Why Does My Mic Stop Working Randomly On Discord?

Why Does My Mic Stop Working Randomly On Discord? | integraudio.com

Discord is a VoIP application that lets you easily stay in touch with people who are important to you. Most of the gaming communities use Discord for in-game communication. However, the Discord app can sometimes have technical issues that cause the mic to stop working randomly. 

If you are a new Discord user and have just created a new account on the platform, you may be unaware that some settings can cause your microphone to stop working randomly. In this section, we will go over the causes for it as well as some short fixes.

Why Does My Mic Stop Working Randomly On Discord?

Your microphone and speakers are always active whenever you are talking or joining a voice server. There is more than one possible explanation for this problem. It could be due to an outdated version of Discord, a problem with another piece of software, or the server that Discord uses.

Some settings must be configured each time you install Discord on your device. Without the proper changes, your Discord may not work as intended. Here are some basic settings that could be causing this “mic stop working” issue in your Discord.

  • Mic Volume Turned Down: The first thing you should check is the volume of your microphone. If the volume is turned down, Discord will not be able to hear you.
  • Mic Is On Mute: The next thing you can check is whether or not your microphone is muted if the mic is on mute.
  • Other Programs: If you are using other programs that use your microphone, they may be causing a conflict with Discord.
  • Permission To Use Mic: If you are not permitted to use your microphone in Discord, the app will not be able to access it.
  • Server Connection: Finally, if you are connected to a voice server, the server may be experiencing technical difficulties.

These basic problems and settings must be kept in mind while you are using Discord. These settings are often specific to each computer and operating system. If you are still having issues with your microphone, you can try a few other things. 

Turn Up the Mic Volume

Because of privacy concerns, the mic’s volume has been turned down in the most recent version of Discord. In order to use your microphone for communication and calls, you will need to adjust the settings such that the volume is turned up higher. It is how you go about doing it:

  • Now to unmute the mic, click on the gear icon in the lower left corner of Discord

Why Does My Mic Stop Working Randomly On Discord? | integraudio.com

  • Select “Voice and Video” from the list of settings. 
  • Here you will find the “Input Volume,” increase this volume to enhance the Mic volume. 

Why Does My Mic Stop Working Randomly On Discord? | integraudio.com

  • You can also use the shortcut of this setting by right-clicking on the Mic icon. Here you will see the input device volume. 

Unmute the Mic

In PC, we have only one audio source, an output device like a headphone or external microphone. We sometimes take the device off by accident, which makes the Discord mic automatically mute. So, whenever you need to connect the device again, you must unmute this mic. 

  • Navigate to the Mic icon and click on it. It will simply unmute the mic.

Why Does My Mic Stop Working Randomly On Discord? | integraudio.com

Restart Discord -Run as Administrator

If your Discord settings are stuck, then the best option is to restart Discord and run it as an administrator. When an administrator runs a program, it has complete access to the computer’s resources. This can often fix problems with programs that are not working correctly.

  • Close the Discord application if it’s running in the background.
  • To run Discord as an administrator, right-click on the Discord icon and click run as admin.

Why Does My Mic Stop Working Randomly On Discord? | integraudio.com

Select Iutput Device

This error occurs mostly in laptops, as they have their mic. If you are using a laptop and also connected to an external mic or headphones with a mic, Discord will not be able to detect any of them. Then you have to select the mic manually from the discord settings. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to “User Settings” by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Click on “Voice and Video.” Here you will see an option for “Input Device.”

Why Does My Mic Stop Working Randomly On Discord? | integraudio.com

  • Select the mic that you want to use from the drop-down menu.

Restart Voice Settings

Voice settings need to be restarted if you have done the wrong device configurations. These settings are complicated and require an expert to understand them. If you are not an expert in this field, it is best to restart these settings by following the steps given below:

  • From the Discord app, click on “User Settings,” which is the gear icon.
  • After that, go to “Voice and Video.”
  • Click on the “Reset Voice Settings” option at the bottom.

Why Does My Mic Stop Working Randomly On Discord? | integraudio.com

Note: This may also disable the specific input device settings and volume levels; you have to set them again. 

Disable Push to Talk

Push to talk is a feature that allows you to talk only when you press and hold a hotkey. This is done to avoid background noise from being picked up by your microphone. However, this feature can also cause problems with your mic. To disable push to talk, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Discord and click on “User Settings.”
  • Now go to “Voice and Video” and look for “Push to Talk.”

Why Does My Mic Stop Working Randomly On Discord? | integraudio.com

  • Toggle the switch next to “Push to Talk” to disable it.

Give Permission to Discord

If you are still facing issues with your mic, it might be because Discord does not have the required permissions to access your microphone. To give Discord permission to use your microphone, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Start Menu and search for “Settings,” and open it.
  • Now search microphone on the search bar and select “Which app can access your microphone” from the list.

Why Does My Mic Stop Working Randomly On Discord? | integraudio.com

  • Once you are in the settings, select the Discord app from the list. You can also manually add the app.

Change Input Mode

Input devices are the microphones you have connected to your laptop or computer. These microphones may be on headphones and laptops. These default mics are way too comfortable to use for communication purposes. Here’s how you can change your input modes:

  • Open Discord and go to “User Settings.” 
  • Click on “Voice and Video” from the left sidebar. 
  • Under “Input Mode,” select the voice mode you want to use. 
  • You can choose between voice activity and Push to Talk. 

Why Does My Mic Stop Working Randomly On Discord? | integraudio.com


When the microphone stops working randomly on Discord, it can be a big problem, as it will not allow you to communicate with your teammates. However, there are a few methods that can fix this issue. Try the methods given above and see which one works for you.

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