Top 11 Native Instruments Expansions 2024 (Maschine, Battery 4 & More!)

11 Best NI Maschine & Battery Expansions (EDM, DnB, Hip-Hop & MORE) |

This article will focus on the best Native Instruments MASCHINE and Battery expansion packs.

MASCHINE devices have been hugely popular in the world of electronic music production.

However, no matter the genre or style of music you create, you’ve probably seen or heard of MASCHINE devices before. The packs on this list are designed to get the best out of any Native Instruments devices, but you can still use the loops and samples included even if you don’t own one.

11 Best NI Maschine & Battery Expansions (EDM, DnB, Hip-Hop, Trap, Dubstep, Trance…)

1. Bumpin Flava (UK Garage)

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UK Garage combines deep low-end synthesized bass sounds with soulful samples and vocals that remind us of RnB and House music.

Bumpin Flava includes sounds and synth patches that can achieve all of these with relative ease.

Key Features:

  • Hard-hitting soulful sound

Bumpin Flava is here to inspire bangers with edgy bass and drums or dreamy records with soulful breaks and everything in between. The bass wubs and wobbles that are signatures of Garage music are included as samples or synth patches.

Furthermore, the unique drum feel of Garage tunes that utilizes shuffle and swing can be challenging for beginner producers to achieve. Bumpin Flava makes this easier with customizable construction loops and drum kits.

  • Huge MASCHINE exclusive content

Bumpin Flava offers some of the most considerable exclusive content seen on a MASCHINE expansion pack, with over 200 patterns, 29 Drum Synth presets, 24 sampled instruments, 1 Bass synth preset, and 11 projects.

The overall size of the pack is 1.2 GB which is staggering. In addition, the projects can be studied so you can learn how this complex genre works, and the patterns offer an insight into Garage’s intricate drum sequencing.

  • Synth Presets

41 Massive presets and 10 Monark presets are included in Bumpin Flava. They offer classic bass wubs, 808s that glide, and silky synths. 

Bumpin' Flava - The best sample pack for UK Garage? Maschine Expansion review with Danny J Lewis


Bumpin Flava is compatible with MASCHINE +, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, MASCINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, or Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboards. It runs on the latest version of MASCHINE software.


Bumpin Flava is an expansion pack that faithfully captures the vibe and feel of UK Garage. The shuffled drum loops, skippy hi-hats, and off-the-grid percussion loops will give you an insight on how to achieve the Garage feel, while the synth presets will keep your sound design game at a top level.

2. Trill Rays (Hip Hop, Trap, RnB & Vocals)

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The pack focuses on modern Pop, which uses hip hop, trap, and contemporary RnB elements.

Many of the sounds are vocal-based, with chops, chants, melodies, and even processed vocals that resemble synths.

Key Features:

  • Sound of now

Trill Rays is an excellent representation of what current Pop music consists of and how to achieve its infectious vibe and complex production value. Vocal embellishments have been blessing Pop music for a while now and add texture, interest, and complexity to Pop beats.

Apart from vocal-based sounds, Trill Rays includes heavy brass stabs, catchy melodies played on keys, hard-hitting drums, and lush pads.

  • Beats for days

With Trill Rays, you get access to a massive bank of sounds that will fuel your production for a long time. There are 452 loops, 418 drum samples, and 152 drum one-shots. There are also five Massive presets and 10 Monark presets that will guarantee sound design efficiency. Finally, 60 Battery kits and 50 MASCHINE kits are there to inspire cohesive song ideas.

New Trill Rays Expansion (The Loops, Kit, & Sounds) Sound By Sound!


Trill Rays is compatible with MASCHINE +, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, MASCINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, or Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboards. It runs on the latest version of MASCHINE software.


Trill Rays is an excellent choice if you wish to learn more about the current state of Pop music. The vocal-based loops and sounds will inspire new ideas, add ear candy to your beats, or even help you create songs that use sounds you wouldn’t usually have access to.

The brass hits, keys, and drums are perfect for dynamic and ferocious Pop anthems, while the considerable content will keep your ideas flowing for days!

3. Sacred Futures (Hip Hop & Trap)

More Info & PriceExpansion aims to fuse 90s hip hop with modern trap-led hip hop.

The sounds inside Sacred Futures are designed by Snipe Young, a Grammy-winning producer who worked on hits for Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Dr. Dre, The Game, and many more.

Key Features:

  • Fusion sound

Sacred Futures celebrates the origins of hip hop from the underground and its current dominance at the top of the music industry by combining sounds from two different eras of hip hop: the golden era of the 90s and the current victory lap of trap-led sounds.

Expect dirty, low-end-heavy drum and bass sounds next to shimmery synths and hazy atmospheres—a true celebration of hip hop’s rich history.

  • Countless samples

The pack includes over 1000 loops, drum samples, and one-shots. Additionally, there are 31 Battery kits and 50 MASCHINE kits filled with drum sounds that will inspire beats of all moods and feels.

  • Versatile presets and exclusive content

You also get five Massive presets, nine Monark presets, and ten Reaktor presets that will push your sound design game to the next level. The exclusive MASCHINE content that comes with Sacred Futures includes 199 patterns and ten Drum Synth presets. All are custom-made and fully editable to fit your workflow and style.

Expansion Love - "SACRED FUTURES"


Sacred Futures is compatible with MASCHINE +, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, MASCINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, or Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboards. It runs on the latest version of MASCHINE software.


Sacred Futures is an expansion pack that aims to challenge the way you think of hip hop and what it can be. The sounds are excellent at blurring the lines between old-school and next-gen hip hop, with abstract textures and wavy pads blending seamlessly with boom-bap breaks and bass sounds.

If you are looking at creating hip hop that feels old and new simultaneously, Sacred Futures is the pack for you.

4. Lucid Mission (EDM & Trance)

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The pack is an expression of modern mainstream electronic music and aims to provide sounds and inspiration for drum programming, synth melodies, or bass patterns.

Key Features:

  • Ecstatic sound

Lucid Mission is filled with sounds that compliment anthemic and euphoric music. Think of raves, electronic music stadium concerts, and infectious riffs and melodies that people sing off the top of their lungs. Lucid Mission is all about anthems and euphoria.

  • Kits, presets, and projects

Lucid Mission includes eight projects, 40 drum kits, 50 Massive presets, and 32 Drum Synth presets. The Drum Synth presets feel saturated and full, perfect for Big Room production, and the Massive presets cover a wide range of vibrant sounds from crisp leads and plucks to full-body bass and drum sounds.

  • Compact version

A compact version of Lucid Mission is also available as an iMASCHINE expansion. It features two projects and four kits that can be used on the go. In addition, you can export the tracks to be used on MASCHINE for further tweaking and completion.

LUCID MISSION - EDM Maschine Expansion All Kits & patterns - Native Intruments


Lucid Mission is compatible with MASCHINE +, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, MASCINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, or Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboards. It runs on the latest version of MASCHINE software.


Lucid Mission is the perfect sound library for modern EDM production. The sounds are euphoric and ecstatic, perfect for EDM, Trance, and modern Pop music. The drum sounds feel huge and over the top, and the pads and textures included are mix-ready and perfect for feeling all empty spaces.

All these make Lucid Mission the ideal expansion for EDM.

5. London Grit (Grime) 

More Info & Price

Grime started as an underground genre in the early 2000s and combined Garage and Jungle sounds with dancehall rhythms, breakbeats, and 8-bit synth sounds.

However, the edgy genre exploded into the mainstream over the last ten years with the help of icons like Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Skepta, and Stormzy.  London Grit aims to help you achieve the complex sound of Grime and inspire new ways of producing this ever-growing genre.

Key Features:

  • Authentic sound

Native Instruments did their research and achieved an authentic sound that doesn’t just scratch the surface. They recruited producers like Flowdan, JD. Reid, Compa, and Ripperman made sure to bring genre-accurate sounds that fully express the range and sonic possibilities of Grime music.

Vocal stabs, 808 glides, 8-bit Casio-like keyboard sounds, and video game sounds are included to inspire and add interest to your Grime beats.

  • Synth presets

Grime is all about synth sounds, and London Grit comes with 29 Massive presets and 22 Monark presets that provide earth-shaking bass or ear candy sounds. In addition, the presets come with pre-programmed macro effects that add complexity to your sounds. Expect grain stretch, icy reverbs, gritty distortion, and complex delays.

  • Huge sound library

London Grit comes with 247 construction loops, 395 drum samples, and 201 one-shots. The construction loops will provide the necessary inspiration to exit your beat block, and they are fully editable and customizable. 



London Grit is compatible with MASCHINE +, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, MASCINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, or Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboards. It runs on the latest version of MASCHINE software.


London Grit is an excellent expression of Grime music in the form of a MASCHINE expansion pack. It’s filled with huge synth sounds, bass glides, drum loops, and sounds that are danceable and gritty at the same time, precisely what you need for Grime production.

6. Elastic Thump (Funk, R&B & House)

More Info & Price

The pack is aimed at the creation of melodic Future Funk, a sound that fuses beat music with up-tempo synths and house music energy.

It’s inspired by the unique sound of artists like Kaytranada and Anderson. PAAK, Mr. Carmack, and Lakim.

Key Features:

  • Unique sound

The sound Elastic Thump aims to enhance is filled with analog synths, crunchy acoustic drums, luscious vocal chops, and rubbery bass tones. The pack features sounds created on iconic synths like the Roland Juno 106 and Moog Minitaur and new age-thin drum sounds from the teenage engineering pocket operators.

There are also sounds recorded on a Rhodes 73 keyboard and a Fender Precision Bass guitar, adding character and a dusty feel to the pack.

  • Customizable presets

Elastic Thump includes 20 Massive presets and 20 Monark presets. They are all fully customizable and will give you an insight into how synthesis works in this futuristic genre.

  • Kits and samples

Overall, there are 52 Battery kits and 48 MASCHINE kits included in the pack. The MASCHINE kits come with pre-programmed effects, and the Battery kits are color-coded. You also get 298 construction loops, 375 drum samples, and 391 one-shots.

ELASTIC THUMP - MELODIC FUTURE FUNK Expansion All Kits - Native Intruments Demo


Rhythm Source is compatible with MASCHINE +, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, MASCINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, or Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboards. It runs on the latest version of MASCHINE software.


Elastic Thump is an excellent pack for creating melodic Future Funk. The sounds are inspired by RnB, House, and Funk music but are packaged in a way that inspires new sounds and patterns, so they never feel old or too familiar. If you are a fan of Kaytranada’s music, you’ll love this pack.

7. Rhythm Source (DnB & Breaks)

More Info & Price

Drum and Bass is all about rhythm and drums. Specifically, it’s about how you can take a drum break we’ve all heard a million times before and flip it into something new and exciting.

Rhythm Source is a collection of breaks, drum loops, one-shots, bass sounds, and vocal chops to make your job easier, inspiring, and fun.

Key Features:

  • Rough and tough

The sounds inside Rhythm Source are all focused on the rough sound that achieves harsh results. The rolling grooves that are signature to Jungle and Drum and Bass are present throughout this pack, and so are the earth-shaking bass tones we all look for in these genres.

You can also find notable recordings of iconic breaks and MC-style vocal shouts and chops.

  • Huge content

Overall, you can find 445 loops inside Rhythm Source, 332 drum samples, 286 one-shots, and 46 Battery drum kits. There are also 50 additional MASCHINE drum kits, 55 Massive presets for custom-made bass sounds, and 10 Monark presets. Definitely enough content to keep you going for a long time.

  • Exclusive content

Regarding exclusive MASCHINE content, Rhythm Source includes 248 patterns, 15 Drum Synth Presets, 42 sampled instruments, and 12 projects. You can customize all of these to fit your workflow or study the projects and patterns to learn the ins and outs of Drum and Bass music production. All of this content makes Rhythm Source an ideal choice for someone new to breaks and Jungle music.

Rhythm Source Expansion From Native Instruments



Rhythm Source is compatible with MASCHINE +, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, MASCINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, or Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboards. It runs on the latest version of MASCHINE software.


Rhythm Source is a rhythm playground. The breaks and loops are diverse enough to keep you inspired for a long time. The Massive presets sound excellent, and all the bass sounds can inspire new beats instantly. An excellent choice if you are into Jungle or Drum and Bass production.

8. Queensbridge Story (Hip Hop)

More Info & Price

Queensbridge Story is designed by the legendary hip hop producer Havoc, who rose to prominence in the 90s as part of the iconic duo Mobb Deep.

This expansion pack is filled with classic drum kits and sounds to inspire and craft your hip-hop beats.

Key Features:

  • Raw, gritty sound

Queensbridge Story is full of gritty and grimy sounds that perfectly showcase New York and the city’s hip-hop scene. Havoc has chosen drum sounds, bass sounds, and synths that perfectly capture the city and the hard-hitting character of legendary rappers’ music from New York, like Nas, The Notorious BIG, and Wu-Tang Clan, to mention a few.

  • Organized drum kits

There are 61 BATTERY kits and 50 MASCHINE kits in Queensbridge story, all color-coded and organized in groups for easy use and immediate inspiration. Expect boom-bap-ready sounds that will barely need tweaking or mixing to suit your beats.

  • Synths and loops

Being a Native Instruments product, Queensbridge Story includes 77 presets for Massive. There are also 541 tempo-labeled construction loops and over 600 drum samples. There’s enough content to fuel a few years’ worth of beat-making.

  • MASCHINE exclusive

Users of any MASCHINE product get editable patterns to sketch out ideas fast. There are also pre-programmed macros and multi-effects custom-made for each sound.

QUEENSBRIDGE STORY demo all kits - Hip Hop Expansion Maschine Native Instruments


Queensbridge Story is compatible with MASCHINE +, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, MASCINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, or Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboards.


Queensbridge Story is the perfect hip-hop expansion pack for MASCHINE and Battery. The sounds feel cohesive and tastefully put together. There’s a specific aesthetic in this pack, so if you’re interested in producing trap beats, this probably won’t be the right choice for you.

This extension is ideal for gritty boom-bap beats, alternative hip hop, or hip hop inspired by New York and the 90s.

9. Transistor Punch (Techno, House & EDM)

More Info & Price

Native Instruments worked with German sound designer Denis Gökdag to create Transistor Punch.

The inspiration was the European Club scene, with extravagant synth sounds and punchy analog drum machine sounds that create infectious grooves

Key Features:

  • Unique analog sound

The sounds inside Transistor Punch were sampled from some rare vintage analog synths and drum machines like the Oberheim Xpander, Alesis Andromeda, PEARL Syncussion SY-1, Roland TR-909, just to name a few.

The sounds were then processed by high-end analog and digital outboard gear to achieve dynamic complexity, richness, and overall thickness. The result is a collection of sounds and loops that are mix-ready and instantly inspiring.

  • Huge content

There are 30 Battery drum kits and 30 MASCHINE drum kits included in Transistor Punch. You also get 244 construction loops that will inspire new ideas and

464 drum samples to fuel countless projects.

  • MASCHINE exclusive content

MASCHINE users get access to five projects which they can break down to gain some production knowledge. There are also over 100 patterns included and 50 sampled instruments ready to use and easily modified.

TRANSISTOR PUNCH all kits & patterns Club Expansion MASCHINE NI Native instruments


Transistor Punch is compatible with MASCHINE +, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, MASCINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, or Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboards. It runs on the latest version of MASCHINE software.


Transistor Punch is an excellent choice if you make Club music or are inspired by the European Electronic Club scene. The sounds are purely analog, fat, and instantly inspiring. The fact that they were also processed by outboard gear like the iconic Neve 1073 and Lexicon reverbs adds even more prestige and appeal to this pack.

10. Prismatic Bliss (Drones, Pads & Soundscapes)

More Info & Price

Expansion pack that focuses on textural sound design aimed at electronica and ambient music.

Native Instruments has created a pack to inspire ambient and leftfield producers with Prismatic Bliss.

Inspired by the sound of sound design icons like Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, and Boards of Canada, this pack includes field recordings, analog textures, hypnotizing beats, and subtle melodic elements, all aimed at infusing your leftfield productions with taste and texture.

Key Features:

  • Experimental textures

Created in collaboration with ModeAudio, Prismatic Bliss provides immersive sound design inspired by early ambient electronica. Expect noisy textures, hazy melodies, field recordings, drone layers, and chilling synth tones that will help you push your experimentation boundaries.

The drum samples included are perfect for leftfield Techno production, and the overall sound of the pack suits dark and melancholic production styles.

  • Rich content

The drum sample library is limited in Prismatic Bliss with 186 drum samples, but the pack shines in synth and textural content. Additionally, 212 construction loops are included, alongside 31 Massive presets and 16 Reaktor PRISM presets.

These presets will help you craft hazy melodic embellishments to accompany your productions, while 15 Battery kits and 40 MASCHINE kits will keep the groove going.

PRISMATIC BLISS - Expansion All Kits - #NativeIntruments #Demo #maschine #battery #kit #drums


Prismatic Bliss is compatible with MASCHINE +, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, MASCINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, or Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboards. It runs on the latest version of MASCHINE software.


Prismatic Bliss is a very successful exploration of experimental sound design focused on ambient and leftfield electronic music production.

The field recordings, drones, and textural layers are enough to inspire fresh and unique ideas, while the added synth presets, one-shots, and drum samples help conclude a very eclectic and unique expansion pack; the perfect choice for the modern ambient and experimental producer.

11. Carbon Decay (Industrial Techno)

More Info & Price

Industrial Techno is a prevalent underground genre with a bleak and noisy sound that’s achieved with sci-fi effects, heavy reverb, or literal noise samples.

Carbon Decay is a collection of sounds that perfectly encapsulates these qualities.  

Key Features:

  • Rust and decay

Carbon Decay is all about the turbulent and untamed character of Industrial Techno. Created by the Berlin-based sound design studio IRRUPT, the pack combines broken and primitive rhythms with meticulous sound design to create an unmistakable Industrial vibe.

Deep, earth-shaking kicks, broken hi-hats, and disjointed rhythmic loops beautifully coexist to create a pack that will inspire fresh Industrial tunes. IRRUPT sampled drum machines and analog synthesizers to create loops that were then pressed to vinyl and resampled for an even more authentic and dusty feel.

  • Deep bag of content

There are 729 construction loops included in Carbon Decay. They are tempo labeled and provide building blocks for your inspiration to thrive. In addition, there are 54 Battery kits and 49 MASCHINE kits to help you craft infectious grooves, while 17 Massive presets and 9 Monark presets will excite your sound design taste buds. 

  • MASCHINE exclusive content

Eight projects are included in the pack, along with 147 patterns, four drum synth presets, and five bass synth presets for even more sound design flexibility.

CARBON DECAY - Expansion All Kits - Native Intruments Demo #NI #maschine #battery #demo #kit #drums


Carbon Decay is compatible with MASCHINE +, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, MASCINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, or Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboards. It runs on the latest version of MASCHINE software.


Carbon Decay is an excellent Industrial Techno pack. The sounds themselves could be used for any industrial genre, although the loops thrive as Industrial Techno building blocks. The overall character is as bleak and noisy as it needs to be to inspire the most infectious Industrial tunes, an excellent collection of sounds.


Crystal Daggers (Dubstep, IDM, Techno & Hip Hop)

More Info & Price

Native Instruments explains that Crystal Daggers is a collection of sounds used in underground hip hop music founded in other genres.

Therefore, the pack is influenced by IDM, Dubstep, Techno, and RnB, with elements of all these genres scattered around the pack.

Key Features:

  • Genre-bending sounds

As already mentioned, Crystal Daggers aims to blur genre lines and boundaries by combining sounds and elements from multiple genres. RnB-inspired melodies keep things memorable, while IDM and Dubstep bass sounds and effects create interest and add unpredictability.

In addition, the drum patterns and sequences feature glitchy percussion sounds and thunderous drums. As a result, it’s hard to put Crystal Daggers in a box or describe with one word where it belongs because you can do pretty much any music you wish to with it. 

  • Extensive content

Crystal Daggers includes 737 construction loops, 320 drum samples, and 335 one-shots to help you craft your beats and understand what you can achieve with its vast library of synths and drum samples. With such a vast library, it’s essential to include patterns and projects that break down what Crystal Daggers can do.

Therefore, there are ten projects and 202 patterns you can study and break down to learn what this beast of a pack can achieve.


Crystal Daggers is compatible with MASCHINE +, MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, MASCINE STUDIO, MASCHINE JAM, or Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboards. It runs on the latest version of MASCHINE software.


Crystal Daggers is a unique pack that includes sounds of various genres, all able to mash together in harmony. Sounds of hip hop, techno, IDM, Dubstep, and RnB will help you create a modern sound that can exist either in clubs or on the radio.


MASCHINE devices have been around for a long time now and have left an unquestionable print in the evolution of music production across all genres. The MASCHINE expansion packs celebrate this influence and are best enjoyed when used alongside a MASCHINE device or a Komplete Kontrol Series Keyboard, while anyone can enjoy the loops and samples.

This list is meant to guide producers who need new sounds to inspire them while also celebrating Native Instrument’s influence and impact on music production. We tried to be as inclusive as possible, and the list has packs that can complement any production style.

So, whether you are a Pop hit-maker, a hip hop beatmaker, or a leftfield sound designer, this list will surely help you find what you’re looking for.

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