Why Do Airpods Only Charge To 80%?

Why Do Airpods Only Charge To 80%?

Several users experience this frustrating issue where their AirPods only charge up to 80 % instead of reaching ultimate completion. This is concerning and frustrating, especially for users who use them 24/7 and expect these quality devices to produce exceptional results.

Users love to enjoy maximum comfort, especially with their prestigious devices, and hence, such issues need to be resolved to avoid users being left perplexed, wondering if this is a hardware problem, software glitch, or aging device. But, do not fret. These issues can be resolved depending on the root of the problem.

Why Do Airpods Only Charge To 80 %?

AirPods usually charge to 80% because of an embedded Apple feature, software updates, dirty charging bin, overused AirPods, faulty charging cable, or hardware glitches. In addition, it usually takes 60 minutes to attain a fully charged AirPods pair, so if the yellow light from the charging case goes off before this time elapses, it’s a red flag indicating incomplete charging.

This can also be confirmed by checking the battery percentage on your phone after the lights go off. Having fully charged AirPods puts your mind at ease as not only can you go about streaming content for prolonged hours, but you can even be on group calls and meetings without the anxiety of a disconnection.

Life has been simplified and made stress-free through the advancements in a wireless connection, but this one problem only makes things problematic.

  • Embedded Apple Feature

Firstly, before looking into other factors, it is worth noting that Apple has enabled an optimized Battery Charging feature for all AirPods. This feature has intentionally been administered to assist in preserving the AirPods by reducing battery deprecation and augmenting their longevity. This feature has already been activated in other Apple products like the iPhone and Apple watch.

AirPods can no longer charge on their expected usual route because of this feature. So in a scenario where you place your AirPods on the charge and remove them before the lights go off, they will most likely be 80% or less, which is concerning. But there’s a solution to get your AirPods charging to the brim again.

  • How to Bypass Apple’s Embedded Feature


Why Do Airpods Only Charge To 80%?

You will be relieved that the Optimized Battery Charging Setting is an independent feature that can be activated or deactivated from AirPods settings. The following steps will assist you in disabling the feature and generally works for all kinds of AirPods, whether Pro or Max:

1. Firstly, go to Settings on your iPhone or Apple device and locate and tap on the Bluetooth icon.

2. On the Bluetooth page, select the ‘i‘ button next to your AirPods.

3. Proceed to scroll down until you see the Optimized Battery Charging option.

4. Tap the green activated toggle to turn it off.

  • Software Updates

You may think updating your iPhone is enough, but that does not suffice. Your AirPods, too, need to be constantly updated to wear off any bugs.

This aids in keeping your AirPods up to date and away from unwanted issues like not charging completely. The most recent software update may be all that is needed to sort out your issue. All you need to do is to fix it with a simple firmware upgrade which is done in the following steps:

1. Firstly, remove your AirPods from the case and re-insert them. This action helps to realign their connection.

2. Then, proceed to close the charging bin case lid and plug the charging cable into the charging port below.

3. Finally, place it closer to your iPhone, wait for your device to scan for pending updates, and then upgrade your AirPods case.

  • Dirty Charging Bin

Why Do Airpods Only Charge To 80%?

Dirt can accumulate in your charging bin and obstruct the charging connection between your charger and AirPods case causing it to charge only to a certain level. This dirt is acquired if you place the case in your pockets where little debris can find its way inside. But this shouldn’t be much of a hustle and can be solved using the right tool. You can remove dirt using a soft-bristled brush through the following steps:

1. Acquire a soft-bristled brush from any store.
2. Then gently scrape the dirt from the infiltrated craters.
3. Finally, connect your charging cable to the port and check after a free moment. Charging should resume above 80%.

  • Overused AirPods

At times you may tend to wear off your AirPods in more ways than you can recall, such as always having them on even overnight, causing them to die faster and, as a result, not charge to their fullest. This case is especially true if you listen at high volumes or use certain audio features, such as Siri. In cases where you’ve had your AirPods around for longer than one year, it’s quite possible that their battery, too, won’t hold a charge at higher percentages like they used to.

This incomplete charging then becomes normal for these tiny lithium-ion battery devices. At this stage, for such cases, it is only advisable to reduce listening at very high volumes and shorten usage time to prevent continuous dying. This practice may not be able to help your smart AirPods exceed 80%, but it can resolve future drops in charging capacity.

Why Do Airpods Only Charge To 80%?

  • Faulty Charging Cable

The portable cable you use to charge your AirPods could be why they hardly reach anything beyond 80%. A damaged cable can cause charging issues with your AirPods case, affecting the AirPods. You can thoroughly verify if this is the same case for your charging cable and replace it to fix the issues by following the steps below:

1. Firstly, using a flashlight, verify if the endpoints of your charging cable are damaged since, in most cases, the endpoints are vulnerable to breaking.
2. If there are no visible signs of damage, try using the cable to charge another Apple device to rule out if the issue is coming from the cable.
3. If the secondary device fails to charge, replace the AirPods charging cable, and charging should resume, effectively surpassing 80%.

Why Do Airpods Only Charge To 80%?

Reset the Charging Case

Sometimes, AirPods develop hardware glitches over time and fail to charge beyond 80%. You might need to reset your AirPods case if they don’t charge to 100%, as this may be the one quick fix to restore consistent charging. You can do this through the following steps:

1. Firstly, place your AirPods in their charging case, and seal the lid.

2. Then, proceed to wait for 30 seconds.

3. Further open the lid of your charging case.

4. Go to Settings on your Apple Device, click Bluetooth and tap the “i” button next to your AirPods.

5. Tap Forget This Device and tap again to confirm.

6. Open the charging case and long press the setup button on the back of the case for 15 seconds.

7. Wait until the light flashes amber, then transitions to white.

8. Reconnect your AirPods by placing your AirPods close to your Apple Device with the case open.

9. Follow the steps that will pop up on your device’s screen. First, make sure that the Apple AirPods ID you have is yours. Next, disconnect the possible previous owner’s Apple ID to ensure this step is completed successfully.

Why Do Airpods Only Charge To 80%?

Unpair and Repair AirPods

Sometimes, you’ll need to re-establish the connection between your device and AirPods. These delicate wireless smart buds can, with time, need to be prompted for an unpairing and then repairing. However, this simple reconnection can be all your device needs to surpass a charge of 80% and start charging to the fullest.

To unpair, follow the steps below:

1. Begin by going to settings and then Bluetooth
2. Proceed to click the “i” information icon
3. Select the Forget the Device option and confirm to finish.

To repair, do the following:

1. Proceed to your device’s Home Screen.
2. Open your charging case with your AirPods still inside.
3. Hold it close to your Apple Device and wait for a setup animation to appear.
4. Click connect.
5. Depending on your generation of AirPods, you’ll be guided by pop-ups to proceed to the next step.
6. Tap Done.

Drain Charge

Another hardware glitch can be resolved by draining your AirPods and charging bin. This technique helps to regain the charging momentum of both your AirPods and charging bin as now they will be charging simultaneously and directly from the power source.  You can do this by following the simple steps below:

1. Use both AirPods until you drain the charge from them and the charge from the case.

2. Wait for them to cool. This practice is important to avoid overheating AirPods and the charging bin.

3. Reinsert and charge them while the case and AirPods are at zero percent.

4. After about an hour, the LED light should go off, and Airpods should be at a 100%

Why Do Airpods Only Charge To 80%?


Little things make a big difference, and that’s why these small smart earbuds ensure that you have the best of experiences, especially since they work well with Siri. They allow Apple users to configure and calibrate sound without the hustle of adjusting them in their pockets, for instance.

Unfortunately, not handing them with care, engaging in certain settings, and being oblivious to their preservation can disturb their proper charging route. However, by adhering to proper use and being aware of the exact settings, you can experience the astounding advantages of using AirPods to their fullest.

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