12 Best Jungle Sample Packs 2024 (ALL TESTED)

Top 12 Jungle DnB Sample Packs (ALL TESTED) | integraudio.com

Jungle music is well known for its unique drums and vibes. Even though I’m not into Jungle and didn’t make any jungle tracks, I believe that I can recognize quality jungle sounds.

I will describe what each pack has included so you can get some good value and decide correctly before buying anything. Also, I included a few free jungle packs at the end, so enjoy! Packs are ordered from the best at the top because why not? I did it because it keeps things nice, simple, and organized.

Top 12 Jungle DnB Sample Packs 2024 (ALL TESTED)

1. Loopmasters DJ Sappo Presents Rolling Jungle & DnB

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

Top 11 Jungle DnB Sample Packs (ALL TESTED) | integraudio.com

This pack has the most extensive drum samples you can find for the jungle, with a huge variety.

It’s because it comes with three separate folders – First for main drum loops, second for Sheen and Shuffles, and third for Hats and Percussions. I love the sheen & shuffle folder so much even though it’s an old pack; nothing fancy, but great simple layers like hat shuffles, break shuffles, or even crash shuffles that can add variation to your sound, though I wouldn’t use them that much, just here and there.

Under Percussion lops, you will find classical loops consisting of bongo, conga, tambourine, hats, and more. Though what’s missing for me is Shaker loops; there is one, I think, but it’s not much. But other than that, the drum part is just good enough for me.

The music loops are pretty straightforward. What I mean is they are kinda “in the face” sounds without too much secret / magic. It includes some nice atmo pads, LFO pads, some leads, chords, and more. 

For basses, there are not many bass loops, I would say on the edge. Some of them have dirty vibes, some are LFO basses, and some are just pure 808 sounds.

When it comes to one-shots, other than drum and music hits, you will find a nice amount of FX hits, and for bass sounds, there is a lot more hit than bass loops.

2. Deviant Audio OG Jungle Vol. 1 – SAMPLE PACK

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

12 Best Jungle Sample Packs 2024 (ALL TESTED) - 2024 Update


This pack has some nice value, even though it could be too expensive for some.

When starting with the drum loops, there is a nice variety, ranging from all speeds of BPMs, styles, and patterns. It comes with brand new break sounds and some edited ones, such as Amen break, for example. Also, it includes some experimental breaks too. The 90% of the drum loops are pretty short (only one bar).

Percs range from 157 to 167 BPM. There you will find shake, tambourine, conga, and a few more percussive instruments. While these loops are crispy and precise, some have firm bodies. Then, there are Timestretched loops, which are a traditional part of the Jungle music (at least, I think lol). I mean, before another part start, using these would make the tune sound more interesting and distract from the repetitive drum vibe. They range from 146 to 179 BPM, though there are only three loops with 173, 174, and 179 BPM.

When it comes to bass samples, they are pretty much just one-shots, so don’t expect loops and progressions. Although they have nice quality and amount of samples, some are just the same. There are 808s, distorted shots, square basses, growl, and some Reese basses.
There are over 20 folders with sample loops, including different notes. It’s great since you are not limited to a particular sound but can also progress the track further.

And then there are Stab samples; there are 3 folders with dedicated samples and also a main folder with all kinds of samples. Again, don’t expect loops; there are just one-shots, though they seem good. The only thing I don’t like about that folder is the variations. Some of them sound kinda same, with minor changes in the second variation of a main loop.

For the Synths folder, there is also a nice variety ranging from Paddy synths to leads, to Reece to Drone and hover sounds (and some more.) Also, there are some loops, but many of them are just one-shots.

Textures and Layers folder comes with nice nature sounds like crickets, tribal, byrds, brook, and some vocal sounds. Additionally, the Bonus section inside the folder adds a Pad layer for each of these effects, and it seems to work well together. Lastly, there are some nice FX samples, as well as the Vox sample, that may work well for Junglists.

I would recommend this pack to someone who is happy with one-shot samples rather than loops/progressions. Also, drum loops, even though short, seem quality, so if you are after them, I would recommend the pack (also, percussion loops are solid).

I think this pack has the best value for the price. Many folders, many sounds, solid sound (even though shorter and one-shot samples). These are more like FX Vocal shots than the actual vocals.

3. Loopmasters Original Jungle Breaks

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

Full of acoustic breaks, I think this one is the most comprehensive pack if you are after jungle breaks.

Every folder comes with a different BPM making the pack very versatile. With that said, you can expect 160, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170 and 175-184 BPM thoroughly made breaks. Also, each folder is made thoroughly and includes many breaks (yep, it’s probably because it’s a dedicated pack on breaks, lol). But I mean, this approach is a way to go for many looking for a specific type of samples.

And the thing that there are folders with less than 170PBM is not a thing. If you are a little skilled, you can make it work. For example, if you use FL Studio, you can use Slicer or Slicex, which will help you sync the loops with the current BPM of your project.

I used these breaks in some of my tracks as they can work for almost any DnB subgenres like liquid, neuro, deep, or more. One-shots are simply derived from the loops, having the same room, character, and sound acoustic. 

To summarize, breaks sound perfect, and the variety of these breaks is over the roof. There are also some variations of the same loops, which I’m not a big fan of, but here it seems reasonable. They have a vibe, warmness, room, and sound analog and meaty. Also, the quality is great, everything is consistent, and you won’t hear clicks when the sample starts looping again. For me, the pack is worth the money.

Lastly, two more folders add some value to the pack – Scratch Loops and Vocal Hit Loops. Scratch loops include scratches of MCs and many variations of the original loops. They seem solid, and I can imagine hearing those in Jungle tunes. It all depends on whether you like the voice of MCs or not.

Note: Even though the samplepack teaser includes melodic parts, these are not included.

BPM Ranges from 170 to 174.

4. UNDRGRND SOUNDS Classic Jungle

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

12 Best Jungle Sample Packs 2024 (ALL TESTED) - 2024 Update

As the name says, here you can expect some classic jungle vibes.

The basslines include subs, wobbles, hover, distorted, and some 808 basses. They sound solid and also have progressions as well. Lastly, most of them are 8 bars long.
Then there is a unique folder, “Break & FX,” which includes elements suitable for buildup (before the drop).

You will find things like risers/falls, impacts, sweeps, crashes, snare, and also clap and kick buildups. Then, the Drum Loops folder includes all sorts of things, not just main loops, such as hat, top, and ride loops. For Drum Loops, there are some classic loops like Amen breaks, unique as well as modern Jungle breaks.

There is an abundance of Synth loops, ranging from pads, atmos buildups, arps, chords, leads, and some keys like Rhodes, and some fresh melodic loops.  Lastly, the Vocal folder comes with one-shots that you can use here and there in your mix. Many of them have impact-like character.

5. Apollo Sound Selecta Old School Jungle DnB

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

Teaser sound great, so let’s see what’s inside.

Starting with drum loops, they sound somehow safe. Compared to breaks from the Original Jungle Breaks pack, they are missing focus/room. Though they are still useful, I would say they are more unique than the classical Jungle breaks you can hear in many Jungle tracks. Though, few of them are pretty obvious Jungle loops.

The Effect folder includes five subfolders covering backspin scratches, fxs, sirens, horns, stretched vocals, and vocal chants. All this section seems very Jungle-friendly, and I can hear many of these effects in Jungle music out there. When going further, the fx folder includes up/downlifters, laser sounds, hit and bleep effects, and a few more.

The basslines are full of 808, sub basses, and bass stabs with progressions. Some basslines are interrupted, meaning there is a silence between sounds, but mostly you can expect sustained samples.

Another folder cover Guitarloops, which includes mono and stereo samples as well. Half of these samples have effects on them, like Wahwah, Rotary/Leslie FX, Phaser, and Spring Reverb. Most of these guitars have a consistent sample length of 4 bars. They sound realistic and have nice character without too much processing (if any at all). They also have their own vibe/room that adds magic to the sound.

The pads section sounds nice, and I can also say for other genres, like liquid, they would be beneficial. There are not many of them (15), but they all sound different in a great way, so each pad brings value. When looking at the Stab folder, there is nice work applied when it comes to delay/echo effects. Again, each loop has its own magic, and there is a nice variety contributing to the value of the pack.

Under the Synth section, you will find all sorts of sounds, from melancholic-sounding chords, short attacked pads, classic lead sounds, and moog-inspired synths.

It also includes a “Musical Samples” folder which includes basses, pads, and stabs. They are derived from the parental folders, though they are just hits/single notes without progressions. Stabs are just short hits, basses have short and sustained long samples, and pads are also sustained (as they should be). Vocal hit loops are simply short vocal screams with delay/echo FX on it.

For this price, I think the pack is definitely worth it. I would say they could charge 2x for this package.

6. Element One ’94 Jungle

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

You can expect some pure old Jungle vibes from this pack.

For basslines, they are just boomy/hitting pure sub-basses. Also, most of the samples are long 4 bars.

Then, there are drum loops which are not many, honestly, also when considering that there are variations included for each loop. I would expect 3x more loops when approaching it this way. Yes, they are different, though it’s a bit disappointing.

About the same amount of samples, there is an FX folder. Include some atmos, crackle/vinyl sounds, some dub sirens, and “synth zaps,” which sound like having a high resonance turn-on. Another Key Loops folder includes Pianos, Keys, and Organs, but there are only six samples, so don’t bother.

Perc Loops sound kinda cheap; each loop has the same groove and includes shakers, crash cymbals, hats, and some others. Under Synth Loops, you will find four types of sounds – Pads, Sequences, Chords, and two lead samples. Lastly, there is a Tracks folder that comes with templates that include sounds that the sample pack contains.

The pack is great for those seeking old vintage vibes. It has certain quality though there are some drawbacks as drum loops / perc loops.

’94 Jungle comes in 160BPM

7. Loopmasters Live Jungle Breaks

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

Another dedicated pack, this time for drums, let’s hear what it can offer.

So, they sounds just great, but the swing/quantization of certain loops seems exaggerated and ruins it. Also, not all samples sounds in sync with the grid like Kick/Snare (when Zoom in very closely). Anyway, today you can fix it out in your DAW very quickly, so this can be neglected though we would expect it to be on the grid.

Then, many loops have variations, allowing you progress the track further. Under second folder you will find FX folder which is much smaller than folder with main breaks. There you will find warped, flanged, and some pretty damaged ones (in a good sense).

I would expect more precise drums from a pack focused solely on breaks even though they have great Jungle vibe/feel. 

Oneshots have nice Fills, pretty useful, though you will find only 5. When it comes to kicks and snares, I like the snares even though many of them just sound the same.  Percloop folder is a dissapointment having 3 samples. 

Maybe it was their purpose to humanize those breaks a bit, but I think it’s just too much. Anyway, many of the loops sound great and don’t have that crazy quantization.

If you are looking for another collection of breaks, I think these are worth trying despite their flaws.

BPM Ranges from 160 to 180. 

8. Ghost Syndicate ALPHABET BREAKS: Jungle

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

Let’s check out another dedicated pack just for one thing – The Breaks.

Ghost Syndicate seems to me that they really know how to make DnB drum loops and drums in general, though few of them sound kinda clunky. I measure how breaks sound based on how all drums sound together, but the biggest emphasis I put on the snare, which I judge on. What makes these drums great to me is the proper use of a transient tool, as you can really hear these snares and kicks being emphasized a little more.  The guy that made those know well what he is doing.

Now when going further, I discovered that the pack has three other subfolders – Bonus Breaks, Breaks (another), and Tracker Breaks. 

In the bonus breaks, I really love the kick/snare on these. These are mostly straightforward/classic rolling breaks (not broken beats). In addition, they also come with variations. Under “Breaks” (another one), these sound more unique to me, though still on the quality side. 

Lastly, Tracker Beats sounds the most unique of all breaks. They are also full breaks, including everything, but I can imagine using those between transitions.

If you are looking for a jungle breaks, this pack is worth considering. Though, if you are looking for an “all in one” Jungle pack, consider something else for that money.

All these breaks range from 164 to 174 BPM.

9. EST Studios Jungle Bass Pack

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

As always, with dedicated packs going for one thing (bass or drums etc.), they come with quality, and this one is not exception.

The basslines sound good – there are nice long bass tones as well as hard-hitting / 808 basses that are harmonic-rich. Though, don’t expect some fancy synth bass sounds. All basses that you can hear are purely focused on the low-end region. I can imagine adding these samples also to liquid as well as some techy/neuro tunes.

When it comes to one-shots, they are derived from the pack, + some extra hits that you won’t hear under bass loops. If you are after basslines for Jungle, I can recommend this pack. Also, the price is great as well.

Note: Don’t be confused by the audio teaser – the pack comes ONLY with basslines, not drums or any other sounds.

The basslines come in 170BPM.

10. Ghost Syndicate OBJECT: 140 Jungle

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

This pack covers a slower BPM range, so you would be disappointed if you are after 160+ BPM.

The drums sound sharp and crisp, with lots of detail and a nice sample selection playing great with each other. Most of them are 130 and 140 BPM. These loops have one to two variations as well. Lastly, many of them are so-called “broken beats” having different grooves than the classic loops (kick, snare, kick snare).

What makes these breaks great is the proper mixing of hi-hats, as they have proper reverb and maybe parallel compression as well. What it lacks for me are the 160 and 170PBM breaks; if these were included, it would add much more value, as today’s tracks are, I believe, about that 170 BPM. The additional Drum Loop FX folder just demonstrates drum loops with various effects on them, though there are about 6x fewer loops than in the full loop folder.

Then there is a folder called Kick & Snare loops, containing only those 2, though there are some hat/cymbal artifacts on the high-end making on some loops, making them not pure kick/snare loops.

Percussion loops are simply derived from the Full loops; they sound great and intimate, with solid processing, though not over-processed. I would say transparent but firm. Lastly, to cover the loops folder, you will find Top Loops, which sound kinda same as Percloops (all Percloops played well on the high end too). Though, Top loops involves also kick and snare. 

When opening the drum one-shot folder, there are ten claps, each having the same kind of reverb (though different size for each clap). Some claps are missing the attack; maybe it was on purpose.

Cymbals sound nice and firm, having clear fidelity, as I would expect. Some of them are rides and some crashes. Hats are also fine, but some samples seem too short, as if it was gated out. The hats folder also includes a few “Mixed Perc” samples with various things like shakers, tambs, and other percussive elements.

The kicks have a nice variety ranging from sub-region kicks to whole spectrum ones. Also, some are shorter/longer, with lots of punch and transient on it, while others have firm bodies. Open hats just sound best for me when it comes to one-shot sounds. They are pretty detailed and long enough, though some samples play twice, not making them pure one-shot samples.

If you are more into slow Jungle music, these seem interesting and should be considered adding to your sample arsenal.

11. Renegade Audio Chopstick Dubplate – Lickshot Dub Sirens & Sound FX Vol 1

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

12 Best Jungle Sample Packs 2024 (ALL TESTED) - 2024 Update

This pack includes only one-shot samples, but there are lots to it.

When looking at the big picture, there are five major folders, each of them having the same sub-folders, namely – Dry, Dub, LFO_Verb, and LoFi. Each folder includes some pretty basic sounds, like Sega, 8-bit sounds, Bleeps, Laser sounds, and even 4-bit sounds. The only difference is in the processing.

Dry means original dry samples. The Dub folder is kinda same just has more samples with the tail and delay/echo or reverb effect on it. LFO_Verb is self-explanatory. It’s processed with the LFO tool and has reverb on it. It’s a nice idea, though; all the presets have the same LFO style/speed.

Lastly, LoFi is just Lofi samples. They play in the midrange, and they sound pretty cool. There are lots of high-end on these sounds, so it can be annoying. That’s when this LoFi folder would come in handy.

If you are after one-shot effects, this is a great choice for you, even though all those subfolders sound just kinda same (dry, dub, lfo_verb, LoFi) with a slight difference. Anyway, you get five major folders, each with different effects, which I definitely think is worth the price.

12. Element One ’96 Jungle

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

Pack was inspired by artists such as Photek, Source Direct, Dillinja, and Goldie

For drum loops, don’t expect classic, straightforward drum beats; you won’t find them here; instead, it comes with a broken beats selection. Even though this pack focused on old Jungle style, drum loops have nice punchy attacks while still having focus and body. There is also a subfolder, “Processed,” with some extra loops, including Filtered and Glitched loops. Going further, Percloops includes a few shaker and crash samples, though shakers don’t sound much realistic.

To cover drums completely, the Hihat loops folder comes with the same amount of samples, offering some basic hi-hat patterns. Also, the folder includes three so-called “Hat Breaks,” which have some vibe and nice room, so these sound good to me. When stopping at FX Folder, there are some pretty solid effects, including atmos, risers, hits, vinyl crackle, zap effect, and a few more. 

When it comes to Melodic Loops, here you will find sequences, chords, plucks, and some more. They sound atmospheric and ambient-like. Though, few samples have a “one-shot” approach rather than a progressive one. Lastly, these samples are kinda short; many of them have only 4 bars.

Lastly, then there is “Synth Pad” loops covering drones but also chords that were included under Melodic loops as well. Many of these chord loops are simply soulful pads, and some sound like drones have deep/dark character. Then there are dark Dissonant samples. These add that unusual deep mood to your track; these are great for the intros and passages between drops.

I wouldn’t recommend one-shots, as these sound kinda outdated. Though if you still want to get that ’96 Jungle vibe, you can construct it from these sounds.

In a nutshell, I like the melodic / synth sounds, as these have some potential also with the FX loops.

The entire Samplepack is made in 170BPM

Best Free Jungle DnB Breaks 2024

1. Sampleradar 200 Free DnB Breaks 

More Info & Download

12 Best Jungle Sample Packs 2024 (ALL TESTED) - 2024 Update

Great pack with an abundance of great break samples.

Though it’s not available on their site anymore, I decided to reupload it here since it’s free, I believe these are the best DnB breaks ever made. 

There are for sure many Jungle loops, as well as some techstep beats, minimal beats, and rolling loops as well. I mean, 200 loops is a pretty big one for a free pack, so enjoy and make some good music with it!

2. Sampleradar 328 free drum ‘n’ bass samples

More Info & Download

12 Best Jungle Sample Packs 2024 (ALL TESTED) - 2024 Update

The other great breaks, but this selection also comes with drum kits as well as loops, and some bass samples.

There are two packs available. One is for 170 bpm and the second for 175. So be sure to check them out both!


Singomakers Ragga Jungle

More Info, Audio Previews & Price 

Loopmasters says it’s Inspired by legendary tunes from Aphrodite, Roni Size, General Levy, Goldie, High Contrast, Shogun, The Jedi Collective, and many more from back in the day. So let’s look out further.

Starting with basslines, going through various samples, I noticed there is a nice variety and progressions in them. There is also a nice variety of types of bass sounds. You can expect distorted, Reece, LFO, stab, and some other unique basses. What adds value is also the length of these samples. Each sample consists of 8 bars which are kinda valuable. 

With the same amount as bass loops, drum loops here are only about 4 bars long, though there are some exceptional loops with great precision and vibe. 

90% of these loops have strong/firm body and don’t have too much transients. Also, there are all sorts of breaks and variations/styles, contributing to a great variety of the folder. Still, some snares on these breaks sound clunky, but most of them are just fine. Then, Top Loops are just derived from the main loops, but they are somehow more useful to me. If I would build a track from scratch, I would definitely rely on Top loops rather than Full loops.

FX Section is divided into separate sections – Uplifters, Downlifters, Impacts, and Misc FX, which are self-explanatory. Misc FX includes stuff like beeps, laser sounds, high-resonance sounds, some scratches, and also uplifters.

90% of the Melody Loops are consistent in length, having 8 bars which again increases the value of the pack. Sounds inside are mostly synths, but also pianos, guitars, horns, and a few more. When going further, synth sounds consist of pads, pluck synths, arps, and some more.

And then, there are Vocal Loops covering Dry/Wet versions. They are long enough, most of them 8 bars long. Lastly, you can expect some classic Ragga-style vocals that add life to your tracks.

This is just a classic Ragga-style Jungle pack, and I believe it has decent quality, so I can recommend it to you.

The entire pack is in 174BPM.

Lastly, here is my favorite Jungle tune, hope you like that too!

Sub Focus - Last Jungle


There you go; 12 packs, I believe, are great for making Jungle today. I simply judged all of these based on the teaser, as I usually do, and then I purchased them. I tested many and just gave a chance to those “best sounding” teasers.

Hope you found it helpful, and also grab those free breaks; they are definitely worth it (not just for a Jungle!).

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