Cymatics Delivers Free Dreamy/Lo-Fi Plugin – Deja Vu

Cymatics Delivers Free Dreamy/Lo-Fi Plugin - Deja Vu - 2024 Update


Cymatics recently released a free plugin called Deja Vu for Windows and Mac OS. 

The Cymatics Deja Vu, as the name suggests, is essentially a plugin for transforming your sounds to give them a more nostalgic and Lo-Fi-ish feel. Technically, it time-stretches the audio’s length up to 4x and lowers its pitch accordingly. What’s special about the plugin is its time-stretching algorithm, which sounds quite clean and transparent. It’s like Lo-Fi without the low fidelity and artifacts. 

Cymatics’ Deja Vu plugin boasts several essential controls for transforming audio. The MODE feature, offering 1.5x, 2x, and 4x stretching options, manipulates time, allowing versatile transformations. The ON/OFF switch enables quick comparison between original and modified sounds, while the SMOOTH knob reduces artifacts like clicks or pops, ensuring cleaner output.

Its FADE-IN and FADE-OUT knobs facilitate smooth transitions, ideal for nuanced effects. LOW CUT and HIGH CUT controls specify affected frequency ranges, tailoring the sound precisely.

Deja Vu operates in discrete “chunks,” determined by the Loop buttons at the plugin’s top. By adjusting the Loop length, you control how often the pitch-shifting effect resets within your track. For instance, if you select a Loop length of 1 bar, Deja Vu will reset its pitch alteration every bar, ensuring alignment with your song’s structure.

Similarly, choosing a ¼ bar Loop length means the pitch-shifted audio resets every quarter note. When Mode is set to 1.5x, your audio plays back at ⅔ of its original speed, resulting in a -5 semitone pitch shift and transforming straightforward rhythms into triple patterns. Additionally, its MIX knob harmonizes original and modified signals for seamless integration into your mix.

This FREE PLUGIN makes your melodies sound INSANE!!!

When I saw that Cymatics released a new free plugin, I casually downloaded it and very randomly placed it on one of my songs in FL Studio. I thought it was just another pitch manipulation and time-warping plugin. But honestly, I was surprised by how clean and artifact-free it sounded. 

I tried it on one of my songs, which is an upbeat bubblegum/disco pop song, and I was happy to hear how it slowed and pitched it down in a very clean and transparent fashion. Songs usually sound more soothing and relaxing when slowed down, but the right effect is important, and this plugin helps you exactly with that.

Sonically, I liked the warmth, dreamy textures, the transparent pitch-down effect, and the on/off buttons combined with its FADE IN/OUT and SOOTH knobs gave me a new favorite toy to try on my sounds. 

Tip: Use Cyamtics Deja Vu alongside plugins like RC-20 to create better Lo-Fi effects. 

Regarding its interface, the plugin has a simple one, and it took me only a couple of minutes to figure out each control. A beginner may need to do manual diving or go through this review or tutorials though. But, if you have used tape effects and pitch/time manipulation plugins before, you will get the hang of it in no time. 

Next, its Waveform view is quite useful and helps you visualize your audio. I also like the colorful waveform it gives and the easily visible on/off button. 

Moving on, what I really like is that for knobs that are different or new, the plugin tells what exactly the knob does at the left bottom of its window. I found these instructions helpful in understanding the controls.  

Further, you can also resize its GUI and scale it to small, medium, or large size, depending on your preference.  

I loved the plugin, and I honestly have no complaints. But there’s always room for improvement. Firstly, I wish Cymatics had given the option to remove the ‘Loop’ control so I could apply the Deja Vu to the entire song, recording, or loop. However, right now, the plugin is applied only up to eight bars. 

Tip: To apply the plugin to the entire song, simply reset the tempo of your session to the 1/MODE value you’ve set. For example, if the MODE value you’ve set is 1.5x, reduce the tempo to 1/1.5 times, which is 0.666 times the original tempo.

Additionally, resizing could also be done freely, but that’s nothing major, as the three options given also suffice. Furthermore, I thought the Low and High Cuts would apply to the entire wet signal and would be post-effect. Instead, it is pre-effect, which means that it is applied to the audio signal before the signal is affected by the plugin.  

Sound designers and Producers who sample a lot would instantly love what this plugin does. The best part about it, as I mentioned, is its transparent and minimal artifact algorithm. 

Usually, time-warping and pitch-shifting plugins work well on monophonic sounds but fail with polyphonic sounds. This plugin, however, works pretty well with polyphonic sounds, multi-layered instruments, fully arranged mixes/songs, samples, synths, and even drums. It will smooth things down. “When applied to the right sounds, it can sweep you back in time and calm you. Create dreamy and soothing sonic textures that are easy on the ears and perfect for nighttime listening.

I highly recommend this plugin and suggest that you try it on your full songs, samples, instruments, and more. Cymatics Deja Vu is available for Mac and Windows operating systems in VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats

Download the plugin here

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