7 Things To Regain Your Passion For Music When You Lose It

7 Things To Regain Your Passion For Music When You Lose It | integraudio.com

Many people have different reasons why they listen to music. It could be to soothe them, uplift their spirits, or even learn. However, some people begin to lose their passion for listening to music at some point. When this happens, it leaves many people worried and makes them wonder what might have gone wrong.

How to regain your lost passion for listening to music?

When you notice you have lost passion for listening to music, you should check what kind of music you’ve heard. It could be that the genre doesn’t sit right with you and your current mental state. Try to change music genres or artists. 

Losing passion for music could be broader than just the genre you listen to or how you listen to it. The first best thing to do when you lose passion for listening to music is to ensure you check out the problem. Knowing what is wrong gives you broader solution options

If you have lost passion for listening to music, you should go through this article. It reflects on a few causes of losing passion for listening to music and every possible solution you can try to regain your love for music. But first, what are the reasons you may have lost interest?

What Can Make Me Lose Interest in Listening to Music? 

Before we talk about solutions to try out when you lose your passion for music, it is essential that we also try to understand a few everyday things that can make us lose our love for listening to music. 

If these things are well understood, it is easier to avoid than beginning to search for a solution. A few common things that cause a loss of passion for listening to music include:

Musical Anhedonia

This refers to a neurological condition that makes people lose interest in listening to music. Though not very common, it is also not very rare. This condition can be lifelong or short-term. Although therapy can work, some people never get cured. 

Usually, this condition results from a disconnection of the insula and auditory cortex. This means the person involved is not triggered by music but has other things that make them happy. If you have been enjoying the music but lose the passion and you’re diagnosed with this condition, you can seek therapy. 

This way, it will restore your love for listening to music. As much as this is being termed a “condition,” many experts have said it’s not very serious, and it is normal for humans who are naturally like that. 


When you’re stressed out, you automatically want to avoid a lot of things. Unfortunately, being stressed out has a lot of impact on the mind, and one of them could be a loss of passion for listening to music. 

When you’re fatigued, it makes you feel like listening to music will make you feel worse and strain your mind. This isn’t very true even, and it is mostly just in our heads. In times like this, try to get yourself on balance and give yourself a break instead of forcing music on yourself as some therapy. 

You can also consider options like yoga to make you relax your mind better. Whatever you do, try not to force music on yourself when you’re stressed, as it will make you lose every passion you have for listening to music. 

Peer Pressure 

It is not uncommon for people to listen to songs simply because those are the songs that have been tagged “cool” by many people. One prevalent thing amongst teenagers is listening to songs simply because other cool kids listen to them

This is, however, just an example and is well applicable to even older people. You will lose passion for listening to music if you keep listening to what other people like and not what you want. It’s cool to stay in trend but cooler to remain sane

If you’re in love with the old-style rock and roll style, stick to it and enjoy it as much as you can. 

Being Around So Much Music

As funny as this may sound, it is one of the biggest things that make people lose interest in listening to music. Music is intriguing and exciting, but not when people force it down on you

Many people listen to forced music (music being played whether they like it or not) every day. This is most common amongst people that work in places like: 

  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Photo studios; and a list of them

Most times, you don’t have to be working with these places directly to be affected by their daily music. However, you can own a business or live around such areas, which could be stressful. 

The later effect of this kind of situation is you want to be far away from music at the slightest opportunity you get. At this point, your mind has termed music to be noise to you, and you lose every passion you have for listening to music.

If you live in or work in a noisy environment, you’re most likely to lose passion for listening to music. 

Music That Triggers Bad Memories

If you keep forcing yourself to adapt and adjust to a song despite the memories it triggers, then you’ll lose passion for music. 

The human mind is fragile, and you shouldn’t put it under voluntary stress. So stop listening to music that triggers bad memories. As humans, we all have one incident or another that could end up scarring our minds. It could be memories of rape or assault, heartbreak, or the death of a loved one.  

Like a plague, you should avoid whatever triggers a loss of passion for listening to music. Instead, try to do yourself some good and stay on the fun path of life without putting so much effort into it. 

Listen to songs that sit well with you and do not put you through emotional stress. Also, learn to listen to music with an open mind and enjoy every part. 

What Do I Do When I Lose Passion for Listening To Music? (7 Tips to Put You Back on Track)

When you have figured out the problem that has made you lose interest in music, you can find a solution. Proffering a solution to your loss of passion for music shouldn’t be difficult if you follow these little tips: 

Try to Change Your Choice-Music Genre

The genre of music refers to conventional categories of music that share the same highlights and traditional ideas. The kind of music you listen to can make you lose passion for listening to music more than anything can. 

Some music genres do not get better after the legends of that genre pass away. But since you’re already fixed on liking that genre, you keep trying to let the new songs fit in like the old ones. This can make you lose passion for listening to music faster than you can imagine. 

In times like this, give yourself a break from that genre and open your mind to accept new song genres. You can try a closely related genre or check on websites like Quora for people who share the same opinions as you

Music generally has been classified to have a lot of  genres; some of them include: 

  • Jazz music
  • Blues music
  • Rock and roll
  • Rock music
  • Country music
  • Soul music
  • Dance music (Techno, Drum & Bass, EDM…)
  • Hip hop music

If you’re a lively person who loves and enjoys dancing, you can try hip hop and dance music. Anyhow, try to ensure you don’t stick to one genre of music as it can make you lose passion for listening to music. 

Try Not to Make Listening to Music a Chore

Many people have managed to make listening to music a routine for them just as they plan out their chores. Unfortunately, you’re most likely to lose your passion for listening to music if you do this. 

Music should be enjoyed and made relatable and not seen as something you must do. If you have lost passion for listening to music, then try to stop making music a chore. Instead, listen to music when you feel like you need it and when you find it most important. 

Certain situations where people make music to seem like chores include: 

During Driving 

Many people like to play music when they drive, but it doesn’t have to be with everyone else. Don’t force it on yourself whenever you feel like you don’t want or need to listen to music while driving. If you keep making it seem like a routine for you,  it’ll make you lose the passion you have for listening to music. 

While Doing Actual Home or Office Chores

Another period a lot of people have made listening to music seems like a routine is when they go about their actual chores. 

Talking about: 

  • Cleaning
  • Washing
  • Cooking
  • Mowing
  • Planting

The list is endless. This, however, shouldn’t be so. Listening to music can boost the hormones that make you happy, but this doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes, when you feel like you need some silence while working, then follow your instincts

If you keep forcing the music and making it a routine, then you will find it very difficult to keep enjoying music. Ensure you never force yourself to listen to or enjoy music at a particular time. 

Also, consider DJing – listening to music from a different angle by actually playing it.

Make Sure You’re Connecting to The Lyrics And Rhythm of The Songs

If you have lost passion for listening to music, try to readjust your mind to listen differently. For example, try to connect your mind to understand the song’s lyrics more than just the beats. 

When you can relate and connect with the lyrics of a song, it makes you feel better about listening to it. It also reduces your chances of losing passion for listening to music. Some song lyrics teach life lessons and encourage, while some are meaningless. 

Whenever you notice you’re losing passion for listening to music, try to listen to songs with better lyrical prowess. Also, if you’re trying to relate to a song, listen to songs sung in languages you understand. This way, you can pick meanings for every word, line, rhyme, and other part of the song. 

Stop Listening to Particular Songs Because They’re The Trending Ones

Many people have absolutely no interest in some songs they listen to, but they listen anyway to stay on-trend. But unfortunately, this is one act that kills the passion for listening to music faster than you can imagine. 

There’s no need to feel pressured to listen to a particular type of music if you are not interested. Whether or not it is the biggest song on the charts, you are allowed to be different. However, if you force yourself to listen to the music repeatedly, your mind will be tired out

Not just that song, every other song at that moment becomes very difficult to assimilate, hence the loss of interest. Find a song that matches your energy, style, and class, and focus on listening to them instead. One thing is for sure; if you genuinely love something, it can always satisfy you. 

You Can Decide to Take A Break Off Listening to Music

Many people have put up questions about their loss of passion for listening to music. Unfortunately, many of the answers given on how to regain love for music is by taking a break for a while. In this case, the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” rule applies here. 

When you starve yourself of music, it’ll make you crave it some more. This way, you can get rid of the loss of passion you develop for listening to music. 

So during your break-off, try to research more about your preferred taste in music. You’re coming off your break to listen to only the good juice if you do this. 

Listen To Music You Can Relate To At That Present Time Of Your Life

Another way of rekindling the passion you have lost for listening to music is by listening to certain songs that match your energy at the time. For example, if you find out you’re at a point in life where you feel low, try to listen to music that can motivate you

This way, you’re not bored by the song, the artist, or the melody; you can’t even lose passion for listening to music. 

When you’re at a bad point in life where everything seems blank, the next best thing to do is change the music you listen to. For example, if you have been a fan of slow or nearly depressing music, try to switch to the opposite when you feel low. This way, your mood is lifted, and you have little or no chance to lose your passion for listening to music. 

Stop Listening To Music That Triggers Bad Memories

One of the easiest things that trigger nostalgia is music. As common as music is, many people have a lot of memories attached to certain songs. When you have a bad memory attached to a song, you’re most likely to feel bad, down, or depressed when that music comes on. 

For people who suffer this, it is the biggest killer of their passion for listening to music. It’s impossible to avoid music totally since almost everyone listens to songs. 

However, what you can do for yourself to rekindle your passion for listening to music is get rid of those songs. Try to train and build yourself until you’re strong enough to know and understand that that song is bad for you. 

Some people try to overcome the bad feelings they experience when listening to these songs. However, this cannot always work for everyone. 

So change your playlist and add music that lifts your mood and does not sends you into depression. This way, you can overcome the lost passion for listening to music you have. 

Final Thoughts 

Listening to music has been one of the most therapeutic ways of getting rid of mental stress for an extended period now. For some children, music teaches them certain things so they don’t forget. 

This shows how much impact our choice of music has on us and our way of life. Whenever you lose passion for listening to music, try to find a solution to the problem and get yourself up again.

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