FIXED: How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord?

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved

Discord always comes at the top of the list whenever we talk about streaming applications. Discord offers fantastic features like voice and video chat, real-time text messaging, and file sharing, making it the perfect app for streaming. 

Streaming on Discord can be a lot of fun, but users often have trouble hearing the audio because of technical difficulties. If you are also facing a similar issue, there is no need to worry because we have got you covered. Here, we’ll review everything you need to know to fix the audio while streaming on Discord.  

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? 

You can fix audio when streaming on Discord by running Discord as an admin, updating Discord, using a third-party voice app, restarting Discord, changing Discord input mode, changing default audio settings, enabling the legacy audio system, allowing the Discord app to use a microphone, and many other methods. 

All these methods are easy to follow and can help you get audio while streaming on Discord. There could be more than one reason that your Discord is having audio issues when you are streaming on it. 

Discord Needs Admin Authority: Just like other system applications, Discord also needs administrator permissions and launches in admin mode. It allows Discord to take over a few audio settings to give you a better experience. But you can face audio issues if it doesn’t get any admin permissions. 

Audio Device Conflict: There could be more than one device or hardware component that is using the same audio resource. As a result, Discord will experience audio problems while streaming.

Outdated Discord Version: Any outdated app can create unresolved bugs, and so does Discord. If you are using an older version of Discord, your settings will be limited and create issues during live streaming.

Incorrect Microphone Configurations: Before starting streaming, you must configure audio settings correctly. If you set up something wrong, your live stream might not have any sound or your voice might stutter.

Overloaded Discord Cache: The cache is the enemy of your application’s temporary storage. If the temporary storage is limited, you might face many problems during live streaming, including audio disruption or no audio. 

Outdated System Audio Drivers: System drivers are the primary component that provides all audio services to all clients, including Discord. If the system drivers are not up to date, then they won’t be able to deliver the best performance, leading to many audio and voice issues.

Run Discord as Administrator

Discord needs many permissions to work and live stream. Some of the necessary permissions include audio, voice, and video permissions. If you run Discord as an administrator, you can give it all the permissions it needs to work correctly. You can simply run Discord as admin.

  • Navigate to the Discord application icon, right-click on the icon, and select “Run as administrator” from the list.  

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved |

  • It will give Discord all admin privileges, including in-app audio changes and default audio device settings. 

Restart Discord Voice Settings

A minor change in the Discord audio settings may lead to audio disturbances during your live streaming. These changes could also cause several audio problems, including no sound or low-quality sound. You can quickly solve this by restarting the Discord voice settings.

  • Open Discord and navigate to “User settings” on the side of your headphone settings.
  • From the left column of settings, select “Voice & Video” settings.

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved |

  • Now scroll all the way down until you see “Reset Voice Settings.” Click the button to restart all your voice settings.

Change Discord Input Mode

Now we are going to talk about the most potent audio input settings that can stop and start your audio during live streaming. These settings are called “Input Mode” settings. There are two possible modes while you are using your mic. One is “Voice Activity mode”, and the other is “Push to Talk” mode. 

These modes allow the user to use their microphone constantly or whenever they want to talk. In voice activity mode, the user’s microphone remains open all the time, and each bit f the voice is transferred to the audience. While in Push to talk mode, you must press a specific key to deliver your voice.

Using a push-to-talk mode during live streaming is not ideal, and it can result in audio glitches such as delayed audio delivery or no audio at all. Due to this malfunction, you need to switch to voice activity mode. Here’s how you can change the input mode in Discord:

  • Open discord settings by clicking on the Gear ⚙️ icon on the left lower corner.
  • Now, navigate to “Voice & Video” settings from the left setting panel. 

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved |

  • Scroll down to the “Input Mode” options. If the “Push to Talk” is enabled, click on “Voice activity” to switch the mode. 

Note: If you have a lot of disturbance in the background, then we suggest you keep the microphone on Push to talk.

Check Windows Audio Drivers

If Windows audio drivers do not provide enough support for Discord or other applications, you might face several audio issues. It is essential to update your Windows audio drivers to the latest version to avoid any problems. Follow these easy steps to update drivers,

  • Open the “Run” box by pressing the Windows key and R simultaneously.
  • Now, in the run box, type “devmgmt.msc” and press the Enter key to launch the Device Manager. 

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved |

  • From here, expand the “Audio inputs and outputs” option—Right-click on the microphone’s icon and select “Update Driver” from the list.
  • Now select “Search automatically for drivers.” Your computer will search the drivers automatically and install them on your device.

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved |

Note: You must have an internet connection to allow your computer to search for and install the updated version of the audio drivers.

Check Default Microphone Settings

If you are using a laptop and headphones, then you have to check the default microphone settings. In this case, your computer will detect two microphones at the same time. 

Sometimes your voice seems low during live streaming. It is due to the default microphone selection. Windows always set the laptop’s microphone to default. Therefore, you have to switch it with the headphones’ microphone. 

  • Search “Sound Settings” in the Windows search bar and press enter.
  • Go to the “Sound Control Panel” to open the sound device setting.
  • Here navigate to the “Recording” tab. Now you can see all the audio input devices, including laptop and headphone microphone. 

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved |

  • Click on “Headphone” and then click on the “Set Default” button.
  • It will make the external microphone as default, and you can send a clear voice to your audience. 

Disable Defender or Add Discord to Firewall Allowed Apps

Discord is sometimes blocked by Windows Defender and Firewall for security reasons. This blockage interferes with live streaming and doesn’t allow any input or output sounds to interacting with Discord. This issue can be solved by either disabling defender or adding Discord to the firewall’s allowed apps.

  • Search “Virus and threat protection” in the windows search bar, and press enter to open defender settings. 
  • Navigate to “Manage Settings” under the Virus and Threat Protection settings.
  • Turn off “Real time protection, Cloud delivery protection, Automatically saple submission, and Tamper protection” one by one. 

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved |

Note: We strongly advise you not to disable these settings until it has been determined that they are the root cause of the problem or none of these solutions worked for you. Disabling something poses a risk that could be harmful to your computer.

  • To add programs in the firewall-allowed apps, search “allow an app through windows firewall” in the windows search bar and open it.

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved |

  • Click on change settings and then find Discord from the list. Tick mark the Discord to allow it through the firewall. Tick on both private and public networks.

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved |

Clear Discord’s Cache (Clear Roaming Data)

The cache of an application is the temporary data stored on your computer, which helps to open the application quickly. But sometimes, these cached files or folders get corrupted or overloaded and cause several issues while streaming, like audio and video issues. Here’s how to manually clear Discord’s cache:

  • Open the app data folder by writing “%Appdata%” in the windows search bar. 
  • Once you are in the app data folder, search for “discord” and delete the entire folder. 

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved |

  • Restart your PC and run Discord again.

Note: This may change some particular settings or may bring all settings to default again. 

Use Apps in Window Mode

If your computer has limited resources like RAM and processor, then Discord won’t be able to live stream and share your screen simultaneously. We often stream games on Discord and, due to limited resources, face audio and video errors. Fortunately, you can remove this error by switching your game from fullscreen to windowed mode. 

  • Go to your game’s settings and open the video settings.
  • Switch the game from full screen to window mode.

Allow Discord to Use Microphone

Windows has the feature to block some applications from using the microphone, which blocks all audio inputs while streaming. This feature is built-in to prevent malicious applications from using the microphone. Let’s add Discord to the allowed apps list,

  • Search “Microphone privacy settings” in the windows search bar and open the settings.
  • Scroll down to “Allow desktop apps to use a microphone.”

How To Fix Audio When Streaming On Discord? Solved |

  • If it is turned off, then turn it on. You can see the Disord in this list.

Check For New Discord Updates

Always keep an eye on new updates. Discord updates itself periodically with bug fixes and optimizations. Install it immediately when you receive a new update and reboot your computer. Now you can stream your favourite games live with your friends. 

New updates always appear on the Discord dashboard. Click on the Notifications section to check for any newly available updates.


Live streaming is a great way to interact with your friends and family. But when you get errors like audio or video lags, then it can be very frustrating. This article discussed several solutions to fix audio and video errors on Discord. We hope this article will solve all your Discord streaming issues.

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