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Hey! I picked the best free VST plugins available for you in each category. I will update this list consistently and keep it up to date 🙂

With that said, keep your eyes on our site to being updated regularly!

I keep it super simple so you can find your favorite plugins/categories right away. Also, feel free to check some of our free samples & plugin presets here.

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Here you go!


Analog Obsession VariMoon – VariMu Compressor (Find in this post)

Audio Tools Leveling Tool – Opto Compressor (Find in this post)

Variety of Sound density MKIII – Multipurpose Mixing & Mastering Compressor (Find in this post)

AudioDamage Rough Rider 3 – Bus Compressor (Find in this post)


DYNASAUR Analog Obsession – Multiband Compressor (Find in this post)

Analog Obsession BusterSE – SSL Bus Compressor (Find in this post)

Antress Modern DynaKiller – FET Compressor (Find in this post) 

ViatorDSP Bedroom Compressor – Diode Bridge Compressor (Find in this post)

Xfer Records OTT – OTT Free Alternative (Find in this post)



Ignite Labs PTEq-X – Passive EQ (Find in this post)

Analog Obsession MASBAX – Mastering EQ (Find in this post)

TDR Nova – Parallel Dynamic EQ (Find in this post)

Manda Audio 7Q – Graphic EQ (Find in this post)

lkjb QRange – Mid/Side EQ (Find in this post)

Acustica Audio Coffee ‘The PUn’ – Pultec-Style EQ (Find in this post)



Ample Bass P Lite II – Bass Guitar (Find in this post)

Orchestral Tools – Layers – Strings 1 (Find in this post)

Spitfire Audio – LABS Strings – Strings 2 (Find in this post)

DSK Choirz – Choir (Find in this post)

Ample Guitar M Lite II – Acoustic Guitar (Find in this post)


u-he Podolski – Arpeggiator Synth (Find in this post) 

Sonigen Modular – Modular Synth (Find in this post)

MaxSynths DR-910 – Drum Machine (Find in this post)

Surge XT – All Round Synth 1 (Find in this post)               

TheWaveWarden Odin 2 – All Round Synth 2 (Find in this post)


Matt Tytel Helm – All Round Synth 3  (Find in this post)

MT Power Drum Kit 2 – Drum Kit (Find in this post)

Hvoya Audio Ribs By Eugene Yakshin – Granular Synth/FX (Find in this post)

Newfangled Audio Pendulate – Bass & SubBass 1  (Find in this post)

Monsterdaw Monsterbass – Bass & SubBass 2 (Find in this post)


NUsofting Sinnah – Bass & SubBass 3 (Find in this post)

DSK Guitars Nylon – Nylon Guitar (Find in this post)

ChowDSP Chow Kick – Kick Drum (Find in this post)

AudioModern GateLab Gate Sequencer (Find in this post)

HY-RPE2 FREE – MIDI Sequencer (Find in this post)

Hy-Plugins HY-ESG – Euclidean Sequencer Great for Techno  (Find in this post)


Metering ,Utility & Restoration:

Voxengo SPAN – Spectrum Analyzer (Find in this post) 

Youlean Loudness Meter – Metering  (Find in this post)

Venn Audio Free Clip – Clipper (Find in this post)

Vladg Sound Limiter №6 – Mastering Tool (Find in this post)

Forward Audio faSampleDelay – Phasealign Tool (Find in this post)

Bertom Audio Denoiser 2 – Noise Reduction (Find in this post) 



Surreal Machines Crack – Transient Shaper

Wavegroove Vastaus – Harmonic Enhancer/Exciter (Find in this post)

CableGuys PanCake 2 – AutoPan (Find in this post)

Caelum Audio Flux MiniSidechain (Find in this post)

Techivation T-De-Esser Plus – De-Esser (Find in this post)

iZotope Imager 2 – Stereo Enhancer / Imager (Find in this post) 


iZotope Vocal Doubler – Vocal Width (Find in this post)

Convology XT – Convolution Reverb (Find in this post)

Aegean Music Pitchproof – Harmonizer/Pitch Shifter (Find In this post)

Cymatics Origin – LoFi Tool (Find in this post)

Caelum Audio Tape Cassette 2 – Tape Saturation (Find in this post)

Acon Digital Multiply – Chorus (Find in this post)


Big Fish Audio Momentum – Sampler (Find in this post)

BPB Dirty Filter Filter (Find in this post)

Analog Obsession Room 041 – Algorithmic Reverb (Find in this post)

Auburns Sounds Graillon 2 – Pitch Correction –  (Find in this post)

Analog Obsession LOADED – Channel Strip (Find in this post)

Full Bucket’s Frequency Shifter – Freq Shifter (Find in this post)


Nembrini Audio Analog Rack Noise Gate – Simple & Effective Noise Gate (Find in this post)

de la Mancha Truc2 – Multi FX (Find in this post)

Valhalla Supermassive – Delay (Find in this post) 

CodeFN42 Chordz – Chord Progression (Find in this post)

Mathieu Carre Distortion – Distortion (Find in this post)

Press Play Wave Observer – Oscilloscope


Amps & Preamps & Guitar Stuff:

Analog Obsession PREDD – Preamp (Find in this post)

ML Sound Lab Amped Roots Free – High-Gain Amp Sim (Find in this post)

Lostin70s – Bass Deluxe – Bass Amp (Find in this post)

Melda MVibrato – Vibrato (Find in this post) 

SuperflyDSP Stereo Flying Tremolo – Tremolo (Find in this post)

Imaginando DLYM – Flanger (Find in this post)

Chow Phaser – Phaser (Find in this post) 


Plugin Bundles

MeldaProduction MFreeFXBundle – All Round Bundle – Mixing, Mastering, Composing, Metering (Find in this post)

Kilohearts Toolbox FREE – Mixing Bundle

Blue Cat’s Freeware Plug-ins Pack II – Mixing Bundle 2

eaReckon Free87 Bundle – Mixing Bundle 3


I still recommend you to check individual roundups where we include more free plugins for each category.


I hope you find these plugins helpful!


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