Top 9 Websites For Remix Stems 2024 (And Remix Competitions)

Top 9 Websites For Remix Stems 2024 (And Remix Competitions) - 2024 Update

This article discusses the 9 best websites where you can find the recent remix stems & multitracks of your favorite tracks and remix them – either for a contest or just for fun 🙂

Creating remixes is a great way for artists to break through and for DJs to develop a commercial set of songs. It’s also a good method for artists to discover their sound and primary style and polish their production skills.

Many producers break the internet with their interesting remixes, lofi versions, drill versions, trap versions, EDM versions, etc., of the songs, with trending audios on TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and other short-form video platforms.  

With stems and multitrack, you can create some unique mashups and mixes. Then there are remix competitions which give producers and artists a chance to get discovered.

However, finding the right stems can be difficult, and it’s a pain to browse through different libraries to end up with bad-quality files. Don’t worry; we have you covered with our list of the best stems/multitrack aggregators and Remix competition sites. 

9 Best Websites For Remix Stems/Multitracks + Remix Competition Sites

1. RepostExchange

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Top 9 Websites For Remix Stems 2024 (And Remix Competitions)


RepostExchange is a free community-powered promo platform with a membership of over 400,000 SoundCloud creators. It enables artists to support, promote, and share each other’s music in order to expand their reach, get real feedback, and build a network.

RepostExchange also hosts popular remix competitions across all genres, offering fantastic opportunities and prizes for the winners. Recently, they have featured prizes from FL Studio, GForce Software, and Splice and official digital releases on major labels such as Atlantic Records and influential indie labels such as Trapped Animal.

Overall, it’s a great platform for aspiring artists, DJs, rappers, and producers to network and connect with more musicians, improve their skills, and gain new fans and followers on SoundCloud.

2. Patreon (Top Tier Premium Stems)

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Top 9 Websites For Remix Stems 2024 (And Remix Competitions) - 2024 Update


Patreon is a subscription-based platform that allows people to connect with their fans/supporters in exchange for a monthly budget.

It’s a great way for musicians to monetize their community by giving back something of value, like an exclusive membership, zoom meetups, early access to their music, etc. In addition, many music producers, artists, DJs, and musicians give access to their Patreons/subscribers of their stems and multi-tracks.

Hence, on this platform, you can find high-quality stems directly from the artist/producer to remix, cover or draw inspiration from.

For example, Pheonix Studios offers a subscription for $2-10/month and gives away the stem and multi-track packs for their original and cover songs, tutorials for mixing-mastering, 1-week early access to new content/music, requests/polls for upcoming covers, discount codes, monthly general mixing and live QnA, and more.

You can also find artists like Andrew Huang and Amanda Palmer on Patreon. Andrew Huang has a $10 weekly subscription fee for which he gives access to instrumentals and project stems, along with a video thanks.

Another example is KOAN Sound. They are very generous when it comes to sharing the stems/multi-tracks of their popular tunes.  Also, great thing is that they keep the files available for download without removing them as some artists do. For example, you can get a multitrack of their track “Chronos” – 

KOAN Sound - Chronos


If you are into DnB, we recommend checking phace as well as VISION  currated by Noisia. 

3. SongStems

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Top 9 Websites For Remix Stems 2024 (And Remix Competitions) - 2024 Update


SongStems is a free and open-source website to find stems and multitracks for remixes or covers. 

An interesting feature is that the website allows you premium access for a subscription fee of $2, for which you do not get any ads on the website. Another interesting feature is that you can get free access to the premium membership for an entire year if you upload the stems of your songs/remix/cover to the platform

Anyone can submit their multitrack packs and contribute to the platform, and many artists/musicians/producers/DJs upload their music to it. You can find stems of different genres like pop, electronica, R&B, disco, prog house, reggae, rock, hip-hop, and many more.

There are thousands of songs for which you find the construction kits, down to every sample and instrument. You can also find regular remix contests on the website, for which the winning DJs and producers are rewarded.

Often these rewards translate into good feedback, if not a quantifiable price, and sometimes even into career-making deals or meetings with A&Rs. These stems are also great for creating mashups, remixes, live performances, or just inspiration for new tunes or melodies. 

4. Spinnin’ Records Contests

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Top 9 Websites For Remix Stems 2024 (And Remix Competitions) - 2024 Update


Spinnin’ Records is one of the world’s most well-known and renowned EDM-based labels, which regularly conducts remix contests.

These contests are great for getting free stems, practice remixes, getting feedback & acknowledgment from the artists themselves, and a chance to win additional rewards if you win the contest.

In addition, you can also submit your demos to the label by going to the Talent Pool page on the website. Spinnin’ Records hand-pick the best EDM tracks; hence, one thing that’s assured in these competitions is good quality stems.

5. SKIO Music

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Top 9 Websites For Remix Stems 2024 (And Remix Competitions) - 2024 Update


SKIO Music is a marketplace for remixes and remix competitions.

With a community of over 400,000 music producers and creators, the company works with artists like The Chainsmokers, Lauv, Jay Sean, etc., and labels like Atlantic Records, Sony Music, etc., to promote their music via remix contests, through which up & coming producers get a way to showcase their talents.

That gives legal access to Djs and Music producers to access high-grade stems of some of the industry’s biggest songs and a chance to get noticed by industry professionals and win the prize.

6. Armada Music

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Top 9 Websites For Remix Stems 2024 (And Remix Competitions) - 2024 Update


Armada Music is an EDM-based record label founded by Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron, and David Lewis.

Situated in Amsterdam (HQ), New York, and London, the company promotes music via remix competitions, inviting producers to participate in it and access stems & multi-tracks of songs by artists like ARTY, Autograf, Eelke Klejin, and more.

A subsidiary of the company is Armada University, which sells courses on music production, and holds contests, review demos, and more. In addition, they host remix competitions and giveaways as part of their community-building activities.

7. Studio Acapella

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Top 9 Websites For Remix Stems 2024 (And Remix Competitions) - 2024 Update


Studio Acapella is a website that allows you to download acapella vocals, stems, preset synth packs, and more.

On its website, you will find a list of songs for which acapella or entire studio stems/multi-tracks are available for free download. It has a huge collection of songs, including mainstream songs from artists Charli XCX, The Weeknd, Jay-Z, etc., and some less famous/underground songs. It also mentions the key, BPM, and lyrics along with each song.

8. RemixStems

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Top 9 Websites For Remix Stems 2024 (And Remix Competitions) - 2024 Update


RemixStems is a website for rare multitrack and stems, which are available only on an exclusive basis. 

To join as a subscriber on the website, you need to buy its subscription, which at the time of writing the article, is available for $9.9-$49.9, depending on whether you’re buying the Pro Level, or Light level, and how long you have been their subscriber. They have a huge collection of good-quality multi-tracks and stem packs, across all genres of music.

From mainstream songs by Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, SIA, to classic artists like Boyz II Men, First Choice, Double Exposure, and more, they have a great list of songs from all periods, from genres like Acoustic, Dance, Electro, Hip Hop, R&B, and more.

Its “Rare Multitracks” category has some great vintage and old-school songs that can inspire your productions and remixes.

It’s also a great place to find songs and their files for sampling, however, you will have to be careful about the legal aspect and licensing of the samples, as you’d need to get them cleared.

But you can use them as samples, as long as you don’t use them for commercial purposes, otherwise, you’d need to obtain their commercial rights. Finally, RemixStems have the most expansive library of the song stems with a great selection of tracks.


We have discussed the best websites for remix and remix contests. In today’s world, with the help of the internet, there are plenty of opportunities for artists to network, showcase themselves, and build or be a part of a community.

That could escalate both your musical skills and career. DJs and Producers can easily find individual instrument layers, drum sounds, acapella, and more for their remixes and mashups.

SKIO Music and Armada Music are good sources that frequently host new competitions for contests. RemixStems is the most premium place to find great stems, rare multi-tracks, and cool samples of different genres, times, and styles. Hope this article was useful to read and provides you utility and value. Thank you for reading.

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