How Do You Keep Earbuds From Falling Off While Running?

How Do You Keep Earbuds From Falling Off While Running? |

I know it’s frustrating when you run and put on a favorite pair of earbuds, but suddenly it falls off. And it kills your pleasure and spoils the momentum you are supposed to have from listening to the latest song of your dearest singer. But how do you keep earbuds from falling off while running?

Here’s a list of things you can do to Keep earbuds from falling off while running:

  • Ensure you wear them properly
  • Use an additional adjustment kit
  • Wear ear warmers
  • Clean earwax

So in the next part of this article, we’ll look at all the ways to ensure your earbud stays in place while you’re running.

Why Are Earbuds Fall Off While Running?

Let’s first identify why your earbuds fall off while running. Then, you can approach to resolve the issue. However, there are multiple reasons that might cause the issue to occur. These are;

  • Unfit earbuds into your ears. (too big ear canal or you may wear them wrong)
  • Not choosing the appropriate earbud tips.
  • Additional sweat is coming out from your head.
  • Unclean ear and ear wax.
  • Unsuitable earbuds.
  • Pressure on the earbuds cable.

How to Keep Earbuds From Falling Out

Now you know the possible causes why you might encounter the issue of earbuds falling out while running. Welcome, you’ve come far forward. In the next part of this article, we’ll show you how you can prevent your earbuds from falling out while running.

1. Make Sure Your Wear the Earbuds Properly

This one sounds pretty obvious, but you can’t expect to keep your earbuds in place into your ears without wearing them properly. Even if a portion of your earbud comes out of your ear canal, they are more likely to fall out frequently. Besides, wearing them wrong (left earbud in the right ear and right earbud in the left ear) also causes earbuds to suddenly fall out.

So, there’s no alternative first to learn how you can wear your earbuds properly.

How to Wear an Earbud?

  • Step 1: Place the earbuds firmly into your ear canal.
  • Step 2: Push and slightly turn the earbuds so they can go deep inside your ears. Make sure the tip is not facing out. Don’t put extra pressure; otherwise, you may damage your ears.
  • Step 3: Make sure you won’t move your jaws too frequently while wearing the earbuds.

Here, you can check this video to learn about wearing earbuds comprehensively.

WF-1000XM4 How to put on the headset(ヘッドホンの装着方法)

2. Choose the Right Earbud Tips

Earbuds at the market come in different sizes and types of tips. But have you ever wondered why there are variations among the earbud tips? Yes, you’ve got it right. That’s why you must choose the right earbuds tips that suit your ears.

In addition, don’t try to forcibly fit the earbud tips into your ears and hurt your ears. You can change the earbud tips, not your ears.

How to Choose the Right Earbud Tips?

You need to determine the earbud tips based on the size of your ears and what you do while wearing the earbud tips. Most importantly, it must suit your ears.

  • Step 1: Have the available earbud tip options as many as you can.
  • Step 2: Place the earbud tip along with the earbud and turn on the music.
  • Step 3: Inspect whether you feel comfortable with the earbud tips and have better sound from them.

Note: Go with the Wingtips earbud tip (Made of silicon) if your main purpose is to use this in running and workout activities.

3. Get Used to Using the Ear Warmers

This is, however, one of the trickiest but well-effective methods you can apply to keep your earbud from falling off while running. The ear warmer covering your ears will also cover the earbud to hold its place inside your ears.

However, ensure the ear warmer you choose to buy is not tight. If the ear warmer is closed, it won’t give you any value except hurting your ears. In addition, try to wear an ear warmer made of fleece and polyester.

Some people first wear ear warmers and then wear earbuds. But, this method is not efficient as you won’t be able to place the earbud properly wearing the ear warmer at first.

So, do the opposite. Position the earbud and then wear the ear warmer.

4. Always Clean Your Earwax

It would help if you cleaned your earwax at regular intervals. How can you put the earbud in your ears with nasty earwax? Furthermore, avoid using cotton buds too often to clean the earwax.

This is because cleaning earwax using cotton buds is not decent enough for earwax removal. When you use cotton buds, your earwax goes inside your ear instead of coming out.

But what should you use instead?

You can use hydrogen peroxide or a few drops of baby oil to clean your earwax. If you are experiencing your earbuds falling off suddenly and are dealing with earwax, this will indicate that your earwax causes the problem of earbuds to keep falling off while running.

Here you can check a video explaining why cotton buds are unsuitable for ears:

How Cotton swab Damage The ears? | Are Cotton swabs Harmful? (Urdu/Hindi)

5. Use Sweatband

Using a sweatband while you’re running and listening to music with earbuds simultaneously is always better. This is because the sweatband will disallow the sweat from your forehand to your ears.

6. Use an Armband

While running, you should use this key component to place your earbud into your ears. However, this is more suitable if you have wired earbuds.

What you need to do here is to wear the earbud, take the wire of the earbud near your arm and wear the armband covering the earbud wire. This will reduce the tension of the earbud wires a little bit while you are running.

7. Go with the Earbuds Comply

There are multiple types of earbuds comply available in the market. So, if you are concerned about your earbud’s proper placement into your ear, you can go with the earbud comply. Here, you need first remove the existing tip from the earbud and add the comply tip.

Next, you must fit the comply tip properly to your earbud by firmly pushing the earbud firmly into the plastic comply cylinder. This ensures a comfortable fit for your earbud, and you no longer have to deal with falling earbuds.

8. Use Third-Party Accessories

Different third-party accessories can help you avoid the issue of earbuds falling off while running. These accessories won’t cost you much. Instead, they will provide you with positive results.

Now, look at some accessories you can use with your earbud.

  • Ear hooks
  • Ear wings
  • Earbud grips
  • Additional connection cord
  • Ear Candy

What Type of Earbuds Should You Purchase?

You should purchase the earbuds based on whether they fit your ears. In addition, it is always better to buy earbuds offline (physical shops), so you can wear them and check them. However, looking forward to buying true wireless earbuds is the best thing you can do if you frequently face the issue of earbuds falling out while running.

Let’s see what you should consider while buying earbuds.

  • Make sure ear hooks are attached to the earbuds.
  • Always look to buy sweat and waterproof earbuds.
  • Consider buying the neckband earbud.
  • Purchase custom-fit earbuds.

Related Questions:

1. Do Wireless Earbuds Fall Out When Running?

Yes, wireless earbuds can also fall out when running. The prominent cause of the problem is unfit earbuds inside your ears.

Due to access body movement, the earbuds often find it difficult to keep their positions in your ears. External issues, like extra sweat, can also make your wireless earbuds fall out while running.

2. How to Keep Earbuds From Falling Out When Sleeping?

You should try ear candi to help your earbuds keep in touch with your ears without hurting you when sleeping. In addition, you also need to make sure that the earbuds sit properly into your ears.

But, it is not recommended to wear earbuds while sleeping. So, it will be better for you to avoid this habit. According to Health Essentials, wearing earbuds during sleeping has multiple side effects. Some of them are; hearing loss and ear trauma from excessive sounds.

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