Fix Windows 10 No Sound From Speakers But Headphones Work

Fix Windows 10 No Sound From Speakers But Headphones Work

The Windows 10 auto audio detection feature is on another level. It detects your audio and other peripheral devices automatically and configures them. In addition, it configures the devices according to their connection type, like USB, audio jack, or wireless. 

Many users say that their speakers don’t work, even though their headphones do. Such audio issues necessitate a thorough examination of all possible causes. Here we will discuss all the potential reasons for this issue and how you can resolve it in no time. So, without further ado, let’s start the discussion. 

Why Do Windows 10 Headphones Work, But The Speakers Don’t?

If you cannot listen from your speakers, but your headphones are working fine then is mainly due to hardware issues, unsupported speakers, wrong setting configurations, the wrong default audio output selection, application conflict, muted speaker volume, or plug-and-play priority. 

Moreover, if your audio settings conflict with your speakers, this will lead to no audio in your speakers after unplugging the headphones. In this case, you must use audio management applications like Realtek Audio Manager and FX Sound Booster. 

We often completely focus on our software-related issues and problems, but our hardware also needs to be checked. For example, mismatched hardware configurations or drivers may cause audio issues in your system in some cases. Here are a few major reasons for this issue:

Damaged Speaker Pins: We often don’t pay attention to the speaker audio jack. However, if the speaker’s audio jack is damaged, you will face this audio issue. 

Wrong Speaker Cable Connections: If you have recently cleaned your speakers and this error occurred after cleaning, you might have connected them wrongly. There are individual jacks for the cables used for audio output and input.

Wrong Speaker Configurations: These speakers should be set as the default output device after disconnecting your headphones. If this setting is not correct, then you won’t be able to hear from the speakers. 

Unsupported Hertz: This is the main issue if your speakers are huge and you are using Windows audio drivers. Windows audio drivers can support a certain frequency.

Bluetooth Device: Sometimes, we have a Bluetooth device connected to our computer. Whenever we disconnect our headphones, this device gets connected automatically. Hence, your speakers don’t work.

Plug & Play Priority

Plug & Play priority specifies which device should be treated first when connected to your PC. Priority is always given to the port in this arrangement. It means that by default, it prioritizes headphones and disables speakers whenever you connect them. 

The same happens when you unplug your headphones; the audio source automatically switches back to speakers. Again, windows have this feature as a built-in feature. Due to this feature, you don’t need to select the output audio device every time. 

If you have multiple devices connected, you can test them all by unplugging them one at a time to see which causes the problem. It is because the windows may switch to those devices once the headphones have been removed.

Select Default Output Device

The default audio device is the device that gives you audio after all other audio output devices are unplugged from your computer system. In a laptop, the default device is automatically selected, which is the laptop’s speakers. But if you are still not getting the audio after unplugging your headphones, do this:

  • Open the windows search bar and search “Sound Settings,” and open the program. 
  • Now select “Sound Control Panel” from the right-side options.
  • In the sound panel, open the “Playback Tab,” and you will see all attached devices there. 

Fix Windows 10 No Sound From Speakers But Headphones Work |

  • Select your speakers and press the “Set Default” button from the bottom of that window.
  • Your speakers are now the default audio output device. Once you unplug the headphones, your speakers will automatically act as default speakers. 

Audio Troubleshooting

Many Windows functions often catch bugs and errors. These bugs and errors can cause audio issues. So, if you are facing such issues, you can launch audio troubleshooting, which will detect the audio problem and give you all possible solutions. Troubleshooting can also automatically resolve issues.

  • Open the start menu, search “Troubleshoot Settings,” and open these settings.
  • Now navigate to the “Additional Troubleshooters” and open the settings.

Fix Windows 10 No Sound From Speakers But Headphones Work |

  • Here troubleshoot two major audio input and output devices, Playing Audio and Recording Audio. 

Turn Off Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth devices are wireless and can connect to the paired device automatically. To turn off this feature, you must either turn off the Bluetooth or unpair it from the device. If you have a paired Bluetooth device turned on, your computer may detect and connect to it. 

When you plug in your headphones, Windows treats them as a plug & play priority audio device by default. As a result, you have no sound from the speakers, but the headphones work fine when connected. Here’s how to turn off your Bluetooth device from your laptop or PC.

  • Open the Windows search bar, search “Bluetooth and other devices,” and press enter. 
  • You will be redirected to Bluetooth settings. Here you will see a turn-off and on button. If it’s blue, then your Bluetooth is turned on, and if it’s not blue, then Bluetooth is off.

Fix Windows 10 No Sound From Speakers But Headphones Work |

Check Volume Level or Mute Option

First of all, you have to check the volume of your computer. If you have accidentally decreased the volume or muted it, you will be unable to listen to any audio from that muted device. But when you connect the headphones, they will unmute automatically. 

  • To check the volume level, open your windows search bar and type “Sound Settings.”
  • Once you open the sound settings windows, select “Sound Control Panel.” 
  • Go to “Playback Tab” and right-click on your default speaker. Go to properties from the file.

Fix Windows 10 No Sound From Speakers But Headphones Work |

  • Then go to the “Levels” tab and see if the speaker is muted or the volume level is low. Increase the volume level to unmute it.

Check Volume Mixer

In Windows 10, a feature called “Volume Mixer” gives you the option to increase or decrease the volume of individual apps. This feature facilitates multitasking, and each task requires separate audio. Like playing games while listening to songs, you can mute the game audio using the volume mixer. 

  • Navigate to taskbar and right click the speaker icon from there.
  • Now navigate to “Volume Mixer” on the list and click to open it.

Fix Windows 10 No Sound From Speakers But Headphones Work |

  • Here you will see all applications that are using the audio resources. Mute the application you want by dragging the volume downwards. 

Roll Back Audio Driver

Sometimes updating is not the best option for adapting. It may lead to more severe audio problems if not done properly. Updating your audio drivers could also reset your previous audio settings, which means your speakers can’t connect to sound signals or respond to them.

To avoid such problems, you have a wonderful Roll Back Driver option for each driver in Windows 10. It is useful when Windows encounters bugs and errors due to newly updated drivers. Here’s how to revert your drivers:

  • Right-click the speaker icon on the lower right corner of the windows taskbar and select “Sound” from the list.
  • Once in the “Sound settings,” right-click on your audio device in the playback section and go to properties.
  • Now, go to generals from the device’s properties and select the driver “Properties.”

Fix Windows 10 No Sound From Speakers But Headphones Work |

  • From the properties go to the “Driver” section and select the “Roll Back Driver” option.

Speaker Pins/Wire Configurations

What could go wrong more than using the incorrect pin configurations or speaker wire? Most speakers have two speaker units and one equalizer to control volume, treble, and bass. Specific pins at output points on the equalizer connect the speakers to the equalizer.

Similarly, specific pins from the input to the computer are used to connect the equalizer to the computer. If these pins are not connected properly, like you have connected the output pins to the input points, you will be unable to hear audio from your speakers. but

Compatible Audio Drives

Incompatible audio drivers don’t support the digital signals coming from your speakers. In addition, these drivers don’t support the frequency of some good speakers. It is also one of the major reasons you get no sound from your speakers. The headphones work fine. 

You can install the Realtek audio manager and FX Sound Booster. These applications are great for managing audio devices and settings. They can solve most of your audio-related issues with just a few clicks. So, if you are facing audio-related issues, try these applications. 


You will hear audio from the default playback device whenever you are using both speakers and headphones simultaneously. However, if you are experiencing problems with no audio from speakers but working headphones, we have provided a complete step-by-step guide of various effective methods. We hope this guide will help you resolve your issue.

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