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Welcome to this post! We will keep it updated, for now, we added just a first product that we are confident about and can recommend to you.

Synchro Arts VocAlign Project 5

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Best Vocal Alignment Plugins 2024 Available - 2024 Update

VocAlign Project 5 is an industry-standard plugin for aligning the timing of two vocal performances in seconds, which is a great time-saver.

However, it should be noted that the plugin may be costly, and aligning the two signals may be complex for some of you. The plugin uses a Revoice Pro-Alignment Algorithm and SmartAlign Intelligent Processing to match the timing of two or more signals, with Tightness Control to adjust the amount of alignment.

It also has Alignment Presets, which offer various options for different instruments and genres but may require additional tweaking.

Key Features:

  • Tightness 

The Tightness Control feature in VocAlign Project 5 allows you to adjust the amount of time-stretching applied during alignment, ranging from loose to tight. It has a loose/tight knob by which you can adjust the tightness between the two audio files in milliseconds.

  • Alignment presets

VocAlign Project 5 has several alignments presets that make it easy to achieve specific alignment goals quickly. The presets tailored to various types of audio material and alignment scenarios. For example, there are presets like slightly loose timings, tightest timings, etc. Each preset provides a starting point for the alignment process, allowing you to fine-tune the settings to achieve the desired result.

  • Visual information

An enhanced waveform display makes it easy to see the alignment of two or more audio signals. The waveform displays include a reference waveform, which represents the timing and pitch of the original audio, and a guide waveform, which represents the timing and pitch of the aligned audio. The displays also include useful features, such as zooming, scrolling, and vertical and horizontal scaling, which allow you to fine-tune the alignment process.

  • The fully resizable plugin window 

The plugin features a resizable GUI that allows you to adjust the interface size. This can be particularly useful for those working on smaller screens or prefer a larger workspace for editing audio. The resizable GUI also allows for greater flexibility in organizing the various windows and controls within the interface, enabling you to create a layout that suits their workflow.

  • Organized interface

VocAlign Project 5 interface has three main sections: the left-hand side has controls and displays for Guide, Dub, and Output Capture/Render, the middle has 3 view windows, and the right-hand side has alignment algorithm controls. The display section has two visualizing modes and supports multi-channel signals. The timing updates can be compared visually; the three views use consistent color coding. Channel 1 of the Guide is the time alignment source, and offset indicators are available for temporal alignment assessment. 

Synchro Arts Vocalign Project 5 Now With Smart Align And ARA Technology

While the Vocalign plugin can be useful in aligning the timing and pitch of vocal tracks, it also has some drawbacks. One of the main cons of the plugin is its relatively high cost, which may not be feasible for some of you. Additionally, Vocalign can sometimes result in a robotic or unnatural sound if not used carefully, and it may not be effective in aligning highly complex vocal arrangements.

Furthermore, the plugin requires some technical know-how to use effectively, which may make it challenging for beginners or those with limited experience in audio editing. 

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