Is It Ok to Leave Airpods Charging Overnight?

Is It Ok to Leave Airpods Charging Overnight? |

Many AirPods owners have a common question whether they could leave Airpods charging overnight. Well, let’s find out.

Leaving your AirPods charging overnight is safe, as it will not damage the battery. The reason for that is simple. Apple AirPods have Lithium Ion batteries that protect them from overcharging and will cut off the power as soon as the AirPods get charged. 

Many people are worried about overcharging, but that’s a past problem. The charging case helps protect against overcharging by disconnecting the battery from the charger. This helps ensure that the AirPods stay undercharged and helps protect them from becoming too hot.

Apple designed AirPods in a way where they are low-maintenance compared to other earbuds and headphones. So let’s talk about how Lithium Batteries save AirPods from damage. 

How do Lithium Batteries save AirPods from Damage?

The layers in Lithium batteries shut off the battery if it experiences a sudden surge of current, if the temperature rises too high, or if the cell voltage exceeds its maximum charge voltage. Lithium batteries contain several layers of protection that prevent overcharging.

Fortunately, Apple is using this exact type of battery for the AirPods. Let’s say that your AirPods are plugged in even after being fully charged. In this case, the lithium-ion battery will stop the current flow. Hence, it’s 100% safe to leave your AirPods charging overnight without worrying about any damage. 

Is It Ok to Leave Airpods Charging Overnight? |

What Can Damage AirPods Battery?

Now that we know leaving your AirPods charging overnight won’t damage its battery, what about the declining battery life problem many AirPods owners seem to have? There have to be some elements that are damaging your AirPods. So here are some things that can damage your AirPods battery. 

  • Time 

Over time, all tech seems to deteriorate, and AirPods are no exception. Even if the lithium-ion is a perfect tech for a safe charging experience, it can last about two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles

But a charge cycle doesn’t mean that your AirPods will automatically stop working after three years. However, if you take care of them, you can get them to last even longer. 

  • Water

The AirPods’ small batteries are vulnerable to water damage. If they get wet, you might encounter shortened lifespan, and the product might stop working. Therefore, you should always try to keep them away from moisture

  • Heat

Lithium-ion batteries are much more resistant to heat than other batteries. However, they are only resistant to heat for a short time. Hence, it would be best if you did not leave them in direct sunlight or near a gas heater for a long time. Doing so can damage the battery, and in some cases, the AirPods can even explode, causing massive damage to your ears. 

Is It Ok to Leave Airpods Charging Overnight? |

Can you overcharge AirPods?

Leaving your AirPods on charging for too long will ultimately stop charging and discharge due to heat generation. There are a lot of factors that come when you overcharge your AirPods. It can be the environment, fluctuating voltage in your home, or even a faulty wire. 

For example, if you have a faulty cable, it provides unstable voltages. One of the main reasons why overcharging occurs is that when you leave your AirPods on charge for a long time, a lot of heat is generated, which can damage the battery and even cause a fire in some cases.

All these factors decrease the cell lifetime of the AirPods’ battery. But, again, the main culprit is not overcharging itself; the heat can ruin the battery. 

Is it okay to leave the AirPods case plugged in all the time?

We recommend leaving the case charging only some of the time. There are plenty of reasons for that. First, charging all the time might be harmful since electricity voltages sometimes vary and can cause damage to your AirPods. Heat generation is also a common reason for the damage.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing inherently wrong with leaving the AirPods case plugged in all the time since it comes with overcharging protection, but you should always be careful with electronic products. 

How can I improve my AirPods battery life?

Apple’s AirPods come in many generations with varying battery lives. But Apple has already given us an estimated listening time for each AirPods generation to be considered ‘healthy.’ The official Apple claim for listening time is as follows:

  • AirPods 1st generation: 5 hours
  • AirPods 2nd generation: 5 hours
  • AirPods 3rd generation: 6 hours
  • AirPods Pro4.5 hours
  • AirPods Max20 hours

Moreover, Apple hasn’t discussed the charging cases’ lifespan. However, since they use lithium-ion batteries, they should take at least last 2 hours without draining much of the battery. If your AirPods show degraded battery life, follow these tips to prolong the battery life. 

Is It Ok to Leave Airpods Charging Overnight? |

Tips to Improve AirPods Battery Life

  • Use MFI-Certified cables

MFI-Certified cables indicate that the cable is trial and tested to be on Apple’s standard. Hence, you should always charge your Apple products with an MFI-Certified cable and brick. Apple’s cables can break often, but there’s a simple solution.

The next time you’re out to buy a replacement cable, you should look for the “MFI-Certified” tag. You can ensure that the ones with the label are up to Apple’s standards. This avoids any low-quality cable damage to your accessories. 

  • Keep them clean

AirPods can gather small dust particles, leading them to stop charging eventually. Hence, it would be best to clean them regularly to pull out any dust particles that might harm the charging and battery life. Keeping them clean avoids any dust buildup in the case. 

Due to the dust, the Apple AirPods might have a blockage at the bottom of the case. This blocks the charging mechanism, and it becomes more challenging for the case to charge the earphones because dust gets in the way. 

  • Keep AirPods in the case

The rule of thumb is to put your AirPods in the case as soon as you’re finished using them. This will improve battery life in the sense that your AirPods will always be fully charged. Your case is there to protect the actual earphones from all sorts of damage. 

So putting them in a case after you use them will protect your AirPods from damage, and the risk of losing one pair will be minimized too. 

  • Turn off smart features

To improve the AirPods battery life, you can go to the iPhone’s Bluetooth setting and turn off Automatic Ear Detection. Smart features take up a lot of power and shorten the battery life. While it’s recommended to turn on smart features, if your AirPods have lousy battery life, you should consider turning it off


The Apple AirPods is an excellent device to improve your music listening experience. However, charging AirPods overnight worries a lot of people. It is entirely okay to leave your AirPods charging overnight since battery technology has evolved to the point where it’s possible to prevent overcharging from its core. 

The lithium-ion battery saves AirPods from degraded battery life and damage. In conclusion, as long as you use the original Apple MFI-certified chargers, they wouldn’t cause any harm to your AirPods.

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