Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? – 8 Fixes

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com

Users may have in-context chats using Discord’s services, which include voice and video calls. For most users, Discord offers a flawless and dependable experience.

Certain users may occasionally face problems like being abruptly thrown out of calls. Users may have in-person chats using its capabilities, which include voice and video calls. Disconnections like this may be annoying since they interfere with communication and disturb discussions. 

This article will examine the numerous probable causes of Discord call disconnections and discuss potential remedies to lessen or fix these problems.

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls?

It’s because there isn’t enough bandwidth, the device firmware is outdated, the audio device settings are wrong, the server is overloaded, location and latency issues, cellular network limits, firewall and proxy restrictions, and voice codecs don’t work well together. 

Here are the reasons why Discord kicks you out of calls:

Inadequate Bandwidth

Insufficient bandwidth is often to blame for Discord’s common disconnections and kicking out of calls. Discord relies upon a stable internet connection to send audio data during real-time smartphone calls. 

Call interruptions could result from inadequate bandwidth, often introduced by slow networks or bandwidth sharing with many devices. Several issues should occur when the available bandwidth is insufficient to meet the data requirements of Discord calls. 

Users may also stumble upon a decline in call quality, which includes audio issues, latency, or delays. In more severe conditions, inadequate bandwidth may bring abrupt call disconnections, discouraging cutting-edge discussions.

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com

Outdated Hardware Firmware

“Outdated Hardware Firmware” describes using previous drivers and firmware upgrades to your hardware device, possibly throwing you out of Discord calls. 

To offer correct operation and communication between the hardware and software, firmware serves as a bridge. The voice calling capabilities of Discord won’t work well on devices with out-of-date firmware.

Using outdated device firmware may cause some call-associated troubles. For example, incompatible drivers might not work with Discord efficiently, resulting in interruptions and unforeseen disconnections. 

Processes in The Background and Resource Use

Having useful resource-intensive programs running in the background when using Discord for voice conversations is a common reason for being disconnected from calls. The reliability of Discord calls can be impacted by background programs and excessive aid use that tax your computer’s processing energy.

Running programs that call for loads of CPU, memory, or community resources, consisting of virtual machines, massive downloads, or video rendering, can also cause Discord to be sluggish, put off, or even disconnect you from calls already in development.

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com

Audio Input/Output Device Configuration

The placement of the audio input/output tools is critical for a smooth and uninterruptible calling experience on Discord. It’s crucial to test the settings and setup of your audio device while Discord terminates your calls. 

Calls might be interrupted by unsuitable settings or problems with your microphone, speakers, or headphones. Call kicking can sometimes result from using an incompatible or non-standard audio system.

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com

Server Overload

Discord may remove you from calls for various reasons, including server saturation. Users of Discord may communicate with one another through voice and video thanks to the platform’s extensive server network. 

These servers have a limited capacity and may get overloaded during heavy demand or server congestion. When too many users seek to utilize Discord’s services simultaneously more than the server can handle, server overload happens. 

The servers are under stress due to the increasing demand, which causes performance problems and call stability disturbances. As a result, users could often disconnect or get disconnected from calls.

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com

Location and Timing

Discord call interruptions can be significantly influenced by time and place. The reliability and quality of calls may be impacted by users’ physical locations and the time they utilize the system. 

First, a user’s location might contribute to latency, which can cause delays and possible call disconnections. Data travels between participants more slowly and farther apart, increasing the possibility of call disruptions. 

Additionally, location-specific factors like network congestion and internet infrastructure might impact call quality.

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com

Cellular Network Coverage

Users may connect and have real-time conversations with others using the audio and video calling tools that Discord, a well-known communication platform, offers. However, when using Discord over a cellular network, users may frequently get disconnected from calls. 

The inherent restrictions and difficulties related to cellular network coverage cause this issue. Mobile service providers’ signal quality and coverage are essential to cellular networks. 

Numerous elements, including physical impediments, a distance from mobile towers, and network congestion, might impact these networks. 

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com

Firewall and Proxy Restrictions

Firewall and proxy limitations may factor in Discord calls, resulting in call termination. To improve security and manage internet access, firewalls, and proxy servers are frequently used in network contexts such as offices, classrooms, or public Wi-Fi networks. 

These security measures frequently restrict or prevent the usage of particular IP addresses, protocols, or ports that Discord uses for voice chat. Discord calls may not perform correctly if your network has firewall or proxy limitations. 

The limits may make it difficult for your device to establish a reliable connection or transmit voice data, which might cause frequent conversation interruptions and eventual call termination.

Application And OS Updates

Lack of iOS and app upgrades is one of the reasons Discord could exclude you from calls. Discord often changes its software to fix issues, enhance performance, and offer new features. 

Like OS upgrades, Apple releases iOS updates regularly to improve the operating system’s functionality and security. There may be compatibility problems and interruptions during calls if you use an old version of the Discord app or have an older iOS version installed on your device. 

Changes in the underlying infrastructure, communication protocols, or security measures may be to blame for these compatibility problems.

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com

Compatibility With Voice Codecs

For Discord audio conversations to be uninterrupted and of the highest quality, voice codec compatibility is essential. Voice codecs are responsible for compressing and decompressing audio data to facilitate effective internet transmission.

However, call interruptions and even abrupt disconnections may occur if there are incompatibility issues between the speech codecs used by Discord and those used by other call participants.

Conflicts can arise during the audio transmission when participants in a call utilize different speech codecs or Discord settings. It may show up as choppy or garbled audio, latency, or even dropped calls.

How to Fix Discord That Kicking You Out of the Calls?

You can fix it by Checking and improving your internet link, updating Discord, changing audio settings, turning off software and hardware acceleration that conflicts with Discord, trying different servers or regions, and calling Discord support if the problem still happens. 

These are the steps you can follow to fix Discord kicking you out of the calls:

Check your Internet Connection

For unbroken Discord calls, a solid and dependable internet connection is essential. Consider troubleshooting your network if your connection is frequently dropping or disconnecting. 

A more reliable connection can be obtained by switching from Wi-Fi to a cable connection. Moving closer to your Wi-Fi network or removing potential interference sources might also help boost your connection.

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com

Update Discord

The first step in diagnosing and resolving the issue of being thrown out of calls is to update Discord. Discord’s developers often provide updates to enhance the program’s functionality and stability and fix known bugs or problems. 

You may benefit from these updates and address the call-kicking issue by ensuring that Discord is updated and installed on your device.

Restart Discord and Your device

You may investigate and fix problems when Discord continually kicks you out of calls by restarting Discord and your device. Call interruptions can occasionally be brought on by momentary errors or issues with your device’s operating system or the Discord program. 

The program is refreshed, and any transient problems causing the call-kicking issue are resolved by restarting Discord and your device. Start by totally shutting the Discord program before restarting Discord and your device. Check to make sure it is not active in the background.

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com

Check Audio Settings and Permissions

The audio input and output parameters must be set correctly for Discord to work effectively. Go to the “Voice & Video” area of Discord’s settings. Make sure the appropriate equipment is chosen for your microphone and speakers. 

Additionally, make sure the audio settings on your device are set correctly by checking them. In your device’s settings, grant Discord access to your microphone and speakers if necessary.

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com

Disable Conflicting software

Discord’s speed can be hampered by some background applications, especially those that consume audio or network resources. Disable or shut off any applications that could interfere with Discord momentarily. 

It includes VPNs, streaming applications, and virtual audio drivers. Disable each one individually, testing Discord after each disabling to see whether any specific software is the source of the call-kicking problem.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration uses your device’s hardware capabilities to speed up Discord. However, it can occasionally result in disputes and disturbing calls. Discord’s settings may be changed to prevent this by disabling hardware acceleration. 

Turn off “Hardware Acceleration” in the “Appearance” section. Call interruptions caused by compatibility problems may be reduced by turning off this feature.

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com

Try a Different Server or Region

Try switching to a new server or area if you frequently get call kicks on Discord. Discord uses several servers spread throughout the globe in various geographical locations. 

Call interruptions occasionally occur when a particular server or area encounters heavy traffic or technical difficulties. Transferring to a different server or area allows you to check whether the issue still exists.

Contact Discord Support

The best action is to contact Discord’s support staff for more guidance if the problem continues despite attempting the abovementioned fixes. Tell them all you know about the issue, including any error messages you come across. 

Additionally, the support staff at Discord can offer more detailed troubleshooting instructions targeted to your scenario or look into whether there is an underlying problem on their end.

Why Does Discord Kick Me Out of Calls? | integraudio.com


Frequent call kicks on Discord can be annoying, but if you know what might be causing them and take the right steps, you can fix the problem. Call interruptions can be caused by insufficient bandwidth, old device firmware, processes running in the background that use up resources, and wrong audio device configurations.

Additionally, server overload, location, latency issues, cellular network limitations, firewall and proxy restrictions, old application and OS versions, and voice codec problems can kick you out of the calls.

You can troubleshoot the problem by checking and fixing your internet link, updating Discord, changing audio settings, turning off software and hardware acceleration in conflict, and trying different servers or regions.

You can also call Discord support for further assistance. However, with these steps, you can ensure your calls on Discord go more smoothly and aren’t cut off, making it easier to talk to others.

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