Top 8 Looper VST Plugins 2023 (And 5 FREE Plugins)

Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

In this article, we will discuss the best Looper plugins in 2023.

DAW like Abelton Live is built for live looping and triggering live samples, and some other DAWs like Logic Pro and FL Studio have their looping plugins/workflow built into them. However, these tools may not be the best suited for your workflow.

There are better & more comprehensive looping & sequencing plugins available in the market that you can use. We have created a list of the eight best looper plugins and five additional free plugins that you can integrate into your workflow for live or studio purposes.

Top 8 Looper VST Plugins 2023 (And 5 FREE Plugins) 

1. Audio Damage Enso

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Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

Enso is a virtual audio looper that lets you record and loop audio with several real-time effects in your DAW. 

It allows you to record and playback up to 10 minutes of stereo audio multi-directionally at different speeds. The single-button loop engine is fully automatic and lets you add effects in a very tape-style fashion. Hence, even if it works as a modern looper, its sonic behavior is modeled after vintage tape machines.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Interface
    The resizable GUI is stunning and uncomplicated, with the signal chain being straightforward and streamlined, making Enso easy to use and operate with, both in the studio and live settings.
  • Tradition signal flow
    Like old-school loopers, the plugin can have the input mixed with buffer content, after which it can be sent to effects, or like a tape looper, the feedback path contains the effects and speed changes using the Dub in Place button. One can also have four different start and end points, in which sector crossfades can happen
Audio Damage Enso Looper Plugin Full Walkthrough


It’s available as a VST, VST 3, AU, and AAX for Windows 8.1 or higher (64-bit only) and macOS 10.12 or newer, as VST and VST 3 for Unbutu 18 or later, and AUv3 for iOS or newer


Enso is a fun tool and is great in emulating the warped sonics of vintage tape manipulators, which makes it a great tool, especially for guitarist producers. In addition, its workflow is creative and can inspire your sound design process. Lastly, the onboard effects sound analog and are of good quality.  

2. Audiomodern Loopmix (Loop Remixer/Sequencer)

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Loopmix by Audiomodern is a creative loop remix and rearrangement plugin for transforming your loops into interesting and artistic sounds. 

It allows you to work with loops unconventionally and mix full-length loops with one-shots, other loops, sounds, etc. It inspires new beats and songs and does detailed sound design. It’s also a good way to recycle old ideas, melodies, grooves, etc., into something fresh.

Key Features:

  • Presets
    The plugin has a great preset management system, using which you can import presets, create preset packs, and browse through a great collection of sounds, including presets of Late House, IDM Kits, LoFi kits, and more.
  • Workflow
    Loopmix sequencer window has six tracks on which you can fix different loops on different time stamps.  In addition, there are windows for rearranging, reversing, and adjusting density, volume, and pitch for different loops. That can help you create interesting loops and track beds. You can also set the tempo for the Loopmix session.
  • Utility
    It’s an interesting and creative way of creating drum loops, melody loops, basslines, and other elements. You can also drag in your loops, slice them, pitch them, edit them, etc., and create something new. Using a MIDI instrument, you can also trigger different clips from six tracks.
  • Multifunctional keyboard
    You can arrange your stems and clips and assign them in up to two keyboard octaves to trigger sequences, loops, and arrangements with a single button click


The plugin is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin versions and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.12 or higher or Windows 10 or later operating system and 2 GB of hard disk space


Loopmix is one of the best looper plugins due to its detailed editing window and simple drag-and-drop workflow. The controls are intuitive, and the interface is attractive. However, it may seem a bit intimidating and all over the place at first, but it’s quite easy once you get your hands on it. 

3. Sugar Bytes Looperator

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Looperator is a sample slicer and fx platform designed by Sugar Bytes.

Looperator is a creative production tool that can help you transform simple sounds and samples into new, exciting, creative compositions. It slices the sample you load into chops, rearranges it, and adds different effects on a per-step basis to spice it up.

Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

Key Features:

  • Effect sequencer
    The main interface of Looperator is centered around a 16-step sequencer. The sequencer controls six different effect modules. The idea is that you can sequence different effects to modulate a certain sound or song. Once you load Looperator on a track inside your DAW, you can sequence the slice, loop, envelope, filter, FX1, and FX2 modules to affect the sound. The interface is colorful, with each module’s color, while a dice switch at the far right of each module lets you randomize each sequencer for unpredictable results.
  • Midi trigger
    Looperator works in two modes, host and manual. In host mode, it’s synced with your host tempo so that you can create steps in time with the rest of the song. You can trigger certain effects in manual mode by playing midi notes. For example, you can set up a tape stop effect to be triggered every time you play the C3 note on a midi track. Now all you have to do is create that midi track and place it anywhere in your track, saving you time and CPU usage since one instance of Looperator can affect multiple tracks/sounds.
  • Slice and rearrange
    Looperator is extremely powerful when it comes to chopping up samples and rearranging them. Once your sample is warped, and in time with the project’s tempo you are in, you can load it in Looperator and sequence the slice module. It will create 16 chops of sound which you can place anywhere you want in the 16-step sequencer in any order. It’s a great tool for sampled-based producers who need a different approach to sampling.
  • Perfect for live performances
    A huge asset of Looperator is its compatibility with Traktor. Traktor is a DJing software used by many DJs. You can DJ with Traktor and simultaneously run Looperator as an FX processor. This can be achieved by running it on manual mode and bringing a midi controller with you to the club. You can map certain midi buttons to certain effects, which you can trigger while DJing to add extra spice to your performance. Similarly, it’s a great performance tool for those who perform with Ableton Live.
  • Effects
    The versatility of Looperator comes from the countless effect choices it offers. You can select between 25 different filter styles, which include vowel options, bandpass, notch, and filter sweeps. You can even open up the filter styles and tweak them on left and right basis, creating so interesting stereo effects. Of course, you also have plenty of choices in distortion, reverb, pitch-shifting, tape-stop effects, and many more.
Sugar Bytes Looperator Demo


Looperator is available on Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.12 or higher in VST2, VST3, AAX, and AU formats.


Looperator is an exciting live performance and production tool by Sugar Bytes. Its ability to chop and transform the input audio is mesmerizing, while its compatibility with Traktor makes it a formidable live performance tool.

The step sequencers are designed nicely and are easy to understand, while the visual representation of the incoming audio makes placing your chops and effects a piece of cake.

4. Devious Machines Infiltrator 2 (Multi FX With Looper Effect)

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The Infiltrator 2 is a monstrous multi-effect that can combine, sequence, and adjust a whopping ten separate effects. 

Devious Machines calls it a “turbocharged” update, and with 54 effects modules instead of the 28 in version 1, it’s evident the company has been hard at work. The layout is instantly recognizable, and existing customers can upgrade for no additional cost, which is a major plus.

You can utilize many copies of the same modules, and there are ten effect slots, user-editable multi-segment envelopes, and assignable macros, much like in the original Infiltrator. The amount of control you have in real-time truly sets it apart from other multi-effects. There are now two independent envelopes for each effect, each of which can be synced to a maximum of 128 bars in duration.

Key Features:

  • A vast amount of effect choices
    As we said, the infiltrator comes equipped with 54 effects. Some of them are pitch-shifting, FM, delay, reverb, looper, repeater, distortion, and numerous modeled filters. The filter choices are particularly exquisite, with options like comb filters, Model-20, Ladder, and 101-style filters available. You can have ten effects running simultaneously in your chain with multiple instances of the same effect running on different settings. Each effect comes with a dedicated interface with enough controls to allow for huge sound design potential.
  • Presets
    When it comes to presets, it’s common for effects plugins that pack a punch elsewhere to fall short. This could be because some people view the use of presets as lazy. But we consider it presets to be a crucial demonstration of a plugin’s capabilities. Infiltrators 750 presets already quite a lot, but v2 more than doubles that number.
    It’s an insane amount, but at least they’re organized into categories and subcategories. To jumpstart your imagination, check out the Sound Design folder, where you’ll find patches like Faller Robo 4 Bar and Inertia. Presets like Bit Meddler, Future Announcement, and Slick Shifter are just a few examples of the incredible variety of sounds you can create with this plugin.
  • Distortion Module
    A new “Degrade” setting has been added to the Distort module for all distortion fanatics. The degrading vibe of this loud and destructive processor becomes apparent at around 30%. Concerning reverb, everything has been rolled into a single module with three different settings (Reverb, LoFi, and the brand-new Void). An ‘infinite’-like effect is achieved at the highest settings, and the sound is textured overall.
  • Master Section
    An improved Master section with drive and compression is included in Infiltrator 2, and the same type of compressor controlled by a single knob is now available as a standalone module. The Master tab has a bass bypass option (40Hz to 1kHz), effectively disables all processing for frequencies below the specified threshold.
  • Time Manipulation Modules
    The modules that can alter past events are the most original additions. It’s great because of how simple it is to create tape slow-downs and reversals and how Stretch and Varispeed cover most speed ranges and spectrum. You now have many options for adjusting how your music is played back in time, with this new effect and others like the stuttering Looper.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It comes in VST/RTAS/AU/AAX formats and supports 32 and 64 bit systems.


Each effect in the plugin now has a second, assignable envelope that can modulate any of its parameters, greatly increasing its modulation capabilities. The additional Formant and Notch filter modes in the Dual filter are welcome additions. The improvement enhances the original in-depth and polishes it without changing its character. It’s not a cheap plugin, but it’s invaluable if you want a comprehensive set of creative tools.

5. Meldaproduction MSuperLooper

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MSuperLooper is a multitrack loop station created for live performances.

You can load up to 16 tracks in the plugin so each track can have four loops. Hence, it is a serious option for users of DAWs like Studio One, Pro Tools, etc., that don’t have a live looper feature for triggering samples & clips for stage performances.
Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

Key Features:

  • Modular FX pipeline
    Each track in the plugin can have its effect chain, for which the MSuperLooper gives plenty of options ranging from dynamics-based effects like limiter, compressor, transient processors, etc
    ., to various EQ & filter effects, to modulation plugins like chorus, auto pan, phaser, etc., various reverb plugins, many distortion tools, and more.
  • Easy workflow
    The interface is easily understandable, with every single option labeled with text. For example, the recording button is labeled as “Record,” and then there are buttons labeled as “Previous” & “Next,” which makes the workflow simplified and easy, even for a newbie who doesn’t understand a DAW.
  • Flexible Signal Flow
    You can route the plugins & effects easily in a flow chart, a kind of diagram, wherein you can set what goes into what and what plugin comes after what. Further, you can adjust how you record MIDI data by clicking on the MIDI button, wherein you can adjust the MIDI channel, notes, values, etc. 
MSuperLooper Introduction


The plugin is available in VST, VST 3, AAX, and AU versions and requires a minimum of Windows 8 or macOS 10.14 and Intel/AMD/M1 processors with SSE2 support or M1 support


MSuperLooper is versatile, smooth, easy to use, and can be well-adjusted in your workflow. The effects are of good quality, and there’s a huge variety of them available to be used for processing. In addition, it allows you to record audio and MIDI signals into the track. 

6. Looper Sequent

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Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

Sequent is an audio manipulation plugin for beat looping and sequencing. 

Its building blocks are a looper, a routing window, a trigger window, a pitch-setting window, and a sequencer. The special thing about it is that you can apply many effects to the sounds and that any parameter of those effects can be step-sequenced within the plugin.

Key Features:

  • Flexible audio path
    If you’re an FL Studio user, you will relate the top window with the patcher plugin, allowing you to patch or route your audio signal in any direction you want. For example, you can route the looper and effects in any order or connection (series or parallel). The plugin has one stereo input and two stereo outputs (dry and wet). In addition, you can also set the mix of each effect.
  • Effects Sequencing
    When you click on an effect block, you will see the parameters of that plugin in the step sequencer window, for which you can program them as per the divisions. You can also set controls like sequencer length, random step selection, and more.
  • Looper Effect
    The looper effect allows you to set the trigger, repeat, slice length and offset, reverse, etc., values, like any beat looper. In addition, it also allows you to trigger audio clips/slices based on a tempo-sync delay and some advanced manipulations like pitch & pitch decay and more.
  • Other Multi-effects
    You can use some more effects like dual multimode filters, overdrive/distortion effects, gate triggering, panning effects, etc. Further, there are twelve available patterns in which you can save Sequent’s state if you want to.
  • Randomization
    The plugin offers a generative function that allows you to set all parameters to random positions and values. That is particularly helpful during creative blocks or when you lack inspiration. 


Sequent requires a minimum of Mac OSS X v. 10.5 or later, or Windows XP or Windows Vista, or above, with x86-based processor 1.0Ghz, or above, with SSE, and 512 MB RAM.  


It’s easy to assign the effect parameters or any other parameters to your MIDI controls, as the plugin has quite a simple MIDI learning system. Further, the interface is straightforward and streamlined; everything is just laid out structurally, and patching and editing are uncomplicated and easy. 

7. Audio Blast InstaLooper3

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Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

Insta Looper is a glitch multi-effect and a live looping plugin. 

The plugin allows you to loop audio in real time and applies musical pitch & time effects to it. You get four independent loops to edit, a parameter sequencer with 16 independent & automatable knobs, and sixteen steps sequencer with sequenced parameters.

You also get six integrated effects: Gate, Bit Crusher, Auto Pan, Filter, Phaser, and Time Expand, along with a dry and wet knob.

Key Features:

  • Flexible workflow
    All four loops have windows with the following switches: loop, FX, REV, and ON/OFF. Further, for every loop, you can select the same or different effects, set the loop size or length to different times, adjust the pitch & dry/wet knob, and tweak the parameter knob. 
  • Step Sequencer
    The button can open the Step sequencer at the bottom of the main window and the option to load an oscilloscope for better visual feedback
Checking out InstaLooper3 from Audio Blast!


It’s available in NKS, AAX, Audio Unit, VST3, and VST2 plugin formats and is compatible with the following operating systems: Mac OS X, Mac Os 11, Mac Os 12, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11


The plugin is great for creating glitch effects or drum rolls like hi-hat rolls, snare rolls, and more. It’s not a conventional looper and has an interesting workflow. But it’s also easy to understand due to its simple interface. 

8. Arturia Spark 2 (Looper / DrumMachine)

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Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

Spark 2 is a drum machine and beat virtual creation tool for production, sequencing, and performance. 

It’s a versatile drum instrument with sounds ranging from contemporary drums to physically modeled acoustic kits to modern EDM samples. On top of that, you can add effects and modulations to shape your sounds further sonically, sequence your sounds, and create interesting patterns.  

It has 1900+ instruments and 180+ kits of every era & style, with nine variable-shape virtual analog oscillators, four multimode filters, six envelopes, 2 LFOs, and four mixers. 

Key Features:

  • Sound Engine
    Spark 2 is a 16-track machine with virtual analog, sampling, and physical modeling music engines. You can do real-time or classic TR-style pattern-based step sequencing with the plugin. You can also get into detailed sound design & editing by using the modular synth engine.
    The last nail in the coffin is the mixer with high-grade effects like compressor, reverb, bit crusher, multiband EQ, delay, distortion, plate reverb, destroyer, flanger/phaser/chorus, space pan, limiter, and more.
  • Pre-loaded sounds
    The pre-loaded libraries are of great quality and expansive, as they cover almost every genre of music and are created by industry professionals and well-known music producers & sound designers. In addition, there are more than 2800 instruments, including drums, one-shots, synths, and effects.
  • Interface
    Tabbed pages, an expanded pattern edit section, a new mixer, and the sample management system make the interface easy and visually communicative. As a result, you can easily browse through the entire software uncomplicated and streamlined way.
  • Synthesis
    You can create customized sounds using the synth engine that contain oscillators, multimode filters, ADR envelopes, LFOs, Mixers, CV processors, and more modulators & effects. Using the toolkit, you can sculpt your sounds however you want and do detailed sonic editing.
  • Automation Editing
    Spark 2 allows you to use the XY pad or the pencil tools to create & edit automation and patterns. The parameter of every instrument and plugin can be automated and edited easily.
  • Step Sequencer
    The in-depth step sequencer allows you to get creative and explorative with your sounds, with 32 steps of grid divisions for all sixteen instruments, on which the patterns can be easily visualized and drawn. 
ARTURIA Spark2 Tutorial Part1


Spark 2 requires a minimum of Windows 7+ (64bit) PC: 4 GB RAM; 2 GHz CPU, or mac OS 10.8+: 4 GB RAM; 2 GHz CPU, and is available as Standalone, VST 2.4 (32-bit and 64-bit), AAX (32 bits with PT 10.3.8, 64 bits with PT 11), Audio Unit (32-bit and 64-bit) plugin


It’s a highly versatile drum instrument that you can use to program your grooves, regardless of genre or style of music. It has great in-built sounds and a cutting-edge interface for easy & simplified sonic shaping. It’s also compatible with every popular DAW market, including Logic Pro, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Abelton Live, Studio One, etc.  

Lastly, the six assignable MACROs and the Modular synth engine are huge reasons you should go for the plugin. 

5 Best Free Looper Plugins 2023

1. Harvest Plugins Harvest MINI (Looper/MIDI Sequencer)

More Info & Download

Earlier, we looked at the full version of Harvest, which has slightly more advanced capabilities than this MINI version.

Fortunately, the primary Rhythm Tap function is accessible with this version. Having this function makes it very worthwhile to try out. However, the only downside is the limitation of the effects.

Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

Key Features:

  • Tap Your Rhythms
    This interactive feature is excellent for anybody who likes to contribute to the feel of your beat, physically. Once you’ve set the general sequencer adjustments, all you need to do is either click to tap or map your hardware and tap there!
  • Comprehensive Randomization
    The randomization functions of this tool are great because they work within the bounds you determine for your session. This means that you don’t need to worry about things being changed to a different scale or step sequence, and whatever is randomized will be workable.
  • Simplicity is Key
    Although you don’t have access to the full spectrum of effects, the simplicity of this plugin has the potential to guide you in a new creative direction. When it comes to creating MIDI and musical phrases, you can still get the job done in a good enough way, and this will allow you to apply your creative processing at a later stage.
Harvest Mini Overview - All Features


This plugin is available for Windows 7 (with SP 1) or later and macOS X 10.7macOS 10.13. It comes in VST format.


As with any free plugin version, you’re given a good opportunity to experiment with the workflow and see if it is a worthy tool for your creative arsenal. You might find that the free version is all you need.

2. TugGlicento 2 (Looper/Sequencer)

More Info & Download

Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

TugGlicento 2 is a glitch creation plugin and looper/sequencer. 

The main interface matrix is based on five tracks/loops on the y-axis, and grids on the y-axis, on which you can sequence the steps for each track. Further, for each track, you can control the number of grids, speed, duration, volume, pan, effects, attack, and decay time. 

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Effects
    You can load up five effects on the plugin from a bunch of options like reverb, phaser, ring mod, distortion, etc. Out of these plugins, you can choose one for each track. That gives you plenty of room to sculpt the sonics of your sound.
  • Randomization
    The plugin allows you to reset your entire sequencer such that each parameter in it is set to a random value. Similarly, you can also randomize the parameters in the effects. That especially helps in times of low inspiration.
  • Addition features
    You also get a multimode filter to select its cutoff frequency and q-value. You can also set the LFO frequency, shape, and depth, along with an ADSR envelope. That gives you enough room to create interesting modulations and movements. 
TugGlicento VST is Better Than Effectrix and it's Free!


It’s available in 64-bit VST 3 and AU plugin formats for both Windows and macOS and requires macOS 10.15 or higher or Windows 10 or later versions of operating systems. 


TugGliencto is a simple, easy-to-use, fun looper and sequencer but lacks feature richness and versatility. However, it has enough functionality to act as a basic looper plugin.  

3. ToneCarver Regen

More Info & Download

Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

ToneCarver Regen is a looper plugin designed for creating ambient and relaxing type sonic scapes.

It comprises four tracks, for each of which you can change the phase, modulation rate, modulation blend, and regen parameter. In addition, you can record a stereo track or loop, called “layers,” in all four tracks. The plugin has buttons for recording, replacing, and audio playback for the tracks

Key Features:

  • Tracks & layers
    A track can have one or more layers stacked together. You can change the individual layer settings like rate, direction, pan, start offset, level, blend, etc.
  • Playback & Recording
    In addition to being a looper, the plugin allows you to audition, manipulate, or replay the recorded material. Playback Focus tells which track is affected when controls affecting playback are manipulated, and Recording Focus tells which track gets recorded when recording begins. However, they are usually synced to refer to the same source.
  • Track summaries
    So you can access the “views” window that shows you the track view and layer view. Using the layer view, you can shift the individual layers of recorded material in time, reverse, pan, gain stage, or restore them to their original states


Regen is available as a 32- and 64-bit VST plugin for Windows only


The plugin is straightforward in its workflow, but the functionality is not as simple to understand, as you need to do some manual diving to understand what’s happening. For example, controls like regen, dir, etc., are vaguely put, and in the first impression, it’s unclear what they do. 

 Apart from that, it can do everything a basic looper does. I wish ToneCraver had put more effects into it, but given it’s a free plugin, there’s nothing much to complain about.  

4. Audioblast Instalooper 

More Info & Download

Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

InstaLooper is a free audio and effects looping plugin. 

You can load and loop clips/samples of different sizes, pitches, etc., and add additional effects. You can create live effects while looping and manipulating your music. It has four tracks for which you get the size, speed knob, and reverse and effects on/off buttons.

Key Features:

  • Simple Interface
    The plugin can be instantly understood and used as it has an easy workflow you can set up in a few clicks and minutes.
  • Effects
    You can set the effects for each track and choose from effects like bit reducer, auto pan, high pass filter, and phaser. The effects can be turned on or off. 


The plugin is only available in VST 32-bit or 64-bit versions. 


For InstaLooper, as the name suggests, instant inspiration and simplicity is the key. So even if you’re a beginner with no experience working with a looper, you can immediately understand how it works and start with it.  

5. Quilcom Flooper

More Info & Download

Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

Flooper by Quilcom, or “fun” looper, is a unique, simple, and easy-to-work-with-free looping plugin. 

Flooper has a simple interface, with the orange bar at the top marking the timeline of the loop. You can either sync the tempo of the looper to the daw or tap the tempo independently. There’s an additional metronome, dry/wet knob, loop knob, input level, and an output level knob.  

Key Features:

  • Playback
    The plugin allows you to record, latch, erase, or restart the audio playback. You can also reverse the audio or change its speed or pitch.
  • MIDI Learn
    You can easily assign the parameters to your MIDI device and record expressions via pedal & pedal latch


The plugin is only available in VST 32-bit version for Windows only


The plugin is fun and simple, but it’s still not intuitive. For example, you need to load two instances of it to be able to listen to the metronome. Such problems exist, yet it’s amusing and interesting. 


510k SEQUND (Polyrhytmic Sequencer/Looper)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

SEQUND by 510k is a polyrhythmic sequencer that feeds MIDI data to other virtual instruments. 

It’s an expansive and detailed step sequencer that may take some time to get used to because of its unconventional workflow, but it’s also intuitive and easy to use, given the advanced programming it allows. It’s not an instrument with its own sound generators and is routed to another plugin/virtual instrument.

Key Features:

  • Great for creating Techno & other groovy EDM genres
    Suppose you want to trigger MIDI data for the perfect techno bassline. You can select different grid steps and adjust their pitch, length, velocity, and other parameters. That will help you create interesting melodies, especially for the Techno.
  • Workflow
    The plugin has an interesting workflow, with two melodic lanes and a probabilistic lane so that you can alternate between the two pitch lanes, Octave, Transpose, Velocity, and three assignable MIDI CC lanes, for which you can assign the steps. You can also unhide additional parameters like Length, Hold, Chance, etc.
  • Probabilistic lane
    SEQUND allows you to alternate between Pitch A and Pitch B based on the probability percentage you set in the lane. That allows you to create generative musical data.
  • GATE lane for sequencing
    The plugin allows you to select the rhythm by selecting the GATE triggers. In addition, you can decide the flow of the movement by the arrow button, which can be forward, backward, bidirectional, pendulum, or random. Overall, it offers the easiest and most intuitive workflow for step sequencing.
  • Create interesting polyrhythms
    You can set different mixes of steps per gate lane and pitch lane and artistically create unexpected and musical patterns by adjusting the gate/pitch similarities and keeping the rhythm and melody separate.
Alexkid SEQUND Sequencer Video Tutorial


SEQUND is available in VST2, AU, and VST3 plugin versions and has a minimum operating system requirement of a Mac OS 10.14 and Windows 10.


The plugin has great presets to get you started and help you understand its functionalities. It may also require some manual diving, but the manual is great and detailed. The GUI is resizeable and colorful, with the plugin being light on the CPU. You can create some great musical movements with SEQUND.

2. Sugar Bytes Cyclop (Synth/Looper)

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Top 8 Looper VST Plugins (And 5 FREE Plugins) |

Cyclop by Sugar Bytes is a hybrid monophonic synthesizer and looper plugin primarily designed for bass creation & sound design. 

It has six sound engines, a Wobble knob, an FM sequencer, vowel mode, and more functionalities that make it an all-in-one bass instrument for all your bass sound design needs, whether it is for films, foley, or any genre of music

Key Features:

  • Versatility
    Its sound engine is designed to cover various genres of music. For example, the vowel mode is perfect for creating dubstep bass and leads; the FM sequencer is great for creating dirty & gritty wall-splitting & thumpy bass lines; the wobble knob is great for dark and underground bass, etc.
    Then there are formant, glide, and attack knobs for unique sound shaping and LFOs, filters, and sequencers for interesting movements.
  • Multiple sound engines
    The six sound engines included in the plugin are Saw Regiment, Analog Sync, FM, Transformer, Spectromat, and Phase Stressor. In addition, there are ten unique filter types, Routing Module for Synth/Filter patching, Sub Oscillator, and Bass Processor.
  • Sounds
    There are 800 presets of various types & styles included in the plugin. That makes it easier for you to get started with the plugin, even if you don’t understand its signal flow, work style & unconventional sound architecture.  


Cyclop requires Windows 7 or higher or macOS 10.12 or higher and is available in VST2, VST3, AAX, Standalone, and AU plugin formats. 


When it comes to the looper, it is great for setting different effects and their parameters on different grids of the sequencer, given the divisions and time. You also get access to a gater, swing, dry/wet sliders, and more to program your effects on the sequencer further.

It’s hard to find a unique and versatile plugin, as it has an immense range of utility and usefulness. However, there may be a steep learning curve when it comes to an understanding and using the full potential of cyclop fully


As we have seen, each looper plugin has a unique workflow, GUI, compatibility, and functionality. Some have great effects, some have great sequencers, and some have better sampling & editing workflow. It’s up to you to decide what best suits your workflow and stage needs. 

However, Devious Machine Infiltrator and Arturia Spark 2 are absolute beasts regarding versatility and expandability. Spark 2 has one drawback, it’s more drums-focused, but it’s still comprehensive. Cyclop is great for bass sound design, in addition to it being a looper.

Other than that, Looperator is highly recommended as a sequencer and looper for LIVE and studio. Hope the article was of help and you derived some value from reading it. Thank you for going through it.

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