Why Does My Discord Restart Randomly? – 7 Quick Fixes

Discord Restarting Randomly? - 7 Quick Fixes

Discord is currently in first place regarding voice-over IP software for gaming.

Discord offers features tailored to gamers. These features include team voice chat, private channels, clan servers, etc. That is why most gamers prefer Discord when it comes to voice-over IP. Moreover, it also allows you to share your screen if you are a streamer. 

Despite all these features, most users claimed that their Discord was restarting randomly. Why is this happening, and how can you resolve it? You are in the right place if you are one of those users. Here we have collected the 7 best methods to solve the Discord random restart issue. 

Why Is Discord Restarting Randomly?

Your Discord is restarting because you don’t have enough cache memory, an old version of Discord, hardware acceleration, an old PC, insufficient space on your hard drive, or a slow internet connection. Most software-related issues can be handled easily, but hardware issues need more attention. 

Discord needs space to save temporary files called cache. If your cache is full, you might face this random restarting issue. Always use the most recent version of any application. If your Discord is not up to date, you won’t be able to use all features and may face bugs. 

Hardware acceleration is good only if you have the latest PC with maximum Discord requirements. But without it, you might not be able to get maximum performance, which will lead to errors like this. 

All installed applications need space on your hard drive to store and access data. Applications that need an internet connection need more space to store online resources. If you are running out of space, this might be the main reason our Discord is restarting randomly. 

Discord also needs a fast and reliable internet connection like other voice-over-IP applications. Without it, you won’t be able to connect to your server and channels, and your Discord will keep restarting. Without wasting more time, let’s discuss the solutions.

Top 7 Ways To Fix Discord Restarting Randomly Issue

Discord, the number one VoIP application, also has bugs and errors. As many users face the “Discord random restarting issue,” here we have step-by-step tutorials on how you can resolve this issue. So, let’s discuss each one by one.

1. Clear Discord Cache

Cache files on Discord are the temporary files in the backend that Discord needs to run many features. These features include online chats and calls. If these files are not accessible to Discord, they will not work properly, and you will face issues like random restarts or quitting. 

To fix this problem, you must hand delete the Discord cache files from the app-data folder. To access app data in Windows 10, open “This PC,” then type “%appdata%” and press enter.

Discord Restarting Randomly? - 7 Quick Fixes | integraudio.com

Here you are in the app-data folder. Navigate to “Discord” and launch it. Once in the Discord folder, you must locate all cache folders. Open each folder and delete all files in them. It will delete Discord’s old cache, and you won’t face the random restarting issue anymore. 

Discord Restarting Randomly? - 7 Quick Fixes | integraudio.com

Note: Do not delete entire folders, as this may cause Discord to become unable to locate its cache files, which will cause the program to become unresponsive.

2. Update Discord to Latest Version

Updating any app is necessary to run it on the latest operating system and adapt it to modern technology. If you have the latest version of Windows or any other operating system and are using an old version of Discord, then your Discord will give you errors like this random restarting error. 

Discord typically sends out updates to its users through notifications, emails, popups, and in-app announcements. The company also updates with the latest news and information. Discord users can keep up with the latest updates on the app’s official social media channels. 

Discord Restarting Randomly? - 7 Quick Fixes | integraudio.com

So keep an eye on the update and update your Discord as soon as possible. It will resolve many previous issues and bugs.

3. Enable Discord Legacy Mode

In sound, Discord legacy mode is the mode that runs it like the older version. This mode is helpful if you have an old PC and don’t have extra resources. It will lessen the burden on your hardware, so the restarting issue will be resolved for good.

To enable legacy mode, open Discord and go to “User settings” by pressing on the gear icon. Navigate to “Voice & Video” and then scroll down until you find the “Audio subsystem.” You can change the subsystem from “Standard” to “Legacy.” It will shift your audio to legacy mode.

Discord Restarting Randomly? - 7 Quick Fixes | integraudio.com

4. Disable Hardware Acceleration

In Discord, hardware acceleration is a feature that enables the application to use computer resources like your graphics card and CPU to enhance its performance. But if you already have limited resources, this option can greatly threaten your system and application. 

It may reduce Discord’s performance, image rendering, and other features. It may also produce bugs and errors. So, to avoid it, disable hardware acceleration. To do that, open Discord’s user settings and navigate to “Voice & Video.” Now scroll down to find the “Hardware Acceleration” option. It is enabled if the option is green; click the check icon to turn it gray (Disable). 

Discord Restarting Randomly? - 7 Quick Fixes | integraudio.com

5. Force Quit Discord and Re-open

Most of the time, your application gets glitches due to unavailable files. Such a case could also be with your Discord. The best method to deal with such situations is to force quit the application and relaunch it. It will not only restart the application but also run the application in its default settings. 

So to force quit Discord, press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” simultaneously. You will be redirected to the Task Manager. Go to the “Processes” tab and find “Discord” from the list. Click on Discord, then click the “End Task” button. It will force you to quit Discord. 

Discord Restarting Randomly? - 7 Quick Fixes | integraudio.com

Now go to the Discord folder, find the exe file, and right-click on it. Select “Run as administrator” from the file to re-open Discord as an administrator app. It will also give Discord admin privileges. Finally, your Discord’s random restarting issue will be resolved.

Discord Restarting Randomly? - 7 Quick Fixes | integraudio.com

6. Make Sure Hard Drives Have Space

Like all other apps, Discord needs space to store data and cache files. These files will be stored on your hard drive where Discord is installed. The best way to avoid Discord’s random restarting issue is to ensure that your hard drive has enough space, especially the disk where the Discord app is installed.

If your disks are running out of space, remove unnecessary files and folders to make some space. Deleting old temporary and cache files might also make significant free space on your computer. To delete temporary files, press “Windows Key+R.” In the run application, type “%temp%” and hit enter. 

Discord Restarting Randomly? - 7 Quick Fixes | integraudio.com

Once you are in the temporary files, press “Ctrl+A” to select all files simultaneously. Now press the “Shift+Delete” button to permanently delete these temporary files. Some files may ask you to skip. Skip these files as they might be currently in use.

Discord Restarting Randomly? - 7 Quick Fixes | integraudio.com

7. Restart Wi-Fi & Router

The slow internet connection can cause Discord to restart if Discord cannot receive packets quickly and randomly enough. It can happen if the connection is slow or unstable or if there is too much traffic on the network. Due to a weak internet connection, your PC and Discord’s server will not be able to interact.

Discord may try to reconnect, but if it can’t, it will restart itself. So, try to restart your Wi-Fi connection or router to get the maximum speed. You can also change the router password if you have more users and Wi-Fi traffic.

Why is My Discord Crashing Unexpectedly? 

The main reasons your Discord is crashing unexpectedly are corrupted files, outdated drivers, an outdated version of Discord, hardware acceleration, insufficient space on your hard drive, a low-end computer system, bugs in Discord, a virus in your PC, and perhaps more. 

Discord is an amazing app that allows you to connect with your friends and gaming communities. It is also one of the most popular VoIP applications. But it can sometimes be prone to crashing unexpectedly. Moreover, you can also try reinstalling the Discord app to fix any minor bugs or errors. 

What Does Clearing Discord’s Cache Do?

When you clear Discord’s cache, you eliminate any data stored in the app’s temporary memory. It helps reduce the data stored on the device and app, allowing for a faster and smoother experience. As a result, most of the bugs get eliminated automatically.

The primary purpose of clearing Discord’s cache is to free up space on the device. It is especially important for users with low-storage capacity devices, as the cache can quickly fill up and cause the device to run slowly or lag. 

Discord Restarting Randomly? - 7 Quick Fixes | integraudio.com

Also, it can help fix problems like images not showing up right, corrupted data, and other bugs that can happen when data is out of date or damaged.

It is important to note that clearing the cache will not delete any messages, images, or other content stored in the application. This data will remain intact, but the cache will be cleared, allowing for a fresh start.


Discord’s random restarting issue is quite a common problem for many users. While it can be annoying, it is not difficult to fix. You can easily eliminate this error by following the steps mentioned above.

First, you should clear Discord’s cache to free up space on your device. Then, ensure you have the latest version of Discord installed so that all features are available. Additionally, enable legacy mode to reduce the burden on your hardware and disable hardware acceleration if you have an old PC. 

If none of these methods work, you should try forcing Discord to quit and re-opening it as an administrator. Lastly, ensure your hard drive has enough space, and your internet connection is fast and reliable. These steps should help you resolve the Discord random restarting issue.

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