Why Does Spotify Stop When I Open Facebook? (Fixed)

Why Does Spotify Stop/Pause When I Open Facebook - Easy Fix

If you are looking for the best free music app to listen to all the latest songs, then Spotify is your only option. 

While using other apps, Spotify plays music in the background. You can use Spotify with other applications, such as Shazam and Discord, so you never have to pause the music or exit the program. When it comes to new releases, Spotify is once again a reliable source.

Despite all these features, there are certain errors you can face while using Spotify. One of these errors is that Spotify stops/pauses when you open Facebook. Fortunately, we have the solution, and we are going to thoroughly discuss “Why it happens and how you can fix it?” So let’s dive into the topic.

How To Fix Spotify Stopping After Opening Facebook?

The main reasons for this issue are the Facebook video autoplay mode, Facebook camera permission settings, and other background apps. Some of these options can be changed in the Facebook settings, while others are related to Windows or Android settings. 

Spotify can connect with other applications, so both can work in conjunction without any interference. But many users get frustrated when they open Facebook, and the song abruptly stops. It happens due to Spotify’s terms and conditions of use. These terms and conditions state that Spotify will stop working in the background whenever any other music or video is played. 

That is why whenever you open your Facebook account, Spotify stops in the background. But no worries; below are the step-by-step tutorials to eliminate and avoid this issue in the future. 

  • Disable Facebook Video Autoplay

Facebook Video Autoplay is a feature on the Facebook platform that automatically plays videos from a user’s news feed. Videos will start playing as soon as a user scrolls to them. This feature will show you videos most closely related to the content you are interested in watching. 

You can disable the Facebook autoplay mode from the Facebook settings. To do that, open the Facebook desktop app or web profile. You can access the settings for your Facebook account by clicking on your profile picture and then selecting the gear icon that appears.

Why Does Spotify Stop/Pause When I Open Facebook - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

Once in the Facebook settings, select “Videos” in front of the left options panel. Here you will find the “Autoplay” option. Click on the file menu and select “Off” from the list. When you open Facebook, the videos will no longer play automatically, and Spotify will continue to play.

Why Does Spotify Stop/Pause When I Open Facebook - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

  • Disable Facebook Camera Permission

When the Facebook app requests access to the camera, the operating system will usually automatically block the background music from playing in order to prevent interference with the audio from the camera. It helps to ensure that the audio from the camera is clear and interference-free.

To stop Facebook from making such requests, you must remove the camera permission from your Facebook app. To do that, open mobile “Settings,” search for “Permissions,” and open the app permissions. Then go to the “Permissions” tab again. 

Why Does Spotify Stop/Pause When I Open Facebook - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

Click on “Camera.” You will get a list of apps that have access to use the camera. Scroll down and look for the “Facebook” app. Once you find it, click to open the options. From the list of options, select “Don’t Allow.” Now your Facebook won’t stop Spotify. 

Why Does Spotify Stop/Pause When I Open Facebook - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

  • Close Other Background Apps

Background apps can stop music for several reasons. Depending on the app and device, it could be due to low memory, battery optimization, or a bug. A setting change or an interruption from another app could also be the culprit. All these reasons can also affect your Spotify account.

Close all background applications, whether you’re using Spotify on your desktop or smartphone, to avoid this situation. On mobile phones, just press the “Home” button, which will show you the background apps, Press “Cross” to remove them from the background.

Why Does Spotify Stop/Pause When I Open Facebook - Easy Fix | integraudio.com


Press the “Ctrl+Alt+Del” key in the Windows operating system to open the task manager. Go through the running application list and “End-task” unnecessary applications except for Spotify. Hopefully, this will resolve the Spotify issue, and you can use it even when Facebook is open. 

Why Does Spotify Stop/Pause When I Open Facebook - Easy Fix | integraudio.com

  • Restart Start Spotify and Mobile Device

Most of the bugs and errors have occurred on your mobile phone device rather than your computer. If you recently updated your smartphone and are experiencing these issues, restart it to restore it to its default settings. It often solves a lot of problems.

Moreover, after restarting your mobile device, restart or re-login to your Spotify account. It will also default the Spotify settings. First, open Spotify and go to the profile menu; click “Logout” from the bottom of the file. Now, enter your credentials again and log in to your Spotify account. 

How Do I Keep Spotify Running in the Background Across All Apps?

There is a built-in way for music apps to play in the background on Android operating systems. You don’t have to change settings; just install Spotify and start listening to music. A few background apps may cause Spotify to slow down or stop working, but you can disable them.   

You can also run Spotify in the background by minimizing it on a computer, even if you use any other app like Facebook or YouTube. But you can also take advantage of the “Spotify Connect” feature, which allows you to control Spotify from any device, such as your smartphone or tablet. 

You can also download the Spotify app on your laptop or desktop to control the playback settings, even when using other applications. 


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services and is the go-to choice for many users looking for the latest releases. However, users can face certain errors while using Spotify with other apps. One of the most common errors is that Spotify stops/pauses when you open Facebook. 

All the reasons, including the Facebook autoplay and camera access, can be resolved by disabling them. Moreover, if you still have issues using Spotify with Facebook, you must restart your Spotify account by re-logging. It could be due to a glitch in your Spotify service.

You can also use the Spotify Connect feature to keep Spotify running in the background across all apps. With the help of these methods, you can easily fix the Spotify stop/pause when you open Facebook and enjoy your favorite music uninterrupted.

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