Plugin) |

Key Features:

  • User Interface:

Each key makes for a different sample or loop, and you can trigger multiple expressions simultaneously. The energizer dial adds saturation, compression, and distortion and makes the sample sound more alive. In contrast, the polisher adds saturation, EQ, transient enhancement, and stereo width to help it cut through the mix.

The global mode keeps all settings the same for all samples. The UI is very intuitive. It takes you through the process and keeps everything in sight.

  • Instruments:

All sounds have two main themes: on the one hand, ground-breaking effects and hits, and on the other, textures and atmospheres. There are even short vocal melodies, choruses and sweeps, to build a more organic feel to your score.

It makes it easy to come up with new ideas and work through them, and you can layer all sounds by pressing different keys on your controller or loading individual samples on your DAW.

  • Stretch feature and FX:

This library comes with a stretch feature. It transforms one-shots into melodic instruments by matching samples to the notes all across the keyboard—it works exceptionally well on vocals. Dial the convolution reverb and delay effects at the bottom to create fascinating evolving textures.



Kontakt version 5.8.1 and higher. Free Kontakt Player is not supported.


This library is a simple but effective tool to have on your arsenal. The stretch feature is an attractive trait of Xpressions 3 because it makes adapting to your track’s tuning easier. The instruments have several presets to go through and sound with top-notch quality.

The convolution reverb and delay effects can achieve complex dimensions and transform one-shots into soundscapes.

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Wavelet Audio Trailer Box

More Info & Price 

Trailer Box is a two-part organic noise-based synthesizer and modern electric guitar, compatible with video editing software.

This virtual instrument is a powerful and easy-to-use library that includes more than 200 presets with various sounds, going from subs and impacts to rises, pings, and even clocking sounds and warhorns.

The first part of this instrument is based on a reimagined sound design that can create an unnatural feeling without sounding too hybrid or synthy. The second part is a modern 8-string multi-sampled electric guitar with over 30 pre-recorded stems for large and dynamic scores.

Top 7 Trailer Scoring Plugins & Kontakt Libraries |

Key Features:

  • Presets and textures:

Trailer Box has a dense variety of presets divided into 14 sample categories, including 240 sound design samples and 30 multi-sampled guitar riffs. You can sync all of these samples to your DAW’s tempo, and you can set their start time to remove any unwanted sound.

  • Simple GUI and complex sound:

This virtual instrument has a very straightforward interface that keeps everything in sight but stays easy on the eyes. It also has a visual of the sample’s waveform that comes in handy when using the adaptive sync control. You can also reverse any sound, turn it into a whoosh or a rise, and sync it to the grid.

Walkthrough | Trailer Box


Kontakt version 6.0.2 and higher. Free Kontakt Player is not supported.


Trailer Box by Wavelet Audio is an excellent tool if you’re looking for a complete and straightforward synthesizer for your film or game score. Its effects and textures have a unique atmosphere thanks to its sound source.

Lastly, although guitar stems are not particularly realistic, they give you production-ready patterns and textures that instantly take you on the right path.

Heavyocity Damage 2

More Info & Price

Damage 2 is a vast percussive ensemble with over 1600 percussion sources recorded in Skywalker Sounds.

It includes gran Casas, taikos, bass drums, gigantic snare ensembles, toms, ethnic drums, a collection of found elements, and they even got a dumpster for recording. It’s full of natural percussive sounds, offering hybrid components and more than 860 loops

The interface contains five mic channels featuring close, room, hall, LFE, and crushed. It is a very extensive library with tons of goodies to play around with but is also very easy to use and suitable for beginners and experts in this field. Let’s see more of that in our key features section.

Heavyocity Damage 2 - The 7 Best Kontakt Libraries For Trailer Scoring |

Key Features:

  • Ensemble designer:

There’s a stage mode where you can move around your instrument and have control over whichever drum is highlighted, apply mix changes, and you have three different ensembles located on C2, C3, and C4. Modify and edit each sample’s velocity curve, tuning, and performance settings. The punisher on the MasterFX pannel includes three modes that vary in intensity. 

  • Kit designer:

It has a very self-explaining interface, but to wrap it up, you can adjust each sample from C1 to D#2. Add up to four effects: EQ, overdrive transient enhancement, and reverb. Choose the samples you want to use on your preset from the source bank and shape each one varying their tuning and increasing or decreasing the attack, octave, or release.

  • Loop designer:

There’s an octave with blue keys that triggers all three sample banks so that you can play them all at once. Modify your loop’s volume, pan, tune, and speed, or even send an effect.

Unlike many loop instruments, this one has a very realistic touch during the performance and when you stop, which I appreciate because most of the time, the sound suddenly cuts off once you release your finger from the keyboard. Damage 2 solves this by letting its reverb stay longer, emulating an actual room.

DAMAGE 2 Playthrough | Heavyocity | Native Instruments


Free Kontakt Player version 6.2 and higher, or Kontakt version 6.2 and higher.


Damage 2 by Heaviosity is a fantastic-sounding release with a dynamic, easy-to-use interface that anyone can understand. The ensemble designer’s global and performance settings allow an actual human-like performance.

This library is also suitable for sound replacement, but it’s mainly focused on trailer music.

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HybridTwo Project Chaos

More Info & Price 

This step synthesizer is a complete sound design toolkit with lots of processes, modulation options, and infinite possibilities.

Project Chaos is Hybrid Two’s most advanced interface to date. It’s an overkill sequential synthesizer that lets you load up to four different samples to layer them all together and hands you absolute control over it.

This virtual instrument lets you drag and drop audio samples from your DAW to process them. It has two sequencers, two scripted LFOs, and four individual layers with ADSR controls that you can modify, activate or deactivate according to your need.

With this remarkable tool, it’s possible to create complex combined sounds within minutes. It has a self-explaining user interface and has over 300 presets and 32 sample categories.

HybridTwo Project Chaos Review - Top 7 Kontakt Libraries For Sound Design, Textures & Drones |

Key Features:

  • Step sequencer:

This feature gave the name of Project Chaos to this virtual instrument, without a doubt, the reason being that each particular step can have up to four subsequences within it. You can control and customize every aspect of your sequence by entering the step sequencer panel.

  • The modulation window:

You have access to two individual LFOs for each layer, in which you can change the waveform shape and even set wherein the actual waveform you want the LFO to go without it being complicated.

  • Preset menu:

It’s straightforward and efficient; all you have to do is click on the soundbank at the left of the menu and then double-click on the sound you want to use, and it will load up.

  • Bank manager:

It’s an individual application outside of Kontakt unique to this library that allows you to create and add custom soundbanks or even create original expansion packs. To open it, only go to Project Chao’s installation folder, and there you’ll find it in a folder labeled as “bank manager.”

First Look: Project Chaos by HybridTwo


Kontakt version 5.8.1 and higher. Free Kontakt Player is not supported.


Project Chaos is a monster step sequencer that makes a must-have tool for a sound designer. It gives you more control than almost any other Kontakt library or even plugin out there, and its self-explaining and visual GUI sums up for this plugin to be a great addition to your creative workflow.

UJAM Nemesis

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Nemesis is a beatmaker plugin that lets you build an entire song in a couple of minutes.

Nemesis offers you everything it’s got on a futuristic-looking and organized GUI right off the bat. You can change your arrays and blend your mix on the top section; then, in the middle, we have the instrument and creator tool; finally, we have our FX chain and master controls for the final retouches.  

On this plugin, you can sequence exciting drum loops or use any of the presented section loops on the right side of the interface. From there, you can also drag any pattern or loop and drop it into your DAW to edit the midi notes of the sequence. 

This plugin offers endless possibilities, but let’s talk about what makes it so outstanding.

UJAM Nemesis - Top 7 Kontakt Libraries For Trailer Scoring (And Bonus VST Plugin) |

Key Features:

  • Kit section:

You can fade in and out your reverse kick or snare drum with the dial at the left of the kit bubble. Hypercharge uplifts the top-end using multi-band distortion to create a more aggressive sound. The pressurizer condenses the signal with multi-band compression to cut through the mix, and there’s a list of ten pre-assembled assertive and futuristic kits.

  • Instrument section:

You can build entire tracks in minutes with the style keyboard, playing factory-preset rhythmic patterns. All drums are laid out and go from C3 to D#2. The latch button makes rhythmic phrases play continuously until you hit another key on your controller.

Some of these samples and loops are more oriented towards EDM and, more specifically, cyberpunk and trance music but still perfect for futuristic sci-fi scores.

  • Dark atmospheres:

UJAM, inspired by modern sci-fi games and films, created Nemesis and recreated Cyberpunk’s rhythms from dystopian scenes and epic space battles. Then they crafted a range of sounds from chaos and obscurity to intense radiance and aggressiveness. This plugin is also great for game scoring.

Ujam Nemesis Trailer - Re-score
Walkthrough | Beatmaker NEMESIS


Supports Windows 7 and higher, Supports macOS 10.11 or higher, runs on 64 bit, and comes in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX formats.


Nemesis has a lot of things, but one of the most remarkable is its simplicity. It’s effortless to navigate it through, and it’s got some fantastic settings like choosing different vibes on the mix panel or blending the drum mix with the mix dial around the bubble.

This plugin is appropriate for expressions of outrage in cinematic moments, as much as trailer scoring and beatmaking

Keepforest Labs Instruments Devastator Warzone

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Evolution devastator warzone is a massive multi-purpose library with a splendid free version.

This plugin has massive typical hybrid-style trailer drum samples and samples for different genres such as hip-hop, pop, trap, and EDM. It has a vast catalog of drums and percussion sounds with gunshots and foley. All packed up with ready-to-go presets that already show you the best of Evolution Devastator Warzone.

The free version is just as versatile and great-sounding, only that it’s way smaller than the full version. It’s got a straightforward UI that keeps everything handed to you and looks easyintheeyes, and finally, both versions have low RAM and CPU impact.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into its most relevant features.

Keepforest Labs Instruments Devastator Warzone Review - Top 7 Kontakt Libraries For Trailer Scoring (And Bonus VST Plugin) |

Key Features:

  • Hits:

More than eight round robins for the trailer drums patch allow better playability for repeatable and faster passages. The trailer hits patch compiles several one-shots that sound similar to the trailer drums patch.

Additional to the trailer-focused patches, this library provides various genre-based patches with a massive amount of options, presets, and snapshots. The hits section includes many ready-to-go swooshes, risers, and transition effects.

  • Pulse designer:

You have a step sequencer identical to Ferrum’s library from above, but with the difference that Evolution Devastator Warzone allows you to load your samples and sequence them. You can add different percussive sounds for each key by drag-and-dropping them into Devastator’s library and processing them within the interface.

The pulse designer tool is very easy to use and is highly optimized for a faster workflow.

  • Drums:

You can fully customize your drum sounds and array in both drum machine patches. It’s important to mention that the sound of this library is more oriented to traditional type drum kits, as opposed to libraries like Damage 2 or Ferrum that have more epic larger-than-life orchestral percussion type thing.

It has an extensive catalog with all sorts of drum samples, percussive sounds, gunshots, and metal hits.

  • Free Version: 

It is a much lighter version of this library that includes highlights from the full version, like the drum machine, trailer hits, and a category labeled as “playable” that blends all of the instruments from the homonym section of the library. This version is a perfect pick for those who are only looking for specific features or sounds from this library.

Evolution: Devastator Warzone - Fast Walkthrough


Kontakt version 6.5 and higher. Free Kontakt Player is not supported.


Evolution Devastation Warzone is an immense library that has just about everything you need to work on a score or a production of any sort without over-complicating things. The GUI is distributed in a step-by-step workflow that accurately mimics how you’d approach and process stuff when going through sounds and finding the ones you like.

Aside from all of the different genre-based samples and sounds, which I forgot to mention are also up to date with the genres, it packs them up in a trailer-ready format so that you can also use them in your work.

On the other hand, I don’t recommend playing several notes at once because it generates phase issues and cancellation, and everything around it starts falling apart and doesn’t sound good.  

Free Trailer Library:

KeepForest Ferum (Free Edition)

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Keepforest Ferrum Free Edition, my first Impression - How to make epic Percussion for Trailer Music

KeepForest Ferum is a powerful virtual instrument for cinematic sound design and music production.

It features a collection of over 20,000 samples, including drums, percussions, and sound effects, among others. The plugin offers advanced features such as a built-in arpeggiator, custom macro controls, and a comprehensive effects section, allowing you to create and customize your unique sounds.

Key Features:

  • Custom macro controls

The plugin offers custom macro controls that allow you to adjust multiple parameters simultaneously, making creating complex and dynamic sounds easier.

  • Comprehensive effects section

You can add various effects to your sounds, such as delay, reverb, distortion, etc. The effects section is highly customizable, allowing you to fine-tune their sounds to their liking.

  • User-friendly interface

With an intuitive interface that provides visual feedback on settings and adjustments, Ferum is easy for you to navigate and use the plugin. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless workflow for sound design and music production.

  • Versatility

Ferum is a versatile plugin that can be used for various applications, from subtle sound design, trailer sound fx, and game music to more extreme and dramatic music production. This makes it a useful tool for producers and sound designers looking to create cinematic and epic sounds.

  • Built-in sequencer

The plugin features a built-in sequencer, allowing you to create complex and dynamic rhythmic patterns and sequences. The sequencer is fully customizable and can create various patterns, including 16-step and 32-step sequences.


KeepForest Ferum is compatible with major digital audio workstations (DAWs), including Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, etc. It is available in Audio Units (AU), AAX Native, and VST formats, making it compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

It is designed to work seamlessly with other third-party plugins and libraries, allowing you to expand your sound design possibilities and create unique sounds that stand out. Ferum requires a computer with at least 8 GB of RAM and a multi-core CPU, ensuring smooth performance and stable operation.


The plugin is a powerful virtual instrument for cinematic sound design and music production. Its key features include a vast sound library, custom macro controls, built-in arpeggiator, comprehensive effects section, user-friendly interface, compatibility with leading digital audio workstations, and versatility.

Overall, KeepForest Ferum is an excellent free option for Kontakt-based percussion and trailer sound effects, offering a wide range of features and high-quality sounds for producers and sound designers.


So here it is, trailer music is one significant part of the game and film industry.  If you came here looking for a serious Kontakt drum and percussion library, you need to check out both Keepforest’s Ferrum or Heaviocity’s Damage 2; however, if you need risers and impacts, NI Cinematic: Rise & Hit would be your best choice. 

If you happen to be searching for really good and interesting-sounding braams and melodic instruments, then make sure to look into Hybrid Two’s Project Chaos and Heaviocity’s Symphonic Destruction.

We will keep it updated with new and exciting products that fits in this category, though, we don’t remove old ones, but put them in a “Bonus” section. Hope you find this article helpful and see you next time!

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