Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Reasons & FIXES

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Discord, like some other software programs, is susceptible to technical faults. Understanding the root causes behind Discord browser crashes is critical to locating effective solutions. 

First I will teach why this is happening in the first place, and after THIS section, you will learn how to fix it, let’s get started:

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing?

Insufficient system resources, an outdated browser or Discord version, conflicting browser extensions or add-ons, cache and temporary file accumulation, and hardware acceleration are the main causes. Your internet network is also one of the major issues causing the Discord browser to crash.

Here are the reasons why the Discord browser keeps crashing:

Insufficient System Resources

Discord is a resource-intensive application; using it with other memory-intensive applications can strain your laptop’s resources. Inadequate memory or processing power can cause browser crashes; Discord requires a specific amount of CPU, memory, and storage space to function properly. Discord may crash if your PC lacks enough device sources.

Some common causes of insufficient system sources consist of low memory, low CPU, or low storage :

  • Low RAM

If your laptop does not have sufficient RAM for Discord, the program may crash if you attempt to open too many tabs at once or run too many tabs simultaneously. 

  • Low CPU

If your computer does not have a powerful enough central processing unit (CPU), Discord may crash when you try to run an application or game requiring many resources.

  • Low Storage Space

If the storage space on your laptop is insufficient, there is a chance that Discord will crash whenever it attempts to save data or download updates. You have to remove some old and unnecessary folders to make space.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Outdated Browser or Discord Version

Discord is constantly evolving, and the browser version is no different. To guarantee you are receiving the best experience possible, it is essential to keep your browser and Discord updated as new features are added and errors are resolved.

If you’re using an old browser or Discord version, you could experience crashes or other problems. The app may not be compatible with your browser’s previous code. Additionally, previous variations of Discord may also incorporate bugs that cause the app to crash.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Conflicting Browser Extensions or Add-ons

Browser extensions and add-ons can enhance your browsing experience while interfering with Discord’s functionality. One of the most common reasons for Discord browser crashes is conflicting browser extensions or add-ons. 

These extensions can add new features to your browser but can also interfere with how Discord works. If you’ve got any extensions set up that you do not use or think are probably conflicting with Discord, you will face difficulty using Discord.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Cache and Temporary File Accumulation

Like many other applications, Discord stores temporary documents and cache records for your PC. The app’s performance is sped up using its data, enhancing the user experience. However, if these documents become corrupted or accumulate excessively, they can cause problems.

Discord crashing is one of the most common but not unusual troubles due to cache and transient document accumulation. The app may be unable to read or write those files properly, leading to errors and instability.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a characteristic that lets the software program use your laptop’s dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU) to render pictures and videos. It can improve performance, mainly through high-resolution photographs or videos. However, in some instances, hardware acceleration can also cause troubles, including Discord crashing.

There are a few reasons why hardware acceleration may cause Discord to crash in your browser. One possibility is that your GPU is insufficiently powerful to handle the load. Another possibility is that there may be a bug in Discord that isn’t compatible with hardware acceleration.

Hardware acceleration can sometimes cause problems with different software. For example, a few games and video editing software might not work properly with hardware acceleration enabled.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Unstable Internet Connection

An erratic internet connection may also contribute to browser failures in Discord. If your Internet connection is unstable or unreliable, it can interfere with the data transmission between Discord and the server, resulting in failures or connection timeouts. 

Discord may struggle to maintain a stable connection when the internet connection declines or experiences excessive latency, causing it to crash. It is essential to verify your internet connection and network stability.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

How To Fix Discord Browser Crashing

It can be resolved by managing system resources, updating your browser and Discord, disabling browser extensions, clearing the cache and temporary files in Discord, and disabling hardware acceleration. Securing your internet connection or shifting to a reliable connection also remediates this issue.

Here’s how you can fix the Discord browsing crashing problem:

Managing System Resources 

If you have a lot of programs open at the same time, close some of them to free up memory. You can monitor your memory usage with a task manager. If you use a variety of memory, you may need to upgrade your RAM.

You can also use a task manager to test your CPU utilization. If your CPU is overloaded, you may want to improve it. If you’re running low on storage space, you may free up a few by deleting pointless documents or uninstalling unused applications.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Updating Your Browser And Discord   

Updating your browser and Discord utility is critical for ensuring optimal overall performance, security, and access to current functions. Updates fix computer viruses, improve balance, add new features, and increase security. It is advised that you use the most recent versions of both your browser and Discord.

You can accomplish this by visiting the websites in your query and clicking the “Update” button. If you have the most recent versions of your browser and Discord, you should not experience any crashes.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Disabling Browser Extensions

Open your browser and navigate to the extension by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner. Select “Extensions,” Next to the extension you want to disable, click the “Disable” button.

If you’re unsure which extensions might be conflicting with Discord, you could attempt disabling all your extensions, then enabling them one by one until you discover the only one inflicting the problem. Once you’ve disabled the conflicting extension, you can use Discord without crashing.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Clearing Discord’s Cache And Temporary Files

You can solve it by clearing the cache and brief documents Discord uses. Press the Windows key and the letter R together to open the Run dialog box. After typing %appdata%.discord, hit the Enter key. 

Delete the Cache folder as well as the Local Storage folder. After you have deleted the contents of these folders, you ought to restart Discord and see if the crashing problem has been solved.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Disabling Hardware Acceleration

If you are experiencing Discord crashes on your browser, you could try disabling hardware acceleration to see if that fixes the trouble. Open Discord and click on the gear icon in the bottom left nook. Select Appearance from the left-hand menu. Scroll down to the Advanced section and uncheck the Enable hardware acceleration checkbox. Now click on Save.

If turning off the hardware acceleration solves the problem, you could try turning it back on later to check if the issue is still present or has been fixed. However, contact Discord support for assistance if you continue to experience crashes.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Stabilize Internet Connection

Make sure you have a solid signal and a reliable network connection. Try relocating closer to your router or using an Ethernet cable for a more dependable connection when utilizing Wi-Fi.

Discord’s performance may suffer if other devices or programs on your network use a lot of bandwidth (for example, downloading big files or streaming high-definition films). To test whether it helps, stop using Discord while engaging in such activities.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Why is my Internet Fast, but Discord is Lagging?

It is because of regional or Nearby community congestion, Internet service provider (ISP) throttling, hardware limitations, background applications or downloads, VPN or proxy troubles, discord customer problems, or software problems. Your old Discord version might also be the culprit.

Here are the reasons why your internet is fast but Discord is lagging: 

Regional Or Nearby Community Congestion

Network congestion is a common hassle that can affect the overall performance of any online service, including Discord. Congestion happens when too much site traffic on a network slows it down or prevents records from flowing smoothly.

Even if your internet connection is fast, the network infrastructure in your area may be experiencing congestion. It can lead to packet loss or extended latency, especially for Discord traffic.

To resolve the problem, you must switch to another DNS, such as Google’s public DNS ( A VPN can help enhance your connection to Discord by routing traffic through a different network.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Throttling

Internet Service Provider (ISP) throttling slows or blocks certain Internet site traffic. It can be caused by several reasons, including controlling network congestion, prioritizing certain types of traffic, or preventing users from accessing certain websites or services.

ISP throttling can affect Discord in several ways. For instance, if your ISP is throttling voice traffic, you may revel in lag or bad audio first-rate while using Discord’s voice chat feature. Similarly, if your ISP is throttling video traffic, you could experience lag or buffering when sharing screens on Discord.

To restore the ISP throttling issue, you can contact them and ask them to stop. You may additionally need to offer them evidence that Discord is being throttled, including screenshots of your Discord performance or logs of your network traffic.

Hardware Limitations

Hardware barriers can refer to your computer’s or device’s capabilities. If your laptop or device is not always powerful enough, it may not be able to meet Discord’s requirements. It is most likely the case if you are attempting to run Discord while browsing various worrying programs.

Your PC’s or device’s hardware specifications may affect Discord’s overall performance. If your device is older or has restrained processing power, it may struggle to address Discord’s features, causing lag.

To resolve This problem, you may need to improve your hardware. It should include upgrades to your CPU, RAM, and graphics card. If you have a high-resolution display, you might want to try a lower resolution, such as games or video streaming apps, which can consume a lot of network bandwidth and CPU resources. It gradually slows Discord and causes it to lag.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Background Applications or Downloads

If you have more than one large file downloading in the background, It can cause substantial stress on your network bandwidth and your PC’s processing energy. It may additionally cause Discord to run more slowly and make it lag.

To remedy its difficulty, Close any unnecessary programs. If you run other stressful applications in the background, close them before you start Discord. It will free up assets and enhance Discord’s overall performance. If you’ve had multiple massive files downloading in the background, pause them before you start Discord.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

VPN or proxy Troubles

If you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a proxy service, the time it takes to process a request may increase. It is because those services introduce additional network hops. 

If you use a VPN or proxy, it could cause Discord to lag. It is because VPNs and proxies can upload an extra layer of encryption and routing on your network traffic, which could slow down your connection.

To resolve the issue, disable it and see if that helps. You should try to move your server to one in the same geographical region as you if you use a virtual private network (VPN) or a proxy. You can do It by changing the server’s location to a different region. It will make your connection faster, and as a result, you may have less latency. 

You may do It by changing the location of the server. Your connection may become faster, and you may have less latency.

Why Does Discord Browser Keep Crashing? Fixed | integraudio.com

Discord Users or Software Problems

It is highly possible that the latest Discord server is causing the issue and is not supporting the old Discord version. You must update your Discord to the latest version to fix the issue.

Discord may slow down if any of the damaged files it uses are present on your laptop. To test whether that fixes the problem, try deleting Discord’s temporary files and cache.

Ensure you are using the most recent Discord version to resolve the issue. Check for updates by selecting the Discord app’s lower-left corner menu icon. “Check for updates.” You could also try reinstalling Discord. It will remove corrupted or previous files and install a fresh app copy.


Numerous things, such as insufficient system resources, out-of-date browser or Discord versions, incompatible browser add-ons or extensions, a buildup of cache and temporary files, and hardware acceleration problems, can lead to Discord browser crashes. 

The suggested fixes for these problems include managing your system resources by allocating memory or upgrading hardware as necessary, ensuring your browser and Discord are updated, turning off troublesome extensions, deleting Discord’s cache and temporary files, and possibly disabling hardware acceleration.

However, despite a fast Internet connection, Discord’s slowness can be caused by regional network congestion, Internet Service Provider (ISP) throttling, hardware restrictions, background programs or downloads, VPN or proxy difficulties, and Discord software issues. 

The resolution techniques include switching your DNS server, speaking with your ISP about potential bandwidth restrictions, updating your hardware, shutting down pointless background programs, modifying VPN or proxy settings, and ensuring the most recent Discord version is installed.

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