Top 6 Sampler Plugins 2021 (And 3 Best FREE Plugins)

Top 6 Best Sampler Plugins (And 3 Best FREE Samplers) |

In this article, we are going to explore the 6 best sampler plugins available in 2021 as well as the 3 best free plugins.

Digital Instruments are a breakthrough in the field of possibilities. Audio plugins, like a synthesizer, offer an array of modulation options to shape a unique sound from scratch. Samplers go a little beyond by shaping any recorded sound and mixing it with synthetic sounds.

To make an instrument with absolutely any recording or audio file is overwhelming. Samplers can break any creative barrier by featuring filters and effects that provide musical character and instrumental role to any raw digital audio.

With many reliable and renowned manufacturers, such as Native Instruments, Accusonus, Glitchmachines, and more working to deliver highly complex sampler plugins, technological and modern breakthroughs are constantly appearing in yearly releases and developments.

Producers can observe one exciting modern advancement on Rhytmiq, a drum sampler by Accusonus, which features an Artificial Intelligence that applies and operates effects based on the user’s preferences. Rhytmiq’s drum assistant is one of the many audio technological innovations highlighted in this article.

What Does A Sampler Plugin Do?

A Sampler uses actual recordings, referenced as samples, and offers modulations and synth-like processings to play these samples back through a remote or native device. They use digital audio instead of digitized synthesized signal and offer many controls to change and shape the inserted sample’s sonic textures and characteristics, which then play as any virtual instrument.

Some samplers are adequate to create pads and particular lengthy sound effects, while others, known as phrase samplers, or drum samplers, are usually optimal for one-shot effects, such as a kick or snare sound.

Often featuring effects such as filters, compressors, reverbs, and more, samplers also have synthesizer processes such as LFOs, Glide, and ADSR commands. A good amount of samplers can store many audio samples for playing them simultaneously; for example, after inserting two recordings of different voices, you can align those to belong at the same instrument, producing one individual voice.

By featuring these varieties for controlling the nature of a sound, any audio recording can become an exciting fully-scaled musical instrument, regardless of the recorded quality.

How Do You Use A Sampler?

Samplers will use the recorded sound information of any audio sample to create something musical. Generally, you will be adding a recorded audio file or using the factory audio files of the plugin and setting specific parameters for the sound they want to come out of the sampler.

With filters, a piece of frequency information can be delineated so that the notes will only play a specific frequency range of a recorded audio file. One can, for instance, set two values for Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release in two different samples, which the plugin will play simultaneously to get a fuller or more rhythmic sound. For example, combining a tractor sound’s higher frequencies with the low frequency of a recorded waterfall in a unique instrument is possible and will deliver fantastic results.

Composers, such as Ludwig Göransson, used sampling technology to produce an exquisite Bass-line with the recording of a Firetruck in the soundtrack of Christopher Nolan’s movie Tenet. By integrating the recording of a Firetruck in a sampler, he used the plugin’s properties to pitch the sound until it reached a musical note. He then equalized the signal for low-end enrichment and layered it with another audio featuring the same note, strengthening its musical presence.

By getting the plugin to play these customized sounds, you can produce musical scale and chords with the unique-sounding virtual instrument he created with actual recordings.

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The 6 Best Sampler Plugins 2021 

1. Native Instruments Kontakt 6 (All-Round Sampler)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Kontakt might be the most fully-equipped sampler there is. It features more than 55GB of custom sampled and modulated instruments and gives you the freedom to introduce their samples.

One of the most impressive things about Kontakt 6 is its highly complete interface, featuring handy tools to search, organize and switch between effects and chosen instruments.

While offering a vast amount of instruments, the plugin also gives you the option to adjust any control information the presented sounds have, thus controlling the level of most artifacts of a Kotakt’s instrument with in-built tools.

NI Kontakt 6 Review - Top 6 Best Sampler Plugins 2021 (And 3 Best FREE Samplers) |

Key Features:

  • Eight Modules
    By featuring eight modules on its main effects segment, Kontakt 6 makes it possible to process the signal before the instrument output. Along with the many handy tools in this effects rack, a compressor, limiter, module chain, an EQ, and many other valuable controls. You can load effects and change their order on the chain by simply dragging and dropping. The Main FX module is exact at giving the final polishment to a sound.
  • Sample Meshing
    Kontakt 6 features many instruments in its substantial library. In addition to setting parameters and adding effects to instruments in the plugin, you can also mix their samples with the instrument’s signal. This addition will deliver great experimentation opportunities since it allows an infinite number of combinations.
  • Three Acclaimed Instruments
    There are three instruments that Kontakt introduces: Analog Dreams, Hybrid Keys, and Ethereal Earth. The featured instruments offer sophistication and modernity with their helpful controls and handy settings. Analog Dreams is a Hybrid synthesizer that blends sounds and produces an exciting mix of classic electro and synth-wave. Ethereal Earth is another hybrid instrument that has texture-rich notes because of its detailed and unique development. For making Ethereal Earth, the developers recorded many instruments from different cultures and countries and fused those with synthesis and processing, resulting in notes full of texture and frequency information. They made hybrid Keys with peculiar techniques, such as re-amping, diverse microphone positions, and tape experimentations on the sound’s velocity.
  • Effects
    The plugin by Native Instruments offers a satisfactory amount of stimulating effects. A tube compressor called Supercharger GT will fit nicely by adding subtle or aggressive textures in the mix. The transparent limiter is an excellent tool to avoid clippings since it always sets the signal level below zero. Kontakt also has a delay effect called Replika Delay, which offers many delay modes and uses Native Instruments’ unique technology. A reverb featuring three modes is also featured in the plugin, switch between room, hall, and plate to achieve exciting results. Kontakt also offers a Wah-Wah effect and a Mod Pack with extensive creative possibilities that fit any project.
KONTAKT 6 Walkthrough | Native Instruments


This plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.13 or higherboth 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3AU, and AAX formats.


Kontakt is a highly renowned sampler. Its importance is fundamentally noticeable by the over 600 licensed instruments from other manufacturers that run in it. Kontakt 6 is the recent and modern version of the series and features useful high-quality features. Features like mixing your samples with the plugin’s instruments for creating something unique are advantageous. The plugin by Native Instruments also offers a complete service for MIDI applications. Its technological and unique algorithms will give any producer room for experimentation while delivering excellent quality audio.

2. Initial Audio Slice (Slicer Sampler)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Slice is excellent for shaping, stretching, reversing, and all kinds of modulations in any recorded sample. It focuses on delivering high-quality loops and beats.

Initial Audio made Slice deliver a precise service for producers and beatmakers wanting to create unique, colorful loops. By offering exciting patterns, parameters, and effects to help shape the loop, the brand new plugin by Initial Audio is efficient for genres such as hip hop and EDM.

With over 300 samples, you can shape and experiment with exceptionally recorded beat starters and drum patterns.

Initial Audio Slice Review - Top 6 Best Sampler Plugins 2021 (And 3 Best FREE Samplers) |

Key Features:

  • 760 Samples
    Initial Slice is packs than three hundred unique beat starters produced by Initial Audio. It also has three hundred loops and one hundred and sixty well-recorded Drum sounds, all royalty-free. With these many alternative sounds, the plugin gives you room for experimentation and high-quality creations. The factory presets are highly rich in texture and fullness.
  • Sample
    The process in which the samples go through in the plugin is exciting. By dragging and dropping samples, you can then apply fade-in, fade-out, stretching, pitch shifting, formant shifting, and a noise gate in the entire signal. You can also preserve a sample’s formants and loop or reverse them. The Sliced parts of the sound can be detuned pitch-shifted, looped, and reversed. There are three effects racks in Initial Slice. You can choose between eleven effects to add in one of the three effects racks. The effects, even though being standard for samplers, are extremely rich in textures and quality.
  • Slice Sequencer
    The Slice Sequencer is a fantastic tool that has tremendous importance in the creative process. By selecting this feature, you’ll be able to compose directly in a built-in piano roll. This fantastic and unique option works accurately well with whatever sample is inserted and offers an intuitive and easy-to-use piano roll.
  • Drum Sequencer
    The plugin also has a drum sequencer segment. The drum sequencer will give any producer the freedom and tools to create a drum pattern or sequence intuitively. With ten slots for holding drum samples, this feature will provide you the control over every individual slot’s gain, pan, pitch, and reverb. The possibility to add each of the slots to the sidechain is also pretty solid.
  • Bass Sequencer
    By offering a slot to let you drag and drop their bass sample, the Bass Sequencer also features a piano roll for melody creation. The slot has knobs to control the sample’s Gain, Pan, Pitch, Fine-tune, Threshold, Release, and a handy Side-Chain button, which, when activated, will duck the bass concerning the drums.
Initial Slice - Loop Slicer | Sampler ( VST | AU compatible Plugin )


This plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.14 or higherboth 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3AUAAX, and RTAS formats.


Initial Slice is a convenient sampler for creating unique and exciting loops. The plugin provides a Drum Sequencer feature that will intuitively help anyone achieve fantastic results for crafting unique drum patterns and sequences. With a Bass Sequencer and Slice Sequencer, you will explore different melodies and rhythms in a piano roll display. Apart from the unique Sequencer features, Initial Slice provides a brilliant design with easy-to-use controls and effects to shape any sound with precision and swiftness.

3. Native Instruments Battery 4 (Drum Sampler)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Battery 4 is a Native Instruments’ sampler focused on producing predominantly electronic and hip-hop drum samples. Its constructive library and interface are great for fast-paced productions.

The Native Instruments plugin is highly intuitive. While featuring a pleasant interface, all the resources and parameters will be easily accessible through an interactive color-coded display.

With a fully complete library easily placed in the interface, any producer will have the ability to drag and drop factory samples quickly while also loading their samples.

Native Instruments Battery 4 Review - Top 6 Best Sampler Plugins 2021 (And 3 Best FREE Samplers) |

Key Features:

  • Main Panel
    You will have access to an extensive library of kits and samples that he can drag and drop freely in the main panel. The cell-matrix is where samples will stay. Cells can provide parameters like colors, sizes, and other applicable settings to make the central board organized and friendly. You can choose a preset size or make his custom by adding rows and columns. By adjusting and experimenting with the Cell Matrix, the user can create interesting layering patterns with randomness and creative potential, which can also be present in Native Instrument’s Polyplex Drum Design plugin.
  • Engine
    In an exciting segment called Engine, Battery 4 will provide impressive options for shaping the sound. This segment has a Standard and Vintage button. When “standard” is selected, the sample will play as usual. The Vintage option will offer six modes to affect your sample with the vintage and authentic characteristics of the S1200 and MP-60 models.
  • Effects
    Battery 4 equips complete and intuitive controls. In a volume envelope, you can set parameters, such as Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, and Release, to add flavor to the note. There will be Amount, Decay 1, Break and Decay 2 controls for adjusting a pitch envelope. You can also assign Velocity to volume or pitch. This value can be proportionately adjusted using knobs. A filter is easily accessible in the Main Panel. It can provide high-cut and low-cut in the sound’s frequency range. A compressor, which features a monitor for measuring compressed information, is also displayed, and a Delay and Reverb effect on the main panel. Apart from these commonly built effects, the plugin also has LoFi and Saturation. LoFi works interestingly by changing the Bits, Hertz, Noise, Color, and Output signal.
Get Started In Native Instruments Battery 4 In [ALMOST] 20 Minutes!


This plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.13 or higherboth 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3AU, and AAX formats.


Native Instruments Battery 4 is straightforward to use and provides any producer with an optimal workflow for designing drum patterns and loops. Battery 4 also offers highly accessible effects and customization options to improve every user’s creative experimentation, along with its handy library to provide easy drag and drop solutions. The Native Instruments drum sampler is crucial for beatmakers wanting to craft unique and one-of-a-kind beats.

4. Glitchmachines Polygon 2.0 (Hybrid Sampler)

More Info & Price 

The updated version of Polygon by Glitchmachines, Polygon 2.0, is a hybrid synth sampler with many modulation modules and complex tools to provide excellent sound design.

The Glitchmachines plugin offers an extensive amount of controls on its interface to help any sound achieve uniqueness. Its granular mode is beyond helpful for delineating any instrumental vibe.

With a complete interface, Polygon 2.0 will entirely control any sound’s texture characteristics with intuitive knobs.

Glitchmachines Polygon 2.0 Review - Top 6 Best Sampler Plugins 2021 (And 3 Best FREE Samplers) |

Key Features:

  • Granular Engine
    Polygon 2’s Granular Mode will bring depth and color with its brilliantly designed algorithms. Any samples will be highly modified while still containing natural textures and organic elements when processed through Glitchmachines’ unique technological Granular Engine featuring a modern dual oscillator. The granular mode, when active, will offer many granular synthesis settings, such as timbre textures and sonic characteristics in the grains. When you assigns this mode, he will select between Rectangular, Triangular, and Hanning windows, changing aggressiveness levels. A Grain Chaos parameter is also present in this segment. It is an exciting tool for setting specific amounts of deviation on the size, pitch, and space of the granular level.
  • Mod Section
    The modulation segment on Polygon 2.0 is fascinating. This segment will be optimal for any experimentation and sound designing technique while offering four mod sequencers, 8 LFOS, and many mod utilities. Featured in the Modulation Section is an impressive Randomizer panel, which, when active it isolates the plugin’s parameters for either a broad or narrow randomizing setting defined by yourself.
  • 4 Sampler Modules
    The sampler modules come in four sections that you can insert any audio files. Apart from the many presets available, you can load his samples in the Modules section and define a significant number of parameters. By activating a chromatic mode, the plugin will play the sample chromatically. It can also reverse itself if you select the reverse playback option. Each of the four samples features attractive sound design options such as Amp, Coarse, Fine, Pan, Attack, and Release. The loaded samples can also be tuned, allowing some parameters and oscillators to track a standard pitch.
Glitchmachines - POLYGON 2.0 - 01 Overview


This plugin is available for Windows 8 or higher and macOS 10.11 or higherboth 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3AUAAX, and RTAS formats.


Polygon 2 is an upgraded version of the renowned Polygon sampler. This new version features an immense field of possibilities for any producer and sound designer that wants unique and complex sound effects or instrumental tones. With many exciting features, the Granular Engine grabs extra attention with its easy-to-use controls and in-depth parameters. Be ready to introduce unique and specially customized sound effects by changing many sonic textures and characters with the sophisticated and unique sampler by Glitchmachines. Another splendid sampler from Glitchmachines is Palindrome. Check it out as well.

5. Accusonus Rhythmiq (Drum/Slicer Sampler)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

The level of practicality and control offered by Rhythmiq is exceptionally sophisticated. Using the central knob, you can adjust quickly and effectively any drum’s track characteristics.

Rhythmiq works phenomenally as a Drum Sampler. The plugin offers many options for performing drum patterns and variations accurately, allowing for exciting breaks and build-ups.

The Accusonus plugin also delivers fantastic assistance with a one-of-a-kind virtual assistant that helps any beats reach a unique level of quality.

accusonus Rhythmiq Review - Top 6 Best Sampler Plugins 2021 (And 3 Best FREE Samplers) |

Key Features:

  • Beat Assistant
    Rhythmiq has a fantastic tool that uses a unique and formidable technology by Accusonous. The groundbreaking virtual assistant will analyze every beat character and apply changes to subtlety to make drum patterns and textures reach perfection. The variations offered by the Beat Assistant will constantly be evolving throughout the musical performance so that the beat will stay at a safe and high-quality standard.
  • Stems
    There are three stems in Rhytmiq’s interface. They organize themselves so that the first stem controls the kick, the second the snare, and the third the hats sounds. Each of the stems has controls for Freeze, Arrange, Reverse, Silence, Pan, and Gain. With a giant library easily accessible on the plugin’s interface, any of the 100 preset factory samples can be added and customized with the stems. After setting the effects and parameters on the stem, a universal knob featured on the Beat Assistant display will provide general changes to the whole output.
  • MIDI Learn
    The Accusonus plugin also has an exciting and exciting MIDI Learn function. For a quicker workflow, you can assign a midi control on any feature found on the main interface. This beneficial tool will make any producer operate in the most practical and fast-paced way. Almost every interactive part in Rhythmiq can be assigned to a MIDI learn option, making the plugin highly customizable and adaptative.
Rhythmiq Tutorial #1 — Walkthrough & User Interface


This plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.10 or higherboth 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3AUAAX, and RTAS formats.


With the Accusonus drum sampler Rhytmiq, anybody can produce exciting and detailed drum patterns and loops. By providing a high amount of freedom to assign controls and operations in your MIDI devices, Rhytmiq fits perfectly for fast-paced productions. The Beat Assistant will work with you to deliver perfect changes in textures for smooth or aggressive delivery.

6. Serato Sample (Intuitive Sampler)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

With many customizable options for the sonic’s sound characteristics, the Serato Sampler is an excellent tool for anyone looking to chop, stretch, or key-shift samples.

The immense possibilities for sound-shaping within Serato Sampler are mind-blowing. The algorithms in Time-stretching, Key-shifting, and many other processes are incredibly technological and modern.

The easy-to-use controls featured on the interface make this plugin seem extremely simple and handy for any producer independently of their experience with samplers.

Serato Sample Review - Top 6 Best Sampler Plugins 2021 (And 3 Best FREE Samplers) |

Key Features:

  • Manipulation
    Serato Sampler works incredibly well with creativity. The many exciting parameters featured on the main panel of the sampler are intuitive and modern. With single knobs, you can adjust specific values to the sample’s level, Filter, Attack, and Release. A reverse, key-shift, and time-stretch setting can also manipulate the sound to any vibe it needs.
  • Control
    The plugin gives easy and total control over the inserted track. With indicative colored waveforms, the sample’s workspace will be organized and easy to use. The unique grid is extremely well-versed at synchronizing your samples to your project’s beat. With a waveform scrub and needle drop, you will be able to find precisely the textures he wants in his track and will be able to jump around and between tracks easily.
  • Workflow
    By featuring Serato DJ’s famous Cue Point, every producer will be able to set and adjust trigger pads for a steady and quick workflow. The Keyboard mode is also incredibly effective at speeding up the work process. The plugin will feature a full-scale piano that you can play chromatically with the keyboard mode. You can also set the excellent search algorithm for a fast workflow to bring up the 32 best samples to work within the project.
Top 5 | Serato Sample x Splice Tips


This plugin is available for Windows 8 or higher and macOS 10.9 or higherboth 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3AUAAX, and RTAS formats.


Serato Sample is an incredible sampler that features extremely modern and technological algorithms. The time-stretching and key-shifting controls will completely manipulate the sample, which the plugin will organically make the effects through complex codes and data. The sampler by Serato is also extremely easy to use. The controls can be adjusted and optimized to whatever the producer finds easier.

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The 3 Best Free Sampler Plugins 2021 

1. Big Fish Audio Momentum

More Info & Download

With inspiring tools for shaping the sound, this free sampler will deliver quality and workflow to any project while also on budget.

Momentum has an incredibly well-thought interface, features exceptionally intuitive controls, and a great library that you can access at any time, and is vital for fast-paced projects.

You will enjoy a very modern and acclaimed loop technology and slicing effects, giving him the ability to produce impressive tracks and notes for any project.

Big Fish Audio Momentum Review - Top 6 Best Sampler Plugins 2021 (And 3 Best FREE Samplers) |

Key Features:

  • Store
    The built-in library in Momentum is complete and easily navigatable; this segment will organize categories, styles, and genres exceptionally well. Professional and award-winning samples and loops will also be easily accessible through the built-in store, which provides many well-made audio files to any producer’s reach.
  • Effects
    The effects featured in Momentum are beneficial and make this free plugin complete and fully operational. While offering 18 slice effects, the samples can go through pitch-shifting, stutter, delay, and reverse for each slice. The BPM and stretching algorithms featured in the Big Fish Audio’s plugin are also convenient and provide informational changes for any sound. Momentum also offers a unique One-shot Engine that delivers one-of-a-kind one-shots with high quality and performance.
Momentum - QuickStart


This plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.11 or higherboth 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3AUAAX, and RTAS formats.


Momentum is a handy tool for any project. Its great one-shot engine will focus on delivering One-Shot sounds that stand out perfectly in a mix. The many featured effects are also intuitive and effective. They are incredibly high-quality and surprising for a plugin that’s budget-friendly.

2. ApisonicLabs Speedrum Lite

More Info & Download

ApisionicLabs delivered an easy-to-use and user-friendly drum sampler with Sppedrum. Its customizable and intuitive interface makes any fast-paced project hugely easier.

Its main controls panel is fully equipped with the best effects and controls that any paid sampler could offer. Along with its complete performance, the plugin also is surprisingly effective for delivering high-quality drum patterns.

With exciting effects, Speedrum will color the drum patterns of your project with any vibes and textures that it needs. It can be more in-depth customized by waveform changes and layering effects.

ApisonicLabs Speedrum Lite Review - Top 6 Best Sampler Plugins 2021 (And 3 Best FREE Samplers) |

Key Features:

  • Main Controls
    Highly intuitive controls are present on the plugin’s main panel. Apart from being incredibly handy, you can assign these controls to MIDI Learn, which improves workflow and quality. You can also set the pads featured in the main panel to any 16 stereo outputs. An envelope for both volume and pitch is also present in each pad. In addition to that, Velocity, Pitch, Time, and Pan can also go through a humanization function.
  • Effects
    Some interesting effects can serve exceptionally well for tuning and fine-shaping whatever drum samples in Speedrum. You can apply many distortion effects for unique sound creation. Filters and compressors work well in Speedrum, as well as an exciting Transient Shaper. With a Gain Control and a Hard clipper, you will be able to set the final adjustments before creating a solid drum sample.
  • Layers
    Speedrum features eight sample layers assigned to every pad individually while also giving an edit option. With controls such as Lowpass and Highpass filters, every layer is highly customizable and you are able to rearrange and multi-edit layers with simple clicking and dragging. A waveform view of a loaded signal is also convenient to organically adjust the parameters of any sample.


This plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.7 or higherboth 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3AUAAX, and RTAS formats.


Speedrum is a convenient tool for shaping and setting unique drum patterns. The plugin’s many featured effects and controls will deliver the best options for customizing and coloring a sample for a brilliant drum impact in any mix. While Speedrum is an extraordinarily complete and fully-featured sampler, it is also free, which gives every producer an unmissable chance to upgrade whatever drum loop they want in their projects.

3. Decomposer Sitala

More Info & Download

Sitala’s editing controls are incredibly crucial in the process of creating a drum pattern or loop that stands out in any mix.

The Free drum sampler by Decomposer is a fantastic addition to any producer’s arsenal. By featuring a tremendous amount of options for operating the signal’s characteristics, you will be able to edit, slice, and shape whatever sample it’s implemented in the track.

With a complete interface, this plugin delivers satisfactory results while still being on a budget.

Decomposer Sitala Review - Top 6 Best Sampler Plugins 2021 (And 3 Best FREE Samplers) |

Key Features:

  • Editing
    The complex algorithms of Sitala work exceptionally well in your favor. With automatic silence detection, the sample inserted will feature ideal start and endpoints, ensuring that the signal will start precisely on its first sound and resume on the last noise instead of featuring the whole audio file. Along with this brilliant algorithm, the plugins also has a Beat slicing assistant that automatically detects individual hits and slices them out.
  • Effects
    Sitala offers four primary effects. You can determine the attack, length, and sustain of the sounds with shape while keeping the volume steady. The compression works intuitively well in Sitala, and it’s a fine addition to the effects panel. A tuning feature will be responsible for pitching the sound while giving you a handy monitoring display. With tone, you will be able to emphasize the high or low-end of a sound. The volume and pan offer intuitive controls and high-quality results.
  • Management
    The Decomposer’s plugin has a constructive way of delivering freedom to you in its interface. While simply dragging and dropping, any producer will manage sounds quickly and effectively. The 16 assignable pads are also fascinating, allowing you to use Sitala’s built-in 808-kit. With many straightforward controls, you will make dynamic adjustments in the sample with musicality.
Free VST - Decomposer Sitala - Drum Sample Player


This plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit or 64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3AUAAX, and RTAS formats.


The straightforward interface of Sitala makes it optimal for producers who want to make subtle sampling applications while still controlling every parameter in a quick and learning way. With complete main effects panels, you’ll be able to shape the characteristics of the implemented samples with some great tuning, pitching, and dynamic algorithms. Sitala works delivering high-quality sounds while still being incredibly accessible.

Bonus Plugin

Accusonus Regroover Essential

More Info & Download (Trial Available)

Accusonus’ Regroover Essential is a highly versatile plugin for creative, fast, and high-quality productions. The plugin makes it possible to reach magical and fantastic drum sounds and loops.

All the elements of a drum are incredibly well-represented in Regroover. With magical texture enrichment in kicks, snares, or claps, Regroover is an exciting addition to any track.

The plugin by Accusonous also features incredible modernity with its algorithms and Artificial Intelligence technology. Regroover is a must for any beatmakers and DJs.

Accusonus Regroover Essential Review - Top 6 Best Sampler Plugins 2021 (And 3 Best FREE Samplers) |

Key Features:

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Regroover Essential features an interesting artificial intelligence that does a highly accurate job. It takes audio files and separates them into Stems using complex algorithms and intelligent codes. For example, a fully recorded drum loop would individually give its kick, snares, and hats elements for different stems. This process is only possible because of the unique Artificial Intelligence developed by Accusonus and implemented in Regroover Essential.
  • Layers
    The layers in Regroover Essential can be adjusted and perfected with the use of different friendly controls. For effects, apply an equalizer, noise gate, or compressor to any of the layers. A multichannel output also gives you an option to apply external effects. Apart from providing controls for panning and volume, the Accusonus plugin also offers loop markers that you can use to change the duration of the layer.
Accusonus Regroover Pro - Creating Expansion Kits From Music Loops - Free Tutorial


This plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit. It comes in VST 2/3AUAAX, and RTAS formats.


The award-winning Regroover by Accusonus will be the ideal tool for creatively recreating loops with freedom and control. By using intricate Artificial Intelligence, Regroover will let you redefine whatever texture and pattern in any drum mix while changing the tempo, rhythm, and parameters found in every layer of the audio sample.

Wrap It Up

By allowing music and sounds to be made from anything, the samplers provided in this article will treat any producer with versatility and practicality. With a vast array of options, Beatmakers can benefit from Native’s Instruments Battery 4, Accusonus Rhytmiq and Regroover Essential, and ApisonicLabs’ Speedrum Lite featured in previous sections.

Our favorite plugin for Beatmakers would be Regroover Essential. Its incredible Artificial Intelligence works precisely well at separating digital audio into organized Stems, which for us is a giant leap for changing different sections of literally any drum pattern.

For building intensively exciting instruments such as pads, leads, basses, and plucks, we favored plugins such as Kontakt 6 and Polygon 2.0. The option to mix any digital audio with Kontakt’s deeply developed instruments while using the plugin’s eight modules and changing whatever parameter within it is a unique opportunity to experiment with infinite possibilities. Polygon 2.0 is also on the top of our list with its exciting granular mode making timbre settings in pads highly customizable, rich, and full of texture.

Sound Designers from movies, games, and films can get these highly easy-to-use plugins to achieve a great variety of sound effects and immersive ambient noises. With plugins such as Initial Audio’s Slicer, any creative barrier will nullify itself by the advantages of its slicing versatility, eleven effects, and three flexible sequencers.

All plugins mentioned in the article are full of modern and attractive traits. Our favorite selection is simply driven by our tastes and does not mean that some plugins are superior. Trying all samplers in the list by prioritizing one’s particular tastes and preferences is the best recommendation since all plugins featured in the article bring specific attributes to the table.

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