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Why Does Podcast Say Temporarily Unavailable? Easy Fix |

Apps like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify are prone to showing errors like “podcasts temporarily unavailable,” which can annoy you a lot, especially when you’re in the middle of working or driving. But let’s discuss why it’s so.

It says the episode is unavailable due to a problem with either app or user-related issues. App-related issues incorporate the fault from the developer’s side, like lack of updates, bugs, and corrupt podcast files. User-related issues include connectivity, lack of storage, and subscription problems. 

All applications are made by code, which runs and shows all the desired functions. Hence, whenever there’s a bug in the code, it can cause unexpected errors, and one of them is podcasts being temporarily unavailable. Sometimes, the podcast files can become corrupt, causing them to become unavailable as well.

The most common reason podcasts become unavailable is when the downloaded files are deleted or corrupted. Swapping out your SD card to accidentally delete some files can cause temporary unavailability of podcasts. 

Conversely, it’s a user-related issue if you need to turn on your WiFi and the podcasts are not playing. Or you don’t have enough storage on your phone, causing podcast episodes to become unavailable

These are a few reasons podcast episodes become temporarily unavailable on your phone or desktop. Now let’s talk about how to fix temporarily unavailable podcasts. 

How to Fix Podcast Temporarily Unavailable?

The first step is to fix the podcast episodes temporarily unavailable to understand what kind of problem you have. You should identify the type of app or website you’re using to listen to podcasts and then run through various solutions like reinstalling the app, clearing data, logging out, and logging in again. 

After you identify the problem, it’s time to fix it so you can listen to your podcasts in peace. Since there are many podcast applications like Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, we have covered each in our guide below. 

Fix Apple Podcasts Temporarily Unavailable

Apple is known to have bugs, especially when a new version of iOS comes out. After iOS 15, the Podcasts app started needing help where it would start playing randomly or keep crashing. However, the episode unavailable issue can be due to poor network connectivity, lack of storage, etc. 

Thankfully, you can follow a list of fixes and fix the Podcasts app becoming temporarily unavailable. After applying these fixes, your Apple Podcasts should start playing normally, allowing you to listen to your entertainment in peace

Why Does Podcast Say Temporarily Unavailable? Easy Fix |

Image Source: Apple Discussions

Turn on Airplane Mode

You might need a network refresh for the Podcasts app, and it’s as simple as turning on airplane mode on your iPhone. Airplane mode disables all the networks on your phone. The number one cause of episodes in Podcasts episodes becoming unavailable is a poor connection. 

Hence, by turning it back off, you might fix the issue and peacefully listen to your favorite influencer or entertainer. Here’s how to turn on airplane mode. 

  • Locate your settings on the home screen and open it. 
  • Right below the iCloud option, you will see “Airplane Mode.”
  • Turn Airplane mode on and wait for all networks to become unavailable.

Why Does Podcast Say Temporarily Unavailable? Easy Fix |

  • Turn Airplane mode off and wait for the internet connection to return.

Airplane mode usually solves any errors caused by poor internet since it refreshes your network. But if it doesn’t solve the issue, you can move on to the next fix. 

Force Quit Apple Podcasts

If your Apple Podcasts say the episode is unavailable, one of the best fixes is to force close the application. Force closing helps with any errors that might be causing the app to stop playing. Whether it’s temporary data corruption or code error, here’s how you quit Apple Podcasts from the RAM

  • Double tap the home button (for iPhone 8 Plus or below), or swipe up from the bottom of the screen (for iPhone X and above) to bring up the recent menu tab

Why Does Podcast Say Temporarily Unavailable? Easy Fix |

  • Locate Apple Podcasts and swipe up to delete it from memory
  • Open the Podcasts app again to confirm if it fixed the issue. 

Usually, when there’s so much data in the background, the RAM of your phone tends not to work properly. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to fix unavailable Podcasts is by force-closing and reopening the app. 

Restart or Force Restart

As discussed, Apple Podcasts episodes tend to become temporarily unavailable after upgrading to the newer iOS version. Since your iPhone works with code, sometimes, all it requires is a simple restart to work again. Whether you want to restart or force restart, it’s your choice. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Go to Settings and locate “General.”

Why Does Podcast Say Temporarily Unavailable? Easy Fix |

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the General tab till you see a blue colored button saying “Shut Down.

Why Does Podcast Say Temporarily Unavailable? Easy Fix |

  • Click on the button and confirm the changes. Give your iPhone a little time, and press the power button until you see the Apple logo again. 
  • After your phone turns on, enter the passcode and check the Podcasts app. 

Restarting your iPhone solves many underlying issues. Whether it’s related to speed or a buggy app, you can count on the trusty old restart option to fix any software-related issue. 

Upgrade to the Latest iOS

If you have already updated your phone to the latest version, it might be causing the podcast episodes temporarily unavailable problem. Since newer updates increase the app’s compatibility with the latest version of iOS, the previous versions often suffer from bugs and errors. 

Updating your iPhone will bring new features and fix many bugs that might be occurring. 

While you can update your iPhone using iTunes, here’s the simplest method to update it from your phone. 

  • Location the Settings app and select “General.”
  • Locate “Software Update” and select it. 
  • If there’s any new version of iOS, you should install it immediately, and the newer version of iOS should fix the Podcasts app. 

Reset the Sync Library Feature

The Sync Library feature is often the hidden cause of your podcast episode becoming temporarily unavailable. Its feature ensures all your podcasts are synced across your Apple devices like Macbook, iMac, iPad, and iPhone. You can bring it back by resetting and re-enabling the Sync Library feature. 

How how to reset the Sync Library feature on iPhone? Follow our guide:

  • Go to Settings > Podcasts.

Why Does Podcast Say Temporarily Unavailable? Easy Fix |

  • Click on the “Sync Library” settings and turn it off. 

Why Does Podcast Say Temporarily Unavailable? Easy Fix |

  • Wait for at least 5 seconds and turn it on again
  • Now restart your phone and see whether the issue is solved or not. 

Fix Spotify & Google Podcasts Temporarily Unavailable

We have Spotify and Google Podcasts, the most popular podcast applications on the Android side. Suppose either of these apps says the podcast is temporarily available. In that case, try many solutions like clean reinstall, turning off VPN, and ensuring your device has enough RAM and storage

Finally, if nothing seems to be working, you can reset your phone but back up your data first. Sometimes, the SD card in your phone causes issues with the podcast apps, especially when it’s corrupt

So, let’s talk about all the Android-related podcast issues. 

  • Reinstall the Application

Reinstalling the application solves most problems related to podcasts becoming temporarily unavailable. Whether you’re using Spotify or Google Podcasts, a quick reinstall should fix any issue regarding playback. Since these apps run on different brands’ mobiles, they are less stable than iOS apps. 

All you need to do is to delete the application from your phone, go to the Google Play Store, and install it back. 

  • Turn of VPN

VPN can cause several issues with different apps. When you have VPN turned on, it usually causes many playback problems. For example, connect to a location where Spotify podcasts or YouTube music isn’t even available. If the podcasts say “temporarily unavailable,” you should consider shutting the VPN off.

  • Remove the SD Card

A corrupt SD card is one of the leading causes of podcasts getting temporarily unavailable. While most phones don’t come with an SD card today, if you have a phone with podcasts stored in the SD card, it might cause this issue. Hence, you should remove the SD card and reinstall the application. 

As SD cards are not super reliable, they tend to get corrupt, resulting in missing files and causing bugs in an app

Final Verdict

Android and iOS can get podcasts that say “temporarily unavailable,” but the fixes are similar in both cases. For iPhone, you might want to reinstall the app, use the airplane mode feature, or restart your phone. With Android, it can be caused by other things, such as a corrupt SD card or data corruption. 

Whether you’re on Android or iOS, these solutions should fix your podcast app. However, if it doesn’t, you can talk to Apple Support or the application manufacturer of Android. 

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