Top 10 Audio Interfaces For Recording Vinyl 2023

Top 10 Audio Interfaces For Recording Vinyl |

It could be for saving your collection in a digital format to prevent the aging of your favorite song on your favorite record or to have the album available on a road trip where a turntable won’t work. So here are the top Audio Interfaces and Mixers for recording vinyl in 2023.

Music quality is a rule for audiophiles, and vinyl records have that deep, richer sound, so much that they even “feel” different when so many textures are being delivered for such a more immersive experience.

From Beatle’s Let It Be masterfully sculpted tones and textures to Sleep’s Dopesmoker goliath edge-of-breakup guitar distortion, the level of detailing and overall “fattiness” feel of the tracks are designed for a vinyl record.

The disadvantage is that it needs physical media to reproduce all that deepness and complexity. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in moments that won’t allow you to play a vinyl record, and these are features that the compressed digital audio of today’s streaming platforms can’t seem to deliver.

With brands such as M-Audio, Behringer, Pioneer, and Numark, today we will look at the top Audio Interfaces and Mixers for recording vinyl. And how they make it possible to capture all that warmer, high-quality textures and save your vinyl record collection into hi-fi digital media.

Top 10 Audio Interfaces & Mixers For Recording Vinyl 2023

1. M-Audio AIR 192|4

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M-Audio AIR 192|4 was built for studio-quality recordings, and with its Transparent Crystal™ preamp and high-definition A/D converter, it is precisely what it delivers.

This audio interface is produced using premium components, and its preamp circuit was designed to receive and record the signal with less coloring as possible, reproducing a faithful digital track. In addition, the pristine A/D converters allow a 24-bit resolution digital audio.

Its clean visual and up-facing controls make it very easy to read and control. With a big Monitor Level at the center, you control the output volume of the Main Outputs. The two knobs at the left of the button are Gain Levels for each audio interface’s two channels. Both are followed by LED Meters that display the input signal level from the instrument or external device input.

To the right of the Monitor Level knob, you’ll have a USB/Direct Blend control, which allows you to mix between the audio signal from your inputs (USB and Direct) that will reproduce on the Main Outputs and headphones.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Response and Sampling Rate
    This audio interface features a frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz and a signal-to-noise ratio of 101 dB, standing for one of the best response-to-noise balances, presenting some distortion or hum only when brought to 100dB or more.
    The Transparent Crystal™ preamp and 24-bit/192 kHz sampling rate A/D converter has a broad dynamic range to capture every nuance and subtlety of your beloved vinyl recording. That way, you won’t lose details essential to the ambiance’s composition.
  • Connectivity
    The M-Audio AIR 192|4 has an XLR+¼ “TRS combo for mic and line inputs with a dedicated signal circuit for the most accurate sound. Its USB-C Port allows for a fast connection and data transfer between the audio interface and your computer. It is compatible with PC (Win 7 32-bit) and Mac (OSX 10.8).
  • USB/Direct Blend
    It allows you to gradually set the blend level over how much raw signal is fed to your outputs. This comes in handy when dealing with latency. If there is latency from the processed DAW signal, turn the knob clockwise to Direct so you’ll hear more of the unprocessed signal. Turn the knob counter-clockwise to USB when playing the recording, so the processed signal comes through your outputs.
  • LED Meters
    Two multi-colored LED meters, each dedicated to one channel (Combo and Instrument inputs), indicate the input signal of your recording or instrument going from green (-20db and -6db), yellow (-3db), and red (CLIP) to indicate when the signal’s peaking and distortions will appear on the recording.


It has a sturdy, made-to-last casing with the same top-quality of its internal components, granting it a greater lifespan. In addition, its 24-bit/192kHz sampling rate is capable of high-definition recording and professional monitoring.

With a desk-friendly size of 8 “x6″ x2.75” and weighing just 2 lbs, this device fits perfectly within your studio set. This allows you to have it close at hand without competing for space with any monitors, mixers, controllers, or any other equipment you might already have settled on your working desk.


Some customers pointed out that when they needed help with tech support, it seemed hard to contact them and have their situation resolved quickly. Another reported issue was perceiving some pop and cracking within the lower tones while recording. However, reinstalling the software with the version from the website works in most cases.

Also, a few experienced issues when installing the audio interface’s drivers, affecting its sound functionality by centralizing the computer’s sound control. Yet the M-Audio AIR 192|4 runs smoothly without its driver installed.

2. Behringer UCA222

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Made to enable the connection between your device and your computer, Behringer U-Control UCA222 merges the eras by allowing analog devices to interact with the digital realm.

With the vision of developing pro-audio equipment at an affordable price, Uli Behringer company’s founder made it possible for an amateur musician to have access to professional-grade mixers and audio interfaces once only available at recording studios.

The Behringer U-Control UCA222 allows you to convert your analog signal input, whether an instrument or a vinyl record player, into a digital format that your computer can interpret and record as digital media. 

Its clean visual and straightforward functionality makes it an effortless device to operate. It features two Dual-RCA connectors, one for input and the other for output. Once connecting your record player to it, the UCA222 will convert the signal and send it for tracking through its USB cable.

It comes in a small portable size and is a lightweight piece with a distinctive visual that goes back to the ’90s style of video converter devices.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Response
    This audio interface has a broad frequency response range of 10 Hz-22 kHz with a signal-to-noise ratio of 89 dB. With it, you most surely capture those low deep ambiances without experiencing signal loss.
    Featuring 16-bit and 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, and 48 kHz A/D sampling rate options, this device will surprise you with the high-quality audio signal you can achieve with the 48 kHz sample rate.
  • RCA Input
    Two Dual Unbalanced RCA connectors are featured in this interface. The Input Connectors are for the connection from a record player, or turntable, to the audio interface. The Output Connectors will work by monitoring the audio output from the computer onto a speaker system.
    The Behringer U-Control UCA222 is compliant with the following operating systems and newer versions: PC(Win XP, 2000) and Mac (OS 9.0.4).
  • Optical Output
    This interface also features an optical input enabling this device to transfer digital audio to hi-fi systems via optical cable. This means you can connect to surround systems and home theaters to enjoy most of your recording without converting the signal. 


The USB bus-powered power supply reduces the number of cables needed and, with its small frame and lightweight, makes it a perfect tool for carrying around with your rig. No setup or driver is needed, so you may plug it in and start recording your favorite albums.

This little rectangle device built in a plastic casing is a portable, light piece of equipment, measuring only 0.87 “x2.36″ x3.46” and weighing approximately 0.22 lbs. This interface is made to be a device that is easy to carry and even easier to set up and convert your analog signal into digital audio. 


The Behringer U-Control UCA222 has its casing made of plastic, making it susceptible to fractures when exposed to high impacts. In addition, the USB cable is attached to the device, so you should mind how you accommodate it when transporting so you won’t twist or bend the cable.

3. Dynasty Proaudio UA2D

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With a focus on maximum signal integrity to deliver as faithful as possible sound, Dynasty Proaudio UA2D provides an outstanding tool for recording your favorite vinyl.

Dynasty ProAudio was founded by audiophiles and sound engineers. They got together to develop quality audio equipment focused on providing true sound with no quality loss, and that’s what the UA2D is all about.

A Dual-RCA input can connect your vinyl record player and transfer it into your computer as digital audio.

This audio interface has a built-in Phono preamp making it well suited to work as a Phono preamp by amplifying the signal from your turntables or record player to levels speaker systems reproduce.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Response
    The Dynasty ProAudio UAD222 has a frequency range of 10 Hz-20 kHz with a signal-to-noise ratio of 89 dB, granting it enough low-frequency range and dynamics for an authentic feel to the recording.
    With a 16-bit/32 kHz sampling rate, 44.1 kHz, and 48 kHz, this audio interface has enough dynamic range for textures that accompany the vinyl record experience,
  • RIAA and Phono Preamp Circuit
    The analog signal is relatively weak when sent to a digital device without a little push to boost it. The RIAA phono allows the signal to be boosted without distortions for a more precise recording. Via its USB port, you can connect it to your computer for recording on your DAW with a true-to-original sound.
    The Preamp RCA Line In and Output lets you use the UA2D as a stand-alone Phono preamp.
  • Ground Input
    To capture a more precise recording, the UAD222 comes with a Ground input, which by connecting your turntable’s ground terminal to the interface’s Ground input, you’ll avoid unwanted hum. This is interesting when we’re talking about capturing audio with fidelity with no coloring or noises.


The Low-noise RIAA capture the whole vinyl experience and record the low frequencies that compose the vinyl textures with this easy-to-read and use audio interface. In addition, it records excellent sound with no coloring or loss.

This audio interface features a metallic casing for more protection, measuring 4.44 “x2.87″ x1.57”, and weighs 0.48 lbs. It is USB 2.0 compliant and works with Windows 98SE and newer versions, as well as Mac OS9.1 and OSX 10.1. Its compatibility with such early operational systems makes Dynasty ProAudio UAD222 able to run smoothly with most computers.


The input gain only boosts the signal on one channel. Therefore, running it alongside an audio editor for boosting, such as Audacity, may be necessary.

Some reported that it shows some noise around the 50db range, which may lead to a quieter high-frequency recording not meeting its specifications.

4. IK Multimedia iRig Stream

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A pocket-size solution with professional audio quality up to 24-bit/48hKz resolution. Crystal-clear sound with many connection possibilities.

IK Multimedia is an Italian audio device manufacturer based in Modena. It designs and produces softwares and hardware for music creation and reproduction on computers or mobile devices.    

The iRig Stream is a compact 24-bit A/D audio streaming interface that can achieve a high-quality 48 kHz sampling rate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature a built-in phono preamp, so if the record player or turntable you’re running it with does not have this feature, you might need to acquire one external preamp.

With its pretty straightforward interface, it is a user-friendly device. Its Main Level frontal knob controls the overall audio input streaming level from the RCA line input. In addition, this interface features a mini-DIN connector for multi-platform connectivity from PC and Mac to iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Response and Sampling Rate
    It has an excellent frequency response range of 20 Hz-22 kHz, with an extended higher frequency range for more accurate and precise highs with a signal-to-noise ratio of 89 dB.
    This audio interface can provide high-quality sound streaming with 24-bit A/D conversion and up to 48 kHz sampling rate. The 24-bit depth allows the device to process more data, therefore capturing a more detailed and rich recording of your vinyl.
  • Inputs and Outputs
    This audio interface features a Dual-Rca Input connector. Connect your record player through this input to send the signal to the recording app or DAW you are using.
    It features a mini-DIN connector to USB-A, USB-C, and Lightning, so it communicates with many different platforms (PC: Win 7; Mac: OSX 10.6; iPhone: iOS 6; Android: Android 5 with USB Digital Audio Support).
  • Two-phase LED Meter
    The IK Multimedia iRig Stream features a LED Meter above the Main Level knob. When GREEN, it is active, and the input signal level is within range. Once it turns RED, it indicates that the signal input level is beyond the device’s capability to capture without distortion. Turning the Main Level down allows the signal to be under the device’s dynamic range.


This portable, easy-to-use device will connect your record player or turntable to your computer or mobile device. Its mobile connectivity allows it to be true on-the-go equipment. Although it lacks a Phono Preamp to capture all the nuances of the vinyl recording texture, it will provide a high-quality recording if the record player you’re using has it.

The IK Multimedia iRig Stream measures 4.15 “x1.75″ x0.94” and weighs only 0.14 lbs. This device comes in a small, matte-black plastic casing that won’t add extra weight to your kit. This is an excellent solution as a multi-purpose device that fits into your pocket.


Even though it is a USB bus-powered device, it may also be powered via DC IN. However, its iRig PSU 3A power supply does not come in the box. In addition, customer complaints have appointed to some app incompatibilities. Still, these will not affect direct track recording on your DAW. Depending on your turntable or record player model, if it does not include a built-in phono preamp, an external preamp might be necessary to jump the signal from the analog device and make it possible for the iRig to capture more out of the track.

5. Pioneer DJ Interface2

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The DJ Interface2 is a professional audio interface with a high-quality A/D converter designed to easily record your vinýl or any other analog sound with true-to-original quality.

One of the big names in the audio equipment business, Pioneer’s envision of enhancing music’s creative potential can be seen in their final products. Always innovative and aware of musicians’ and producers’ need for resistant gear, they provide high-grade equipment made for the road.

With its sturdy metal casing and clean visual, this audio interface presents itself as it is, a pro-straight-to-the-point gear. Made to enable communication between your analog device and your computers, this device allows you to record your vinyl through its Normalize Technology easily.

It also features a built-in Phono preamp, enabling the recording to be as faithful as possible. Also, the Phono Outputs allow you to send the signal to sound systems with club-quality audio.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Response and Sampling Rate
    The Pioneer DJ Interface2 features a solid frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz with a signal-to-noise ratio of 100 dB. This means it has the range and the dynamics to capture and record all the nuances of the vinyl records’ dense textured sounds.
    Made for DJs to communicate the analog signal from the record captured by the turntables to the computer, this audio interface has a 24-bit/44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96kHz A/D sampling rate. This ables the interface to process the signal with top-performance settings for true-to-original high-quality, detailed recording of the track, with all its depth and textures.
  • Analog Sound Recording and Phono/Line RCA Inputs
    Easily record and capture your vinyl using the Normalize Technology in Rekordbox. There’s no need for extra volume or recording monitoring as this is done automatically with a single click in the software.
    The Preamp RCA Line In and Out enables the DJ Interface2 to be used as a stand-alone Phono Preamp to send the signal straight to the sound system if needed.
    The Pioneer DJ Interface2 complies with the platforms and operating systems: PC(Win 10) and Mac (OSX 10.15).
  • Signal Ground
    This audio interface features a Signal Ground input, connecting your turntable or record player’s ground terminal to it to avoid unwanted humming on the recording. This allows clearer, true-to-record digital audio, perfect for capturing your album in hi-fi.
  • LED Meters
    There are LED meters for both channels on their inputs and outputs. The DECK 1 and 2 inputs have a two-color system, GREEN, meaning that the input level is ok and has two brightness levels that respond to the input level, and RED, which indicates the input signal is beyond the device’s dynamic range and is distorting. The Output LED Meters feature only the GREEN color, also in two brightness levels, but in this case, interacting with the amount of output signal coming through the channel.


Robust chassis in aluminum casing and extended edges to protect the terminals. The Pioneer DJ Interface2 Normalize Technology makes it perfect for vinyl recording. This is high-end professional gear, made to endure and deliver the most of it with every use. 

Measuring 5.55 “x5.03″ x1.28” and weighing 1.32 lbs, it still fits nicely within most rigs, and a little extra size and weight always pay off for having a more road-resistant device.


There are not many negative aspects of this audio interface, but one thing is that it does not work with older operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8 or OS 10.1. Suppose you’re running on any of those; you’ll need to upgrade your operating system.

6. Numark M6USB (Mixer with built-in interface)

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If you are already considering investing in a pro, set this mixer beside its complete range of performance essentials. Its Phono preamp and USB connectivity ables it to record your vinyl with studio quality.

Always thinking ahead, Numark, for more than 40 years, has provided DJs and producers with cutting-edge products, revolutionizing the interaction between them and their equipment, thus enabling new sounds to emerge from its innovative features.

At first glance, Numark M6USB looks a little too much, with four Input Channels, each with its three-band EQ section and LED metering, CUE controls that mix between Cue and Program in the headphone channel, and Cross-Fader control, for blending audio between channels. However, it is a perfectly suited option for those already aiming to acquire more pro gear. In addition, its Phono Preamp RCA Input and Output and USB connectivity will record your vinyl with studio-quality audio.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Response
    The M6USB features 20 Hz-20 kHz with a signal-to-noise ratio of 96 dB, and it has a solid frequency response that captures all that composes the records’ texture and feel. In addition, this mixer was made to work the signal of up to two vinyl records spinning, so you’ll be able to capture the album you’re playing and have interesting dynamics with its onboard mixing possibilities.
  • Phono RCA Input
    This audio mixer lets you connect your turntables or record player straight to the audio interface and direct it to an external recording device. It has four Dual-RCA Inputs, two of them (CH1 and CH2) with Phono preamp inputs. This allows it to receive all devices you need to be mixed on your live set or recording. 
  • Record Output
    It has an RCA Record output to record your album onto digital or analog devices such as a MiniDisk recorder or tape deck. This is a valuable tool for keeping a physical record of your track or live set on good-quality media. In that way is possible to record the vinyl’s signal on both the computer and an analog device of your preference.


Made for DJs and producers, this device can record the mixing on your computer or an external recording device. This equipment will allow you to get a true-to-original recording of your albums.

Easy to use, the Numark M6USB is quick to set up and intuitive to operate. The USB output makes the connection between the device and the computer easy, and although a little on the heavy side, it fits nicely as a multi-purpose mixer.


Since this is a stage audio mixer device, the Numark M6USB is a big piece of equipment measuring 12.62 “x14.25″ x4” and weighing 9.6 lbs, but this pays off as it is a sturdy mixer prepared for road life. In addition, its metal casing protects it against eventual impacts that big rigs usually have to endure when transferred from club to club.

You might consider simpler, smaller equipment if you’re not going to use it for professional productions and live sets.

7. Pyle PAD30MXU

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A smaller mixer with a USB soundcard and audio interface for computer connection and recording. The PAD30MXU mixer has a 16-bit/up to 48 kHz A/D sampling rate ideal for high-fidelity conversion vinyl record’s sound demands.

Founded in the ’60s, Pyle made its name as a high-quality advanced woofer and later established itself as a big name within car speakers. By 2000 Pyle would expand to explore different markets such as car audio, home audio, and professional audio gear.

Pyle PAD30MXU is a three-channel personal mixer with all its functions nicely distributed on its interface. It features two Dual-RCA Inputs and one Output to connect with a sound system or a recorder.

Its solid construction makes it a reliable asset on your road gear. In addition, its USB connectivity allows you to send the recorded signal to your computer to save your vinyl collection onto an audio library.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Response and Sampling Rate
    This personal mixer features 20 Hz-25 kHz ±1 dB with a signal-to-noise ratio of 81 dB. This product has the highest threshold on this list, with a broader range on the highs. As a result, it captures brighter, more rounded high notes while still delivering the rich deep lows.
    Though it features 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz sample rates to ensure all these recordings are captured and processed with quality, its 16-bit depth will not store as much data as a 24-bit. This translates into a rich, clear sound but depending on what you’re recording, The Beatles’ Let It Be album, for example, some of the “feel” might not get captured.
  • Connectivity
    The Pyle PAD30MXU features a Dual-Rca Input connector. Connect your record player through this input and send the signal to the DAW you’re using. PC or Mac, this device is compatible with both platforms. It also features an RCA output, abling you to monitor your recording on any audio monitor.
  • Bluetooth Pairing
    It features a Bluetooth player, which by pressing the PAIR button above the MONITOR knob, you can pair your device to it and reproduce audio to the audio monitors connected to the mixer. It has a LED to display its status. When pairing, the LED will blink one time every second; when connected every 5 seconds, it’ll blink twice. It’ll flash once every five seconds when on standby, meaning it’s on yet not connected to any device.


Easy connection and computer recording make this mixer a tremendously versatile device. Its broader range grants more transparent highs with less distortion for excellent sound quality. In addition, having a sturdy construction allows it to be well suited on-the-road asset.

This mixer measures only 7″ x5.5 “x4” and weighs 1.4 lbs, meaning it will easily fit in most backpacks and won’t significantly add to the weight you’re carrying. It is USB bus-powered, which only adds to portability by minimizing the number of cables used to just one.


There is not much written about this product. A more in-depth user guide from the manufacturer would be helpful.

Some complained that there was some noise when turning the knobs, which might lead to unwanted distortion. Also, the mixer seems to be constructed so that it turns off the recording once you activate the monitoring via headphones, not allowing you to monitor while recording.

8. Behringer UFO202

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Designed for the job, the UFO202 is a simple and affordable way of recording your vinyl records into high-quality digital audio.

UFO202 is very similar to the Behringer UCA222 model. Like its brother, it features the same straightforward visual, with two Dual-RCA connectors, one for input and one for output.

One feature that makes the U-Phono UFO202 stand out is the Ground Connector, which allows you to attach the record player’s ground cable, reducing noise and hum.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Response and Sampling Rate
    Featuring a frequency response of 10 Hz-22 kHz with a signal-to-noise ratio of 89 dB, this audio interface will capture those low deep ambiances and textures without experiencing signal loss.
    This device compensates for its 16-bit depth by going for those low frequencies with high-quality A/D sampling rates up to 48 kHz.
  • RCA Input
    Behringer U-Phono UFO222 features two Dual-RCA connectors. The Input Connectors are for connecting the record player to the audio interface. The Output Connectors will work by monitoring the audio output from the computer onto a speaker system.
  • Ground Connection
    This interface features a Ground Connection input which plays an important role here. By attaching the turntable’s or record player’s ground cable to this input, you avoid excessive noise, resulting in a more precise, true-to-record track
  • LINE/PHONO Switch
    The LINE/PHONO switch allows you to change between modes depending on the type of device connected. For example, if using a record player or turntable, move the switch to the right for the PHONO mode. To all other devices, move the switch to the left so you’ll have the raw signal on LINE mode.


This audio interface was designed to enable a high-quality and affordable way of recording your analog vinyl into a digital format. It’s easy to set up, so plug it into your computer and get it working and ready to record. In addition, its high-quality components ensure studio-quality phono preamp and digital converter for richer, true-to-original sound.

It measures only 0.87 “x2.36″ x3.46” and weighs approximately 0.22 lbs. It is a light small size device that fits into your pocket.


The plastic casing of the Behringer UFO202 makes it a more fragile construction and more susceptible to break. In addition, having the cable fixed to the product makes it prone to damage when tucking it in your backpack or pockets for transportation, so mind how you store it so you accidentally won’t twist or bend the cable.

9. Phenyx Pro PTX-15

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Featuring an outstanding Frequency Response range of 10 Hz-60 kHz, this mixer is set to capture all the nuances that make vinyl records such an experience.

Phenyx Pro always aims to provide better and easier sound solutions, so you can focus on what you do better, create or experience music. Counting on the expertise of its engineering and industrial design teams, they’re constantly innovating and keeping on the ever-going updating process to stay attuned to the user’s current needs.

The PTX-15 professional is a feature-packed mixer with a four-channel XLR+¼” combo, each with individual Gain, Pan, EFX, and Aux monitor levels and independent EQ controls and Fader level. In addition, it features a Graphic Equalizer, an LCD for its 16 effects, and controls.

Its gold-plated XLR+¼ “combo inputs and broad dynamic range grant this mixer a rich sound. In addition, the built-in USB A Port allows the mixer to communicate you the computer so you can record your vinyl collection.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Response
    This audio mixer has the broader range of this list. It achieves a clear, accurate sound with an incredibly dynamic range with its extremely high headroom of 10 Hz-60 kHz and a signal-to-noise ratio of 80 dB for a true-to-original sound filled with detailed highs.
  • Connectivity
    The Phenyx Pro PTX-15 is a four-channel mixer with XLR+¼” combo for mic and line inputs, each with individual 3-band EQs. Connecting your turntable to this audio mixer via an RCA/XLR cable will allow you to record warm, detailed sound. You can either record the album straight into your DAW via its USB output or use the Dual-RCA Rec Out output to send the signal to an analog recording device.
  • Bluetooth Pairing
    Adding to its multi-purpose concept, this mixer features a Bluetooth connection. As a result, you can pair any mobile device and play the audio through your audio monitors connected to the mixer through Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
  • Record Output
    It features an RCA output dedicated to recording your album onto digital or analog devices like CD and MiniDisk recorders or a tape deck. In that way, you can record the vinyl or live set sound on the computer and an analog device you may use.


The extremely high range of its frequency response sets the ground for a genuinely dynamic recording allowing this device to capture the most true-to-original sound. In addition, its four-channel fine-quality XLR+¼” combo inputs and individual controls allow you to use this mixer for different scenarios, mixing, recording, as an audio interface, and more.

It is a big yet backpack-friendly device measuring  11.81 “x14.49″ x4.13” and weighing approximately 4.1 lbs. In addition, it is a multi-purpose mixer, making it a relatively light equipment with a nice set of channel inputs and output possibilities and a great option if you need a device that covers many scenarios.


Although the Phenyx Pro PTX-15 Mixer is lighter than most other mixers, it is still heavier than the audio interfaces featured in this list. Consider a smaller, lighter audio interface if you do not require as many features.

The construction is not as quality as other mixers such as Yamaha or Behringer, which makes it a little more fragile on the components, so it might require a proper bag and attention when carrying from one place to another.

10. Pyle PAD10MXU

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This mini-mixer acts as a portable studio. Its RCA Inputs enable you to connect your turntable or record player to it and record the song as digital audio.

Smaller than the PAD30MXU model, with one less channel, this mixer is surprisingly powerful despite its humble appearance. With a simple design and grey knobs, it is an audio equipment that prioritizes performance over looks, and with a frequency range of 20 Hz-25 kHz and 48 kHz A/D sampling rate, it’s precisely what it delivers.

Its USB connectivity allows you to communicate the turntable’s analog signal to the computer’s digital audio language format via its built-in audio interface. It is also effortless to use. Just plug the mixer into your computer, and it’s all set to use. No installation or driver is needed.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Response and Sampling Rate
    Despite its size, the Pyle PAD10MXU is a rather powerful device with a frequency response of 20 Hz-25 kHz and a signal-to-noise ratio of 81 dB. Moreover, it has a broad high-frequency range perfect for capturing even more detail to the high notes without distorting.
    This mini-mixer can record high-quality sound with 16-bit/44.1 kHz and 48 kHz A/D sampling rates.
  • RCA Input
    Connecting your turntable to its RCA input allows it to communicate with the computer via its built-in USB audio interface, making it possible to record the vinyl straight into your recording software. There is also an RCA output, allowing you to monitor your recording.
  • LED Indicators
    The PAD10MXU features two LED indicators, one labeled PEAK that flashes every time the signal input goes above the mixer’s dynamic range and distorts, and one labeled CLIP, that will work the same way but with the output signal that’s being sent to the audio monitors.


The PAD10MXU is a small portable device, a matte-black metal box measuring 4.7 “x3.8″ x1.3” and weighing only 0.9 lbs. As a result, it will not only occupy less space, but this mini-mixer is also a great lightweight solution to carry along your rig from place to place.

Its small size, lightweight, and sturdy casing make it a great affordable option for an all-purpose mixing device. Don’t let its size fool you, though; it is a powerful mixer with a broad high-frequency range. In addition, an easy setup and start recording equipment make for an intuitive and user-friendly experience.


As PAD30MXU, this mixer needs a more in-depth guide content on its features and minimum system requirements. Therefore, the company should release an updated version of its user guide with more detailed information.

This device also features the same construction that turns off the recording once you activate the monitoring via headphones, not allowing you to monitor while recording. Due to it sharing many of the same components as the PAD30MXU model, it also showed some noise when turning the knobs, which might lead to unwanted distortion.

Bonuses: record players that have built-in USB Audio Output

1. Sony PS-LX310BT

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This record player’s not only perfect for ripping your vinyl to digital audio, but it is also a whole hi-fi sound experience.

Sony has its origins in the ’40s, a humble start to what has become one of the world’s largest electronic products manufacturers. Always with an eye toward innovation, Sony has been revolutionizing the media format and how we experience it with inventions such as the walkman, the MiniDisc format, and Hi-MD. Nowadays, with devices such as the PS-LX310BT, the aim is to reproduce the analogic signal’s high-quality warm sound digitally.

With its innovative tonearm straight design that grants improved tracking and its aluminum die-cast platter that reduces vibration, PSLX310BT delivers excellent sound at an effortlessly one-step auto start, stop, and return control.

It features a built-in phono preamp, so in only one piece, you have all you need to reproduce and record your favorite vinyl album at a high-quality frequency range and A/D sampling rate. In addition, its clean design makes it an intuitive device and more focused on the record than the turntable.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Response and Sampling Rate
    The Sony PS-LX310BT features a 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency range with a signal-to-noise ratio of 81 dB. In addition, it has a 48 kHz A/D sampling rate, which allows it to capture the analog signal and send the digitally converted audio for tracking with high-quality processing.
  • Connectivity and Minimal System Requirements
    Its USB-B Port (2.0 compliant) lets you record the music straight to your DAW for tracking, so as you spin your record, you’ll be able to convert its analog signal into digital audio with only one device. This turntable works with the following platforms and operating systems: PC(Win 7) and Mac (OSX 10.9).
  • Bluetooth Pairing
    Despite being made to play one of the most traditional media formats, the Sony PS-LX310BT also provides new modern technology affinity by featuring a Bluetooth wireless connection, enabling you to play your streaming lists through it and make use of the audio monitors connected to it.


It is a clean, minimalist design turntable measuring only 16.92 “x4.25 “x14.44” and weighing 7.7 lbs. With a discrete matte-black finish, the PS-LX310BT is an elegant addition to your ambient and fits most racks perfectly. Both its platter and arm pipe are made out of aluminum.

Its clean design makes it an easy-to-operate, music-focused device. In addition, it has a built-in phono preamp to record straight from the turntable to your computer at a high-quality conversion rate.


Somewhat delicate and heavy. Differently from the Technics, which are audio equipment made for the road life of jumping from one club to another, these are more of a home-grade device, better if left resting at its designated spot and on schedule with a cleansing routine, a dusty turntable might stop functioning properly.

2. ION Audio Max LP

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An elegant take on record players’ style, along with the ION Audio EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software, you’ll be able to listen and digitize your favorite records with ease.

Founded in 2002, ION Audio became a world leader in lifestyle electronics manufacturing by designing entertainment audio equipment. It was a journey that began with the development of the first USB conversion turntable, which enabled a whole new simple way of saving your favorite albums into a digital archive.

With its clean, elegant design in natural wood finish and fluid lines, this all-in-one turntable is not only beautiful but also a high-end conversion device. The EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software is designed to guide you through the steps of the album recording while automatically separating the tracks into individual tracks.

Key Features:

  • EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter
    While connected to your computer, you can record your vinyl using the ION Audio EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software. This software was developed to convert an analog signal to a digital file easier. After converting the file, you can upload it to your phone or any portable device.
  • Connectivity and Compatibility
    Its USB-B Port (2.0 compliant) allows you to record music on your computer by converting the analog signal of the vinyl record through the DAW for tracking. It also features an RCA output to connect it to your audio monitors. This turntable is a multi-platform device compatible with PC and Mac.
  • Built-In Speakers
    The ION Audio Max LP features two built-in stereo speakers, making it possible to hear the vinyl record you’re spinning straight from the device. In that way, with this record player, you have more of an all-in-one device, making playing your records easier in an almost portable way.


Its built-in phono preamp and EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software make it easy to set up and start your vinyl collection of high-quality recordings.

The ION Audio Max LP features an elegant wood finish with a minimalist design. It measures 15.23 “x4.05″ x16.14” and weighs 7.7 lbs. This turntable adds a sophisticated style to the room.


More info is needed on this product. More in-depth info, such as frequency response and sample rate, would come in handy when understanding the device’s capabilities.

Some have pointed out that the needle might produce a noise more evident in calmer sections. This can be easily corrected, as it is an interchangeable part. You can achieve more accurate sound capturing by upgrading it with a higher-grade needle.


So these were the top Audio Interfaces and Mixers for recording vinyl in 2023. This list presented different approaches to the same necessity by Behringer, M-Audio, Pioneer, Pyle, Dynasty, IK Multimedia, Numark, Sony, Phenyx, and ION Audio brands.

Both Behringer models, UFO202 and UCA222, are small frame devices made for the job, as well as Dynasty’s UA2D and Pioneer’s DJ Interface2, these being larger, more resistant audio interfaces. The bonus turntable additions are also part of this category: Sony’s PS-LX310BT and ION Audio’s Max LP are all-in-one devices with a dedicated USB connection port and high-quality 48 kHz A/D conversion rate. In addition, these turntables are studio-quality analog to digital recording devices.

For most portable solutions, the IK Multimedia’s iRig Stream is the smallest, pocket-fit device, followed closely by both Behringer models. A slightly bigger option is the Pyle PAD10MXU, a two-channel mixer with a built-in interface, USB bus-powered, allowing it to run without a power outlet.

Numark’s M6USB and Phenyx Pro’s PTX-15 stand as the most feature-packed devices, so if you’re considering stepping up your rig, these two mixers are options to have in mind.

So whatever your hardware need is, the so-desired warm, rich audio experience of the fully textured, filled-in nuance can be preserved through conversion with these wide-range frequency responses top Audio Interfaces and Mixers for recording vinyl.

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