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Blowdio Analog Tape Saturator Review integraudio

Blowdio is the latest effect plugin by Integraudio, which lets you add different colors and flavors of tape saturation to your sound. Broadly, it consists of four sections: Studio, Cinematic, Vintage, and Lofi, each offering a distinct flavor that may suit your sonics. 

I loved the warm texture the plugin added to my sounds. I would use it, especially for bass instruments, but it can also go well with guitars, drums, and synths. Let’s discuss the plugin in more detail now. 




Simple interface with easy-to-understand parameters
Have a great set of controls that help you shape your sounds in varying ways.
Sonically, it gives you way too many textures and colors and has a pleasantly warm tone. 

Blowdio’s Interface and Workflow Overview

Upper Panel

The plugin’s upper panel consists of four tabs or sections, as mentioned above. The Studio Section tab is designed to emulate the characteristics of a modern studio environment. It offers a clean and transparent sound, ideal for adding subtle warmth and coloration without sacrificing clarity. The Lofi section of Blowdio is tailored for those seeking a gritty, vintage sound reminiscent of old-school tape recordings. 

The Vintage tab pays homage to the classic analog tape machines of yesteryears, offering a warm and saturated sound with a hint of nostalgia. Lastly, the Cinematic section of Blowdio is designed to create larger-than-life soundscapes and epic textures, making it perfect for film scoring and sound design.

In each tab, you get the following six switches:

  • Lowpass: This switch allows you to apply a low-pass filter to the signal, cutting off higher frequencies to achieve a smoother sound.
  • Wow: The Wow switch introduces a subtle modulation effect, mimicking the wow and flutter typically associated with analog tape machines.
  • Digitalize: When activated, the Digitalize switch imparts a digital edge to the sound, emulating the characteristics of digital recording equipment.
  • Softclip: Softclip introduces gentle saturation and compression, helping to tame transient peaks and add subtle harmonic distortion.
  • Hot In: This switch simulates driving the input stage of the plugin, resulting in a hotter signal and increased saturation.
  • Darken: Darken adds a touch of warmth and darkness to the sound, ideal for softening overly bright or harsh recordings.

Finally, Blowdio has a great preset browser that lets you save and recall your presets with ease. Additionally, the factory presets in the plugin are of great range and can give you a decent starting point. 

Lower Panel

Blowdio’s lower panel consists of the following knobs for further processing:

Blowdio (Analog Tape Saturator) Plugin Review

  • Dust: Adds simulated noise and imperfections reminiscent of aged tape recordings, enhancing vintage character.
  • Flutter: Introduces subtle pitch modulation, replicating the natural fluctuations found in analog tape playback.
  • Drive: Controls the input gain, adjusting the level of saturation and harmonic distortion applied to the signal.
  • Tapehead: Alters the virtual playback head position, influencing the frequency response and saturation characteristics.
  • Output: Adjusts the overall output level of the plugin, ensuring optimal signal balance and preventing clipping.

Overall, the plugin is quite easy to use and has a streamlined workflow. The mix knob and bypass button add an extra layer of easiness. The parameter controls are simple and you can get used to them in no time. 

Blowdio (Analog Tape Saturator) Plugin Review

What does Blowdio do for you

Blowdio is great for adding that analog tape warmth to your sounds and makes everything deeper, mellower, and smoother. I also noticed that it adds lower to mid-frequency harmonics and reduces harsher and higher-mid frequencies. So, if you’re looking for a saturator that will brighten up your sounds, this one is not it. 

The Studio algorithm is the most transparent of all the algorithms. It sounds quite like a cut of hot chocolate and the brightest among the four. The Cinematic algorithm, on the other hand, makes your sound fuller, deeper, and wider. You must try this, especially on percussions, synths, and guitars, and see how dense and beefy they sound after applying Blowdio. 

On drums, I like the Studio algorithm better as it preserves the natural tone of the sound. In contrast, the Cinematic algorithm adds too much color, which works great for warming up your synths, guitars, bass, or even vocals

The Vintage algorithm is also subtle like Studio, adding a nice and controlled vintage color to your sounds. Lofi is an extreme effect though and is great for adding that distorted and old-school vintage tape effect

What I appreciate about this plugin is that you can cross its different parameters and algorithms to create a huge sound palette. So for example, if you’re going for a grungy vocal tone that you don’t want to sound harsh, you can use the Lofi algorithm and turn on Digitize and Low-pass switches. 

Similarly, if you want a distorted guitar or bass tone, simply apply the hot-in, soft clip, and digitize switches. If you want that relaxing Jazz or Blues guitar tone, apply its smooth low-pass filter, add a flutter, and use the studio or the cinematic tab. You can also make your drum thump more blast the speakers with its soft clip switch, and go from subtle saturation to insane distortion effects.


Pros and Cons


  • Blowdio is a versatile distortion plugin with varying colors and styles of distortion. It can sound warm and sweet to dirty and industrial and everything in between, without sounding too harsh or bright. 
  • Its controlled saturation makes it stand out! Most distortion plugins end up hurting the ear with bad high-mid resonances. However, this plugin has that controlled really well.
  • The plugin is quite easy to use. Everything from the preset browser to the simple switches and knobs workflow lies in a single window. 
  • It has a huge range of preset collection


  • It’s not the right plugin if you want bright textures in your sound. Hence, it is not the best saturation plugin for those typical Pop vocals. 
  • With too many controls, you get many tonal options, which may also confuse you. 
  • The interface is not resizable


Blowdio by Integraudio is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. 

Here is a short demonstration what Blowdio does for you:

Integraudio Blowdio - Free Saturation Plugin


I will definitely be using this plugin a lot as it has a unique work case that no other plugin in my workflow currently fulfills. So for example, I also use the Abbey Roads Tape Saturator by Waves, but I use that to add more brightness to my sound. Blowdio does the exact opposite of that. 

On the other hand, the J37 Tape Saturation plugin and all its emulations have a tone that is quite different from Blowdio. For warmer and organic analog tape effects, it would be a great idea to combine a J37 plugin with Blowdio. I genuinely suggest you try this plugin and explore its range of characters. 

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