Top 12 Trance Sample Packs 2023 (For Uplifting, Dream & More)

Top 12 Trance Sample Packs (For Uplifting, Dream & More) |

This article will discuss the best sample packs for Trance music in 2o23. 

Trance music is a genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that emerged in the early 1990s. It is characterized by its hypnotic beats, melodic synthesizers, and a tempo typically ranging from 125 to 150 beats per minute. It often incorporates atmospheric soundscapes, lush pads, and uplifting chord progressions that aim to evoke positive emotions and a sense of euphoria.

It has its roots in the music scenes of Germany, the United Kingdom, and other European countries. The term “trance” was first coined by the German electronic music duo Jam & Spoon in the early 1990s, specifically referring to the state of hypnotic and entranced emotions that the music induced in listeners.

Over the years, trance music has evolved, giving rise to various sub-genres such as progressive trance, uplifting trance, dream trance, vocal trance, hard trance, psytrance (psychedelic trance), tech trance, and more. Each sub-genre may emphasize different elements and moods while retaining the core elements of trance.

For this particular style of music, we have compiled the best and highest quality sample packs consisting of energetic and driven drum samples, including kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, and percussion suited for the genre, atmospheric pads/textures, effects like risers, impacts, swooshes, and other transitional effects, acoustic instruments like guitars, pianos, and strings to add warmth and a human touch to the electronic sounds ethereal vocal samples, and more.

Now let’s dive right in and discuss these sample packs.

Top 12 Trance Sample Packs 2023 For Uplifting, Dream, Vocal, Hard & Progressive Trance

1. Samplestar Euphoric Progressive Trance (Best Sounding)

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Samplestar’s “Euphoric Progressive Trance” fuses mainstage trance with the uplifting essence of the progressive house.

Firstly, there are 47 epic radio and club-inspired synth hooks and chord progressions. These melodies serve as a great starting point for your creative journey, and since MIDI files are included, you have the freedom to customize and shape the sound design to your liking.

The pack offers 29 driving peak-time basslines to captivate your audience and set the dance floor ablaze. Like the synth loops, these basslines come with MIDI files for further personalization. For your rhythmic needs, 60 precision-programmed drum loops are available in different variants (A: full loop, B: kick-free variants, C: kick only). This diversity ensures that you can seamlessly integrate the loops into your tracks, catering to the unique requirements of your production.

To enhance your drum programming further, the pack includes 40 one-shot drum samples of kicks, hits, snares, claps, and hats. To add depth and character to your arrangements, the pack provides 30 one-shot synth samples, ready to be fired into your sampler of choice.

Moreover, five perfectly processed pitched and glitched vocal loops are included, adding an extra layer of interest and emotion to your productions. To elevate your tracks with essential effects, the pack contains ten FX loops, including tailspins, drones, and bleeps. Lastly, for those seeking to create an immersive atmosphere, the pack offers five atmospheric loop beds, adding dimension and space to your music.

With 292 files and a size of 495.7 MB, and all the content being 100% royalty-free, you can use the included samples in your productions without any additional clearance or licensing requirements.

2. Zenhiser Serotonin Trance (Best Sounding 2)

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“Serotonin Trance” is a captivating sample pack offered by Zenhiser, tailored to add an emotional and soulful element to your productions. 

This fast-paced pack boasts over 5GB of samples, loops, stems, and MIDI for dance floor eruption, designed to inspire creativity and elevate the timeless world of trance music. It includes stems for immediate creativity, MIDI files for ease of programming, full mix loops for inspiration, and their individual parts for more flexibility.

The sample pack offers 496 total samples and 93 MIDI files, ensuring a wealth of creative possibilities for your tracks. From five song starters to a diverse array of drum hits, bass loops, and synth loops, you’ll find everything you need to infuse your music with euphoric elements. The pack is inspired by Trance musicians like Protoculture, Magnus, John Askew, Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, etc.

Additionally, the pack features drum sounds for crafting all-out beat offensives, one-shots to achieve a unique balance in your tracks, and stimulating FX for smooth transitions. “Serotonin Trance” offers abundant sonic freedom, allowing you to download, use, and manipulate the samples within minutes, fostering instant creativity at your fingertips.

3. Vocal Trance with Rebecca 2 (Best Vocal Trance Pack)

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Vocal Trance With Rebecca 2 is a bundle that includes four uplifting trance tracks with vocals from Rebecca Louise Burch, a renowned singer in the trance scene.

The bundle provides access to professional projects in various DAWs, allowing you to learn how to produce high-quality trance music from scratch, including aspects like vocal mixing, sound design, arrangement, mastering, and more. The pack contains 13 Spire presets, 28 WAV samples, 16 MIDI files, and others, all organized and named correctly for easy navigation.

The 100% royalty-free product allows you to use the content in your commercial projects without issues. To ensure smooth operation and optimal performance, it is essential to have specific software versions installed. These include Spire 1.1.17 or any newer version, OTT (available for free), Valhalla Super Massive (also free), and Fab Filter Pro Q2 or its later versions.

You can confidently use the project with Ableton v10.1.1 or any newer version, FL Studio v20.6.2 or any higher version, Cubase v5 or any higher version, Studio One v5.5.2 or any newer version, and Logic Pro v10.7.3 or any higher version.

4. Zenhiser Elysium Trance

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The Zenhiser Elysium – Trance sample pack offers a smooth, high-quality collection of trance sounds and loops.

The pack includes many elements essential for trance music production, such as song starters, drum hits, FX, loops, one-shots, and MIDI files. With a total of 408 samples and 30 MIDI files, this comprehensive pack provides you with ample material to create smooth and melodic trance tracks.

The included samples cover various aspects of trance production, including drums, basslines, synths, atmospheres, and more, offering versatility and creative possibilities for producers. With its rich and vibrant sound, the Elysium – Trance sample pack is a valuable resource for trance music producers looking to craft high-quality compositions.

5. Producer Loops Trance Progressions Vol 3

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Top 12 Trance Sample Packs (For Uplifting, Dream & More) |


“Producer Loops Trance Progressions Vol 3” consists of a lively selection of well-arranged and mixed samples, including arps, chords, pads, drums, piano, melodies, bass, vocals, etc.

The pack contains key and tempo-labeled samples, ensuring they seamlessly fit into your project without additional adjustments. The MIDI files also allow you to customize and tweak the musical phrases to suit your specific preferences and creative vision.

Featuring an assortment of formats, including ACIDized WAV Files, Apple Loops/AIFF Files, MIDI Loops, REX2 Loops, Reason ReFill, and Ableton Live Pack 8.1.3+, this pack provides unparalleled versatility for crafting your Trance masterpieces.

The loops are perfectly synchronized to BPM, making maintaining the right tempo throughout your compositions effortless. The sound quality is unmatched with a crystal-clear 44.1 kHz/24-Bit resolution, ensuring every detail is captured with pristine clarity.

6. Zenhiser Trance Arena

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Featuring a vast collection of Trance-based audio stems and MIDI files, Zenhiser Trance Arena provides you with a wealth of Trance musical elements.

The sample pack is designed to offer in-depth usability and flexibility. It includes a variety of melodies, drops, opulent layouts, and full mixes, allowing you to create chart-topping Trance tracks.

Trance Arena encompasses diverse sound elements, including pumping basslines, pushy beats, euphoric leads, heavenly pads, mind-altering arps, emotive FX, and seductive synths. These elements cater to different moods and styles within the Trance genre. The key and tempo information is included in the filenames, making it convenient for you to integrate the samples into your projects.

Further, the audio stems are available in ACIDized WAV, and the MIDI files are in standard MIDI format. The pack includes Apple Loops/AIFF, REX2 loops, Reason ReFill, and Ableton Live Pack 8.1.3+, making them compatible with different DAWs and software.

Lastly, it is quite a substantial collection, clocking in at just under 9.1GB (unzipped) and approximately 4.5GB (zipped), making it one of Zenhiser’s largest and most prolific offerings.

7. Loopmasters Anthemic Trance Leads

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Top 12 Trance Sample Packs (For Uplifting, Dream & More) |


Loopmasters Anthemic Trance Leads offers instrumental tools inspired by the pioneering sounds of iconic trance artists like Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, and Armin Van Buuren.

The pack features high-movement synths, bass, acid lines, and orchestral tones across over 350MB of loops at 138 BPM, ideal for traditional, hard, and psytrance styles with a classic twist. With expert recordings at stunning 44.1Khz quality, Anthemic Trance Leads caters to stadium-sized productions and blissful in-ear experiences.

Regarding Lead sounds, the pack offers many rushing synths characterized by high-energy and soaring melodies. In addition, it also delivers a variety of mesmerizing acid sounds that will instantly transport you back to the golden era of trance while adding a modern twist to your compositions. The sample pack includes orchestral flourishes to add a touch of grandeur and cinematic feel.

With 100 MIDI files included, you can customize and edit the lead sounds to fit your musical vision. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different chord progressions, melodies, and rhythms, ensuring your tracks are unique and truly represent your artistic expression.

8. Zenhiser Trance Synths

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Top 12 Trance Sample Packs (For Uplifting, Dream & More) |


“Trance Synths” by Zenhiser provides an instant collection of lead lines, high-quality hooks, ambient pads, and basslines, among others, to create floor-filling trance tracks with ease.

The pack contains 1.59GB of content, showcasing synth leads, euphoric hooks, and prime-time trance sounds, all recorded at 24 Bit Quality. It covers a wide range of tempos, from 128 BPM for progressive trance to 130 BPM for floor fillers and up to 132 BPM for peak-time trance hooks. The samples are meticulously crafted by Zenhiser’s in-house producer, ensuring a fresh and new sound that stands out in the trance genre.

It features a vast collection of mind-bending patterns, genre-specific grooves, dynamic rushy movements, and powerful pumping basslines. The pack comprises 70 high-quality trance hooks carefully curated to provide over 350 samples, all expertly looped for seamless integration into all DAWs.

The sheer abundance of trance hooks is evident as even a 15-minute preview fails to encompass the entirety of this epic collection.

9. OST Audio Trance Journey

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Building on the success of “Trance Expedition,” designed for Sylenth1, the “Trance Journey” brings a preset pack for Spire users. 

The soundbank offers extensive Spire presets and other content crucial for trance production. It includes elements and sounds such as Bass, Acid, Pad, Pluck, FX, and more. The pack also provides an opportunity to test the potential of these sounds by exploring their implementation in the bonus project included with the package.

The pack also provides an opportunity to test the potential of these sounds by exploring their implementation in the bonus project included with the package. The demo accurately represents what you will receive, ensuring consistent and stunning results in your own productions.

To cater to different Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), templates are available for Cubase, Ableton, FL Studio, Studio One, Logic Pro, etc. Each mix has been created to preserve the authenticity and quality of the presets.

10. Zenhiser 138BPM Trance

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The 138 BPM Trance sample pack by Zenhiser offers an extensive range of elements, including basslines, FX, drum beats, synth loops, synth shorts, and full loops, all totaling 1.5GB of content.

The pack is specifically tailored for Trance producers seeking sounds at 138 BPM, offering a diverse selection of Trance hooks and loops. Each loop is produced & recorded by specialized sound designers and studio professionals with precision and labeled with key and bpm information for easy integration into your projects.

“138bpm Trance” caters to those who prefer faster, classic, and power-packed tracks. The included kits cover a wide spectrum, from melodic and euphoric compositions to synth-driven, high-energy loops. Moreover, the pack includes a generous array of Trance drum hits, and FX sounds.

11. Black Octopus Deep Trance

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Top 12 Trance Sample Packs (For Uplifting, Dream & More) |


Totaling 1.8 GB of content, “Black Octopus Deep Trance” includes 460 files in various formats.

That ensures compatibility with different production setups. The pack encompasses 30 bass loops, 150 drum loops, 88 music loops, 100 one-shots, 25 FX samples, and 3 Song Starter Kits. MIDI files and Serum presets are also provided to enhance your creative flexibility. It consists of pulsating bass loops that are the foundation for authentic trance soundscapes.

These basslines are versatile and ready for immediate integration or can be used as the backbone of your next production. When it comes to drums, you get a wide array of drum loops, crisp hats, warm & punchy kicks, snappy & fat snares & claps, and expressive percussion samples. Further, you can elevate your tracks with high-energy loops and dreamy FX.

With the label Black Octopus, you can be assured of the high-quality recordings and mixing of the samples and loops in the pack. Falling between a BPM of 122 and 128, these sounds are perfect for Trance and its other derivative genres.

12. Zenhiser Trance Afterburn

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Top 12 Trance Sample Packs (For Uplifting, Dream & More) |


“Trance Afterburn” 5GB library offers an extensive range of ethereal leads, exhilarating drops, heavenly breakdowns, and powerful drums.

The sample pack has been crafted by a prominent producer associated with Armada Music, ensuring its potential to impact the trance music scene significantly. Catering to various genres, including Trance, Progressive House, EDM, and Progressive Trance, “Trance Afterburn” is thoughtfully categorized to keep your studio fresh and innovative.

It encompasses various elements such as stems, FX, song starters, MIDI files, drum sounds, one-shots,  basslines, synth loops, drum beats, synth sounds, bass sounds, pianos, and pads. Inspired by renowned artists like Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Eximinds, Andrew Bayer, and Ruben de Ronde. The pack includes 488 high-quality samples in 24-bit WAV format.

3 Bonuses:

1. ProducerLoops Trance Elevation Vol 6

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“Trance Elevation Vol 6” is the final installment of the much-hyped sample pack series by Producer Loops.

This collection offers an impressive array of elements, including trippy basslines, emotive pads, punchy drums, and ecstatic lead sounds, providing a gateway for Trance producers & DJs. Influenced by Trance luminaries such as James Dymond, Aly & Fila, Simon Patterson, and Chris Schweizer, the Construction Kits serve as valuable resources for beginners and experienced producers.

Contained within this sample pack are two variations of loops: dry and processed (wet) versions, catering to different preferences and needs during the track integration process. The wet versions may be more appealing for newcomers, while seasoned users with intermediate and advanced skills may find greater value in the dry versions and accompanying MIDI files.

These options offer enhanced flexibility and customization possibilities, enabling you to easily achieve your desired sound and style. Furthermore, you will find MIDI files for the melodic synthesizer riffs, covering a range of elements such as leads, pads, and basslines. This feature allows you to route these captivating melodies through your preferred synthesizers or plugins effortlessly.

2. Trance Evolution – Dune 3

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Top 12 Trance Sample Packs (For Uplifting, Dream & More) |


Trance Evolution – Dune 3 is a remarkable preset pack curated by FZ2, designed exclusively for Dune 3 soft synth users.

The pack offers a diverse selection of 104 presets, covering Leads, Bass, Arps, Strings, and other synth elements. In addition to the wealth of presets, Trance Evolution incorporates 26 high-quality Wavetables. These Wavetables serve as potent building blocks, augmenting the sonic capabilities of the Dune 3 soft synth and opening up a world of creative possibilities.

Beyond the realm of Trance, this versatile collection seamlessly complements other electronic genres such as Psy-Trance, EDM, and Hard Dance, making it a valuable addition to any producer’s toolkit seeking to explore various musical horizons.

It’s worth noting that to fully utilize the potential of Trance Evolution; you must possess a licensed copy of Dune 3, specifically Version 3.01 of the esteemed Dune 3 VST by Synapse Audio.

3. UNDRGRND Sounds Trance Techno

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Top 12 Trance Sample Packs (For Uplifting, Dream & More) |


Drawing inspiration from the pulsating dance floors of Berghain and live-streamed festivals, Trance Techno by UNDRGRND Sounds masterfully blends the best elements of 90s digital synthesizers with the hypnotic drive of contemporary electronic beats.

The influences of Schacke, Vladimir Dubyshkin, Barker, etc., can be heard throughout this extensive sample pack, which delves into every facet of this emerging and boundary-pushing sound. Regarding drums, the pack features epic techno beats and swash-buckling trance rhythms; all served at 140 bpm with individual stems.

It also features trance synths loops that are key/tempo labeled at 140bpm and accompanied by MIDI where possible, along with arps and transcendent sounds. In addition, it has a vast range of risers, powerful impacts, synthesized hits, impactful subs, morphing wavetable textures, one-shot stabs, bass loops, tops, immersive pads, etc.

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