Cramit By Integraudio & Sixth Sample Review (Free OTT-Style Compressor)

Cramit By Integraudio & Sixth Sample - OTT Inspired Compressor |

Integraudio Cramit, created in collaboration with Sixth Sample, is a free OTT compressor plugin featuring plenty of modern-day capabilities.

In music, compression is used to minimize the dynamic range of signals that contain both loud and quiet portions so that they may be heard clearly. For example, consider the difference between a gentle whisper and the aggressive snap of a drum kit. The mixing engineer must handle the dynamics for both of them to be heard on a recording. The quick beginning of sound when the stick touches the drum head is an obvious transition.

Over The Top compression, known as OTT, is a compression method to apply when you truly appreciate your sound, as the name implies. The audio effect’s core concept is Upward and Downward compression. OTT reduces the loudness of the loudest parts of the sound while increasing the level of the quietest parts. As a result, there is a lack of dynamic range and a rather squashed sound. At the same time, this may be detrimental to one of the most crucial parts of excellent music dynamics.

Cramit has a simple user interface, controls, and parameters that are simple to monitor. For example, the plugin’s UI allows you to adjust its size.
This free plugin includes a plethora of features. Cramit has all of the essential characteristics that a compressor should have. In other words, it is undeniably a plugin that balances utility and usability flawlessly.
The integration of Distortion, Depth, and Speed effects update the plugin. First, however, the OTT feature must be crowned because it responds well and is integrated well.


User Interface

Cramit has an intuitive interface that is resizable. The major settings are located on the plugin’s right side, where you may alter controls such as Distortion, Drive, Type, Gain, Pre/Post, Speed, Depth, In, Out, and Mix. The OTP controls, which feature the functions Bypass and Solo, are located on the left side of the plugin.

The three columns represent the parameters Low, Mid, and High, including your upward and downward compression. Drag these boxes to adjust your thresholds, and drag up and down within the blocks to adjust the volume. If you turn it up, you compress your sound upwards, making the quieter sections louder.


You can use Cramit in conjunction with other external plugins easily. While other plugins perform the same, some are a little more difficult. Carmit has found a happy balance. Despite its strength, it is a plugin that does not require a lot of CPU resources.

It has primary functions like distortion, frequently utilized in productions since it drives the sounds forward with a varied loudness strength. Of course, you may go wild and aggressively distort the sound to suit your tastes. But, as you learn more about these capabilities, they save time and effort.

OTT Compression

Plugin Interface

A lot of electronic music, as well as other genres, uses over-the-top compression. I have used the plugin, which composes well like a Multiband Compressor. Cramit has three functionalities: Downward Compression, Upward Compression, and Multiband Compression. Downward compression, which softens the loud parts of the audio, emphasizes louder signals. While multiband compression divides the frequency spectrum into several bands, each of which can potentially have a different compression level, upward compression amplifies the sound of the louder areas.

Three columns, representing the distinct portions Low, Mid, and High, are visible at the initial touch. Solo and Bypass options are available for each of the three sections, which are both quite helpful since they allow you to work more carefully inside the desired range. In addition, two signal spectrums are visible inside them. The left side displays the input level, while the right displays the output level.

By adjusting the arrows on the right side of the columns, we may apply downward or upward compression. In addition, the lines inside the columns may be used to set the threshold and the range we wish to choose. Carmit is a straightforward plugin and seeks to be beneficial by being effective, as you can see.


Plugin Interface

Carmit allows you to change this via the application interface and may be used as a pre or post-fader. You get two knobs to regulate the distortion and drive amount, which makes it extremely simple to apply the distortion effect, which simulates the saturation effects of analog equipment.

Moreover, the compressor’s reaction time may be adjusted using the Speed knob, and the gain can be adjusted using the Gain knob. You can also adjust the Depth of the compressor. Monitoring all of this is simple, thanks to the box on the right, which visibly displays any changes you make to the transient.


Cramit will undoubtedly be helpful in various contexts. As I already mentioned, electronic music engineers use this kind of compressor. I personally used it in Death Metal drum tracks and it fits very well.

You can use Cramit on instruments like:

  • Bass: You can boost the dynamics and sound by utilizing some OTT.
  • Plucks: You could move your plucks forward in the mix, but be careful since compression might ruin lively dynamics.
  • Strings: Both the low and high analog strings are well matched with OTT.
  • Drums: Although it can thicken the drums, you must be careful not to apply too much compression because doing so might ruin the dynamics. The groove and feel of the drums are very crucial.
  • And so much more: This tool works great on virtually on any instrument or vocals when you need to add some life and energy to your mix.

It can improve any sound you can think of. Just use three bands and several compression methods to play around with the samples above to see how you may start to enhance your sound.

Another FREE Plugin For You - Cramit Overview


Cramit is a great compressor that seamlessly integrates into the track as soon as you apply it, without overly complicating your workflow. It is definitely a plugin that appeals to all tastes.

However, it separates the frequency spectrum quite effectively; I especially enjoyed the multiband compression feature. In addition, the plugin interface is quite intuitive, and the distortion function is effective.

The number of options is great since all the controls are responsive and the knobs are sensitive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a lot of features, and it’s simple to approach the limit, but a future version will undoubtedly be released and it might include additional features. Also, you could think about adding it to your collection of plugins because it has various applications.


Cramit is available for Windows 10 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10 or higher 64-bit. It comes in VST 3, AU and now also AAX formats.

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