Why Does Youtube Music Keep Pausing After Every Song?

Why Does Youtube Music Keep Pausing After Every Song? - 2024 Update

Many users encounter a known fault in YouTube Music where it keeps pausing after every song. The bug is so common that there are forums dedicated to it. So, if you want to discover why your YouTube Music stops after every song, we’ve got you covered. 

YouTube Music app keeps pausing due to many reasons like regular YouTube music subscription, power saving mode on the phone, outdated app, battery optimization, poor internet connection, and end of the queue. But the most common problem is the disabled autoplay.  

Unlike other streaming apps, YouTube Music gives you much freedom in almost every aspect of streaming music. You’ll see the autoplay option when you pull up the options while your song is playing.

If the option is disabled, YouTube Music pauses after every song. However, there are other reasons, too, like the regular YouTube Music subscription, that will pause their music instead of playing the next one as quotas are involved. Regular YouTube Music doesn’t allow you to play music on many devices and even limits the number of songs you can put on a playlist. 

Another big reason YouTube Music pauses is your phone’s battery saving or optimization mode. Your device, whether a Windows PC or an Android, will limit the music you can play by killing the app if it wants to save battery life. 

With many reasons coming into play, let’s talk about why YouTube Music keeps pausing after every song:

1. Disabled Autoplay

Your YouTube Music keeps pausing due to disabled autoplay. Autoplay means that the phone or PC’s YouTube Music will automatically play the next song in a queue after completing the current one. Users often disable autoplay accidentally, and the next song never plays. 

Whether you listen to a song by searching or in your playlist, autoplay is the feature that plays the next song automatically. Moreover, sometimes, there’s the end of the queue in a playlist or YouTube search; in that case, autoplay uses algorithms to play the most related song to keep your music listening experience good. 

Hence, the primary reason why YouTube Music keeps pausing the app after every song is indeed disabled is autoplay. Thankfully, the fix to that is easy, as you can swipe up on the music page and turn on YouTube Autoplay for the best possible experience

Why Does Youtube Music Keep Pausing After Every Song? | Integraudio.com

2. You Might Have a Regular YouTube Music Subscription

Another reason YouTube Music keeps pausing is that you might have a regular YT Music subscription instead of a premium one. YouTube Premium allows you to listen to music without ads or background play, use audio-only mode, and never stop the music unnecessarily

In other words, a regular subscription can hinder the normal working of your YouTube Music’s user experience. Often, when your free YouTube Music app ad is played, your music automatically gets stuck, and that’s one of the biggest bugs with YouTube in general.

To fix the pause, you must invest in YouTube Music Premium and eliminate ads hindering your audio-listening experience. 

Why Does Youtube Music Keep Pausing After Every Song? | Integraudio.com

3. Power Saving Mode Might Be Enabled

Power Saving Mode in various mobiles can keep pausing music after every song. The main purpose of the Power Saving mode is to preserve as much battery life as possible. Hence, when your current song is completed and the next one plays, you’ll notice that the song doesn’t play. 

There are many instances where YouTube Music crashes after the current song finishes, and the Power Saving or Battery Saving mode is to blame. Please turn it off on Android, iOS, or Windows and see whether the music plays as usual. 

Most users have Power Saving mode enabled so they can save battery life. But the Battery Saving mode is more aggressive in some mobile devices like Vivo, Xiaomi, and others. Turning it off will fix the pausing issue, so you should try it. 

Why Does Youtube Music Keep Pausing After Every Song? | Integraudio.com

4. Outdated YouTube App  

An outdated YouTube app is a popular reason YouTube Music stops after every song. This bug is common in other music streaming services like Deezer or Spotify. An outdated app is home to all sorts of bugs and error attacks; hence, if you have an outdated app, chances are your music app might fail to work. 

When YouTube is outdated, it usually alerts you to update the app. Hence, you should always pay attention if you receive a notification to update. Another bug that might occur if you don’t update the app is YouTube Music crashing, as YouTube tends to become full of errors with the older versions. 

Why Does Youtube Music Keep Pausing After Every Song? | Integraudio.com

5. Battery Optimization Might Be Enabled

Battery optimization options in apps allow them to run except for not taking too much Battery. If YouTube Music is put on strict background usage, it will likely get stuck on the next song. Moreover, the phone can sometimes close the application to save Battery. 

While Battery optimization comes under the same ballpark as a power-saving mode, it’s much more niched. For example, the power saving mode saves the overall Battery of your phone, restriction most applicationsdata from your mobile. 

However, the battery optimization option restricts data usage of a specific app. It can be found in the Application settings of Android and Background App Usage settings of iPhone.

Disabling the battery optimization or enabling background data (in iOS) will allow your YouTube Music to keep running seamlessly. Hence, in Android, you can go into the app setting of YouTube Music, go into Battery, and click on either Unrestricted or Optimized. If it’s Restricted, you need to change the option.

On iPhone, you can turn on background app usage for YouTube Music, allowing you to keep playing music after every song. 

Why Does Youtube Music Keep Pausing After Every Song? | Integraudio.com

6. YouTube Music’s Cache Buildup (Android)

Bugs have become quite common in today’s world, and with Android, many people are complaining about crazy data usage and cache building. When many caches are built up, it usually messes with the app, adding bugs and stopping it from working normally. 

The same applies to YouTube Music, which can stop working after many caches are built. With time, applications tend to store cache, which is some data that your app saves to optimize your user experience. This includes a seamless and faster loading speed every time you open.

However, there comes a point when the cache becomes too much, and your phone needs a fresh start with the app. In that case, go into the YouTube Music app settings, click the storage option, and select clear cache to eliminate music pausing after every song. 

Why Does Youtube Music Keep Pausing After Every Song? | Integraudio.com

7. Your Internet Connection Might Be Weak

A weak internet connection is one of the most underlooked reasons your YouTube Music app stops after every song. A weak internet connection can slow down the loading of the next song, making it unplayable in some cases. That’s why you can see the error options in many cases too. 

You should have a strong internet connection, and to check whether your internet is working or not, you can visit websites like Fast.com or Speedtest.net

You can also switch to mobile data to see if the next song plays after the current one ends. The best solution would be to turn off your Wi-Fi, close the application from your phone, and restart the application to see if the issue persists.

Most of the time, your YouTube Music app starts playing songs right after a restart. Hence, having a strong internet is very important to streaming. Alternatively, you can download songs on your mobile device using YouTube Music. You can easily download songs if you have a YouTube Premium Membership

Why Does Youtube Music Keep Pausing After Every Song? | Integraudio.com

8. Your Bluetooth Headphones/Earbuds Might Pause The Music

When you wear wireless headphones and earbuds, you might find that the song randomly stops. Moreover, if you habitually take out your earbuds after a song completes, then it’s simply going to pause the next song. This happens due to your earbuds or headphones settings. 

Many Bluetooth earphones and headphones manufacturers have a feature that pauses the music after plugging them out. It is so that the song is paused and is played back once you add it to your ears. But sometimes, even after putting them back in your ears, the song won’t play. In that case, you can be careful after each song. Another fix would be simply going into your earbuds settings and turning off the auto-pausing feature. 

Why Does Youtube Music Keep Pausing After Every Song? | Integraudio.com

We hope that helped and see you the next time!

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