Top 6 BABY Audio Plugins To Get 2023 (And Freebies)

Top 6 BABY Audio Plugins To Get 2022 (And Freebies) |

Despite only recently entering the market, BABY audio is already creating a stir. To help you prepare for the future, we have collected the Top 6 BABY Audio Plugins To Get 2023.

A Danish business called Baby Audio creates innovative audio production equipment. Baby Audio has only been around for a short while, but it has already had a significant influence owing to a collection of plugins that put the user’s needs first rather than obsessing over technical details, datasheets, and exact imitations of outdated gear.

With the help of plugins like Spaced Out, it modernizes the ideas underlying that hardware by placing the controls you want in front of you and leaving the majority of the science to the white coat brigade. Its mission is to enable anyone with a laptop and a vision to create music that has never been heard before.

Since its establishment in 2019, they have increased its user base to more than 100,000 dedicated musicians worldwide. Some of them collaborate with the most famous musicians on the globe. The remainder, we may be certain, are labouring to create the future’s soundtrack.

Check out the Baby Audio tools we can employ in 2023, they are great.

Top 6 BABY Audio Plugins To Get 2023

1. Baby Audio Crystalline (Algorithmic Reverb)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)
Baby Audio Crystalline - Top 20 Mixing Plugins For All Categories | integraudio.comCrystalline explores the limits of the reverb effect in this futuristic package.

Baby Audio is a company that always reinvents itself, offering products that are not so commonly seen or functionalities that make its usage unique. The Crystalline plugin is another take on the classic reverb effect, with a modern approach to its sonority.

With the help of CPU processing power, you can now expand the reverb’s limits with awesome and lightweight software.

Key Features:

    • Algorithmic reverb
      A “perfect” reverb has been dreamt of since the 1960s when the hardware units would provide the most common known variations of this effect. Since then, producers and developers have tried their best to expand its capabilities, and now it’s all possible thanks to the vast computing power we have these days. Crystalline is inspired by classic units but also explores new utilities that modern producers will love to incorporate into their tracks.
    • BPM-synced
      With Crystalline, you can easily sync your effect to your track’s tempo. You can adjust the decay and attack times to match that of your DAW’s BPM, resulting in better mixing sessions and more natural-sounding reverberations. 
    • Reflections section
      The “Reflections” section houses three controls: “Size,” “Sparkle,” and “Width.” The first allows you to tweak the room size accordingly, the second allows for more high frequencies to be heard in your track, while the latter enables you to twist the stereo imaging of your audio track seamlessly, with an “Extra Wide” possibility. 
    • Depth section
      Containing the “Resolution,” “Modulation,” and “Shimmer” controls, this section sets the effect’s overall depth. The first button deals with the reverb response, which can start as “Basic” and go all the way to “Pristine” – while the basic setting can be somewhat dull, it’s friendlier in your CPU power consumption. The second one sets any pitch changes within the effect’s algorithm, while the third and final button sets the reverb tail’s high frequencies to decay slower than the remaining frequencies in the spectrum, providing an “angelical” aspect to your sound.
    • Clean-up segment
      “Damping” relates to a control that removes high or low-frequency content from the reverb reflections, and “Sides” is a high-pass filter that resets any stereo configuration from lower frequencies. Lastly, the “Gate” button brings the iconic 1980s gated reverb sonority with easy manipulation.
    • Shape section
      Resembling an EQ, this section lets you shift the overall frequency balance of the effect towards a darker or brighter aspect (“Tone”) and apply a curve to address certain frequency areas that might be too resonant or too sharp (“Smoothing”), and change the reverb’s algorithm relating to sustain or attack in your audio signal (“Transients”).


This plugin is available for macOS 10.7 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in VST, VST3, AAX and AU plugin formats.


Crystalline is a very different reverb plugin, going away from what we are used to dealing with. You can achieve the same results as similar plugins, but with the addition of setting precise measurements and tweaks to every aspect of a reverberation, from trimming the reverb’s tail to syncing your effect to the precise value of your track’s tempo.

This modern, bold aspect is the proof of dedication that Baby Audio offers, expanding normal functionalities and being a good choice for modern producers.

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2. Baby Audio TAIP

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Baby Audio TAIP - 20 Best Tape Emulation Plugins (Inspired By Real Hardware) For Mixing & Mastering | Integraudio.comThis plugin is a tape emulator with an incorporated artificial intelligence.

TAIP by Baby Audio is a revolutionary tape emulator that you can use as onboard parallel processing and has a super cool and re-scalable user interface with three different skins for your comfortability. In addition, the plugin has a few controls that give us enough flexibility and different sounds but not too many to be confusing.

The two futuristic wheels are a drive input that conducts the signal into the tape to get more distortion and saturation and output control to compensate for the level increase caused by the distortion and saturation.

You can link both of these controls with the drive auto-gain, and you have a mix slider, which is interesting for letting you blend with the dry signal for flanging effects when using the wear control.

This plugin does an incredible job when recreating the compression effect and non-linearities from tape machines and offers you some sliders that you can use to add some of these effects.

Key Features:

  • Tape flanger:
    Add a natural flanging effect by sliding the wear control, and set up the amount of flanger on your signal with the mix knob. This is not an aggressive flanger effect but rather a subtle one that’s very flexible and brings a captivating color to your sound.
  • Glue compression:
    The glue slide adds a smooth glue compression effect that can be very beneficial if you add this plugin to an aux bus, onboard or parallel. This compression-like effect it’s outstandingly good for drums because it accentuates the transients in a way that doesn’t go too far but still makes it snappier.
  • Hi-shape and Lo-shape:
    These two slides bring a solution to high and low-frequency distortion by giving you only two separate slides instead of the usual tape formula and bias controls. With these filters, you can control the distortion on each end of the spectrum, adding or cutting from left to right.
  • Dual model:
    Baby Audio introduces the original approach to tape saturation that they took for this plugin, emulating not one but two tape machines in cascade, applying half of the gain to each. It’s a fascinating trait, and it can be super helpful to enrich a guitar tone or bring a nice ring and tightness to a drum bus.


Baby Audio’s TAIP is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.7 or higherboth 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3AU, and AAX formats.


Baby Audio’s TAIP plugin is a revolutionary and rare tape emulator that delivers a smooth sound, it’s extremely flexible, and introduces new and interesting sounds to your pallet. It’s an incredibly easy-to-use plugin, it only takes you a few minutes to navigate and understand it and every one of its functions is very tastefully distributed across the graphic interface.

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3. Baby Audio Spaced Out

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Baby Audio Spaced Out Review - Top 12 Reverb Plugins (On Any Budget & 5 Best FREE Reverb Plugins) | integraudio.comReverb and echo go very well together, and Baby Audio not only proved that but reimagined an excellent packaging for both effects.

You might find yourself a bit lost when opening the plugin for the first time, but it’s relatively easy to use: on the left side, you have your delay section; on the right, the reverb; and, in the middle, a virtual joystick enables you to dwell between the wet and dry signals of both effects – which, by the way, are running in parallel.

This plugin was designed to prioritize what you hear over what you see on the screen, making each control uniquely and intuitive

Each delay mode and reverb quadrant can bring the particularity required to make a vocal stand out on the mix or make that drum track sound fresh and new.

Key Features:

    • Put in the grid
      A 4×4 grid at the left shows us how the delay will react: each square can be filled with circles, noting when exactly the delay will appear. The controls underneath can dictate how the delay will sound at a certain point. For example, with “Intensity,” you can play around with the dynamics, allowing for different textures according to each circled square being played – the first time a delay appears can be more robust in dynamic than the third. Other than that, it’s a friendly visual tool that showcases how exactly the echo is interacting in your track.
    • Spaced-out sounds
      Both effects can be pretty massive and spatial, and gladly you can adjust how big the stereo imaging can be. The further you go out to the edges of the circle, the larger the length of this effect. On the delay section, the “Dimension” control takes care of that with the “Ultra Wide” and “Motion” modes, creating a stereo field and panning effect, respectively. Looking at the reverb, we can find similar configurations at the “Width” control, adjusting the stereo spreading.
    • Generate mode
      Baby Audio awarded us with an excellent randomizer option, the Generate mode. When you click the die, it generates a random configuration, showcasing how beautifully the effects can be. You can find two versions of this configuration, one that affects the entire plugin and another dedicated to the 4×4 delay grid mentioned earlier. It’s a great way to explore how far it can go, aside from inspiring you to set your new custom values.
    • Reverb quadrants
      The reverb section has a circle divided into four distinct quadrants. As mentioned earlier, you can adjust the distance between the middle and the outer corners of the circle, influencing the length time directly at each different style. You’ll find a “Lush” setting in the upper right, which sounds like a traditional reverb; on the lower right, you have the “Trippy” mode, which sounds like a phasing-styled reverb. On the lower left, the “Alien” goes for a flanger characteristic; And, finally, at the upper left, there’s a “Cosmic” reverb, bringing a unique massive-style effect.
    • Echo textures
      Right below the 4×4 grid, you’ll find four round buttons: “Clean,” “Wonky Tape,” “Hazy,” and “Lo-fi.” The names are very self-explanatory, and they can make a difference in how the delay will interact with the track. Each texture can create a different overall feel to the echo delay, aimed at your production’s different style or vibe.
    • Fresh looks
      Distributed in a relatively modern fashion, one of the more vital points regarding this plugin is how easy it is to dial in exemplary configurations at every control. It’s very intuitive to get a perfect value combination, either a simple selection, like in the echo textures, or adjusting an amplitude, such as in reverb’s “Pre-Delay.” There’s a quick way for night-mode lovers to alter between “day” and “night” modes right at the upper left section of the plugin interface. Very easy to work with, and a clean look overall can stimulate your workflow more than you imagine.
Add 🪐COSMIC🪐 Reverbs and Delays to your tracks- This plugin Spaced me OUT!


This plugin runs in macOS 10.7 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher, on 32 and 64-bit. It comes in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats.


This package is more than simply a reverb and echo combination. These are two well-matched effects that will surely enhance the size of your sounds, and Baby Audio developed a fresh-looking alternative that might force you to use your ears more than your eyes.

Thanks to its unique controls and interactions, this plugin can reach sound layers not so usually approached. Hardly you’ll be left without standard settings, but the fun thing is to explore the unknown.

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4. BABY Audio IHNY-2 (Easiest To Use)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

9 Best Parallel Compressor Plugins |

IHNY 2 by Baby Audio is a simple-to-use parallel compressor with a distinctive audio character.

Since 2019, Baby Audio has been creating and delivering audio plugins, and the firm celebrated its third anniversary yesterday. IHNY-2, an improved version of their initial plugin, I Heart NY, was produced to commemorate the occasion.

The IHNY-2 claims to provide sounds that no other plugin can with strong, modern-sounding parallel compression controlled by manipulating a “node” in an XY display panel.

Key Features:

  • Harmonics
    While a Shape adjustment gives an Equalization curve, accentuating the high- and low-frequency content of the audio, a Harmonics setting generates harmonic saturation and is controlled by volume compression, increasing saturation in proportion to the amount of compression used.
  • Tilt
    When regulating bass-heavy content while treating the high end more softly or vice versa, a Tilt control causes the compressor to work harder on either the low or high end of the sound. Last, a function offers a means to stop the compression from being done above or below a user-defined cutoff threshold.
  • Tweak Panel
    The Tweak Panel offers a few fresh features and settings that were missing from the original. The anticipated attack, release, and ratio settings are there, and a Punch control offers a mechanism to save the transients from being lost when using strong compression.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


Compression may be easily overdone despite the plugin’s reputation as a gentle giant. Overall, the trade-off between straightforward design and comprehensive functionality is successful. The adjustment part, however, needs to be improved and made more accessible, in our opinion. 

However, the launch price of $39 is just somewhat higher than the initial pricing and offers good value for money because you receive additional features for the higher price.

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5. Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor 

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Parallel processing can do wonders for a mix if done in moderation. For example, dialing in a touch of saturation alongside a dry drum group can make them satisfyingly snap like a dog’s bark.

One of the downsides of parallel processing is that it can use up valuable busses for those confined to a limited number. However, there is a solution!

Baby Audio’s Parallel Aggressor is designed to provide an all-in-one space to apply parallel compression and saturation to a signal. It offers a simple three-fader interface along with a handful of parameters for shaping the sound of the compression and saturation.

Key Features:

  • Spank
    The spank feature controls the parallel compression and improves upon Baby Audio’s I Heart NY plugin. Parallel compression can be useful for bringing more body or punch to a sound so that it sits better within a mix. However, if overused, it can become tiring to listen to—especially when used on drums.
  • Heat
    The Heat feature controls the saturation accompanying the dry signal and is loosely based on the saturation offered by their Super VHS plugin. Parallel saturation can help achieve a clearer tone by adding harmonics to the signal. This, in turn, can be used to elevate tracks sitting above bass sounds for a clearer low-end.
  • Style Injection
    Spank and Heat offer up to four style Injection settings for you to shape the tone. Spank offers a side chain option, a mono-mode, a punchier output, or an aggressive output option. Heat offers various filtering options and the option to include a second, grittier distortion algorithm.


The plug-in supports Windows 7 and higher and Mac OS 10.7 and higher. Also, it supports VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats.


The Parallel Aggressor streamlines using parallel processing and adds a few unique features that could help any sound come alive. So if you’re looking for a plugin that can help you add some life to your mixes, Baby Audio’s Parallel Aggressor is a great choice!

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6. Baby Audio Comeback Kid (Award-Winning Analog Delay)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Comeback Kid by Baby Audio is a great example of how analog delay should sound. Apart from being a standard plugin for the delay effect, you can get great results on your delay with the other effects Comeback Kid offers.

This plugin will turn your sound upside down straight out of the box. With over fifty factory presets, you can get around with almost no tweaking necessary. This does not mean that the user interface is difficult to understand. The developers had gone the route of making the interface good-looking and functional at the same time. 

Comeback Kid features five different sections for shaping your delay to your needs. The first one in the top left corner is there to adjust the high-pass and low-pass filters and the attack and sustain the delay.

Right underneath it, we have a stereo section which you can use to pan your delay and adjust the character of the delay. You can choose between mono and stereo style delay by switching the mono switch.

You can see the timing and feedback section in the center of everything. Apart from standard dials for time and feedback, you can choose between ping-pong delay and four different timings: Straight, dotted, triplet, and free. Each of these will give you different results in terms of timing.

Key Features:

  • The Flavor section
    This section is located in the top right corner. In this section, you have three different effects and one switch. The switch is there as a bypass button for effect similar to lo-fi. Cranking up the tape dial will give your tone artifacts and distortion similar to saturation.
  • Swirl
    The Swirl, along with other effects within this section, will give an analog feel to the signal, and the sauce is there to act as a reverb. Giving too much sauce will give the phasing feel to your delay.


Comeback Kid is available on Windows and macOS in VST, VST 3, AU, and AAX plugin formats and, at the moment, goes for a price of $49.


Having this many effects on the delay allows you to have a big variation for producing the sound you like. You can see this by going through all of the sixty presets this plugin offers. My advice would be to go through all of them to get an insight into what the Comeback Kid is capable of and to get some inspiration.

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Best Free BABY Audio Plugins 2023

Baby Audio Pitch Drift 

More Info & Download

Pitch Drift is a simple and easy-to-use plugin by Baby Audio that adds detuning and pitch drift effects to your sounds. 

The idea behind the technology is that no acoustic instrument is 100% in tune, and has some variation in pitch due to its timbre, how its material interacts with the environment, the room, the playing style, and many other factors. However, these factors give the instruments their natural and authentic feel. The plugin tries to emulate that feel in your recordings, samples, synths, and other digital sounds. 

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
    The plugin has only one slider that lets you adjust the amount of pitch drift you want to add to your sounds. In addition, it has a nice purple aesthetic, making it easy to apply, and set.
  • Underlying technology
    The plugin uses the same Drift Algorithm used in the SuperVHS plugin, which has a proven track record of adding organic pitch fluctuations that increase the width of your sounds and add interesting ear candies. 


Pitch Drift is compatible with Windows and Mac and can work with DAWs that host or support VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats.


Audio pitch drift refers to a gradual change in the pitch of a sound or recording over time. This can occur due to various factors, such as variations in the recording equipment or the physical properties of the medium on which the recording is made. The Pitch Drift plugin emulates that quite well and can be used as a magical wand to make your sounds less digital. On top of that, it’s a free plugin

BABY Audio Magic Dice (Reverb/Echo/Modulation Randomizer)

More Info & Download

12 Best Randomizer Plugins (And 3 Free Plugins) |

A simple randomizer-based option that can help you get out and have great presets adjusted to your tracks.

Baby Audio is a company that likes to create bold and fresh plugins, like their Spaced Out reverb plugin. Similar to that, here we have a “mini-version” of it. Based on huge-sounding reverbs, this plugin comes in handy because of its straightforward working method: you have to press the “Magic Dice” at the screen to get a random nice-sounding preset.

Key Features:

    • As simple as it gets
      The Magic Dice is a collection of algorithmic presets from its bigger version, narrowed down to a single button. This can create a new experience while producing: you don’t have to tweak any values at all. Just trust the engine of this plugin.
    • Mix control
      Aside from the “Magic Dice,” you have a single fader controlling how the blend will come out of the plugin, being able to have a mix of the wet and dry signals instantly.


This plugin runs in macOS 10.7 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It comes in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats.


The combinations are endless on this plugin. You’ll only have control over the randomization of the presets and the mix of both audio signals. This can be creative-inducing, challenging, and the exact formula you’d need to get your creative juices flowing freely.

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BABY Audio Magic Switch

More Info & Download

BABY Audio Magic Switch Review - The Best Free Chorus Plugins |

BABY Audio’s Magic Switch is a free one-button chorus effect.

It is a standalone version from the chorus section of the developer’s Super VHS plugin. Like another plugin on our list, this one is also inspired by Roland’s Juno-6 synthesizer’s famous chorus effect. However, Magic Switch brings its flavor to the mix.

Key Features:

  • One-Knob Magic
    The plugin’s deep, dark, and rich sound is just a click away. It delivers a classic detuned chorus that is also warm and radical. Also, it gives the wet signal a mellow sound due to the built-in series of analogue-modelled low-pass filters. So, even though you get few controls, the sound is as complex and impressive as any other chorus.
  • Character & Sound
    If an eighties throwback-style chorus is what you’re after, this baby will do the job instantly. Simply click the only available button and drag the Mix slider until you’re happy with the result. It sounds incredible on synths, as expected, and on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.


This free plugin is available for Windows 7 and up and macOS 10.7 and higher in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats.


Baby Audio’s Magic Switch is a worthy download for your chorus collection. Even though it doesn’t let you alter its sound, there may be a time when its unique characteristics are necessary.

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1. Baby Audio Smooth Operator

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Baby Audio Smooth Operator is a smart sound balancer since it can reduce boom and harshness in mixes and instruments.

Initially, Smooth Operator appears to be a competitor to dynamic resonance suppression plugins like Soothe by Oeksound. While dynamic resonance suppression is one of Smooth Operator’s capabilities, the application’s focus is not on improving audio quality but on sculpting sounds in novel ways.

Key Features:

  • Interface
    Smooth Operator is a curved interface with extra options and buttons scattered around the edge, and it comes in three different color schemes. The key curve control is the threshold, which is adjusted by raising or lowering the Middle Node. Two more Outer Nodes on each side give you four to tweak the curve’s shape to perfection.
    Also, you can adjust the threshold’s sensitivity to other frequencies by introducing offsets from the main threshold point.
  • Algorithm
    Contrary to popular belief, Smooth Operator is not a multi-band compressor or a dynamic equalizer but rather an FFT-based algorithm that uses band-splitting to engage in a game of spectral whack-a-mole. The concentration slider regulates the degree to which each band’s reduction is decoupled from the others, with settings ranging from perfect harmony to a spiky, wavy look.
    The ideal degree of smoothness is typically achieved in the middle, hence the name of this plugin. Though it may be tempting to pour Smooth Operator all over your mix or instrument, remember that just a touch of its sonic brush can improve things without sounding overcooked.
  • All-Around Smoothness
    Smooth Operator is ideal before or after more conventional dynamics processing since it may easily increase perceived volume without approaching the peak level. You can shape low mids and cymbals concurrently on a drum mix or sibilance and mic proximity effects in a vocal; the cell technique provides a very flexible de-ess tool that can operate at numerous places across the spectrum. 
  • Focus Slider
    At high Focus settings, any attenuation applied is centered on small resonant peaks; at low Focus values, the same peaks will induce broadband gain reduction. This is analogous to what the Sharpness slider accomplishes in Soothe. Five points on the EQ curve represent the remaining members of the control set.
    The two white nodes behave like bands on a parametric EQ, with a frequency center, a gain or “offset” value, and a bandwidth that may be adjusted using the mouse scroll wheel. There is no wiggle room in the frequency range for the outer green bands; all you can do is offer an offset.


The OS requirements for this plugin are Windows 7 or higher for PC and macOS 10.9 or higher for Mac. It comes in VST/RTAS/AU/AAX formats and supports 32 and 64 bit systems.


Baby Audio has created a tool that has a profoundly subtle impact on a wide variety of production elements: Smooth Operator. This smoothness is not limited to the audio quality. Its informative design encourages active listening over passive viewing and clicking. Furthermore, both your CPU and wallet will appreciate the low resource usage.

2. Baby Audio Super VHS

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Baby Audio Super VHS Review - Top 8 Lo-Fi Plugins & 4 Best Free Plugins | Integraudio.comSuper VHS is a multi-effects plugin that does plenty with fewer knobs.

As you can see from the picture, Super VHS stays on the minimalistic side for the user interface. However, it has several tricks up its sleeves. Each parameter controls a specific effect, so you have a saturator, a reverb, a tape wobble effect, chorus, noise, and bit-crusher.

The Heat knob is the saturator, and it ranges from analog-style warmth to significant distortion. Similarly, Wash is a special kind of reverb, which sounds vintage but not like a spring reverb. Nevertheless, it sounds interesting when used in moderation.

Next, you have the Drift knob, which introduces audio pitch wobble. You could use it with the Mix slider to achieve a flagging effect too.

At the bottom left, you have Static, a noise generator, and the Shape slider on the right side is the bit crusher. Finally, the “magic” button at the center of the interface introduces an analog-style chorus effect (think similar to the Roland Juno chorus) that creates a wide stereo sound.

We loved the chorus on pads and keyboards, especially. And, of course, the Mix slider can control the amount of the chorus.

Key Features:

  • Minimal
    The interface of this plugin is designed for quick results. It only offers one knob per effect, but the sound each produces is praiseworthy. Also, the naming of the parameters feels like it is geared towards beginners, but, of course, whether the allegories make any sense is up for debate. Either way, the learning curve for this plugin is undeniably minimal.
  • Comprehensive
    Despite having only a few parameters, Super VHS still packs six kinds of effects behind the scene. Sure, you cannot change everything under the hood, but sometimes, simplicity is exactly what you want. And, of course, the effects make some excellent sounds.
  • Analog Sounds
    The “magic” chorus and the “heat” saturation remind us of analog equipment. A little bit of Heat on the vocals, bass, drums, and the Magic toggle on some pads or keys, and suddenly, you have a classic 80s track.
Super VHS by Baby Audio | Lo-Fi Vintage Multi FX Processor


Super VHS is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.7 or higher 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.


If you want some retro sounds quickly without having to dial in a ton of parameters, you should check out Super VHS. It isn’t very pricey and sounds fantastic. You’ll barely be using it for two minutes, and already, you will have some nice sounds coming out of it.

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In the end, we came to the conclusion that producers today have the ability to create a wide range of intriguing combinations in the realm of plugins owing to technology. BABY audio does really well in this chapter. If they are not currently a significant firm, their library of plugins will undoubtedly help them become such in the future.

Well, the manner that BABY Audio integrates your solutions, the cutting-edge user interfaces, and the incredibly affordable pricing they provide are undoubtedly competitive with what the market has to offer, but it must be noted that they are also unique.

I enjoy Baby Audio Crystalline, and I will probably purchase it in the future. This plugin has been on my wishlist for a while. Because there is also a TRIAL option, I got the chance to test it out, and I can say that it has found a home in most of my tracks. It is excellent, I can assure you, I used it on guitar, voice, and percussion tracks.

I feel that reverb in the future will go a whole new way, and I tell you that I am extremely open to what follows next because of the interface that provides you with visible reverb options and the Reflections Section.

However, there are instances when I prefer simple, straightforward solutions. I add a few controls to the track, make a few adjustments, and everything is ready and sounds great. Unquestionably, BABY Audio Magic Switch and BABY Audio Magic Dice are the solutions that struck my eye the most.

They have countless characteristics, and the sound you can produce from them is limitless. The magic is undoubtedly at home since I like to refer to them as One Knob Magic. You should test both their trial and free plugins, as we encourage.

I, therefore, got the chance to try some of their ideas, understand what the future has here, and reevaluate my alternatives. The future surely beams at us, thus, we are interested in what BABY Audio will deliver to the market in the future.

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20 Best Free KONTAKT Libraries For Various Instruments

Top 9 Piano Kontakt Sample Libraries  (And 5 Best Free Pianos)

Top 10 Percussion KONTAKT Libraries  (And 3 Freebies)

Top 7 Kontakt Libraries For Horror & Thriller Scoring (No VSTs)


Audio Restoration, Calibration & Utility:

Top 6 Noise Reduction Plugins (And 3 Best Free Tools)

6 Best Audio Restoration Plugins & Software 

Top 7 Phase Alignment Plugins To Fix Your Bass & Drums

Top 10 Room Calibration & Headphones/Speakers Correction Plugins 


Instrument Plugins: 

Top 6 Vocoder Plugins (Effects & Synths + FREE Vocoder)

11 Best Rhodes VST Plugins (AND 5 Free Rhodes Plugins)

Top 12 Randomizer Plugins Including FREE Plugins

Top 6 Kick Drum Plugins (Best Kick Designer Tools)

Top 12 Woodwind Plugins (And KONTAKT Libraries)

Top 10 Double Bass Plugins (Best Upright Basses)

Top 5 Strings VST Plugins (AND 4 Best Free Instruments)


Top 6 Sampler Plugins (And 3 Best FREE Plugins)

Top 6 Classical Guitar Plugins & Kontakt Libraries (And FREE Guitars)

Top 7 Wavetable Synth Plugins 

Top 12 Sub Plugins (Best 808 & Bass Tools For Massive Low End)

Top 10 Plugins On PluginBoutique (And 7 Best Free Plugins)

Top 11 Plugins On Plugin Alliance 

Top 7 Acoustic Guitar Plugins (And 4 Best Kontakt Libraries)


9 Best Bass Guitar Plugins (And 2 Best Freebies)

Top 6 Electric Guitar Plugins (Best PAID & FREE Picks)

Top 10 Arpeggiator VST Plugins (Best Synths, MIDI Effects & Tools)

Top 10 Modular Synth Plugins (And 3 Best FREE Plugins)

Top 6 Choir Plugins & Sample Libraries (And 3 Best Free Plugins)

11 Best Percussion & Drum VST Plugins (And FREE Plugins)


Top 8 Piano Plugins (Best Sounding Pianos & 5 FREE Piano Plugins)

Top 6 Organ Plugins Ever Made  (And 3 Best Free Organs)

Top 14 VST Plugins For Beginners (And 9 FREE Plugins)

Top 9 Drum Machine Plugins (And Groovebox Plugins)

4 Best Banjo Plugins (Best Banjo Instruments)


The 5 Best Ukulele Plugins & Kontakt Libraries 

Top 13 Synth Plugins (And 5 Best FREE Synths Plugins)

Top 13 Sequencer Plugins  (Synth, MIDI & Step Sequencers)

The 10 Best Multi-Effect Plugins (And 3 Best Free Plugins)

Top 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Mixing & Mastering)


Processing & Sound Design:

8 Best Lo-Fi Plugins (PAID & FREE)

Top 11 Plugins For Mixing Vocals  (For Home Studio)

Top 12 Saturation Plugins (Best Mixing & Mastering Tools)

Top 6 Pitch Shifter Plugins (And 3 Best FREE Pitch Shifters)

Top 6 Chorus VST Plugins For Musicians (And 3 FREE Plugins)


Top 6 Limiter Plugins For Precise Mastering & Mixing

The 8 Best Filter Plugins For Precise Cuts & Boosts (+ 5 Free Filters)

6 Best Autotune Plugins To Improve & Enhance Your Vocals

Top 10 Transient Shaper Plugins (VST, AU, AAX)

Top 7 Enhancer Plugins (For Bass, Drums, Vocals & Harmonics)


Top 6 Flanger Plugins (And 5 Best FREE Flanger Emulators)

Top 7 Phaser Plugins (And 3 Best FREE Phasers)

Top 10 Plugins For Mixing Drums (And 3 Best Free Plugins)

Top 7 Bitcrusher Plugins (And 4 Best FREE Bitcrushers + 3 Bonuses)

Top 6 Plugins For Voice-Over & Dialogue Cleaning (Post Production)

Top 10 Stereo Imaging Plugins (Best Old & Modern Picks)


Top 5 Multiband Limiter Plugins 

Top 7 De-Esser Plugins For Better Vocals (And 4 FREE Plugins)

Top 7 Clipper Plugins (Best Limiter Alternatives)

Top 6 Chord Generator Plugins That Inspire Melodies (+ FREE Tools)

7 Best Exciter Plugins For Mixing & Mastering

Top 7 Channel Strip Plugins (And 2 Best Free Plugins)


Top 11 Distortion Plugins (And 4 Top Free Plugins)

Top 5 Comb Filter & Resonator Plugins | Melda, Kilohearts, Tritik

The 7 Best Vibrato VST Plugins | Audec, Audiority, Melda

The 7 Best Tremolo Plugins | Eventide, Melda, SoundToys, Kuassa…

The 7 Best Harmonizer Plugins | Eventide, Melda, Aegean Music

7 Best Sidechain Plugins (VST, AU, AAX) | Xfer, Cableguys..


Top 10 Noise Gate Plugins (And 6 FREE Free Gate Tools)

The 6 Best Ring Modulator VST Plugins | KiloHearts, Melda

7 Best Autopan VST Plugins | CableGuys, Melda, Waves, Soundtoys

The 6 Best Frequency Shifter VST Plugins

Top 11 Granulizer Plugins For Future Sound Design

29 Best Sound Design VST Plugins


Compressor Plugins

Top 11 Free Compressor Plugins (VCA, Vari-Mu, FET, Digital)

Top 7 Multiband Compressor Plugins (And 4 FREE Plugins)

Top 5 Diode-Bridge Compressor Plugins 

Top 6 Mastering Chain Plugins: Complete VST Solutions 

Top 10 FET Compressor Plugins 

The 7 Best VCA Compressor Plugins (VST, AU, AAX)

Top 11 Mastering Compressor Plugins (And 2 FREE Plugins)

Top 10 Opto Compressor Plugins For Transparent Sound

The 7 Best Vari-Mu Compressor Plugins (And 2 Best FREE Tools)


Reverb & Delay Plugins:

Top 12 Reverb Plugins (And 5 FREE Reverb Plugins)

The 6 Best Spring Reverb VST Plugins | AudioThing, GSi, u-he, Eventide

Top 12 Delay Plugins For Music Production In (VST, AU, AAX)

Top 10 FREE Delay Plugins (VST, AU, AAX)

The 10 Best Convolution Reverb Plugins 


Amps & Preamps:

Top 10 Guitar Amp Plugins (And 5 Best FREE Simulators)

Top 10 Bass Amp Plugins (And 5 Best Free Simulators)

Top 9 Preamp Plugins (For Vocals, Guitars & More!) + Free Preamps


Other Recommended Gear:

Top 12 NearField Studio Monitors On Any Budget

Top 10 Midfield Studio Monitors For Home Recording

Best Biggest Studio Monitors (FarField Monitors)

Top 10 Guitar Pickups for Low Tunings 

Top 10 Analog Compressors For Mixing & Mastering (On Any Budget)

Top 12 USB Audio Interfaces Under 150$, 200$, 300$ 400$ (Any Budget)


Top 12 Hardware Equalizers (Analog EQs For Mixing & Mastering)

Top 6 Analog Hardware Limiters 

Top 6 Solid State Bass Amps (On Any Budget)

Top 6 Ribbon Mics On Any Budget (For Vocals, Drums & Guitars)

Top 6 Cheap Dynamic Mics For Vocals Under 50$, 100$, 200$ & 300$


Top 6 Chorus Guitar Pedals (On Any Budget)

6 Best 61-Key MIDI Keyboards (On Any Budget)

9 Best 49-Key MIDI Keyboards Under 100$ & 200$

Top 5 Best 25 Key MIDI Keyboards (On Any Budget)

Top 12 Acoustic Drums (Best Kits/Sets On Any Budget)


Guitar/Amp Focused:

Can I Put Nylon Strings on a Steel-string Guitar?

Do Electric Guitars Sound Good Unplugged?

Buying Your First Guitar: 2 Things To Know

Are Tube Amps Worth It? (Tube vs Solid-State Amps)

How Often Does A Guitar Need a Setup?

Can I Play Classical Guitar On A Steel-String Guitar?


How often guitar necks need reset?

Can You Play Two Guitars Through One Amp?

Can a 6 String Bass Be Tuned Like A Guitar?

Can I leave My Guitar Tuned Down a Step? Yes, But Is It Safe?

Should I Learn 4, 5 Or 6 String Bass Guitar & Why?

How To Know If your Guitar Amp Is Broken?

How To Fix Distorted Bass Guitar Sound?


Do Fender Guitars Appreciate In Value?

Should You Put Stickers On A Bass Guitar?

How Acoustic And Electric Guitars Are Made?

Is Electric Guitar Too Loud for an Apartment?

Does a Preamp Improve Sound Quality?

If I Learn Acoustic Guitar Can I Play Electric Guitar?

How Many Hours A Day Should You Practice Bass Guitar?

Do I need an AMP/DAC To Run Bookshelf Speakers?

How to Record Electric Guitar Into Logic Pro X?

Do headphones get worse with age?


DAW Related:

Best DAWs For Musicians Available (With FREE DAWs)

How To Develop DAW Software?

What’s The Most CPU Efficient DAW? – 5 DAWs Compared

How To Make Music Without Using A DAW?

Pro Tools Guide: How To Use AutoTune & Pitch Correction?

Ableton Review: Is It Worth The Money? (Cons & Pros)

Logic Pro X Review: Is It Worth It? (Cons & Pros)

How To Use Auto-tune & Pitch Correction In Cubase?

How To Fix Ableton Crackling, Crashing & Freezing? Step By Step


Plugin Related:

What Are Audio Plugins? Different Types of Plugins Explained

What Are The Best Tools To Develop VST Plugins & How Are They Made?

Cost of Developing Audio VST Plugin: Several Factors (With Table)

VST, VST, AU and AAX – What’s The Difference? Plugin Formats Explained

Complete Guide To Noise Gate – What It Is, What It Does & How To Use It?

How To Clip My Drums? Here Is How & Audio Teasers (Before/After)


Complete Guide To Limiter: How To Use It (+ Best Plugins & Analog Limiters)

Mixing With Reverb: How To Add Life To Your Mixes

Linear Phase vs Minimum Phase EQ – Full Guide

Difference Between LUFS, RMS & True Peak Loudness Meters

How And When To Use Algorithmic And Convolution Reverb In Your Mix?

Difference Between Active EQ, Passive EQ and Dynamic EQ


Headphones & Studio Monitors:

Do headphones get worse with age?

Monitors vs Studio Headphones For Mixing & Mastering

Top 10 Room Calibration & Headphones/Speakers Correction Plugins 

Does Heat Damage Headphones?

Are Noise-Canceling Headphones Good For Music Production?

Can Headphones Break in Cold Weather?

Why do headphones & cables get sticky?


Can Wearing Headphones Cause Hair Loss?

How Do I know If My Studio Monitor Is Blown?

Side Effects Of Sleeping With Your Headphones On

Do You Need Music Amplifier For Studio Monitors or Studio Headphones?

Do Headphones or Earphones Damage Your Brain?

Can Headphones or Earphones cause Deafness or Toothache?

FarField, MidField & NearField Monitors – Their Uses, Pros & Cons


MIDI & Synths:

Should I Buy A MIDI Keyboard Or Synth? (Are Synths Worth It Anymore?)

Why Is Audio Gear So Expensive? (Especially Synths)

Top 12 Synth Brands – Analog, Digital & Modular Synth Manufacturers

11 Tips How To Choose MIDI Keyboard 

Should I Buy MIDI Controller Or Keyboard? Cons, Pros & Tips

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