Top 20 Metal Drums VST Plugins 2023 (VST, Kontakt, AU, AAX)

Top 20 Metal Drum Plugins (VST, Kontakt, AU, AAX) |

Looking for metal drums but running out of ideas? Are you looking for something that sounds good but also gives you many compositional options? We’ve got you covered with our list of the Top 20 Metal Drum Plugins 2023.

The importance of drum plugins cannot be overstated when discussing sample libraries and plugins. Many home studios need the budget for a live drummer with a complete drum set. Programming your drums might speed up your work in a professional studio or add depth to a recording you’ve already recorded.

In comparison to drum machines from the 1980s, drum samples have advanced significantly. Most listeners won’t even notice if you program and mix it well. Any serious producer, especially one specializing in metal, needs a reliable drum plugin, if not several.

There are many drum VST plugins out there; however, not all are designed with metal in mind. Even so, it can be challenging to zero in on the ideal candidate, and narrowing down your options can be time-consuming and expensive.

That being said, I encourage you to follow the best Metal Drums Plugins options in 2023.

Top 20 Metal Drum VST Plugins & Kontakt Libraries 2023 (Paid & Free)

1. MixWave Gojira – Mario Duplantier (Kontakt Library)

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MixWave: Gojira - Mario Duplantier Walkthrough

The Gojira Mario Duplantier Drum Library by MixWave is an essential resource for contemporary metal producers since it captures the essence of Gojira’s furious master of percussion.

The three snares, nine cymbals, five drums, and two china cymbals that makeup Mario’s kit are available as stunningly recorded samples. While Gojira may be most known for helping shape the sound of modern metal, The Songwriter will find that this drum library is a great option for adding large, booming drum sounds to any mix.

Also, the Gojira Mario Duplantier Drum Library’s incredible ease of use is reflected in its mixer-style control of the drum library’s internal effects and straightforward implementation as a Kontakt instrument.

Key Features:

  • Mixer
    Along with the high-quality samples, the MixWave Gojira Mario Duplantier Drum Library provides all the tools necessary to create drums that are ready for the mix right away.
    MixWave has a range of strong tools, including pre-mixed reverbs, compression, EQ, and tape saturation, that may elevate the sounds in this library to the next level. In addition, the mixer-style UI is intuitive and designed to streamline your production process.
  • Kit
    The 11 GB virtual instrument is a faithful recreation of Mario Duplantier’s drum set, featuring three snares (including the legendary Tama Bell Brass), Mario’s two-up/one-down tom arrangement, two kick drums, and nine cymbals, all of which can be played on an electronic drum kit.
  • Samples
    The samples have been prepared as raw samples and packaged as an instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt Player, giving you instant access to a wide variety of controls over the recordings themselves or mix-ready processing with the click of a button.


The library is available for Kontakt 5.7 or higher. Kontakt 5.7 is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher 64-bit. It comes in VST 2AU, and AAX formats.


The fact that they worked with one of the most popular drummers of our time, Mario Duplantier, will only help the business. They managed to record his signature hard-hitting drum sounds, which he uses in Gojira’s songs.

They’ve already pre-mixed the effects, so it’s nearly impossible to make a mistake, and you can tweak them to fit your tastes. The interface is straightforward, and the sounds blend seamlessly on the Kontakt instrument player.

2. IK Multimedia MODO DRUM Metal (Plugin)

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MODO DRUM 1.5 Metal drum kit - get realistic, natural and customizable drum tracks

IK Multimedia has released a percussion instrument to complement their critically acclaimed MODO Bass.

Although IK has described MODO Drum’s modeling approach as “modal synthesis,” they have been cagey about providing additional technical specifics. However, the installation’s 6GB size, bigger than would normally be required for a simulated instrument, could provide some insight. In contrast to a strictly mathematical synthesis, this indicates the use of sample data.

Speculatively, it could be built on a system of partials that are dynamically recombined in response to player input. However, deconstructing the “how” is like learning the secret behind a magic trick and ruining the surprise for everyone else; what matters is whether or not the trick works and the sound is pleasing.

Key Features:

  • Hit Factory
    To avoid sounding robotic or “static,” sample-based drums typically use a combination of velocity layers and round robins to provide the impression of tonal fluctuation, which is crucial for achieving natural-sounding rolls and a less monotonous overall sound.
    The snare and toms receive additional care from MODO Drum’s “infinite round-robin” system. If you go to the Play Style menu and click on the snare or any of the toms, you’ll see a graphic of the batter’s head with two circles: one for the left hand and the other for the right.
  • Mixer
    You can use the mixer in MODO Drum to make a professionally recorded drum mix with just the master output. It includes channels for overhead and room returns and two effects returns, in addition to up to 22 drum channel strips (one for each piece of the kit).
    Unfortunately, the user interface only shows ten drum channels at a time, and it took me a while to figure out that I could scroll the mouse wheel to see the rest of them. It is vital to group channels into buses for global treatments, such as applying the same processing to all toms simultaneously.
  • Grooves
    MODO Drum has a library of pre-made MIDI grooves like most drum software. Among its more than 1,400 grooves, one can pick utilizing the tried-and-true method of narrowing down one’s options according to the genre, category, track length, and time signature.
    The Velocity slider allows for a doubling or halving of the original tempo and adjusting the overall dynamics. In addition, the output is draggable into your DAW, facilitating the speedy creation of song elements like verses, choruses, bridges, and fills.
  • Room and Overheads
    Sample-based drum applications capture both the room and overheads in physical locations. By contrast, MODO Drum’s “room” is a convolution reverb simulation with nine different flavors of ambiance available via the Room menu.
    The benefit of this method is that you are not limited to playing in the same room in which the drums were sampled, but some may argue that you can achieve a ‘truer’ sound by recording in a single physical room.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


To what extent does MODO Drum serve as a one-stop shop for drum programming and sound design? Similar to how an orchestral library could work well with one tune but not another, each drum software has a unique sound and set of features.

As a result, MODO Drum excels at its intended purpose; the modeling improvements are undeniably noteworthy, and the instrument’s unique sound fingerprint makes it a useful addition to any collection of drum libraries.

3. Bogren Digital Krimh Drums (Kontakt Library)

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Krimh Drums - The Next Level Metal Drum Library

Jens Borgen, one of the most well-known sound engineers in the metal scene, has collaborated with Krims Lechner to create the Krimh plugin.

Bogren Digital has launched Krimh Drums, a Kontakt Player drum sample library designed for current metal producers. Kerim “Krimh” Lechner, a drummer for many metal bands, collaborated with the industry’s top producer, Jens Bogren, on this album.

The powerful algorithms included in Krimh Drums are to make programmed performances sound more natural and to hide the telltale signs of programming from the listener.

Key Features:

  • Mixer
    The collection includes a full mixer section with various processing and effect choices, allowing users to shape their drum parts with compression, EQ, transient shaping, and saturation modeled on classic FET circuits and tape machines directly in Kontakt Player. Moreover, users can route each drum to a separate track in their DAW thanks to Kontakt’s many outputs.
  • Midi Grooves
    Over 100 MIDI grooves and fills are included in Krimh Drums and may be inserted into a user’s session and utilized as-is or as a jumping-off point for creating a new drum arrangement. In addition to functioning with the popular drum replacement program Kontakt, TCI files for users with a full license of Slate’s Trigger 2 are also included.
  • Anti-MachineGun
    Guarantees that even the fastest fills with snare and toms, programmed at Velocity 127 and fully quantized, will sound natural by causing the instrument to redistribute strikes off-center and perform velocity alternations in a way that sounds far more alive than truly human.


The library is available for Kontakt 6.2.1 or higher. Kontakt 6.2.1 is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher 64-bit. It comes in VST 2AU, and AAX formats.


While Septicflesh was on tour with Hypocrisy and The Agonist, I saw Krimh in concert, and I can confidently state this plugin captures his style and sound in every way.

This is the first time I’ve seen something like Anti-Machinegun or Auto Double Kick, but I can already tell they’ll be a huge help with drum tracks with lots of fills and, especially, double kicks at tempos 200-250 beats per minute. This is the one that will make waves in the music industry, and for the price, you won’t find better compositions or mixes anywhere else.

4. Toontrack Modern METAL! EZX (Expansion For EZDrummer or Supperior Drummer)

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Modern Metal EZX – Walkthrough

Toontrack has released Modern Metal EZX, a new drum library composed with the help of acclaimed producer Will Putney.

Will Putney engineered, mixed, and produced Modern Metal in his own studio in New Jersey. This EZX is a unique document of aggressive drums, thanks to the combination of five painstakingly documented kits for their distinctive tonal qualities and Will Putney’s raw but acoustically perfect production technique.

The Modern Metal comes with a wide variety of drum kits, cymbals, extra kicks, and snares, a library of presets and grooves that span from rock to metal and hardcore to progressive metal. It represents the pinnacle of modern metal drums, suitable for hardcore and metal, as well as any subgenre labels that might fall in between.

Key Features:

  • Presets
    Presets created by Will Putney and the Toontrack sound design team are included in this collection. They created this set of presets to represent as many current trends in metal and aggressive music as possible while highlighting each kit’s individuality. Kit presets range from thick, loud, and reverberant to tight, snappy, and ready to mix with the push of a button.
  • Midi
    Drummer for the band Counterparts, Kyle Brownlee, put together the included MIDI to represent metal in all its varied aspects. So you’ll have all the essential grooves, from heavy rock to progressive metal, hardcore, and death metal.
  • Bleed
    The close mic picks up these additional drum set components on the active microphone channel. Envision a mic placed very near the snare drum of a full drum set. The sound will travel to this microphone when you hit any other drum kit instrument.
    This phenomenon is known as bleed, and it is impossible to modify the bleed level in a post-recording mix of a live drummer playing a kit. However, you can individually modify every microphone utilized in Modern METAL to suit the needs of any of the kit instruments.
  • The Punchy and Balanced Kit
    As an alternative to traditional studio tonewoods, the metal instruments in the Punchy and Balanced Kit provide a unique take on popular studio standards. Steel produces distinctive tones, and this kit will allow you to play drums with a surprising body and punch as if space were opened up by adjusting the kit’s resonance. It’s even-sounding and easy on the ears when combined with the correct drummer.
  • The Short and Snappy Kit
    Rapid-fire metal drummers often resort to this. This is the one to utilize when you need your drums to come and go as quickly as possible while having a thick character in drier, more in-your-face productions. Feel free to rebalance the ambiance for another incredibly usable rock-style production; the classic maple mood works just as well on other levels.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.

You will have a great time using this collection with either Superior Drummer 3 or EzDrummer. Will Putney’s sound design continues to be a major force in the digital age thanks to his adaptability in blending his signature sounds and aesthetic into the Toontrack plugins. The cost is fair, and the potential uses are practically infinite.

5. Addictive Drums 2: Metal (Expansion)

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METAL Adpak DEMO - Addictive Drums 2 - XLN Audio

Ross Robinson’s Addictive Drums 2 plugin is an all-encompassing metal drum sample pack.

When it comes to drum libraries, Addictive Drums 2 sets the bar extremely high. Most of the best composers in the world have probably used the Addictive Drums library before. In addition, there is a wide range of musical genres included in these collections.

Preset kits and prerecorded grooves are included in each library to provide short motivation. So whether you are a complete novice who needs all the guidance they can get or a seasoned veteran, a drum writer can help you. But they’ve made a kit just for metalheads, which is great news because AD2 has consistently been one of the industry’s most popular and well-regarded audio editing programs.

Key Features:

  • Kit
    There’s no Metal genre this 18-piece set can’t cover. If you still need persuading, the kit features Ludwig’s powerful maple toms and kick Zildjian’s ferocious crash cymbals and Gretsch’s sharply balanced snare drum.
    Both brands use HAMMERED METAL. For the current Metal producer, this ADpak’s inclusion of “Trig” samples (recorded with additional attack and shorter decay) for the Xtra slot to strengthen the kick and snare is an absolute must.
  • Beats Tab
    On the right-hand side of the window, under the Rhythms tab, you’ll find grooves from which you can select and listen to variously arranged, styled beats. You can fine-tune the results to suit your composition by assigning individual drum parts to specific beats.
    Grid search is where this is carried out. In 4/4 time, for instance, you might want the kick drum to hit on beats 1, 2, and 4. you will use this pattern to narrow the list of grooves to only those that match. You may drag and drop these MIDI files into your sessions after listening to an audition of the sounds to see whether they work with your setup.
  • Snapshot
    To take a snapshot of your current settings, click the Snapshot button in the window’s lower right corner. If you decide to make some adjustments after you’ve already tweaked the settings, you can always go back to the snapshot within the user interface to see how things have changed. For example, with this function, you may fine-tune the sound of your drum set to perfection.
  • Presets
    The package’s inclusion of 130 presets with both unprocessed, raw samples and processed, pre-mixed plugins is a great touch. You can save your custom presets and filter the preset window to see the types of presets you’re interested in.
    On the Natural end of the spectrum, you’ll find more natural, unprocessed presets, while the Extreme side features more artificial, pre-produced ones. One common complaint about drum libraries is that they use too much reverb, although this setup helps mitigate that issue.
  • Mixing Tools
    The AD2 software makes it simple to adjust one of the program’s stock drum kits or create a unique one from scratch. Since the preset drums’ mixing features are user-friendly, you can spend less time fussing over the technology and more time writing music.
    The snare, kick, high hat, and overhead and room mics have their volume controls, so the volume is raised or lowered by turning the knob up or down. 


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


As was previously noted, some pretty cool features are aimed at both novice and experienced composers and producers searching for the ideal kit for their work.

This library stands out because of its intuitive design and high-end sound and rhythm customization options. It’s the gold standard in business, and the factory drum sounds are incredible.

6. Ugritone KVLT Drums 2 (Plugin)

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Ugritone’s KVLT Drums 2 is a drum sample library designed to replicate the sound of underground metal bands from the 90s.

Ron D. Rock and Toni Kauko created the audio tools available through Ugritone. They create music production tools, including plugins, virtual instruments, and sample bundles. For the simple reason that they think everyone should have access to professional-grade music production equipment. Ugritone isn’t out to perfect the sound compression or equalization industries have ever seen; rather, they aim to create revolutionary new plugins for the industry.

Ugritone is known for its authentic-sounding drum kits that are left intentionally unprocessed. Even though these aren’t samples from a world-famous, top-of-the-line studio ready for radio play, they were recorded professionally with multiple mics and plenty of hits to achieve a natural sound. In addition, there are corresponding MIDI groove packages featuring a real drummer included with each set (also sold separately).

Key Features:

  • Interface
    Using the graphical user interface, you can process the kit one at a time or in bulk. You can customize each drum’s gain, pan, and mic settings. So, you may fine-tune the balance of your close mics and the volume of your overheads, room, and FX channels.
  • The Hell and Thrash Mics
    This track is the adhesive that binds the rest of the kit together for a more cohesive sound. The kit is brought together when The Hell Mic is laid flat on the floor and crushed to death. For all the glue that the Hell Mic provides, the grit that the Trash Mic provides is unmatched.
    Invoking the ominous undertones and the rudimentary sound of a 4-track demo. Harmonic distortion is excellent when blended in, but let this one take over for Pure Armageddon.
  • Overheads
    The overhead mic is the foundation of any drum sound. Others like to isolate the highs and let the lows shine through, which are valid approaches to Overheads. They give you the richest and brightest possible baseline for Overhead sound, so you can build off that no matter what you do.
  • Mixer
    At last, there’s a routing window for connecting the plugin’s outputs to your DAW’s main mix. There are three possible configurations here: a “songwriting” setting that sends all sounds to a single stereo output, a “simple mixing” design that combines the mics for each drum kit component to produce six stereo outputs, and a “live” setup that sends all sounds to a single stereo output.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


The company’s development over time and how it has changed to accommodate its customers’ wants and needs in recent years deserve praise. This collection gave me access to their history for the first time and was perfect for my Black Metal requirements.

I regularly rely on their Midi Grooves Packs, which are unparalleled in variety. This plugin is worth the cost because it helps you save time and gets you closer to the authentic drum metal sound.

7. GoranGrooves Library: Handy Grooves METAL DRUMS (Plugin)

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GoranGrooves Handy Drums- METAL STANDARD

The Handy Grooves Metal is an array of full drum kits and colorful percussion instruments just waiting to find their place in your musical universe.

Those not afraid to delve beyond the obvious may find GoranGrooves’ Handy Drums an attractive alternative if they search for a “simple” synthetic acoustic drum instrument. There are currently 15 unique virtual drum kit instruments available.

Each one offers a unique sample-based sound set derived from a particular drum kit type. The design philosophy centers on providing high-quality audio (including many dynamic layers and round-robin sample variations) while maintaining a minimal user interface.

Key Features:

  • Metal Drum Loops
    You’re not going for a drum loop that sounds like a firecracker went off in the drummer’s underwear. This pack of metal drum loops takes you from the ground up, beginning with the fundamentals and ending with an arsenal of highly useable metal grooves.
    These Metal drum grooves have something for everyone, from wimps to lunatics. When it comes to drumming loop packs, the Metal Drums are just as convenient as the rest of Handy Grooves.
  • Humanize
    Generally speaking, mathematical perfection is not sought after in music. A drum groove has more “swing” or a more spontaneous feel when there are small deviations from the rigid grid. These Metal drum loops have an extremely consistent feel across the grooves, but they are not robotic because the grooves do not follow a completely even mathematical grid.
  • Micro-Dynamics
    Human drummers have a lot of energy when they perform. Each music bar has its micro-dynamics in addition to the larger-scale dynamics seen in the song’s sections. The distinctions between accented and unaccented notes are examples of micro-dynamics.
    Without them, even the most organic drum groove will sound mechanical and unnatural. Micro-dynamics in Handy Grooves Metal Drums are entirely organic, they replicate the sound of a human drummer.
  • Variable Hi-Hats
    Hi-hats with a variable sensitivity make it easy to change the distance at which the hi-hat is played. Handy Grooves developed METAL DRUMS loops for Handy Drum’s plugins to conveniently and straightforwardly get varied hi-hats. Only two midi notes are used for the hi-hats’ edge and tip sounds, and the CC4 controls the openness.
  • Editing
    The results—excellent metal drum grooves—are what count. Even if you record a world-class metal drummer playing an electronic drum set, you still might not get an accurate representation of their acoustic sound.
    Each note has been meticulously reworked or programmed to sound like a master drummer would play on real drums. Then, we ensure the grooves are continuous and maintain the same feel throughout.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


They nailed the nuances of this complicated genre with their kits. This plugin provides a foolproof method to concentrate on the creative aspects of songwriting without getting bogged down in the technicalities, as the grooves are simple to implement, and the MIDI is modifiable. As for cost, it’s quite reasonable for what you get.

8. Spectre Digital: Extinction Level Event – Master Kit (Kontakt Library)

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GLENN FRICKER MADE DRUMS!? (Extinction Level Event - Master Kit Review/Demo)

Extinction Level Event – Master Kit is now available from Spectre Digital, a leading provider of audio production and online education in the United States.

The Master Kit from Spectre Digital is designed to show the world how drum machines are supposed to sound. It was designed to sound so massive and explosive that it could be considered an ELE to set a new benchmark in the drum library industry. This project took almost two years to complete, and it was recorded with great care and a top-notch signal chain.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Layers
    Ghost notes and rimshots will add dynamic qualities to the user’s music as a direct result of the drum library’s abundance of dynamic layers; round-robins will no longer be easily detectable during double-bass drum or blast beats; and the library’s abundance of samples and articulations will allow the user to create realistic hi-hat patterns, snare rudiments, and more.
    Its realism allows for any form of music, from the subtle dynamics favored in jazz circles to the blaring rimshots necessary for heavy metal breakdowns.
  • TCI compatible
    TCI (INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Configuration Info) files of all the drum shells used are included with Extinction Level Event – Master Kit so that owners of Steven Slate Drums Trigger 2, which allows replacing a drum recording stem with drum samples while retaining dynamics and detail, can easily sample and replace recorded drums.
  • Controls
    As with any kit, the Extinction Level Event gives players complete agency over every aspect of the sound, from individual impacts and velocities to the bleed between the shells and the cymbals. As a result, a drummer may bypass all of the kit’s processing options and create their ideal drum sound from scratch. In addition, the MIDI MAP page makes it easy to construct a custom drum map for use with a MIDI controller during live performances.


The library is available for Kontakt 5.7 or higher. Kontakt 5.7 is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher 64-bit. It comes in VST 2AU, and AAX formats.


The two years Spectre Digital spent creating Extinction Level Event – Master Kit was undoubtedly time well spent, as evidenced by the fact that not only does it include a large number of mix-ready presets to get users started with a bang, but also every page has been designed with making everything needed no more than one click of a button away — no more menu diving, no more hunting for settings, less time looking.

9. Toontrack The Metal Foundry SDX (Expansion Pack For Supperior Drummer)

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The Metal Foundry SDX – The drums

Allow yourself the opportunity to find the most powerful approach to simulate realism. Metal Foundry SDX is an expansion pack for Metal enthusiasts.

The Metal Foundry SDX is a fresh new expansion pack by Tomas Haake of Meshuggah, comprising seven gigantic drum kits and 300k sound files, single-hit drum recordings in the Drumkit From Hell. These recordings cover a wide range of musical styles, from early genre 1960s sounds to the splintered sounds of modern music.

Key Features:

  • Grooves Tab
    Super Drummer 3 contains an improved Grooves section. All the functionality of EZdrummer 2 remains, and the workflow is enhanced by new features such as the ability to audition multiple grooves simultaneously on multiple song tracks, the consolidation of the library, and the search function into a single window.
  • Tracker
    When using with Superior Drummer 3, you can access the Tracker tab. This program takes audio tracks and transforms them into MIDI so you can play them with Super Drummer 3’s drum kits.
    Most users should have no trouble picking up the tracker due to its easy design that mimics that of a digital audio workstation. 
  • Articulations
    You can modify a drum’s tone by changing its articulation to take things further. For instance, a rimshot on the snare may have a slightly different tuning or velocity curve than a classic hit, depending on your chosen settings. This allows for detailed fine-tuning of your customized drums to create a particular sound for your drum track.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


The Metal Foundry SDX installation took a while because of how large the drum samples are. Nevertheless, it was time well spent since we now have every type of drum sound we could require for our musical genre.

All the grooves and fills are excellent, and you can easily alter the drums to achieve various effects. It includes all the classic drum sounds, from kicks and snares to toms and cymbals/hats. Nothing is missing from this bundle. This pack is perfect for you if you’re looking for metal or rock drums. This metal drum set is undoubtedly the best option for purchase anywhere.

10. GetGood Drums – One Kit Wonder: Metal (Kontakt Library)

More Info & Price

One Kit Wonder: Metal - Walkthrough

Designed to aid metal producers and performers, GetGood Drums has released a new collection from their One Kit Wonder series.

One Kit Wonder aims to combine the best features of high-end metal recordings. It has the most recent drum sounds you’ll need to make great music and sound effects. The fantastic sound it produces lets you immediately immerse yourself in your creative writing process and give form to your ideas.

They made it to combine the best parts of the expensive metal without much effort. Compared to traditional drum sounds, it adds a new dimension of realism, raw strength, and slickness to contemporary drum tones.

Key Features:

  • Effects
    The collection provides phase-coherent layering samples for convenience. Finally, it includes a master equalizer, parallel compression, and reverbs in-built. To sum up, GetGood Drums One Kit Wonder – Metal KONTAKT Library is an excellent choice if you need a sound library.
    It works seamlessly with KONTAKT and offers a comprehensive solution for creating a wide variety of drum beats with its in-built Groove Player, Parallel Compression, and Master EQ, among many other strong features.
  • Interface
    You may adjust the volume of each instrument and its corresponding microphone independently in the interface. You can adjust the volume, the panning, the phase, the soloing, the muting, the routing, and the individual channels.
    I enjoy using GetGood Drums with Kontakt because I can send the audio from Kontakt directly into Cubase and mix the drums as if they were recorded live. Tom microphones will not be impacted by my processing, only the overheads, and slamming of the rooms.
  • Sound Options
    A variety of drum kit sounds are given, as is customary. For instance, the user can load one of nine snare varieties by clicking on the snare’s menu icon on the drum kit graphic or accessing the snare’s menu on the mixer page.
    Then, to listen to the selected sample, either click on the corresponding section of the visual or use the virtual keyboard, which is color-coded to show the corresponding key for each instrument.
  • Settings Tab
    You can adjust the bleed levels of toms and percussion in the top and bottom snare mics and the loudness of the percussion instruments in each mic channel on a page labeled “Settings.” In a nutshell, the Settings tab allows you to adjust the overall mic mix balance of the kit and the balance of the individual kit pieces.


The library is available for Kontakt 5.7 or higher (NOT the free Kontakt Player). Kontakt 5.7 is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher 64-bit. It comes in VST 2AU, and AAX formats.


That’s a great add-on! An inexperienced user will have little trouble getting started with the UI. The sounds are spot-on, as they are robust and low-end focused while remaining neutral and genuine. They avoid harsh tones; thus, you can use the kit in various genres besides rock and metal.

11. Prenc Audio Kinglake Drums (Kontakt Library)

More Info & Price

Prenc Audio - Kinglake Drums Walkthrough

Prenc Audio – Kinglake Drums (KONTAKT) allows users to produce high-quality, enjoyable drum sounds.

It’s an all-inclusive program with a robust library that includes two bass drums, two snares, eight toms, and seven cymbals. It’s a great plugin that provides new options for making original, blaring, and hefty metal or heavy music records. It also includes a vast library of expertly crafted presets representing various musical styles and genres.

Key Features:

  • Kit
    It’s safe to say that his ‘Kinglake Drums’ library is one of the best-kept secrets in drum sample libraries. An incredible set of Zildjian cymbals are included, as well as a wide selection of kicks, snares, and toms in various tunings. Of course, some processing will be required to bring out a modern drum mix’s aggressive, punchy style, but the samples sound realistic and are captured in great clarity.
  • Interface
    At the heart of the controller is a mixing board for all the drums and kit drums. You can adjust each track’s phase and pan the entire mix. Some EQ controls and a spread control are located at the very bottom of the screen. The mapping portion also allows us to tailor the set to our specific needs.


The library is available for Kontakt 5.7 or higher (NOT the free Kontakt Player). Kontakt 5.7 is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher 64-bit. It comes in VST 2AU, and AAX formats.


Complete and feature-rich, this plugin adds a large drum library filled with Metal drums for users to mix and master in their projects and create ferocious music.

This fantastic program saves its users the trouble of creating their own drums from the beginning by providing them with precisely designed sounds that give high-quality drums ready to use right away. In addition, the software provides access to the latest realistic drum tones, drawing inspiration from nature.

12. Steven Slate Drums 5.5 (Plugin)

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Since 2004, Steven Slate’s drum samples have been used to power drum loops.

Slate’s punchy, beefy-sounding kit samples have been a major contributor to the democratization of big-studio drum sounds, whether utilized to augment drum recordings in need of fattening up or as the sole source of the drum sound.

Drummers may have mixed feelings about sample substitution, the practice of fusing perfect recordings with our work of art, but we can all agree that Slate’s samples have the most practical use for electronic drum sets. In addition, version 5 of SSD has a large library of mix-ready sounds that can be played through MIDI from our kits, giving us lots of expansion from the onboard sounds in our modules.

Key Features:

  • Interface
    When you first use SSD 5.5, he’ll bring you to the Kit view, a blank canvas of empty drum shadows waiting to be populated with instruments from SSD’s drum and cymbal library. An alternative is the Cells view, which organizes the drums in a grid. Steven Slate’s drum rug sits under the drum set.
  • Mix Tab
    When you click the Mix button, separate faders for solo, mute, phase and pan are added to the Edit tab. Grooves allow you to access the included drum MIDI library with auditioning and drag-and-dropping functions, while Map displays a full 128-note MIDI mapping table for external MIDI gear.
    The Settings page provides access to the master volume and controls for resizing the user interface and resampling and streaming options. There are no secret options buried in an overly intricate menu, and the UI is clean and easy to navigate.
  • Create Tab
    Above the main Create menu, you’ll find the submenus Instruments and Kits. From the SSD 5.5 collection, which includes hundreds of kicks and snares and dozens of toms and cymbals, each with different articulations, your unique kit may be pieced together using the Instruments sub-tab.
    To help you find the perfect sound as quickly as possible, the Kits tab provides instant access to roughly 150 presets that load a whole kit simultaneously.
  • Edit Tab
    SSD 5.5’s Edit tab lets you independently fine-tune every drum and cymbal in your kit. If you click on a drum, the Instrument Master window will open, where you may adjust the instrument’s global settings, including volume, tuning, and phase.
    Next to it, you’ll find controls for snare rimshot, center, rimshot edge, snare side, and sidestick articulations, among others. Finally, towards the top of the window, you’ll find a Dynamics knob for fine-tuning MIDI input velocities.
  • Usability
    Fine-tuning the output requires more than just a few faders, as individual articulations’ loudness, dynamics, and mic-level granularity make a significant difference. The MIDI mapping functions are excellent as well. Having complete control over the look and feel of the piano roll is a huge plus, especially if you plan on using a MIDI keyboard or drum pad.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


After using Steven Slate Drums 5.5 for a while, it’s easy to see why it’s become such a popular plugin. It has many customization options, built-in samples, one-shots, MIDI loops and fills, and a strong MIDI mapping tool. The lack of pre-installed effects may put off some users, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

13. MixWave Luke Holland Drum Library (Kontakt Library)

More Info & Price

MixWave: Luke Holland Walkthrough

The MixWave: Luke Holland Drum Library is the latest release from the developers of high-quality audio plugins, MixWave.

In the world of drumming, Luke Holland is a household name. Holland co-founded the company MixWave, and this year saw the release of his first signature drum library, MixWave: Luke Holland. Luke recorded the precursor to his distinctive drum VST instrument during Jason Richardson’s “II” recording session.

The plugin allows you to recreate the same studio sound, making your recording sound like the original. The set has five drums, three snares, and eight cymbals. Check out some samples.

Key Features:

  • Kit
    Get the drum mix Luke used in the studio for the Jason Richardson “II” album and the studio kit he utilized. A five-piece kit with eight cymbals and three snare drums, all sampled and processed by Luke Holland at MixWave Studios and utilizing his unique Meinl Baby Stack and Bullet Stack.
  • Controls
    Use the fully featured and easy mixer-style interface to quickly and easily go from entirely raw samples to the full album drum mix with a click. Use the master channel’s compressor, equalizer, and tape saturation, in addition to the pre-mixed reverbs. MixWave: Luke Holland has so many options, functions, and controls that it can handle everything.
  • Trigger Files
    An always prepared instrument for use in Kontakt; use it whenever the mood strikes. The library’s straightforward design and user interface make it simple to put your thoughts into action. Slate Trigger drum replacement collection. You can use the fully mixed drum performance or the raw drum shell to replace, overlay, or blend with a live recorded drum performance.


The library is available for Kontakt 5.7 or higher (NOT the free Kontakt Player). Kontakt 5.7 is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher 64-bit. It comes in VST 2AU, and AAX formats.


There’s little doubt that, for the reasonable price they ask, you’ll conclude that you need this plugin so that you may replicate the sound of this monster drummer. To begin with, it has a more “finished” sound than you’re probably used to, and the quality and care taken when sampling each piece set it far above anything you’ve used before.

14. Ugritone Dieswitch Drums (Metalcore/Metal)

More Info & Price


Ugritone has released a drum sample pack that faithfully recreates the 2000s Metalcore sound, putting the minds of Metalcore fans at ease.

Dieswitch Drums is a Drum Sample Library made to tackle the Drum tone of 2000s Metalcore/Metal & Hardcore and may be modified to take on the Drum tone of 2000s Emo/Screamo & Punk, as well. So if the music needs to sound more focused, or if your drum tones need a bit more size and weight, Dieswitch Drums can help you sculpt your tone.

Key Features:

  • Engine
    The Ugritone Drums Plugin has the company’s most sophisticated sampler engine, with support for an abundance of Round Robins and Velocity layers for a lifelike digital drumming simulation. Using sophisticated scripting and the dynamic sampling method, we can guarantee you won’t get a machine-gun robotic effect.
  • Samples
    These samples are completely unprocessed, so you can do whatever you like to them sonically. The only dynamics and saturation present are those inherent to the open microphones and tape used to record them.
  • Mixer
    At last, there’s a routing window for connecting the plugin’s outputs to your DAW’s main mix. There are three possible configurations here: a “songwriting” setting that sends all sounds to a single stereo output, a “simple mixing” design that combines the mics for each drum kit component to produce six stereo outputs, and a “live” setup that sends all sounds to a single stereo output.
    Lastly, a “matrix” setting lets you direct each microphone individually (up to 16 stereo-outs). The one to choose if you plan on getting your hands dirty when mixing with this set.
  • Soundcheck function
    The “soundcheck” feature is great for getting things going because it just plays a loop of beats (with a few different playback style options). Even while it comes with a default MIDI setup that is compatible with most MIDI expansion packs, you can change any mapping here if you choose. 


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


It’s important pointing out that Ugritone has the most comprehensive sound library available. Dieswitch’s drum tracks are both heavy and fast, making them ideal for fans of metalcore and hard metal. This collection is perfect for fans of the genre, and it even offers Groove Packs that you can readily implement into the plugin.

15.  GetGood Drums: Invasion (Kontakt Library)

More Info & Price

GetGood Drums Invasion - Demo

The drums in Invasion can cut through the fastest, most chaotic mix because they combine brute force with pinpoint accuracy.

Invasion, from GetGood Drums, is a vicious sample library for the Kontakt Player drum machine. At its core, Invasion features GGD’s biggest drum set, which is then processed and reverberated within the game for studio-quality sounds. However, you can independently tweak sounds using each mixing channel’s standard pitch and envelope controls.

Each sample in the kit has been fine-tuned to eliminate discordant or out-of-phase tones and provide a uniform, cohesive sound throughout the entire pack. With its abundance of strength, clarity, and individuality, GGD’s Invasion provides the missing link in your metal compositions.

Key Features:

  • Hard-Hitting Drums
    The largest drum combination ever created by GGD is the focus of Invasion. There are seven snare drums, four kick drums, twelve toms, and thirty cymbals. Plus, it’s in excellent tune, with no one off-note to be heard. Furthermore, each sample is phase coherent, allowing you to construct drum sounds without skipping beats.
  • Effects
    The sheer diversity of options available in GGD’s Invasion is impressive. The Groove player makes it easy to find the perfect beat for your song. The integrated processing produces a high-quality, professionally-mastered recording.
    You can mold sound in whatever way you like with the help of the envelope and pitch controls that come with each mixer channel. Additionally, a user-friendly interface makes it simple and natural to produce professional-grade drum tones.
  • Komplete Kontrol Compatible
    KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards, MASCHINE hardware, and third-party controllers may all be integrated with NKS, granting access to hundreds of virtual instruments and effects developed by more than 90 industry leaders in the plugin space.
    Please take advantage of the streamlined navigation, consistent process, and carefully thought-out mapping of key design factors that they’ve provided for you. As a result, you can now utilize your newly acquired sonic resources with much less effort.


The library is available for Kontakt 5.7 or higher (NOT the free Kontakt Player). Kontakt 5.7 is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher 64-bit. It comes in VST 2AU, and AAX formats.


The virtual set is extensive, featuring various drums, and the sounds are top-notch. There are numerous possibilities here, the interface is simple to use, and all mic and mixing options are extremely handy. If you’re looking for virtual metal drums, you should check out GGD Invasion.

16. Drumforge Bergstrand (Plugin)

More Info & Price

Inside Drumforge Bergstrand

The brand new Drumforge Bergstrand, which boasts genuine Daniel Bergstrand drum samples, has just been launched. This sample library for drums claims to feature the fabled European metal drum sounds.

Today’s top mixers and producers in the heavy music industry credit Daniel Bergstrand for creating some of the most distinctive and enduring drum sounds of the previous three decades. Since the 1990s, when Daniel first started playing drums, he has been at the forefront of European metal production, inspiring us and becoming one of the most identifiable sounds on albums beloved by metal fans everywhere.

It is entirely due to Daniel’s efforts that he has collaborated with some of the world’s most important metal musicians. Numerous bands have relied on Daniel to help them bring their extreme musical visions to reality, including Meshuggah, Behemoth, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Soilwork, and Devin Townsend.

Key Features:

  • Kit
    The drum set and the way it was recorded is the first step in any drum production. To give you the most options possible, Daniel sampled the drums in a wide range of contexts for Drumforge Bergstrand. Within the specialized drum kit builder, you may construct a drum sound based on a custom mix of Daniel’s individual and defining engineering setups.
  • Mix
    They constructed a robust, top-tier mixing engine with in-in DSP modules optimized for mixing your best drum sounds to supercharge Daniel’s signature drum sample library. You may recreate your favorite drum mixes because of the environment’s flexibility.
    Layer and stack powerful drum tones by importing your favorite Drumshotz or one-shot wave files into the mix. Drumforge Bergstrand allows you to get incredible mixes without leaving the plugin, whether you’re attempting to recreate your favorite drum mix or forging your drum sound.
  • Groove Player
    The Song Builder in Drumforge Bergstrand is designed to be intuitive and make writing songs a breeze. For instant access to drum grooves and fills, check out the Groove & Fill Playlist. Drop your preferred drum fills into the song builder queue, and the smart fill logic will insert them at the end of the bars. You’ll be able to focus less on clicking and more on making music, ultimately more fulfilling.
  • Sampler Technology
    Drumforge has given much thought to simulating human drum performances with the sampler and has developed some fascinating techniques.
    For example, their Foot Switching algorithm begins with samples of both the left and right kick drum beaters on each kick, allowing you to program your kick parts with only one midi note while the samples alternate between the left and right feet based on the tempo.
    For realistic drum fills, we’ve also allowed you to independently alter the volume of each velocity layer for each articulation. 


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


It’s a powerful plugin with a lot of customization options. The one catch is that it uses a lot of processing power. Even if you like metal drums, this is a very good value at the introductory price of $69, especially considering the quality of the sounds and the number of functions the plugin offers.

17. MixWave Tony Royster Jr. Drum Kit (Kontakt Library)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

MixWave: Tony Royster Jr. Walkthrough

Featuring the talents of the legendary Tony Royster Jr., MixWave rounds off the collection of drum plugins designed specifically for his producer’s fans.

To be truly limitless, one must be a prodigy. Sometimes contradictory terms like “precise,” “feel,” and “power” all apply to Tony Royster Jr. From early success in drum contests to his current role as a musical cornerstone for some of the world’s biggest musicians, he has honed his distinctive style throughout his lifetime.

Their goal in translating Tony’s extensive repertoire into a virtual instrument was to create something that sounded and felt organic; the library’s emphasis on nuance, expansive sounds, and focused tones reflects Tony as an artist.

Key Features:

  • Full Control
    The interface is modeled around a mixer, allowing you to quickly and easily transform raw samples into finished drum tracks. Use the master channel’s compressor, equalizer, and tape saturation, or select from a library of pre-mixed reverbs. MixWave: Tony Royster Jr. offers an unprecedented assortment of capabilities, tools, and controls, allowing it to perform exceptionally well in any situation.
  • Trigger Files
    Slate Trigger drum replacement collection. You can use the fully mixed drum performance or the raw drum shell to replace, overlay, or blend with a live recorded drum performance or TCI files.
  • Sounds
    Tony’s DW kit, including his 22″ bass drum, 8×2.5 piccolo tom, supplementary 8″x2.5, 10″, 12″, 16″, and 20″x2.5 DW Design Series Pancake Gong drum, are all captured in this bundle as comprehensive multi-layered hit samples.
    In addition, four of Tony’s primary 14″x6.5″ MixWave have sampled DW snares: a Black Brass, an Aluminum, a Galaxy (maple), and a 14″x5.5″ DW maple snare. As a bonus, a 13″x3″ DW Brass piccolo and a 10″x6″ DW Popcorn are included as additional snares in their section of the virtual drum kit.
  • Mixer
    The mixer portion allows you to adjust the amount of compression, EQ, and tape saturation to your liking and select between unprocessed samples and those processed to a “mix-ready” state.


The library is available for Kontakt 5.7 or higher (NOT the free Kontakt Player). Kontakt 5.7 is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher 64-bit. It comes in VST 2AU, and AAX formats.


This plugin can still be easily implemented, even if not made specifically for the metal genre. Its mixing and all drum sound options are top-notch for the budget, making it well worth the investment.

In the Hip Hop genre, where this plugin excels, Tony Royster has made a distinctive sound that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, thanks to the wonders of digital music.

18. MT Power Drum Kit 2 (FREE/Donate)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

MT Power Drumkit 2 Demo | Metal

When you need the robust, strong sounds of an acoustic, authentic drum kit, go no further than the MT Power Drum Kit, a free drum sampler. 

The MT Power Drum Kit Sampler sounds have already been pre-processed with compressors and EQs to make them a great fit for any mix, setting them apart from other, more expensive drum samplers. Sadly, this is where a lot of drum sample programs fall short.

Some of the market’s priciest plugins provide a highly authentic and dramatic drum kit sound when used as a solo instrument, but many need to catch up when used for a whole mix in a full pop or rock composition.

Key Features:

  • User Interface
    Drums make a terrific visual backdrop for the Main plugin’s user interface window. The Main Instrument panel’s graphical user interface (GUI) provides access to all available controls, including the Drum Kit, Mixer, Grooves, and Plugin Settings. Fewer options and buttons provide for a more streamlined design.
  • Groove Library
    Under the Groove Library Tab, you’ll find a vast archive of 4/4 and 6/8 Loops, Intros, and more. Additional MIDI loops for fills and bonuses. Because each groove is a MIDI file, you may easily import it into your digital audio workstation’s Piano Roll or MIDI track. There are a variety of Grooves and Rhythm patterns, and the pace goes from 80 to 250 beats per minute.
  • Mixer
    The Mixer Section is where you’ll find the bulk of your instrument’s settings, including Kick, Snare, Tom, Ride, Bells, and so on. The Mizer component of the instrument features adjustments, including Volume, Digital compressor, PAN, and Output routing choices.
    You may get a better-sounding acoustic kit for your projects by adjusting the drum sounds with the various effect and editing parameters.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


MT Power Drum Kit2 is a must-have for free plugin acoustic drum instruments. This collection is perfect for any music producer who wants to incorporate real, one-of-a-kind acoustic drums into their work.

19. ML Drums (FREE)

More Info & Download 

ML Drums Free Plugin For Metal!

ML Sound Lab has recently developed ML Drums, a virtual drum set with cool-sounding presets and other options for shaping the sound.

The original release of ML Drums, a modular drum sampler platform, includes a free drum kit. You can purchase accessories separately to customize the package to your needs. ML Drums Essentials is a great place to begin building out your library.

The objective was to provide the most user-friendly professional-grade virtual drum sampler possible. The magic sauce at ML Sound Lab is drums that are so accurate that they rarely, if ever, need to be tweaked in the mix. To my ears, it sounds completely genuine and free of any tricks.

Key Features:

  • Interface
    The sampler engine in ML Drums has been in the works for close to two years; however, the user interface has been simplified for maximum accessibility.
    They aimed to address a common gripe with drum samplers by making it easy to set up multi-out routing in your DAW. The unrealism of drum samplers is a major limitation. The plugin provides natural round-robin playback, so the engine combines as many velocity layers and samples as required.
  • Samples
    Smart processing measures the loudness of drum samples and maps them to volume curves that are realistic when compared to actual drum performances. This means that unlike with many drum samplers, you can utilize MIDI velocity to realistically adjust the force with which your virtual drummer strikes the drum.
  • Presets
    ML Drums includes a few mixes presets that are ready to go, and it also has a mixer for the more advanced user. You may adjust the volume on each channel independently and fine-tune the sound with its custom-made 3-band equalizer. You can adjust the bleed quantity of kicks, snares, toms, hi-hats, and rides on the overheads and room channels for more dimensional drum sounds.
  • Smart Compressor Knob
    Smart Compressors, which you can adjust with the turn of a knob, are included on the Kick, Snare, Tom, Room, and Master channels. In addition, you may adjust the reverb’s tail length, and the ratio of kick, snare, toms, and room sends to make ML Drums sound just how you want them to.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


It’s a great add-on that you can use in any circumstance. It has good built-in effects and is easy to use, and its sounds are superior to those of other free options.

It’s suitable for people curious about the advantages of using virtual drums, and why not, you can easily incorporate it into songs you already want to release.

20. Agus Hardiman MONSTER Drum (FREE)

More Info & Download

New FREE DRUM Vst Plugin (Multi Kit Genre) - MONSTER DRUMS by Monster Daw - Install, Rock/Metal Demo

Monster Drum will quickly become your favorite virtual drum instrument, regardless of what genre of music you play.

This includes rock and metal performers, R&B and Hip Hop producers, jazz and acoustic composers, and more. The best part about this plugin is that it constantly updates new kits every month.

The Indonesian music producer gave out all of the Monster Drum kits for free to show how much they care about helping other producers make fantastic music without spending much money. Users of Monster Drum don’t have to worry about mixing because all the kits come pre-mixed by the kit donor. The Multi-Out function lets users blend the sounds of different kits.

Key Features:

  • Kits
    The accompanying drum kits have all been professionally mixed and are ready to be used in your next project immediately. That’s a great way to save time before diving into a new jam session in your digital audio workstation. It’s as simple as loading up the Monster Drum plugin and choosing a suitable kit. It can be adjusted later if necessary.
  • Interface
    The plugin’s main section is where you’ll find all of the information you need to use it effectively and efficiently. Presets and global tuning, panning, and reverb are available.
  • Updates Every Month
    A great feature of this plugin is that it continues to develop with time. In reality, all users actively contribute to it, making this plugin similar to a public project where people shape it as they like and need it.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


Very efficient in terms of the amount of space it requires on your hard drive and memory. A breeze to set up and utilize. Those sound effects are quite great. Both standard acoustic drums and EDM kits include unique instruments like the Cajon.

One area for improvement is the need for uniformity in the quality of the send effects used for each unique item. Furthermore, a dry sample could be very helpful with certain kits that already feature extensive ambient reverb. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended; it’s a great tool with minimal impact on system resources.


It is very obvious that a drum plugin is now more than necessary, especially for all genres. These companies provide solutions for all genres, some of which are highly distinctive, and some have elements that make them more and more humanized.

This list includes two plugins that were launched this year. They are Bogren Digital Krimh Drums and Mario Duplantier’s MixWave Gojira. It’s comforting to know that you have the ability and sound of these two drummers and can make music with their assistance.

Bogren Digital’s new Krimh plugin has opened a new door for them. This drummer has played with many well-known bands and introduced a fresh approach to the industry. Well, with this plugin, we can get closer to reality, as they have incorporated two elements that set the plugin apart from everything else in this top.

These are Anti-Machinegun and Auto Duble Kick, which are particularly handy for rapidly playing drums because these sounds are difficult to discern in the digital world because they are not played by a human, causing them to become buried in the mix. They also included Grooves, which Krimh himself sang, which surely comes with inspiration.

Toontrack’s Expansion Packs are great. Most producers are now adopting the Superior Drummer because it provides the rawest drums available, allowing them to mix the instrument more correctly. Will Putney’s Modern Metal provides the modern style of Deathcore that is already taking off right to your fingertips. When it comes to Midi Grooves and drum sounds, the well-known The Metal Foundry is the most required expansion pack.

You should also include GetGood Drum’s plugins in your library. I use them frequently, particularly the two stated libraries, Metal and Invasion, and they have never let me down. They’re quite nice, but they’re heavily pre-processed, so you can’t impose your style on them. However, this is unquestionably the finest option for modern metal mixes or if you need something quick and good.

Finally, we can state that each one stands out in its manner. Some are good because they are pre-mixed, some because they are raw, and others because they come with Grooves Packs, which are quite useful during songwriting. But the essential question is which one comes closest to sounding like a real drummer. In the future, we’ll go more into this concept and study it together. Then, we’ll let you compare this list to see what works best.

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Top 5 Comb Filter & Resonator Plugins | Melda, Kilohearts, Tritik

The 7 Best Vibrato VST Plugins | Audec, Audiority, Melda

The 7 Best Tremolo Plugins | Eventide, Melda, SoundToys, Kuassa…

The 7 Best Harmonizer Plugins | Eventide, Melda, Aegean Music

7 Best Sidechain Plugins (VST, AU, AAX) | Xfer, Cableguys..


Top 10 Noise Gate Plugins (And 6 FREE Free Gate Tools)

The 6 Best Ring Modulator VST Plugins | KiloHearts, Melda

7 Best Autopan VST Plugins | CableGuys, Melda, Waves, Soundtoys

The 6 Best Frequency Shifter VST Plugins

Top 11 Granulizer Plugins For Future Sound Design

29 Best Sound Design VST Plugins


Compressor Plugins

Top 11 Free Compressor Plugins (VCA, Vari-Mu, FET, Digital)

Top 7 Multiband Compressor Plugins (And 4 FREE Plugins)

Top 5 Diode-Bridge Compressor Plugins 

Top 6 Mastering Chain Plugins: Complete VST Solutions 

Top 10 FET Compressor Plugins 

The 7 Best VCA Compressor Plugins (VST, AU, AAX)

Top 11 Mastering Compressor Plugins (And 2 FREE Plugins)

Top 10 Opto Compressor Plugins For Transparent Sound

The 7 Best Vari-Mu Compressor Plugins (And 2 Best FREE Tools)


Reverb & Delay Plugins:

Top 12 Reverb Plugins (And 5 FREE Reverb Plugins)

The 6 Best Spring Reverb VST Plugins | AudioThing, GSi, u-he, Eventide

Top 12 Delay Plugins For Music Production In (VST, AU, AAX)

Top 10 FREE Delay Plugins (VST, AU, AAX)

The 10 Best Convolution Reverb Plugins 


Amps & Preamps:

Top 10 Guitar Amp Plugins (And 5 Best FREE Simulators)

Top 10 Bass Amp Plugins (And 5 Best Free Simulators)

Top 9 Preamp Plugins (For Vocals, Guitars & More!) + Free Preamps


Other Recommended Gear:

Top 12 NearField Studio Monitors On Any Budget

Top 10 Midfield Studio Monitors For Home Recording

Best Biggest Studio Monitors (FarField Monitors)

Top 10 Guitar Pickups for Low Tunings 

Top 10 Analog Compressors For Mixing & Mastering (On Any Budget)

Top 12 USB Audio Interfaces Under 150$, 200$, 300$ 400$ (Any Budget)


Top 12 Hardware Equalizers (Analog EQs For Mixing & Mastering)

Top 6 Analog Hardware Limiters 

Top 6 Solid State Bass Amps (On Any Budget)

Top 6 Ribbon Mics On Any Budget (For Vocals, Drums & Guitars)

Top 6 Cheap Dynamic Mics For Vocals Under 50$, 100$, 200$ & 300$


Top 6 Chorus Guitar Pedals (On Any Budget)

6 Best 61-Key MIDI Keyboards (On Any Budget)

9 Best 49-Key MIDI Keyboards Under 100$ & 200$

Top 5 Best 25 Key MIDI Keyboards (On Any Budget)

Top 12 Acoustic Drums (Best Kits/Sets On Any Budget)


Guitar/Amp Focused:

Can I Put Nylon Strings on a Steel-string Guitar?

Do Electric Guitars Sound Good Unplugged?

Buying Your First Guitar: 2 Things To Know

Are Tube Amps Worth It? (Tube vs Solid-State Amps)

How Often Does A Guitar Need a Setup?

Can I Play Classical Guitar On A Steel-String Guitar?


How often guitar necks need reset?

Can You Play Two Guitars Through One Amp?

Can a 6 String Bass Be Tuned Like A Guitar?

Can I leave My Guitar Tuned Down a Step? Yes, But Is It Safe?

Should I Learn 4, 5 Or 6 String Bass Guitar & Why?

How To Know If your Guitar Amp Is Broken?

How To Fix Distorted Bass Guitar Sound?


Do Fender Guitars Appreciate In Value?

Should You Put Stickers On A Bass Guitar?

How Acoustic And Electric Guitars Are Made?

Is Electric Guitar Too Loud for an Apartment?

Does a Preamp Improve Sound Quality?

If I Learn Acoustic Guitar Can I Play Electric Guitar?

How Many Hours A Day Should You Practice Bass Guitar?

Do I need an AMP/DAC To Run Bookshelf Speakers?

How to Record Electric Guitar Into Logic Pro X?

Do headphones get worse with age?


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Best DAWs For Musicians Available (With FREE DAWs)

How To Develop DAW Software?

What’s The Most CPU Efficient DAW? – 5 DAWs Compared

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Plugin Related:

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Complete Guide To Noise Gate – What It Is, What It Does & How To Use It?

How To Clip My Drums? Here Is How & Audio Teasers (Before/After)


Complete Guide To Limiter: How To Use It (+ Best Plugins & Analog Limiters)

Mixing With Reverb: How To Add Life To Your Mixes

Linear Phase vs Minimum Phase EQ – Full Guide

Difference Between LUFS, RMS & True Peak Loudness Meters

How And When To Use Algorithmic And Convolution Reverb In Your Mix?

Difference Between Active EQ, Passive EQ and Dynamic EQ


Headphones & Studio Monitors:

Do headphones get worse with age?

Monitors vs Studio Headphones For Mixing & Mastering

Top 10 Room Calibration & Headphones/Speakers Correction Plugins 

Does Heat Damage Headphones?

Are Noise-Canceling Headphones Good For Music Production?

Can Headphones Break in Cold Weather?

Why do headphones & cables get sticky?


Can Wearing Headphones Cause Hair Loss?

How Do I know If My Studio Monitor Is Blown?

Side Effects Of Sleeping With Your Headphones On

Do You Need Music Amplifier For Studio Monitors or Studio Headphones?

Do Headphones or Earphones Damage Your Brain?

Can Headphones or Earphones cause Deafness or Toothache?

FarField, MidField & NearField Monitors – Their Uses, Pros & Cons


MIDI & Synths:

Should I Buy A MIDI Keyboard Or Synth? (Are Synths Worth It Anymore?)

Why Is Audio Gear So Expensive? (Especially Synths)

Top 12 Synth Brands – Analog, Digital & Modular Synth Manufacturers

11 Tips How To Choose MIDI Keyboard 

Should I Buy MIDI Controller Or Keyboard? Cons, Pros & Tips

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