Top 12 Liquid DnB Sample Packs 2023 (ALL TESTED)

Top 12 Liquid DnB Sample Packs (ALL TESTED) |

For this pack, I picked the packs that I believe have the most recent sounds, as well as some old packs that I think should be on this list, + 2 bonus packs at the end.

There will be packs from artists alone as well as from the brands. Each pack is different – some offer great drums, some pads, and melodies, while others have great basslines. So let’s dive into this post to see which would be the right fit for you. Also, sorry for my English, I’m not a writer though I’ll try my best!

Top 12 Liquid DnB Sample Packs 2022 (All Tested)

1. Monrroe – Drum & Bass (Best Sounding, Approached as if he made his own track)

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

The price would maybe be high for some, but I believe it’s the best pack on this list for a few reasons..

This guy has lots of attention to detail and approaches the sample packs as if it’s his own music. Drums, whether loops or shots are very intimate and functional that can fit into your project easily. Also, I think that this pack has the best basslines from the entire list. The long notes make them very useful. Some of them are reecces though they still work for Liquid pretty well.

Also, drum loops are the best on the list. Each loop you play is well made, without too much processing but with lots of detail while still being smooth. The kick, snare, tambs, shakers, hats, everything just sounds very well balanced and plays in harmony with each other. You may think I’m now selling you this pack, but I’m just telling you what I hear. 

As I said in the beginning, I think this is the best liquid pack on the Loopmasters I heard so far. Great loops, as well as one-shots. If you are careful with the money, I think this would be a good choice. 

The length of the samples varies; some of them are short, while some are longer, for example, pads and music loops. Drum loops have a consistent length with top & percussion loops (except for exceptions).

Monroe was being promoted/released on: UKF (Shogun Audio)Liquicity, LiquiddnbftwSkankandbassDrum&BassArenaand more.

Samples have various BPMs, though most of them are 172 and 174.

Pack contains:

  • 673MB 24-bit audio
  • 25 Bass Loops
  • 30 Bass Hits
  • 100 Drum Hits
  • 30 Full Drum Loops
  • 26 Drum Top Loops
  • 20 Pad Loops
  • 40 Melodic Hits
  • 25 Music Loops
  • 14 Percussion Loops
  • 20 FX Hits
  • 10 FX Loops

2. Pola & Bryson – Drum & Bass (Best Sounding 2, Approached as if they made their own track)

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

I believe that drums are the key elements of each sample pack, and this one has some exceptional drums.

These drums have some healthy groove/swing feeling and not too much “on the grid”, making them stand out in this list. Many of these loops have acoustic drums, while some of them have that Jungle vibe. Those drums sound like upgraded drums of the Break’s sample pack with more clarity and recent sound. If I would rate drums, I would give it 9 out of 10.

When it comes to basslines, about 80% of the Bass Loops have long notes, which is great for Liquid, and the rest are either stabs or arpeggiated basses.

Then there are “Extra Loops” that offer some fragile perc & top loops as well. If you are after one-shot drums (kick, snare, hats, pers.), there aren’t many of those, so I wouldn’t recommend it much. Though, there are some nice snappy snares!

Lastly, music loops are 90% piano and Rhodes that have a nice soulful atmosphere.

Pola & Bryson is making music for Shogun Audio and being featured on UKF as well.

Samplepack comes in 174PBM.

Pack contains:

  • 520 MB of Content
  • 41 Bass Loops
  • 12 Bonus Drum Loops
  • 35 Drum Loops
  • 46 Music Loops
  • 10 SFX
  • 17 Top Loops
  • 30 Bass One-Shots
  • 37 Drum One-Shots
  • 39 Melodic One-Shots

3. Hugh Hardie: Liquid Soul (Vibes of the Hospital Records)

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

With music released in Hospital Records, Hugh Hardie brings us some sweet liquid audio.

All those artists that make sample packs always try their best to represent their sound. For the drum loops, you will find classic breaks, though there are also some minimal/techstep loops as well. There are some loop variations, but they all sound pretty different, so good job. Also, some of the loops have jungle vibes. Perc Folder is kinda disappointing, including only six samples. Top Loops sound very useful; they are derived as usual from the main loops, though some of them are missing.

When it comes to basslines, there is a wide range of basses, including reeces, long liquid tones, some upright basses, and some stabby bass sounds as well. There is a small folder called “Atmos Loops,” including only four loops that are very soulful and charming; also, these loops are very long with nice progressions. 

When it comes to melodic parts, it comes with Music and Pad loops. Both are very liquid-friendly. More importantly, there is a pretty nice variety of Pads. In Music Loops, you will find lots of keys, including Rhodes but especially pianos. Some Effects are also included, like noise sweeps and glitch loops, which could be added as another layer on drums, for example. 

Often, one-shot sounds are derived from the loop samples, which is this case. They are quality, so that are one-shots as well.

Samplepack was released back in December 2021, but it will sound actual for years to come.

Hugh Hardie released music on Hospital Records.

Samplepack comes with 174 BPM.

Pack contains:

  • 780 MB of Content
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 30 Bass Loops
  • 29 Top Drum Loops
  • 28 Full Drum Loops
  • 26 Keys Loops
  • 20 Pad Loops
  • 10 Fx Loops
  • 7 Synth Loops
  • 6 Percussion Loops
  • 4 Atmosphere Loops
  • 2 Vibraphone Loops
  • 47 Drum Hits
  • 30 Bass Hits
  • 11 Key Hits
  • 3 Claps
  • 51 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 22 Midi Files

4.EVOLVE: Liquid Drum & Bass (Best Quality/Amount of Content For Price)

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

Ghost Syndicate delivers some great packs, especially when it comes to DnB. A bit on the harder side, EVOLVE is a pack that offers crisp sounds to your project.

Basslines are probably the most suited for Liquid from this list though there are few with Neurofunk vibes. When listening properly to drum loops, I can say they sound as good as Monroe’s loops. The guy that made drums must have some serious skills; well done!

They are transparent, not processed much, and you can clearly distinguish between different drum parts playing. For me, the snare is a benchmark for a great-sounding break, and those just sound delicate. Though it can seem there are tons of drum loops, there are those variations for each loop, so it can be tricky at first glance. 

Then, there are hi-hat loops. Well done. Crispy, fragile, not too Dry, and on some of them, there is a feel of a sidechain, adding a bit of tension to it. Also, some of them are mixed with shuffles. Regarding one-shot drums, they are just derived from loops, which are quality, so you can expect one-shots to be as well.

Regarding melodies, I like the variety. It includes pianos, various synths, arpeggios, sequences, pads, leads, reverse sounds, plucks, and more. Worth mentioning is also the FX section, including sweeps, impacts, and some noise effects. 

It also has a small section called Vocal FX Loops, which offers some reverbed/delay one-shots; it sounds pretty useful for Liquid, for example, when starting a drop / between passages. Lastly, there is a Bonus section including various samples but primarily drum shots and loops. What I like the most about this pack is how reverb was being used.

BPM is set to 172 and 174.

Pack contains:

  • 24-Bit / 44.1kHz
  • 1.55 GB of Content
  • 41 Bass Loops
  • 46 Bass One-Shots
  • 41 Drum Loops
  • 40 Hat Loops
  • 23 Drum Shuffles
  • 29 Stripped Drum Loops
  • 44 Top Loops
  • 10 Cymbal One-Shots
  • 50 Closed Hat One-Shots
  • 31 Kick One-Shots
  • 28 Open Hat One-Shots
  • 36 Perc One-Shots
  • 34 Snare One-Shots
  • 10 FX Loops
  • 35 FX One-Shots
  • 10 Vocal FX Loops
  • 35 Melodic Combi Loops
  • 60 Synth Loops
  • 89 Synth One-Shots
  • (Bonus) 10 Drum Loops
  • (Bonus) 10 Drum Kits
  • (Bonus) 4 Cymbal Loops
  • (Bonus) 9 Hat Loops
  • (Bonus) 7 Mixed Perc Loops
  • (Bonus) 7 Open Hat Loops
  • (Bonus) 12 Shaker Loops
  • (Bonus) 10 MPC Drum Kits
  • (Bonus) 10 Stem Kits
  • (Bonus) Ableton Live 11 Drum Rack
  • (Bonus) Ableton Live 11 Drum Kits

5.BLU: Liquid Drum & Bass (Most Recent Sound)

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

The teaser sounds as if you listen to some of the new tunes on Liquicity, so for me, it’s pretty cool. And it’s not just a teaser. 

There is lots of clarity in these samples, having proper and detailed high-end without too much BS in it. You can recognize what is what and why you want to use it.

Bass samples sound great for Liquid, but some of them are clicking, meaning when the sample replay, it makes a noticeable click sound every time it repeat. Other loops seem to not have this issue.

The Synth Loops folder is kinda huge because of the other variations each loop has, offering tempting and intimate sounds. There are no sounds that I would consider being on the dark side. 

Then there are so-called “Melodic Combi Loops,” which are more powerful where sounds are mixed together. For example, pads are playing with arps.

The bonus section includes a few quality drum loops and about 3x more top loops, which really adds value to the pack. And not just for quantity, they are pretty gentle, fast-paced, and there are no necessary sounds/elements in each. Each loop is crafted well. Lastly, FX Section offers some nice one-shot down lift samples and some other effects.

When it comes to one-shots, I like kicks a lot, but not snares; it seems kinda short and obscure. It’s just because they worked well with the other elements, but when I think about single snares, I don’t like them much. Other than that, hats, percussions, Tambs, and Top Shuffles seem solid. I think in this pack, there is lots of potential for liquid DnB.

BPM for the pack is 174.

Pack contains:

  • 817 MB of Content
  • 24-Bit / 44.1kHz
  • 33 Bass Loops
  • 36 Bass One-Shots
  • 20 Full Drum Loops
  • 17 Stripped Drum Loops
  • 20 Top Loops
  • 12 Cymbal One-Shots
  • 20 Ghost Snare One-Shots
  • 37 Closed Hat One-Shots
  • 37 Kick One-Shots
  • 21 Open Hat One-Shots
  • 52 Percussion One-Shots
  • 11 Shaker One-Shots
  • 22 Top Shuffle One-Shots
  • 5 Rim One-Shots
  • 33 Snare One-Shots
  • 32 Tambourine One-Shots
  • 10 FX Loops
  • 22 FX One-Shots
  • 26 Melodic Combi Loops
  • 6 Percussion Loops
  • 59 Synth Loops
  • 82 Synth One-Shots
  • 10 Bonus Drum Loops
  • 36 Bonus Top Loops
  • 10 Bonus MIDI Files
  • 10 Bonus Drum Kits

6. Aqua Liquid DnB (Drums sounds great on Midrange)

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

 I was thinking about adding this pack or their Liquid DnB” one, but this one sounds more actual and has more intimate drums in general, even though have much fewer reviews. 

They sound transparent and nice in the midrange while not being processed too much with a bunch of plugins. Then there are Melody/Pads loops, of which there are plenty and solid as well. 

Bass samples somehow sound the same to me. The synth section offers many sounds to choose from; they have a certain level of quality as well. Then there are also emotional piano loops. When considering sample length, drum loops are much shorter compared to other sounds like melodics and pad loops which is understandable but offers fewer variations to spice things up.

For me, the drum loops are the reason why I would buy this pack and also the synth section. If that’s what you are after, consider this pack.

BPM set to 174.

Pack contains:

  • 678MB of Content
  • 24 Bit Wav files
  • 86 Melodics
  • 74 Drum Loops
  • 48 Pad Loops
  • 39 Bass Loops
  • 10 Fx Loops
  • 139 Oneshots
  • 28 Fx Hits
  • 111 Drum Hits
  • 20 Claps
  • 31 Hihats
  • 25 Kicks
  • 10 Rimshots
  • 25 Snares

7. Drum & Bass Liquidism (Old, But With Great Value)

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

This pack has the best value because of the amount of content that it comes with. 

Even though the pack was released back in 2017, there are lots of samples inside this pack that are very intimate and thoroughly made. Drum loops sound minimal and decent. You will also find the Top loops for the same loops. Lastly, there are Perc. Loops, which sounds functional. I can imagine them just grabbing it onto a playlist/timeline and fitting it into the project well without too much editing.

Anyway, what it delivers best are the music loops which are still actual and could fit into modern liquid tracks as well. Basslines are also decent, mostly classic subs and LFO-related basses. It lacks FX samples where it comes with only 8 FX loops, but with lacking loops, it compensates with 30 FX one-shots. The synth section seems kinda small, which comes with a set of 5 various synths.

Probably the best from this pack are Music loops offering a variety of instruments; especially piano sounds nice and smooth.

Pack is made in 172BPM

Pack contains:

  • 953 MB of Content
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 70 Music Loops
  • 46 Bass Loops
  • 46 Top Loops
  • 40 Full Drum Loops
  • 33 Perc Loops
  • 8 Fx Loops
  • 7 Snare Loops
  • 6 Kick Loops
  • 57 Drum Hits
  • 45 Bass Hits
  • 30 Fx
  • 20 Instrument Hits
  • 5 Synth Multis
  • 260 Rex2 Files
  • 85 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 101 Midi Files
  • 5 Bonus Massive Presets

8. Liquid Drum & Bass Acapellas (Vocals With Soul)

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

Released in February 2022, Monster Sounds decided to go for Vocal Liquid Pack.

Samples have various lengths, from very short to super long ones. It’s all about personal preference, but I think these sound pretty intimate and emotional. Also, a variety of vocals seems to be great. 

Though, if you are looking for some one-shot screams and adlibs, you will be disappointed. This pack is more about progressive vocals rather than shots. 

These would fit well after the drop passage, where you want to progress the track further into something more intimate.

BPM ranges from 170 to 178

Pack contains:

  • 852 MB of Content
  • 24Bit, 44.1KHZ
  • 5 Song Kits
  • 41 Verse Vocal Loops
  • 35 Wet Vocal Loops
  • 26 Harmony Vocal Loops
  • 25 Chorus Vocal Loops
  • 13 Bridge Vocal Loops
  • 8 Adlib Vocal Loops
  • 6 Vocal Stem Loops
  • 3 Ensemble Vocal Loops
  • 13 Vocal Phrases

9. Urbandawn: Duality Drum & Bass (Great Modern Sound)

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

There are not many Full drum loops, but each loop has two more variations. 

Even though not a big fan of these, those variations sound pretty cool and different enough from the original loop. While some packs tend to have problems with loop variations, this one is done well, and there is a nice level of contrast.

When it comes to Break Loops, they are full of acoustic drums with some nice precision. Some are full; some have more space. Then, there is the “Experimental Drum Loop” section, offering all 170BPM long drum loops having some unique Delay/Reverb effects on them or extra sounds like FX or textures. Lastly, then there are Halftime Drum Loops, which are on the acoustic side. There aren’t many “Top Loops,” which I would expect to be derived from Break loops. Hats somehow sound a bit raw/unprocessed. Perc Loops? Sounds great, especially for Liquid. That said, for me, drums, in general, are well done.

For Music loops, I didn’t expect them to be clipped. They have a kinda short length but are precise and have nice progressions. There are some arps, pads, leads, plucks, chords, and stabs, but I would maybe expect a few more sounds within the folder. Then there are Guitar loops with about the same amount of samples as Music loops. There is a certain intimacy in Guitar, and nice skills with using effects on it as it sounds real and natural (like Leslie/Rotary, proper Reverb, and even Delay.)

The basslines – These could work not only for Liquid but also for Mainstream/Dancefloor, Neuro, and maybe Deep/Minimal DnB.

Oneshots are quality, but Snare/Kick samples tend to sound the same. Also, There are only three samples for Cymbal shots.

This isn’t an “All in Liquid” pack because of its diversity, but samples like Guitar, Percussion, or certain Drum loops could work well; of course, Bass samples are great, but as I said, there is not just liquid that they could be used on.

Urbandawn released his music on Hospital Records. 

BPM Ranges from 170 to 175.

Pack contains:

  • 643 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 62 Drum Loops
  • 40 Bass Loops
  • 26 Percussion Loops
  • 24 Hat Loops
  • 12 Electric Guitar Loops
  • 16 Experimental Drum Loops
  • 12 Half Time Drum Loops
  • 12 Synth Loops
  • 8 Fx Loops
  • 8 Top Drum Loops
  • 5 Acoustic Guitar Loops
  • 2 Arp Loops
  • 2 Pad Loops
  • 1 Keys Loop
  • 107 Drum Hits
  • 41 Instruments
  • 37 Bass Hits
  • 22 Percs
  • 13 Fx
  • 89 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 57 Midi Files

10. Lenzman: Deep Soulful Drum & Bass 

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

Another Liquid focused pack, this time from Lenzman.

The basslines are more on the darker side, not much processed, with a nice variety, ranging from long tones to short stabs. For the Melodic loops, there is lots of content, having a great variety of warm pads, reverbed plucks, and arpeggio synths; I would say those three make the 90% of the content for Melodies.

Drum loops, even though old, most of them still have an actual sound that would work for modern Liquid. Many of them are classic breaks, and some of them are minimal.

I like the percussion loops on these older packs, as they just sound better to me than full drum loop versions. Maybe it’s because these are just minimal loops without too much stuff happening. 

The one-shot section includes some really nice hi-hats and rides. Percussion hits are also pretty detailed. For kick and snares, I wouldn’t recommend this pack as there are better alternatives though there are few solid clap samples.

Lenzman was being featured on Drum&BassArena.

Pack contains:

  • 838 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 65 Music Loops
  • 52 Drum Loops
  • 36 Bass Loops
  • 18 Perc Loops
  • 111 Drum Hits
  • 45 Bass Hits
  • 35 Synth Stabs
  • 31 Atmospheres
  • 183 Rex2 Files
  • 127 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 10 Kong

11. Blu Mar Ten: Drum And Bass Vol. 7 (Great Value For The Price Even Though It’s Old)

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

Pretty old sample pack; this pack is not for those looking for sharp and precise loop drums and sounds in general, but rather for smooth liquid vibes that Blu Mar Ten is well known for.

For Drum breaks, they have lots of body and not too much detail, although there are some minimal ones. They also have a certain level of saturation, which you can feel on the kick drums.

There is a nice variety in Bass Loops, including deep liquid basses, darker reeces, mid basses, and some sequenced samples.

When it comes to Melodic and Pad loops, these guys know how to do it. Pad Loops included are soulful with various lengths. Some are progressive, while others are one-shots. There is also nice variety in the sound timbre as if each sound has its own soul. Lastly, there is a nice section on Drones and Effects, adding value to it.

Overall, it has some great value as well because it comes with 1,9 GB of content. 

Check Blu Mar Ten‘s music.

BPM ranges from 170 to 177

Pack contains:

  • 24Bit Quality
  • 1.87Gb
  • 37 Arp Loops
  • 69 Bass Loops
  • 27 Drone FX Loops
  • 96 Drum Loops
  • 90 Music Loops
  • 31 Pad Loops
  • 200 Drum Hits
  • 377 Rex2 Files
  • 12 Soft Sampler Patches For Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats.

12. Eveson: Deep & Liquid Drum & Bass

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

Released back in 2016, even though old, the sounds are very atmospheric and smooth rather than crisp and precise.

The Music samples have various lengths, from very short to long ones. There are many piano and key samples, some of them having old-school and Lofi vibes. When it comes to synths, there are mostly sequenced synths, and also many with delay effects. Also some nice reversed samples as well. 

Then there are Pad Loops which sound great and just scream Liquid. Some nice intimate sounds there. I wish there would be more pads than Music Loops in this pack, but maybe it’s just my opinion. Some of the pads are super long with many progressions.

Breaks have more jungle vibes, and I wouldn’t recommend them for rolling liquid tracks that need fast breaks. They could work for making Liquid similar to Blu Mar Ten’s style. You will also find Perc Loops, which honestly sound better for modern Liquid than these loops. They are more minimal, having only the necessary ingredients.

The basslines seem still relevant; here you will find 808s and classic long reeces though there is no high end on them.

For the one-shots, I like the Synth and Pad hits the most.

As said above, pads are just great here. If I had to give a reason to buy this pack, I would buy it because of the pads. 

BPM ranges from 168 to 175 

Pack contains:

  • 758 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 43 Music Loops
  • 30 Bass Loops
  • 30 Drum Break Loops
  • 23 Pad Loops
  • 18 Perc Loops
  • 97 Drum Hits
  • 59 Synth Hits
  • 38 Bass Hits
  • 22 Pad Hits
  • 148 Rex2 Files
  • 133 Soft Sampler Patches

Best Free Liquid DnB Sample Packs 2023

I found only 2 free packs that sound good and have some potential. Here they are:

1. Ghosthack: Free Liquid Drum and Bass Sounds

More Info & Download

Ghosthack: Free Liquid Drum and Bass Sounds - Top 12 Liquid DnB Sample Packs (ALL TESTED) |


Nice little pack, with all kinds of samples.

It has few breaks, some classic ones and few with minimal vibe. Also there are few pads, few sequences and plucky synths.

Lastly, oneshots include only drum elements.

2. Loop Cult ARACHNE

More Info & Download

Loop Cult ARACHNE - Top 12 Liquid DnB Sample Packs (ALL TESTED) |


Pretty diverse pack when considering it’s free.

Though, drumloops sound kinda rought/raw, I like percussion loops as usual more. They have much better potential to be used in today’s tracks – same for Top loops.

Also some nice long FX samples are inlcuded. Oneshots – snares are pretty solid with percussions. Then there are some safe basslines, without much processing. And then best part – Synth loops. Here you will find lots of sounds focused on lots of things. Including pads, pianos, some plucks and bells.

So pretty good freebie.

2 Bonuses:

Break: Symmetry Drum & Bass (World-Class Percussion Loops For Liquid)

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 


What makes this pack “Liquid friendly” are only 4 sections – Percussion, Keyboard, Music, and Pad Loops.

Though basses and drum loops are more geared towards neuro, they can still be used if done properly. The tambs and shakers you can hear in his tracks you will also find here. These (unlike full drum loops) are very detailed, sound organic, and very functional, meaning they are useful in your project as well.

If I had to rank what part of the pack I like the most, it would be percussion loops because they are kinda evergreen – meaning that even after those years, they will work so well with not only Liquid but all sorts of DnB stuff.

For me, the best tune from his is this one (something between Liquid & Neuro) where you can hear all of these magic shakers, tambs and percussions, and bass as well.

Pack comes in 174 BPM (For some exceptions).

Pack contains:

  • 970Mb
  • 24Bit 44.1Khz
  • 31 Bass Loops
  • 38 Drum Loops
  • 61 Percussion Loops
  • 28 Drum FX Loops
  • 25 Keys Loops
  • 19 Music Loops
  • 12 Pad Loops
  • 21 Bass Shots
  • 24 SFX Hits
  • 5 Pad Sounds
  • 26 String Shots
  • 7 Key Stabs
  • 8 Synth Hits
  • 254 Drum Shots
  • 225 Rex 2 Files
  • 82 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, EXS24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats

OSTIA: Drum & Bass (Harder/Techy Liquid But Not Dancefloor/Mainstream Though)

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

When looking at the cover, if you would expect the pack for Neurofunk, you would be disappointed.

As we can expect from this brand, the pack has some great clarity and fidelity, especially for the high-end elements. Not that the rest isn’t well done; it’s just that the top end stands out for me.

Stumbled upon bass loops; those sounds way more on the neuro side rather than Liquid. Yes, they MAY work for Liquid, but when buying a liquid pack, you would expect liquid basses, right? Maybe that’s why this cover art.. 

Maybe they distinguish between hard/darker Liquid and soft and intimate. Who knows.. 

When it comes to drum loops, I can say yes and no. Yes, because they are quality; I would say A drums, but no, because they made the second variation for each loop, with the very least changes, making the drum loop section kinda weak because of this.

Yes, there are some loops that have some significant changes; what they did is actually added a top layer for the second variation (hi-hats, rides) for each loop, making it sound slightly different. Some may like it and find it useful to progress the tune further, but I would rather see the other loops in my arsenal that I can work with rather than another layer at the top of it.

Then, I noticed there are many other drum loop folders, making this pack much more versatile. These are there, which I hope each pack would have – 

Some of the packs that are well done when it comes to drum loops, top loops, and everything in between is a pack from DJ SAPO. It’s not much about Liquid, but again, drums inside may work well for it. In that pack, you will find Breaks, Beats, Shuffles, Sheens, Hats, And Percussion loops. All separated.

But back to the OSTIA.. Synth loops sound on the Neuro side rather than Liquid. Not too much Neuro, but I feel that vibe that could just work better for Neuro.. some of the synth sounds, yeah they, are good for Liquid, but many are not.

I’m not sure if even Liquid has some subgenre, but let’s say there is.. So then I would say this is more like techy/future Liquid with some neuro flavor rather than Soft/intimate Liquid.

Let’s assume their intention was to make Liquid on the darker side closer to the Neuro, right? Then I think it was well done. It’s hard to judge when seeing that cover..

But if you are hesitant, then in a nutshell – The drum loop section would be perfect without those 2nd variations. Then, some basses may work for classic Liquid, but many have more neuro vibes. Synth Loops seem kinda technical/futuristic (Same for Melodic loops). 

BPM is set to 172

Pack contains:

  • 574 MB of Content
  • 24Bit / 44.1KHZ 
  • 44 Synth Loops
  • 43 Bass Loops
  • 26 Top Drum Loops
  • 24 Full Drum Loops
  • 10 Hat Loops
  • 9 Pad Loops
  • 9 Perc Loops
  • 4 Keys Loops
  • 4 Fx Loops
  • 2 Kalimba Loops
  • 1 String Loop
  • 31 Drum Hits
  • 27 Bass Hits
  • 19 Percs
  • 11 Instruments
  • 10 Fx
  • 49 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 8 Midi Files

Last Few Words..

Here you have it! The 11 Packs and one bonus, I believe, would work for your liquid projects. Sometimes it’s all about intuition, and just listening to the teaser can tell. Hope this guide was helpful and will give you some ideas.

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