Why are Discord Mods Portrayed as Obese/Fat?

Why are Discord Mods Portrayed as Obese/Fat? | Integraudio.com

Have you ever considered why the moderators on Discord are often portrayed as obese or fat? Well, this is just a judgment that isn’t true in all cases. Let’s explore this portrayal.

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to create and join servers where they can chat, share files, and engage in voice and video calls with others. The Discord mods are the entities responsible for moderating and managing the discord servers within Discord.

While managing servers, the mods are often depicted as overweight or obese in online media and culture. This portrayal can hurt the moderators, i.e., stigmatization, discrimination, and issues with self-esteem and body image.

This post will address the concerns about the Discord Mods portrayed as obese/fat.

Why are Discord Mods Portrayed as Obese/Fat?

Here are the main reasons why:

  1. Stereotypes and Biases
  2. The Anonymity of the Internet
  3. Sedentary Activities

Stereotypes and Biases

Negative stereotypes and biases are one of the most significant causes of the portrayal of overweight Discord moderators. These overweight individuals are often depicted as lazy, unhealthy, and lacking selfcontrol. This discrimination has negative impacts on their mental and physical health.

The Anonymity of the Internet

Anonymity means someone is hiding their identity on a platform. The anonymity makes it easier for people to attack/bully moderators based on their weight without facing the consequences. Moreover, the moderators do not interact face-to-face, leading to a misconception about their appearance.

Sedentary Activities

Sedentary activities are another possible major cause that mods are portrayed as obese. Moderating a Discord community requires sitting in front of a computer screen for extended periods, leading to a more sedentary lifestyle. As a result, people often foresee this act of obesity.

Why are Discord Mods Portrayed as Obese/Fat? | Integraudio.com

What are the Possible Solutions to the Discord Obese/Fat Mod Portrayal?

What Discord can do to prevent this creates policies to prevent discrimination, promote a more diverse (in fact, real) representation of the moderators and educate the communities to stop spreading the negative impact resulting from this discrimination.

These essentials measures are further elaborated as follows:

Create Policies to Prevent This Discrimination

Discord needs to take responsibility and create/implement policies that prevent people from doing this act (creating/sharing the obesity of the mods). These policies should be applied and foreseen as Discord looks after the community guidelines and punishes those who violate them.

Promote a More Diverse Representation of Moderators

Promoting a more diverse representation of moderators on Discord can also help combat the negative portrayal of moderators as obese/fat. This diversity includes actively seeking out and promoting individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those who are overweight.

Doing so can help to reduce biases and stereotypes associated with weight.

Educate the Community

Another solution is to educate the Discord community on the negative impact of discrimination. Discord can By raising awareness of the harm that negative comments and behaviors can cause, individuals may be more likely to think twice before engaging in such actions.

More specifically, educational materials can also be provided to moderators to help them understand the impact of discrimination and provide them with the tools to address it effectively.

What’s the Point of Being a Discord Mod?

Being a Discord moderator leads to a rewarding experience. Some of these include contributing to the community, leadership skill polishing, meeting/greeting new connections, etc. This rewarding mechanism of the mods gives confidence to the moderators to better serve the community.

Let’s explore them in more detail.

Contributing to the Community

Being a Discord moderator, you can contribute to the community by engaging and promoting fruitful content over the server. Spreading the word has a positive impact on the mod’s minds. Ultimately, fruitfully serving the community motivates the mods to contribute well.

Leadership Skills

The moderators have to lead from the front. The moderators must be problem solvers, resolve conflicts, add new rules, make quick decisions, and much more. If you are a moderator and do not have these skills, then no need to worry. Practicing all these terms will lead you to have good leadership skills.

Making New Connections

The Discord community is in connection with the moderators. Thus, being a moderator, means that the community will keep sending you connections. As the connections increase, the professional circle, and friends/social circle increase, which leads to a bigger community from which you can learn all sorts of skills.

Building a Sense of Purpose

Being a Discord moderator, you contribute to the community, which results in a purposeful role as you are helping the community by solving their issues and listening to their concerns. All these lead to building a sense of purpose at your end, which ultimately leads to satisfaction.

What is the Impact on Moderators and the Discord Community?

The obesity portrayal of mods has a significant (negative) impact on the moderators and the community. This portrayal can lead to feelings of shame, embarrassment, and low self-esteem for moderators. It can also create a hostile work environment for the moderators, which impacts their performance.

Wrap Up

Discord is a widely-used communication platform that offers the facility of moderators. These moderators manage and manipulate the servers.

The Discord moderators have the key responsibility of managing the servers only, and for that, they have to sit for a long time. Resultantly, the people (members/online communities) portray the moderators as obese/fat. This portrayal depicts that the mods keep eating snacks and junk and building a fat layer. This post has provided a brief explanation of the fact of why discord mods are portrayed as obese/fat, their impact, and possible solutions.

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