Top 9 PSP Plugins 2024 (Best PSP Audioware VSTs)

Top 9 PSP Audioware Plugins For Music Production |

PSP Audioware has a large selection of plugins with a distinguished history and a variety of tools. The Top 9 PSP Audioware Plugins for Music Production in 2024 have been chosen for you.

In post-communist Poland, Antoni Ozynski and Mateusz Wozniak, two lifelong friends, founded s.c. as soon as they graduated from college.

In 2000, the audio world rapidly took note of their high-quality software, and PSPaudioware’s reputation expanded despite having no contacts in the music business and relying solely on the strength of their audio processors and the then-emerging Internet Build.

Their breakthrough came in 2002 when they unveiled the PSP VintageWarmer, a multi-band compressor and saturation processor with analogue influences. PSPaudioware has established itself as a pro audio software brand because of outstanding evaluations and nonstop appreciation from experts and amateurs alike.

PSPaudioware has since made several reputable audio processors available. In project and professional studios all around the world, PSPaudioware plug-ins, dynamics processors, and recognized creative effects have become vital.

Through word-of-mouth, raving reviews, in-person appearances at trade shows, and community forums, PSPaudioware’s commitment to offering high-quality, reasonably priced processors suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts continues to garner them awards and expand their user base, and they have only just started!

Top 9 PSP Audioware Plugins For Music Production 2024

1. PSP Saturator

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PSP Saturator Review - Top 12 Saturation Plugins (Best Mixing & Mastering Tools) |

A combination of refined algorithms and inspiration comes from great saturation units that come in a beautiful interface and offer an abundance of controls.

PSP Audioware brings a new plugin to their catalog, dedicated to assisting you with the most common saturation processes and offering plenty of presets to start working right when you open it for the first time. With an intuitive set of controls displayed at the interface – which resembles vintage studio gear -, each knob twist is precise and full of character.

You can saturate any sound by adding harmonics, taming the frequencies, and dynamic processing to simulate an analog circuit as best as possible. Allied with that, you have three algorithms, distributed between eight saturation types.

Key Features:

  • Shapes

Right below the large “Saturation” knob, there’s a “Shape” switch with eight variable settings. This is a collection of saturation types, going from left to right on a scale from less intense to a very distorted sound. A versatile tool like this is essential to suit every need when applying saturation.

With “Soft Valve,” “Med Valve,” “Hard Valve,” “Warm Tape,” “Modern Tape,” “Ram,” “Soft Clip,” and “Hard Clip,” you can dwell into both valve and tape characters very quickly.

  • Band-processing controls

Divided between two sections, the dedicated band-processing controls are distributed straightforwardly. At the “Low” module, you’ll find a dedicated knob to set the frequency value, a “Level” knob to adjust the volume, and a “Warmth” setting designed to give some consistency to the low-end.

At the “High” module, there’s also a “Level” knob and a “Freq” control, but this time aimed at higher frequencies. The “Softness” control, equivalent to the “Warmth,” delivers a concise shaping to the high-end spectrum. Using these two unique knobs at each section can easily set the shape of your frequencies. 

  • Linking

There’s an entire section dedicated to the input and output controls on the bottom. This can be essential when dealing with gain and saturation, but a particular configuration should’ve been in every similar plugin. On the left of the “Input” and “Output” controls, there’s a small chain symbol that represents a “Link.”

When this option is activated, the input and output volumes are locked and relative to each other, allowing for an ultra-precise instant configuration of your signal level values.

  • Output modes

A small switch located at the right of the “Output” knob can cover two output modes. The first, “SAT,” allows saturation to be applied to the output signal. The second, “LIM,” brings a limiter to help you control a signal with lots of peaks or dynamics.

Both will influence how the “Output” knob works and drastically impact the way your signal is manipulated.

  • Open it up

At the same bottom section, there’s a very tiny “Open” button at the right. This fantastic feature lets you open the plugin up, just like you would a real tape machine. A section of what would be the circuit of the plugin is shown when you click it, and some controls can be tweaked to enhance your sound even more.

It contains a “Fat” mode, a side-chain high-pass filter, a smoothing control, a make-up control, and another high-pass filter that can be routed to “pre” or “post” in your signal chain.

Smooth, Thick, Great Sounding Saturation with Psp Saturator! Review and walkthrough


This plugin runs in macOS 10.10 to 12.01 (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It comes in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats.


This can be one of the most complete saturation plugins on our list, regarding the number of tools present and what you can do with them. Each parameter can be tweaked clearly, without a large number of knobs to scare newcomers.

The attention to detail is extreme, with special mention to the “Open” option that allows you to peak into the “hardware.” The algorithms working here dramatically benefit the result, which can be extremely close to what genuine equipment would deliver.

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2. PSP oldTimer Multiband Compressor

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PSP oldTime Review - Top 7 Multiband Compressor Plugins (And 4 FREE Plugins) |

A simplistic, vintage-styled multiband compressor from 2010, the PSP oldTimerMB is still one of the universal favorites.

What differentiates this plugin from the rest on our list is that it’s designed to look and sound like a vintage analog multiband compressor. Users of the PSP oldTimerME compressor will instantly recognize the musically colored sound of this plugin.

There are only three bands in this multiband compressor. However, don’t let the single-page, minimalistic layout throw you off — this plugin packs several modern features up its sleeves.

Key Features:

  • Analog Sound

Being a vintage compressor, the character of the sound, of course, is the biggest feature of this plugin. The compressors themselves have a distinctive sound, but PSP has also added a Valve amp feature. It is essentially a slight tube saturation, which gives some thickness to the body and character to the high frequencies.

You can turn the valve amp on and off, and you can also adjust how much drive you want. Adding to the analog sound is the automatic release function as well. There are two kinds of auto releases, one of which is designed to emulate an analog release.

  • Stereo Control

Each band has a Width knob, which lets you turn the band mono or wide using stereo enhancements. It is great for adding some stereo width to the mid and high frequencies 0f your mix bus while keeping the low frequencies mono. Similarly, this plugin also has a mid/side mode, which offers even more control over how you want your stereo field to sound.

  • Nostalgic GUI

The vintage look gives the plugin an air of class. PSP has also made the GUI resizable using the option found at the top left. Despite having several knobs, the plugin is quite self-explanatory and should pose no issue in quickly getting up to speed.

  • Multiple Slopes

The crossover slopes of the three bands can be adjusted as well. There are three options available: first, second, and fourth-order. The first is the most gentle and the fourth is the steepest. We would have loved to see each band having its own slope adjustment, but the one provided modifies all of the bands at the same time.

  • Presets

oldTimerMB offers 87 premade presets great for mixing as well as for mastering:

Top 9 PSP Plugins 2024 (Best PSP Audioware VSTs) - 2024 Update

PSP Oldtimer TUBE MULTIBAND Compressor Plugin


The PSP oldTimerMB is available for Windows 7 or higher at both 32-bit and 64-bit and for macOS 10.8 – 10.15 or later at both 32-bit and 64-bit. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, AAX, and RTAS formats.


If you are a fan of the look and sound of vintage, analog products, then this plugin is one of the best available in the market. The stereo width control, mid/side, and crossover slope selection give the classic multiband compressor a modern touch.

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3. PSP InfiniStrip

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PSP InfiniStrip - Brainworx bx_console AMEK 9099 - Top 7 Channel Strip Plugins (And 3 Best Free Plugins) |

PSP Audioware’s InifiniStrip offers endless combinations from its 22 processors.

The plugin allows you to add up to seven simultaneous processors and a total of two inserts. Rack up the preamps, expanders, filters, EQs, compressors, limiters, etc., in an order that will benefit your production. Furthermore, you can choose between the various types of processors and change them without changing your settings.

That helps when you’re just looking for a different tone rather than different settings.

Key Features:

  • Five Preamps

The plugin offers five types of preamps, each with distinct coloration. Gain solely raises the volume. Pre60s makes instruments sound more organic, while Pre70s enlarges drums and bass without losing transients. Pre80s adds exaggerated transients and ADC 90s applies subtle clipping.

  • Three Filters

Here, you can choose between three types of filters: a basic one with HP and LP options. A more complex option with HP, LP, and parametric Mid control. And finally, a Side-Chain filter.

  • Dynamic modules

Choose if you need a Gate, Expander, or Ducker for your track.

  • Three Compressors

The plugin offers Opto, great for vocals, FET, perfect for drums and guitars, and VCA, which is used chiefly for bus compression.

  • Three EQs

You get these options: a flexible four-band EQ called ChannelQ; a redesign of the PSP PreQursor with three types of bell shapes; and the PSP RetroQ, which is based on old-school EQs.

  • Limiter Modules

The plugin offers three types of limiters, Opto, VCA, BrickWall, and a Saturator module. Additionally, you get a Master unit with basic stereo field controls.

  • Special Modules

 There are three special units here: De-esser, De-hummer, and ReactivEQ. While the first two are self-explanatory, the last is a dynamic equalizer.

The NEW PSP InfiniStrip!


This plugin is available for Windows 7 and newer and macOS 10.8 and higher in VST and AU formats.


The InifiniStrip is a reasonably new plugin that might need a UI tweak, but which sounds excellent nevertheless. The never-ending sonic combinations are enhanced by comparing the types of processors while keeping the same settings. Overall, the plugin offers tremendous workflow gains and is an excellent addition to any producer’s collection.

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4. PSP Master Q2

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PSP Master Q2 - The 7 Best EQ Plugins For Mastering |

PSP’s Master Q2 is a powerful five-band mastering equalizer with built-in limiter and saturation functions.

Each band has its own set of controls, with the three middle bands, including a Soft Peak algorithm that rounds out the EQ bell’s peak, smoothing out its resonance. The bands at the upper- and lower end of the spectrum have both bell or shelf modes.

You also get two extra bands, high- and low-pass filters, with adjustable Q and three dB/octave slope choices. At the top, there’s a graphic analyzer, in which you can see the changes made below take shape. This meter ranges from 12Hz to 40kHz, which is the same frequency range supported by the parameters.

Key Features:

  • FAT Button

This button enables the Frequency Authentication Technique, which delivers a more natural high-frequency response by adding an octave above the Nyquist frequency, which virtually doubles the sample rate.

Although this increases the latency, it is an excellent tool for mastering since it will make the plugin manage frequencies with extra clarity and definition, reducing aliasing.

  • Limiter

Not a very common feature in an EQ, the built-in limiter presents a routing option, as well as a ceiling knob and automatic makeup options. You can choose to send the stereo image or the mid, sides, left, or right channels into the limiter.

The ceiling knob ranges from -18 to +6dB. The automatic makeup gain gives you 7 kinds of limiting: vintage limiting, soft and hard limiting, soft and hard dynamics, and soft and hard saturation, each pushing the sound differently.

  • Linked Frequency Mode

This option lets you adjusted all bands with a single knob, preserving the EQ curve. Click the chain button on top of the frequency control for the low-end band. With other bands engaged, the button will move them around, maintaining the proportion between different bands.

Character & Sound:

The Master Q2 is generally a clean equalizer, but it sounds like there’s always some harmonic distortion happening, even with the Analog section turned off.

However, when you turn it on, it changes the relationship between even and odd harmonics individually for each band, which creates a richer sound, even though the effect itself is quite soft.

Turn it counter-clockwise for an emphasis on odd frequencies and clockwise for even frequencies. With the Amount knob all the way up, you can’t help but notice a greater focus on the high-mids.

PSP MasterQ2 Plugin - Surgical Mastering EQ Plugin


This plugin is available as a VST, AU, and AAX plugin for 32- and 64-bit PCs running Windows Vista and up, as well as 64-bit Macs running macOS 10.7 and up.


A nice-looking plugin with a characteristic, hard-hitting sound, similar to the SSL EQs. It sounds like it’s always doing something to your sound, which can be great for mastering, depending on the project you’re working on. It’s a versatile plugin with interesting functions and potential for creative use, which would be great for mixing.

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5. PSP Neon (HR, STD & MIX)

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PSP Neon - Top 6 Linear Phase EQ Plugins (Most Precise EQs) |

 A truly linear phase mastering EQ plugin Neon HR by PSP Audioware.

With more than a decade on the market, this plug-in continues to be a strong player in the mastering chain. Considering its age it is a tool that managed to stay afloat due to its clean and uncluttered user interface designed to look like hardware units.

Thus a friendly interface can make the workflow more intuitive and efficient as a graphical display that allows users to zoom in/out by selecting a suitable vertical scale. Eight visible bands can be assigned to each one of the seven filter types being able to select the way in which it processes its signal in the master.

The latest version of this plugin comes with three models each with qualities that suit different users. Neon Mix offers us minimum phase filters ideal for mixing since it does not present latency.

The next model is Neon STD, much more friendly in its memory requirements by having very low latency and a sufficient standard spectral resolution for everything except mastering. For the mastering chain, we will use Neon HR suitable for a linear phase process and choose three spectral resolution levels.

Key Features:

  • CPU efficiency 

When we talk about linear phase processes, the first thing we think of is high CPU demand. But in Neon this is not the case because it uses linear phase algorithms based on fast frequency domain convolution which achieves a better balance between CPU efficiency and phase accuracy.

  • Frequency Authentication Technique

PSP has patented this mode of oversampling that significantly enhances the sound. Enabling FAT expands the depth and width of the mix adding additional anti-alias/anti-image filtering.

  • GUI

You might be thinking that being an old plugin, it is hard to use. But it is not like that, Neon has a helpful interface for an intuitive workflow with a transparent response that makes you forget for a moment that it is also a linear phase equalizer waiting to be used in critical applications.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.5 or higher and Windows 7 or higher and runs on 64-bit and 32-bit systems. It runs in VST, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


Well, this veteran plugin continues to do its job by providing a sounding equalizer that offers sweetness and transparency to our signal. PSP Neon is perfect for mastering due to its deliberately soft and neutral character.

As I said, it is surprising that it is an old plugin but its interface is intuitive and easy to use, a large-scale design but also designed for more novice users.

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6. PSP MasterComp

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PSP MasterComp - The 11 Best Mastering Compressor & Processor Plugins (With 2 Free Plugins) |

The MasterComp by PSP is a high-fidelity stereo processor with smooth, analog-like dynamic compression.

For several years, this plugin has stood the test of time. With a wide range of controls and a low distortion algorithm, this is a tool made for mastering. The Limiter switch engages a brick wall limiting algorithm for precise loudness control.

Key Features:

  • Selectable channel

Choose to apply compression to the Mid, Side, Left, Right, or Stereo channels. Plus, the Link knob lets you balance control of the two tracks by connecting them, which can cause a more musical effect.

  • Smooth

This button engages the low distortion algorithm, making soft, analog-like compression available. This option is more transparent but consumes about 2.5x more CPU power. Turning it off makes the plugin faster but not necessarily worse since the sound is quite similar.

  • Rear Panel

By clicking on the frontal logo, you can access the plugin’s back, where you can find a new set of controls. These are specific for the VUs. They adjust the 0VU reference level, the PPM integration and return times, and the Overload counter. All these allow for better adjustment of the VUs, giving the producer a deeper understanding of the output signal.

Character and Sound:

Unlike a few options in this list, the MasterComp doesn’t have a dedicated input/saturation knob. Also, lowering the threshold doesn’t distort the sound. What it has is the Smooth button that makes the sound even more transparent. This is truly a clear-sounding plugin made for giving the perfect glue to your mix.

PSP Mastering Chain by Venus Theory


The MasterComp is a 64-bit only plugin available as VST, RTAS, and AAX for Windows; or AU, AAX, RTAS, VST for Mac.


This useful plugin can look old-fashioned but delivers incredible compression and is a worthy addition to any producer’s toolkit. The fact it also comes with a MicroComp version focused on mixing applications makes it worth the money. If a soft analog texture is what you’re after, this plugin’s for you.

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7. PSP SpringBox

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Or Buy Here (Support Integraudio)

Designed to reproduce every nuance of spring reverb, the plugin captures the heart of spring reverb without a doubt.

SpringBox is an emulated spring reverb that recreates the characters of outboard units convincingly. It thrives on mono synths and close-mic acoustic guitars to give them stereo images and space. We recommend avoiding going overboard with it, though.

The interface is relatively simple and will make sense as soon as you check out the parameter labels. You will notice that the parameters have familiar names instead of classic names from hardware units. Moreover, there are no hidden pages for extra settings.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Chambers

Underneath the hood, SpringBox houses two emulated two and three-springs chambers in mono-to-stereo and stereo-to-stereo configurations. A higher spring count makes the sound more smooth. However, if it’s the classical twang you are after, use the two spring model.

  • Two Reverbs

Interestingly, the plugin offers two individual reverb sections with identical controls. You could use it either for A/B comparison or for switching the effect style on the fly. So, you could have one kind of reverb during the verse section and another in the chorus section.

  • Brilliant Mode

At the bottom central-lower section of the interface, you will find a hexagonal button that switches between Low CPU and Brilliant Mode. The latter provides a better high-frequency response at the expense of slightly higher CPU usage.

PSP SpringBox an emulation of a high-end quality studio spring reverb.


SpringBox is available for Windows XP or higher and macOS 10.8 or higher, both 32-bit and 64-bit. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, AAX, and RTAS formats.


We often look for spring reverbs for their twangy character, and this plugin delivers it almost dramatically. It works a charm on guitars and synths, but of course, you could also use it on snare drums, keyboards, and even vocals. We especially laud the multiple chamber or “tank” options to alter the smoothness of the reverb.

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8. PSP FETpressor

More Info & Price

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PSP FETpressor Review - Top 10 Best FET Compressor Plugins |

This plugin is a stereo FET compressor with smooth-control parameters and zero latency.

FETpressor is smoother-sounding compared to some of the others on our list, which makes it a considerable choice for vocals, synths, guitars, and bass, as well as the usual drums. It’s made to give precise, practically immediate compression with character.

Furthermore, the plugin also features a makeup amplifier and output transformer emulation to add subtle character even with the ratio set to 1:1. So if you are looking for a versatile compressor that isn’t just for aggressiveness, you should definitely take a closer look at this one.

Key Features:

  • Fantastic Sound

The FETpressor has a very smooth and controlled sound, compared to 1176 and other FET compressors. Thus, it is ideal for taming vocals; the subtle saturation adds clarity to the vocals and helps bring it out in a mix.

  • Sidechain Filter

There is a high-pass filter in the input stage to clean up the sound. Interestingly enough, though, the filter can go as high as 1kHz, so it could open up some creative usage too.

  • Stereo

FETpressor features stereo functionalities and can perform with the channels unlinked as well. Similarly, just like IK’s Black 76, you can also adjust each channel’s compression individually.

PSP FETpressor a FET feedback type compressor plug-in!


This plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.8 or higher, 32-bit or 64-bit. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, AAX, and RTAS formats.


FETpressor is one of the most versatile and efficient compressors on our list. Most FET compressor emulations focus on being aggressive or warm, whereas FETpressor finds an outstanding balance between smooth and dirty.

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9. PSP N2O

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

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Top 9 PSP Plugins 2024 (Best PSP Audioware VSTs) - 2024 Update

PSP N2O is a semi-modular multi-effect plugin that offers full freedom of control.

Built-in high-quality modules can be patched in any way you like, taking the same concepts as its family member, the PSP Nitro. With a new user interface making it much more simplified to create drones, pads, and atmospheres, this becomes a powerful tool for professionals.

There are three windows you will spend most of your time in are modular, global, and operator sections. Parameters can be applied using a fixed tempo typically set by the host tempo, but this can be changed by disabling the lock feature and typing in your rhythm.

Each operator contains morphing resonant and formant filters, eq, delay, reverb, pitch-shifter, compressor/expander, distortion, full-wave rectifier, and many more, all coming with animated display slots.

Key Features:

  • Modulation Matrix

Most of us are already familiar with the central modulation matrix. The concept is straightforward—specify your modulation source and destination for each row—but it’s uncommon to see something on this scale outside of a soft synth.

In other words, practically everything may point to anything else, and numerous destinations are possible. In addition, rather than merely using the plug-input, the Envelope Detector modulators may receive input from several sources. Direct input from other operators or even an external sidechain input is included.

  • Routing

There is a routing component that enables you to manage the signal’s travel via the N2O. At first, it could seem a little scary, but there are several pre-built routes to help you get started. You can feed an operator back to itself or to any lower numbers, in addition to feeding each operator into any of the subsequent operators in any quantity you like.

  • Assignable Knobs

The assignable buttons on N2O are a significant feature. There are eight programmable knobs that may be routed to nearly any parameter you desire in addition to the Wet/Dry control, which is necessary for live modulation. These may then be connected to MIDI controllers, which opens up a world of possibilities for live performances.


This plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.9.5 or higherboth 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3AU, and AAX formats.


Very few persons are those to whom we would not give N2O our recommendation. Even guitarists with a pedal obsession will be astounded by the power and combo choices available, and their producers will like the modulation possibilities. Dance fans will leap at the possibility of shredding their breakdowns, while hip-hop heads will like what it can do with basslines and samples.

N2O is fundamentally ideal for both novice programmers and ardent enthusiasts. Despite the overwhelming variety of routing options, everyone may enjoy N2O because of its vast and exceptionally well-designed preset library.

The GUI is a little sparse in size considering how much information is contained in it if we were to make any criticisms. It carries on the legacy of the PSP in simulating vintage hardware interfaces. Although we believe a more up-to-date interface would make it nicer and simpler, it surely does not fall short. It should be noted that none of the individual effects modules is entirely novel, so don’t anticipate a radical shift in aural perception.

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PSP Audioware StereoPack

More Info & Price

Or Buy Here (Support Integraudio)

PSP Audioware StereoPack Review - Top 10 Stereo Widening Plugins |

StereoPack is a versatile plugin that raises the character of any stereo mix. While being a pack of four plugins, StereoPack focuses on enabling any track with a profound sense of space.

The plugin has modern algorithms that switch mono signal to stereo signal, adding spatial width. It has three distinct modes to enlarge the stereo spectrum while avoiding phasing problems.

PSP Audioware StereoPack features a convenient oscilloscope window to provide you with spatial balance and intensity information.

Key Features:

  • PseudoStereo

The PseudoStereo feature changes mono signals to stereo; the intelligent algorithm uses a comb filtering technique to divide the mono sound into left and right information. The effect can accentuate itself with a depth slider, and the comb filter’s frequency results from the “Freq” switch’s placement.

Furthermore, the “emph” switch determines the amount of emphasis the higher frequencies will receive.

  • StereoEnhancer

This feature lets you define the stereo field’s total size. While using algorithms that also work under a comb filtering process, the StereoEnhancer provides exciting adjustments for the stereo spatialization.

With three sliding controls, you can define depth, base frequency, and treble emphasis to the StereoEnhancer’s processes.

  • StereoController

StereoController allows you to fix any stereo information by adjusting the stability of the L / R channels while keeping the balance and organic characteristics of the signal.

The controls in the StereoController’s panel let you operate the processed signal’s balance, stability, and center sonic textures.

  • StereoAnalyzer

The StereoAnalyzer feature serves you with faithful representations of the stereo signal. The input audio paints itself on the handy stereo oscilloscope, providing you with its size and intensity.

Furthermore, you can adjust the loudness level while monitoring the visual feedback panel and observing real-time display changes.


This plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.9.5 or higherboth 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3AU, and AAX formats.


PSP Audioware StereoPack is a pack of versatile plugins for stereo enhancement. StereoPack’s many presets are fantastic for experimentation and stereo exploration. With a creative-friendly interface, you can change essential tonal information of the signal.

StereoPack is an excellent option for mastering engineers who value analysis and monitoring with reliable visual feedback of the stereo’s placement and waveform. Even though there are practically no video reviews about this bundle, after our testing we can only recommend this product.

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In the end, this PSP Audioware heritage is unquestionably a part of our creative process and always will be. They have succeeded in introducing effective mix/master solutions to the market throughout time. The top sound engineers frequently employ these compression plugins, including MB Compression, Saturators, and several more.

The plugins were introduced to the market in a unique and expertly done manner, as was their interface. You have used one of their plugins at least once, regardless of your level of musical skill.

One of my favourite antique multiband compressors is the well-known PSP oldTimer Multiband Compressor. You can transfer an old-school sound into the modern day because of the control it allows you on the mid-side and crossover slope.

But if you’re seeking an all-in-one solution, PSP InfiniStrip provides all you want, if we may so speak. Five preamps, three filters, three EQs, compressors, and many more features are included. This plugin gives you a lot of options that let you easily boost your workflow; it is unquestionably a tool that belongs in every production collection.

Since I’ve been using this plugin for a long time, and it’s my best ally in the final stage of my composition. This PSP MasterComp features a low distortion algorithm, a large range of settings, and dynamic compression in an analogue manner. Additionally advantageous is a brick wall limiter, which accurately modifies the master’s volume control.

In conclusion, we can claim that this Top of their plugins provides clear instructions on how to utilize these solutions. It makes me happy that I was able to find them by looking at these plugins and that I was able to find some answers to my demands. We strongly advise using this firm because their costs are reasonable and they give you countless options.

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