How Do I Fix Discord Voice Stuttering? Step By Step Fix

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved

Discord allows users to connect through voice channels, but sometimes you can experience stuttering due to various lag issues, and you may ask, “How Do I Fix Discord Voice Stuttering?” This article will provide a step-by-step fix to eliminate this problem.

Discord is one of the most popular applications that allows gamers to chat simultaneously, but sometimes users can experience stuttering issues due to several reasons. Some easy step-by-step fixes can help users completely eliminate stuttering from their microphones and network connections to gain the best input audio.

In this article, we will find out how to fix Discord voice stuttering issues. After discussing the possible reasons, we will also provide step-by-step fixes for users to easily eliminate this problem. So let’s get into today’s topic without wasting any more time.

How Do I Fix Discord Voice Stuttering?

Many issues could cause your voice to stutter on Discord, including background apps, Discord cache, battery power settings, outdated Discord or sound drivers, network traffic, and hardware acceleration. All these issues also impact the overall performance of your Discord. 

Background Apps: Sometimes your background apps like Skype and Zoom use a microphone too. Hence, Discord struggles to get the proper microphone resources and, as a result, produces a stuttering voice. 

Discord Cache: Each Windows program has its cache to store temporary files. If this cache is overloaded, it may restrict many resources like RAM and processor. It leads to many issues, including this audio stuttering issue.

Battery Settings: Always give maximum battery power to apps while using them to live stream or communicate. Limited power to the processor causes a huge performance loss.

Outdated Drivers: Outdated drivers always create issues for your hardware and applications. Always check for and install updated drivers to run your Discord smoothly.

Outdated Discord: What could go more wrong than an outdated Discord version? Such a version won’t be able to run and communicate with many drivers, including the audio driver.

Close All other Apps

Background apps like Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet use your microphone resources and share them. These apps are often on the priority list on a computer’s operating system. It means they get more resources than Discord. Limited resources are always a hurdle in the proper functioning of Discord. 

To resolve this issue, close all such apps and remove them from the startup list or give them low priority from the task manager. Also, keep your Discord server running while disabling or changing priority settings. Here’s how to do that,

  • Press the “Alt+Ctrl+Del” key simultaneously. Then select “Task Manager” from the list.
  • Here, go to the “Startup” tab and search for all other applications that use a microphone (Except system audio), right-click on them, and select “Disable.”

How Do I Fix Discord Voice Stuttering? Step By Step Fix |

  • To close these running apps, go to the “Processes” tab and navigate them. Right-click on each one by one and select “End task” from the list.

Note: Don’t close Windows applications, especially audio drivers and related services. It may cause serious audio issues to your operating system.

  • To set these apps on low priority, go to “Task Manager” and then navigate to the “Details” tab. 
  • Here, locate your program and right-click on it. Now expand the “Set Priority” section and select “Low” from the list. 

How Do I Fix Discord Voice Stuttering? Step By Step Fix |

Clean Discord Cache

Most of the time, Discord stores many temporary files without removing the previous ones. These temporary files overload Discord’s cache and cause audio delay and voice stuttering issues. Some applications automatically remove the temporary files and settings, but Discord stores them in the roaming folder. 

You must also wipe out all temporary files from Discord and your computer to resolve this issue. It may result in Discord running smoothly and without errors or audio stuttering. Here’s how to remove the Discord cache:

  • Open the start menu, type %appdata%, and open the folder. 
  • Now, find the “discord” folder from the program list. 

How Do I Fix Discord Voice Stuttering? Step By Step Fix |

  • Select the folder and press “Shift+Del.”

Change Power Settings

Supplying low voltage to the processor and other hardware results in any hardware and driver issues, including voice stuttering and delay while streaming. You can resolve this issue by providing more battery power to the system. Here’s how to change battery power settings for the best performance:

  • Open the control panel and change the category to “Small icons.”
  • Now search for “Power options” and open them. 

How Do I Fix Discord Voice Stuttering? Step By Step Fix |

  • Once the power options are opened, select “Change Plan.”
  • Then, change “Advance power settings.”
  • From the power options list, select “High Performance.”

How Do I Fix Discord Voice Stuttering? Step By Step Fix |

Update Discord

The outdated Discord version will be incompatible with the latest audio drivers and other applications. It can cause critical errors while streaming or voice stuttering. To resolve this, you have to update your Discord immediately. The Discord update often comes on the right-upper corner or the Discord notification bar.

If you get any notifications, then update your Discord immediately. It will resolve the audio and voice strutting issue from your Discord.

Restart Discord’s Audio Settings

Sometimes, we configure Discord voice settings incorrectly and don’t know how to retrieve them. Incorrect discord configurations also cause no audio, delay in voice, and strutting issues. Restarting Discord’s Audio settings is the best option you have at that time. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Launch the Discord application and go to the settings by clicking the gear icon beside the user name. 
  • Now, navigate to “Voice & Video” settings from the left option bar.

How Do I Fix Discord Voice Stuttering? Step By Step Fix |

  • Scroll down to these settings to find the “Reset Voice Settings.”

Note: This will restart all your previously configured audio settings. This is recommended only in case you cannot resolve the stuttering issue.

Restart Your Network Settings

If you use a shared network, you might face high traffic issues and incorrectly configured network settings. Discord fixes cannot resolve this, as our network settings cause this. To resolve this issue, we have to reset the network connection manually.

  • Here’s how you can do it:
  • Go to the control panel and open “Network and Sharing Center.”
  • Now select “Troubleshoot problem.”

How Do I Fix Discord Voice Stuttering? Step By Step Fix |

  • Once you are in the troubleshooter settings, select “Additional Troubleshooters.”
  • Here, select “Internet Connection” and run the troubleshooting. 


Discord is one of the best applications for communication available. Audio stuttering and delay are common issues you may face while streaming. These can be resolved by updating Discord, resetting audio settings, restarting network settings, or cleaning the Discord cache from your computer. All of the above methods are verified and safe to use. We hope this article will help you to resolve the Discord stuttering issue.

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