How To Fix Spotify Playing Random Songs

Fixed: Why Does Spotify Play Random Songs Not On My Playlist?

Let’s discuss 6 tips & solutions on how to fix Spotify issue when it plays random songs. 

The autoplay feature is the root cause of this problem in your Spotify app. The random songs in the queue, the cache in the Spotify app, the free account, the ability to log in on multiple devices simultaneously, and other linked apps are also important reasons. 

The Spotify system works similarly to the radio system and keeps playing songs. These songs might be related to your preferences or favorite album. These songs also come in the form of suggestions and start playing. It happens if you have a small playlist and a few songs in the queue. 

How To Fix Spotify Playing Random Songs

  • Turn Off Autoplay Settings

Autoplay is a feature that keeps playing the next song automatically when one song ends. This feature randomly selects the songs from similar genres you are listening to or are interested in. But sometimes, these songs are not even close to your favorite. 

You must disable the autoplay feature to stop Spotify from playing random songs. This feature is on both mobile and desktop apps. To disable it, open Spotify and go to user “Settings.” Scroll down until you find the “Autoplay” option. If it is enabled, then it will be green. To turn it off, just click on it. 

Fixed: Why Does Spotify Play Random Songs Not On My Playlist? |

  • Clear Random Songs in Queue

In Spotify, you can add your favorite songs to the queue so that they keep playing with the sequence. Sometimes we accidentally add a random song to our queue list, and it starts playing. You must remove that song or song from your Spotify queue list, which is very simple. 

  • Clear Spotify App Cache Files

In most cases, the cache is the main culprit of the issue. Cache files are temporary data files that allow you to instantly access the data of apps and programs. Each app has its cache files. Spotify also has cache files. 

These files could also be responsible for saving some previous situations, and you see random songs in your playlist. We highly recommend you clean the cache of your Spotify app. The process is similar for both smartphones and computers (PCs). 

To clean Spotify’s cache, open the Spotify app and click “Settings” to open Spotify settings. Now scroll down until you see the “Storage” options. In the storage options, you will see “Clean Cache.” Click on it to clear the cache files.

Fixed: Why Does Spotify Play Random Songs Not On My Playlist? |

  • Log out From All Devices

If someone else uses your account to listen to songs, you might face this random song issue. Spotify offers unlimited device logins on premium accounts using one credential. That is why if your family uses your account, they might add songs to the queue list. 

Log out of your account from all other devices to avoid it in the feature. To do that, open your Spotify account, click the user profile menu, and select “Account.” It will open the account in the web browser.

Go to “Account overview” in the web browser and then scroll down. Here you will find the “Sign out everywhere” option. Click on it to sign out from all the devices. 

Fixed: Why Does Spotify Play Random Songs Not On My Playlist? |

Now you must change the password so no one else opens or uses your account again. To do that, go to the “Change Password” option. Write the current password and then the new password. It will log out all devices, and you must log in to your Spotify account again using the new password.

Fixed: Why Does Spotify Play Random Songs Not On My Playlist? |

  • Unlink From All Apps

Most of the time, you listen to random songs using other platforms like Discord and Shazam. Due to autoplay mode, these songs are added to the Spotify queue and start playing when you listen to your favorite songs. 

To avoid this issue, unlink all the linked apps from your Spotify account. To do that, open Spotify, then go to “Account” from the profile menu to open the Spotify web browser settings.

Fixed: Why Does Spotify Play Random Songs Not On My Playlist? |

Scroll down and select “Apps” from the left setting panel. Now you will be in “Manage Apps.” Here you will see the list of linked apps. These apps are linked to your Spotify account, so you can listen to Songs while using these apps. To unlink the apps, just click on “Remove Access.” 

Fixed: Why Does Spotify Play Random Songs Not On My Playlist? |

  • Buy The Premium Account

Premium accounts have more features and benefits than free Spotify accounts. This account allows you more convenient access to songs and multiple accounts. But if you are not using a premium account, you might face issues like these random songs in your playlist. 

Buying a premium account is the best way to avoid most issues. To do that, open your Spotify and click “Upgrade.” You will be redirected to the web page of Spotify premium offers. 

Fixed: Why Does Spotify Play Random Songs Not On My Playlist? |

Here you have four account types, individual, duo, family, and student. You can enjoy a single login for only $9.99 monthly in an individual account. In a Duo account, you can share one account with another person for only $12.99. While in a family subscription, 6 members can use premium accounts for just $15.99. A student account is just $4.99 for students to enjoy music. 

Fixed: Why Does Spotify Play Random Songs Not On My Playlist? |

Why Does Spotify Keep Playing Suggested Tracks? 

Spotify always keeps shuffling the songs, and you won’t be able to listen to songs by similar artists in autoplay mode. The second reason is that you have a limited or small playlist. Spotify automatically plays suggested or related songs if you have a few songs in your playlist. 

This feature keeps you busy with songs. It only happens when your small playlist ends. You can eliminate the issue by adding songs to the playlist. To add a song, right-click on the song and then go to “Add to playlist,” here, you will find the name of the existing playlist to which you can add the song.

Fixed: Why Does Spotify Play Random Songs Not On My Playlist? |

You can stop Spotify from playing the suggested tracks by adding more songs to your playlist. Just search for your favorite songs and add them to your playlist. You can also add songs to the queue to play them in sequence. It will also prevent Spotify from playing suggested tracks. 

The third best option is to upgrade your free account to a Spotify Premium account. If you are an individual user, an individual or student account is the best choice. The free account always plays random songs, just like the radio. But in a premium account, you can create a huge playlist. 

As we described earlier, the fourth best thing is disabling the autoplay feature. The autoplay feature makes your Spotify just like a radio. It will keep playing the songs randomly related to the artist or similar genre songs. It is sometimes annoying. So, disabling is the best solution. 


Spotify is a great music streaming service, offering users a wide range of features. But sometimes, users might face an issue in which Spotify plays random songs, not on their playlists. The root of this issue is the autoplay feature. Other reasons like random songs in the queue, Spotify app cache, a free account, multiple device logins, and other linked apps are also responsible. 

To fix this issue, users must turn off the autoplay settings, clear random songs in the queue, clear Spotify app cache files, log out from all devices, unlink from all apps, and upgrade to a premium account. 

Spotify works similarly to the radio system. It keeps playing the songs randomly. But to some people, this feature is annoying as it often adds different categories and genres of songs you don’t like. It could be resolved using the solutions mentioned above.

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