7 Tips To Stop Headphones Hurting Top of Your Head

How To Stop Headphones Hurting Top of Your Head 2023

On average, people use headphones to listen to music for about 3.5 hours daily.

Headphones are a common accessory in our daily lives, whether we use them for music, phone calls, or watching videos. However, one common problem with headphones is that they can cause pain on the top of your head after prolonged use. 

The weight of the headphones or the pressure they exert on certain parts of your head can cause discomfort. This article will go over some tips and techniques for preventing headphones from irritating the top of your head. You can enjoy your headphones without discomfort and improve your listening experience by following these simple solutions.

How To Stop Headphones Hurting The Top of Your Head?

Avoid Tight Headphones

Tight headphones can hurt your head. These tight headphones have a strong grip of hard steel over your head. Most companies use soft padding around these grips to avoid the strain on your head and prevent head injuries. Gamers prefer tight headphones to reduce external sound. 

But this may often cause your head to hurt. So, always buy headphones that are comfortable and not very tight. Also, remember that the headphones are made with a tight steel headband. 

Always prefer headphones that fit your head. It means that the headphones should not cause pain or discomfort when worn. That is why we recommend you buy headphones physically so you may get a better idea of the size. Each headphone has its head size to fit your skull. 

We also recommend that you buy headphones with extendable headbands. It will allow you to adjust the size according to your skull without any issues. Moreover, these headphones also allow you to add custom cushions to the expandable headband. 

The top of your head can hurt a lot when you wear headphones that aren’t comfortable. It can be especially painful to wear them for a long time. Finding headphones that fit well and support your head just right is important to avoid this.

When it comes to comfort, the size and shape of the headphones are the most important factors. Make sure the headphones fit around your head securely and snugly but not too tightly. Look for headphones with headpieces and headbands that can be changed to fit your head perfectly. Try on a few different pairs of headphones before buying them to ensure they fit right.

How To Stop Headphones Hurting Top of Your Head 2023 | integraudio.com

Add a Cushion on Top of Your Head

Putting a cushion on top of your head is one way to avoid getting head pain from headphones. Many headphones already have a cushion on the headband, but if yours don’t or if it’s not enough, you can add another one on top.

You can use different materials for cushions, like foam or gel-filled cushions. You can buy cushions made for headphones or make your own from things you already have at home.

To make your cushion, you can use soft fabric or foam and cut it into a strip the same length as the headband of your headphones. Then, wrap the strip around the headband and glue or tape it. Putting a cushion on top of your head can help spread the weight of the headphones more evenly and relieve pressure on your scalp, which can help prevent head pain.How To Stop Headphones Hurting Top of Your Head 2023 | integraudio.com

Add Padding on the Headphones

Headphone head padding plays an important role in avoiding hard head areas of headphones. You can find these paddings for headbands on various e-commerce websites. These custom-made paddings help to reduce the strain on your skull in case you have tight headphones. 

You can cover the headband of your headphones with a bandana or a piece of cloth. It helps spread the weight around your head more evenly. It will help take some of the strain and pressure off your head. 

Lastly, if you have expensive headphones, you can get custom padding for the headband at a local audio store. It will make it fit well and take some pressure off your head.

Use Lightweight Headphones

The headphones are made to be comfortable and easy to use while listening to music. They are usually made of light materials like plastic, foam, and leather, so they don’t weigh much and are easy to carry. 

The headphones are light, so they don’t put too much pressure on one part of the head. It makes it less painful on the top of the head to wear headphones for long periods.

How To Stop Headphones Hurting Top of Your Head 2023 | integraudio.com

Stretch Them Out

Stretching headphone makes the headband more flexible and broad. If you use headphones that are causing you pain on the top of your head, you can try stretching them. Most headphone headbands are made with flexible steel strips that can be bent easily. Few headphone manufacturers use strong steel wires to make the headphone headband which is quite difficult to bend. However, stretching out will help you relieve the head pain due to headphones.

To stretch the headphone, you can use books. Just place a few wide books and headphones on them so they stretch out. Leave the headphone there for a few hours. Here you will get the perfectly stretched headphone. 

Comb Your Hair

Headphones are a great way to listen to music or watch videos, but if you don’t care for your hair, they can be uncomfortable on the top of your head. The headphones can pressure your skull if your hair has knots under the headphone headband. 

To avoid this, you should take the time to comb your hair well before putting on headphones. Combing your hair will not only make the headphones feel less tight, but it will also keep your hair from getting tangled and knotted. 

Before putting on headphones, brush your hair for a few minutes to ensure it stays comfortable and tang-free. Also, combing your hair helps spread the oils on your scalp so your hair doesn’t get greasy or oily.

Switch To Earbuds

If you are still uncomfortable wearing headphones or they always cause severe pain on top of your head, we recommend switching to earbuds or gaming hands-free. You may get seriously injured if you continue using the headphones. Earbuds or hands-free don’t cause head pain as both can only have two speaker sides and no headband. Moreover, both these gadgets are flexible for each ear. So, try them to avoid head pain.

How To Stop Headphones Hurting Top of Your Head 2023 | integraudio.com

Tips To Buy Comfortable Headphones For Your Head

Headphones are a must-have for anyone who likes to watch movies, listen to music, or play games. But when it comes to comfort, not all headphones are the same. When you wear headphones that aren’t comfortable for a long time, they can cause pain, discomfort, and even damage your ears. 

So, when buying headphones, it’s important to consider their comfort. Here are some tips to help you choose comfortable headphones.

Check The Headband

The headband is one of the most important aspects of headphones’ comfort. The headband should be padded and adjustable so that the weight of the headphones is spread out evenly. Look for headphones with flexible headbands that can be adjusted to fit your head size.

Choose Headphones Wisely 

There are over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear headphones. The most comfortable headphones are the ones that sit around your ears and spread the weight of the headphones evenly. On-ear headphones rest on your ears and can get uncomfortable after a while. 

In-ear headphones are the least comfortable because they sit in your ear canal. If you wear them for a long time, they can cause pain or discomfort.

How To Stop Headphones Hurting Top of Your Head 2023 | integraudio.com

Check How Much The Headphones Weigh

The weight of the headphones is a key factor in how comfortable they are. Too-heavy headphones can cause pain and discomfort when worn for a long time. So, it’s important to choose headphones that aren’t too heavy and that you can wear for hours without pain.

Look For Headphones With Soft Ear Cushions

The ear cushions are a big part of how comfortable headphones are. Look for headphones with ear cushions that are soft and comfortable and have enough padding. The ear cushions should be made of a material that lets air flow through them and doesn’t make you sweat or get too hot.

Consider The Length Of The Cable 

The length of the cable is important to consider when buying headphones. A cable that is too short can make it hard to move around, and a cable that is too long can get tangled and be a pain. So, choose headphones with a length of cord that works for you.

How To Stop Headphones Hurting Top of Your Head 2023 | integraudio.com Can Headphones Really Dent Your Skull?

Knowing that the skull is one of the body’s strongest bones is important. It comprises several layers of dense bone to keep the brain from getting hurt. Given how strong and durable bones are, the idea that headphones could cause the skull to change shape or “dent” seems unlikely.

But some studies have shown that wearing headphones for long periods can put pressure on the bones of the skull, which can be uncomfortable or even painful. It is because the weight of the headphones and the pressure from the ear cups can cause the skull to compress. The longer this pressure is put on, the more likely it will hurt or be uncomfortable.

In 2021, a published study looked at theAdverse Effect of Using Headphone,” which comprises the bones of the head and face. Researchers found that when headphones were worn for long periods, there was a significant increase in pressure on the head and face. It could cause discomfort or pain.

But it’s important to note that this study didn’t find any proof that wearing headphones could permanently change or “dent” the shape of the skull. 


It is important to keep headphones from hurting the top of your head. It can be done by not wearing headphones that are too tight, putting a cushion on top of your head, adding padding to the headphones, using headphones that fit you well, using light headphones, and not wearing headphones that are too uncomfortable. 

You can also comb your hair before using headphones to make it easier on your head. You should look for headphones with a comfortable headband, ear cushions, and a long cable. 

Lastly, it’s important to know that there is no scientific proof that headphones can dent your skull, but they can increase the pressure on your head and cause discomfort or pain. Using the tips in this article, you can use your headphones without feeling uncomfortable and improve your listening experience.

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