How To Fix Too Loud Bluetooth Headphones – 9 Fixes (Android)

Solved: Bluetooth Headphones Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting (Android)

Bluetooth Headphones are capable of working with many types of Bluetooth audio devices.

The best feature of Bluetooth headphones is mobility while listening to your favorite songs. The Android operating system is loaded with many features to enhance your audio experience. 

But particular situations may cause issues in your Android. One of these situations is the Bluetooth headphones are too loud on the lowest settings. It means your Bluetooth headphones will be too loud even when you bring down your Android volume. Let’s find out some of the best solutions.

How To Fix Headphones That Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting On Android?

The major reasons why you are hearing the too-loud sound even when your volume is at the lowest are the wrong Android sound settings, enabling equalizer, pending Android updates, Wi-Fi debugging mode, low logger buffer size, other Bluetooth audio devices, Bluetooth device issue, and don’t disturb mode.

Android operating system is constantly updating to resolve issues. The severity of issues like Bluetooth audio device connectivity or volume also depends on the type of smartphone. Cheap mobile phones are difficult to handle compared to branded well knows smartphones. 

In any Android mobile, there are two major ways to lower the volume. Either you can use the volume buttons, or you can simply use the volume slider in your audio player. There is another method if you are using Bluetooth headphones. You can lower the volume using the headphone buttons. 

The Android system is to blame for the vast majority of these issues. It means you can solve these problems easily because Android has flexible and easy-to-use options. Therefore, what exactly are these problems, and how can you quickly solve them? Let’s see the possible solutions. 

  • Use Sound Assistant

Sound Assistant on Android devices is a feature that adjusts your audio according to the attached devices or audio preferences. This feature can cause this audio issue, especially when using wireless devices like Bluetooth headphones. You can change the Sound Assistant settings. 

To do so, go to your Android settings and scroll down to “Sound & Vibrations.” Scroll down, and you will find the option “Sound Assistant.” Press to open it, and then disable it by turning it off. Turn off “Adjust media sound in multiple apps” and “Multiple audio sources.” It will restrict this feature from interfering with the audio of multiple apps or adjusting the volume automatically by incoming notifications 

Solved: Bluetooth Headphones Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting (Android) |

  • Application Update

Application updates keep your apps out of faults and bugs. Always update your apps whenever there is a new update. If your audio player needs any update and it’s pending, then you might face this loud audio with the lowest volume issue. You can also manually check for the updates and set the app to automatic updates.

Open the Google Play Store, search for “My Apps,” and then select the “Manage apps” option. Here, click “Updates available” to see the list of applications needing updates. If your audio player is on that list, then update it immediately. 

Solved: Bluetooth Headphones Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting (Android) |

If you’re not sure if your Bluetooth app is still up-to-date, you can also use the system app updater to update it. Go to Android settings and then open “System app updater.” If there is an update for Bluetooth that needs to be installed, you can find it here. 

Solved: Bluetooth Headphones Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting (Android) |

You can also set the application to automatic update. Automatic updates remove all the bugs instantly. To set your audio player to automatic update, open it. Now go to player “Settings.” Here you will find the option saying “Update automatically.” Click on the option enable “Show update notifications” and open “Autoupdates” to set it according to your preference (Mobile data or Wi-Fi)

Solved: Bluetooth Headphones Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting (Android) |

  • Android System Update

Android system updates are essential for keeping the device running optimally. Not only do they fix existing bugs, but they also introduce new features and improve security and overall performance. Android system updates are necessary to fix certain audio bugs, such as Bluetooth headphones being too loud on the lowest setting. Incorrect sound settings may cause such bugs. 

System updates also make the device more secure and protect the user from attacks by people who want to hack. They also ensure that the device is compatible with new apps and features and can help improve overall performance. 

To check for Android updates, open mobile “Settings” and go to the “About phone” option. Click on the “Android version” and then the “Check for updates” button. If there is any available update, your Android will ask permission to download and install the update. Your operating system needs an update, so don’t put it off. 

Solved: Bluetooth Headphones Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting (Android) |

You can also set the system the automatically update. It means your application will be automatically updated whenever it receives any update. Open Android “Settings” and scroll down to “Additional settings.” Open additional settings and click on “Developer options.” From here, scroll down until you find “Automatic system update.” Enable this update.

Solved: Bluetooth Headphones Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting (Android) |

  • Set Equalizer To Default

You might be wondering how the equalizer can affect these settings. Sometimes we customize our mobile’s equalizer. As a result, we face audio issues. If you are not much aware of treble, bass, and decibels, then using the Android equalizer’s settings to default is recommended. 

To change equalizer settings, go to mobile “Settings” and “Sound & vibration.” Scroll down and click on “Sound effects.” In sound effects, you will find the “Equalizer.” Open the equalizer and then open the “Present” file. Select Default from the file menu. 

Solved: Bluetooth Headphones Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting (Android) |

  • Turn On Do Not Disturb Mode

Android has a “do not disturb mode” feature that changes the volume when a call or notification comes in. Sometimes we are using more than one application and receiving notifications. It causes a disturbance when playing audio. You have to enable the do not disturb-mode to avoid such issues.

To turn it on or enable it, go to “Sound and vibration” in the Android settings and open it. Now scroll down, and you will find this “Do not disturb” mode. If the slider is not blue, press it to turn it blue (enable). 

Solved: Bluetooth Headphones Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting (Android) |

  • Change Logger Buffer Size

The logger buffer is the time to process the incoming/outgoing sound on your Android. It also affects most of the sounds or audio. There are different logger buffer sizes. Always use the largest logger buffer size to minimize the delay and audio fluctuation. 

To select the Logger buffer size, you must go to developer options. Open “Settings” and then scroll down to “Additional settings” and open it. Now go to “Developer options” and scroll down to the “Logger buffer size” option. Click on it and select the highest level, i.e., 8mb. 

Solved: Bluetooth Headphones Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting (Android) |

  • Disconnect All Other Bluetooth Devices From the Android

If you use multiple Bluetooth headphones with one Android using the system app or third-party apps, you might face this loud sound with the lowest volume issue. Removing or disconnecting all Bluetooth devices except Bluetooth Audio is the only option. 

To disconnect all other Bluetooth devices from Android, open “Settings.” Now go to “Bluetooth.” Here you will find the list of all the Bluetooth devices connected to your Android. Now click on each Bluetooth device and then select “Disconnect.” 

Solved: Bluetooth Headphones Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting (Android) |



  • Change Headphone Remote Settings

Headphone remote settings allow you to control the volume and music playback. You must have noticed most Bluetooth headphones have control buttons on them. You can use this remote button to increase or decrease the audio and change the music. If your volume high button gets damaged, you might face this loud sound with the lowest volume issue. 

You can change this setting to enable only the playback button and disable the volume button. It will restrict the volume from changing by itself. To do so, go to Android settings, search “Headphone remote buttons,” and open the settings. Here, select “Control music playback.” It will only allow the forward and back buttons to work on your Android. 

Solved: Bluetooth Headphones Are Too Loud On Lowest Setting (Android) |

  • Restart Bluetooth Headphones

If none of the above methods work, the best solution is to restart and reconnect your Bluetooth headphones to your Android. It will restart the associated services and may resolve the audio fluctuation issue. To restart your Bluetooth headphone, turn them off by pressing the turnoff button, turn them on after a few seconds, and reconnect them. 

You can also try connecting the same Bluetooth headphones to a different Android phone to ensure the headphones aren’t the problem. If the issue persists, then you have to contact the professionals. Also, try restarting your smartphone’s Bluetooth to resolve any Bluetooth glitches. 

What Are The Alternative Ways To Lower Too Loud Volume on Android?

If you accidentally broke your Android volume buttons and your volume settings aren’t working, there are still a few ways to lower the volume. Here are some of the best methods to lower the volume on your Android device without using the volume button:

The “Quick Settings panel” is an easy and convenient way to adjust the volume on your device. Simply swipe down from the top of the screen to open the panel and then scroll the Volume from the volume bar.

You can also access the volume slider in the Settings menu. Just open the “Settings app” and go to the “Sound & Notification” section. From here, you can adjust the volume using the slider.

You can also use third-party apps. Several third-party apps allow you to adjust the volume on your device without using the volume button. Some popular apps include Volume Control, Volume Booster Pro, and Volume Ace.

If you have a Bluetooth headset, you can connect it to your device and use the volume buttons on the headset to adjust the volume. It is a great option if you don’t want to rely on the volume button on your device.

These are some of the best ways to lower the volume on your Android device if the volume button isn’t working. With these methods, you should be able to easily adjust the volume on your device without any trouble.


Bluetooth headphones have the ability to connect to a wide range of devices, including Androids. This compatibility makes them the best choice for enjoying music. But sometimes, you face audio-related issues. Here we have discussed all the possible solutions with step by step guide. 

This issue is not so common, which is why you have to adopt a unique approach to tackle it. If we talk about the best option to resolve loud sounds, even with the lowest volume, it is the system update. The system, including your Android version, is crucial for running applications bug-free. From time to time, the updation of your applications and system keeps such bugs away. 

Most of the above methods work in Developer mode. That is why you must first enable the developer mode on your Android. Developer mode allows you to edit the system settings that are not visible in normal Android mode. These settings are mostly related to Android internal settings.

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