8 Best Multi-Tap VST Plugins Great For Sound Design 2024

6 Best Multi-Tap Delay Plugins | integraudio.com

Today, we will talk about some of the best multi-tap delay plugins you can find in 2024. 

Minimal Audio Cluster Delay

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8 Best Multi-Tap VST Plugins Great For Sound Design | integraudio.com


Minimal Audio Cluster Delay is a multi-tap plugin that offers up to 8 delay taps, letting delay sequences be shaped and processed with various effects and modulations.

Cluster Delay is a plugin that emulates that vintage hardware (Roland’s Space Echo), but it’s not just about that. It has a very independent yet modern sound. The plugin is an advanced tap delay with many options.

The moment you get into this plugin, you will notice that it is more of a multi-effect than a tap delay, which, thanks to the customization options, you can alter its character a lot. It holds up to 8 delay taps, which can be interconnected in the internal engine in stereo or side configurations.

Key Features:

Delay Time Options

The plugin offers several options in terms of time options, which makes the plugin offer a large number of resources through which you can manage your sound. It allows you to adjust the delay time in seconds or through tempo-synced time divisions.

The Feedback control lets the delay line be routed back into it, and if you adjust this setting to maximum, it will result in an effect with infinite sustain.

It also has an ”Analog” button that causes the delay line to engage an analog feedback effect, generating tape-like delays when paired with a high feedback setting and low freq filtering. Also, you can create a subtle stereo-width ping-pong effect by using Spread And Crossfeed controls that offset the delay time for each channel and adjust the cross-channel feedback.


A multi-effects section that lets you insert taps in totally new directions like you have a wobble effect that adjusts the time modulation of flutter and wow characteristics.
A chorus for unison effects, a flanger, a diffusion that takes delay lines and turns them into an ambient reverb, and a frequency shifter.

These effects allow very quick adding a much richer color to the loud delays. They have fairly easy-to-alter controls (2 parameters per effect, to be exact), they are very well arranged, and you will enjoy them because you will not lose control of any effect. They are very easy to route either in output, feedback, or input.

Ducking Feature

Cluster Delay allows you to duck the delay signal into the signal input. This is a good feature as it helps you get much more flexibility in what a clean mix is, but you can also opt for a pumping effect if you wish.


This plugin comes with a pretty rich preset section (100 presets). These are very useful and musical, but if you need quick inspiration, it has a preset randomizer button, which helps you find the right sound, and once you have found your favorite sound, you can start tweaking the engine to your liking.

User Interface

Cluster Delay gives you a very responsive interface to your settings, and the graphs are extremely useful as you can view the taps that give you direct feedback.

It also has two VU meters for output and input, which gives you instant feedback on what is happening with your signals (It would be cool if all plugins came with such an option.) Also, the interface can be scaled very easily; it has a button in the left corner where you can drag it to make it bigger or smaller.

Minimal Audio Cluster Delay is available in VST, AAX, and AU formats (32-bit and 64-bit) for Windows 10,8,7 and macOS 10.12 – 10.15.

It is a plugin that offers playful tap delay possibilities that can go up to the most complex delay sounds. It has a lot of effects on top of what it sets out to do, which gives it a much more complex feel, and the way you can visualize what’s going on inside of it is cool.

PSP 608MD 

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8 Best Multi-Tap VST Plugins Great For Sound Design | integraudio.com

The PSP 608 MD is possibly the most feature-rich delay plugin.

As it turns out, the PSP’s signature style is also present here, namely taking an old-school concept and adding modern tweaks that become new concepts. They have created a multitap delay that can have up to 8 taps that can be aided by 8 horizontal sliders, which gives up to 8 seconds of delay.

Key Features:

Two Modes

This plugin has two well-defined modes: Multitap and Multidelay. Multitap mode has master feedback for effect, whereas Multidelay has tap-specific feedback. Each mode has individual balance control, stereo width, gain, resonant synth filter, LFO or envelope, reverb send, and tape saturation.

All taps use the same reverb setting. The PSP team added a tape drive and feedback controls at the plugin’s end and beginning to boost its power.


Even though this has basic controls, it can emulate flats or springs and has variable damping. So if you combine these parameters, the plugin may be able to provide a pretty cool vintage tape echo effect and also reproduce pretty much all the standard effects like delay or echo.

This way, it becomes an envelope-controlled filter if you want to make a wah effect for individual repeats.


All filters can be switched into different types, such as band-pass, low-pass, high-pass, four shelving modes, and peak. They can be modulated over 3 octaves and have a control that balances the envelope modulation sources and the LFO with a user-definable tool at the beginning of the resonance and the frequency.

LCD Display

The plugin’s interface is quite cluttered, but it makes sense, and you’ll get used to it, even if it initially seems intimidating. It features an interactive LCD that shows much information but can also be a parameter input area.

This LCD shows all 8 taps, more exactly their modulation and their parameters, but also a peak hold metering which can be switched to show the output or input, as well as some comparison modes that always show the highest.

Tap Tempo Button

You can find two modes in the Tap Tempo Button; you want to set the tempo for the whole effect to sync or set tap times directly. Also, besides this function, it can sync with the host tempo. It also has a MIDI lean mode which is cool because it helps you when you want to control specific parameters of MIDI hardware. It’s very easy to set up as well as use.

PSP 608MD is available in VST, AAX, and AU formats (32-bit and 64-bit) for Windows 10,8,7 and macOS 10.12 – 10.15.

Indeed, the plugin offers huge potential in terms of creativity. It’s not very complicated to use, and if you don’t get the hang of it by the time you turn it on, it offers a wide range of well-designed presets.

A small drawback would be that some parts of the display are very small for some monitors, but it doesn’t affect its functionality; however, we can tell you that if you decide to buy it, it is extremely capable and will serve you well.

UVI Relayer

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8 Best Multi-Tap VST Plugins Great For Sound Design | integraudio.com

UVI Relayer is a unique and fun delay plugin that offers many ways to add effects to your mix.

UVI Relayer is one of the strangest ”in a nice way” delay plugins you can find on the market. It is a delay plugin with a variable multi-tap setup with 32 lines of delays, each with its own editor that can have controls like pan, gain, and time but also two separate multi-effects.

It gives you plenty of options, and how you can approach each control with precision makes the plugin complex.

Key Features:

Mix Elements

The basic part has controls such as time, repeat control, feedback, wet and dry controls, and a high and low pass section.

And the complex part where the plugin has settings different from a normal plugin; for example, the Colors section allows you to add reverb to the delay signal and an Input gate that controls when to play the delay signal.

Feedback Function

The Feedback function lets you process the pre-delay signal. For example, you can add high and low filters and select different drive types (Tape, Analog, and Tube), and in this way, you can be sure to add a special note to your sound, but also let you select which tap you want to have an effect.

Effects Section

You have a multitude of filters and effects that modulate sound, like cutoff frequency controls like Biquad and Comb as well as effects like Vowel that modulate between different vowel shapes.
It is worth mentioning that all effects can be controlled manually in that step sequencer, and other controllers are available just below that sequencer.


The plugin has 20 steps and smaller windows showing the values used for the 4 basic functions. You can set different values for the functions chosen in the menu at the top of the sequencer. At first, it may not seem like a fun section, but with time you will discover how important and complex it is.

The Colour Setting

This part selects the final sound output through a convolution processor that allows you to choose impulse responses. Unfortunately, you can’t add your IRs, but they offer a wide enough range to suit any taste.

UVI Relayer is available in VST, AAX, and AU formats (32-bit and 64-bit) for Windows 10,8,7 and macOS 10.12 – 10.15.

It’s a plugin with a lot of options that can easily get out of hand, but the attention to detail from UVI when it comes to detail makes the plugin easy to use. Unfortunately, it requires a wider range of knowledge to enjoy its potential, but it remains among the best on the market.

D16 Tekturon 

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8 Best Multi-Tap VST Plugins Great For Sound Design | integraudio.com

The D16 Tekturon allows you to independently alter 16 delay lines in terms of level, timing, and filtering in a sequencer-like interface.

This is a multitap-delay plugin with 16 independent delay lines, and unlike its competitors, the way it is controlled and its particular typology in terms of how the taps are arranged is cool.

Tekuron can be much more than a tap-delay effect, it’s more of a sequencer of taps that are delayed equally to each other, and the plugin brings more of a step sequencer.

Key Features:


Every aspect that the plugin has in use is visually represented by it intuitively and clearly and gives you the possibility to control each precisely and quickly each parameter of it, but above all, you have the ability to tune all the delay lines that it holds with global control.

The ability to view the entire plugin with minimal effort helps you achieve complex results with Sonic X speed.

Delay Lines

This plugin has 16 independent delay lines of very high quality. But besides a fixed and imposed technology, each delay line has individual parameters on each line and will give you control over it (Panning, Spread, Filter, but also Loop).

Global Control

The plugin gives you the ability to control some aspects of it globally; namely, it either adjusts all the delay lines at once, or you can do it individually per line, so it makes the term ”one knob magic” possible in this plugin as well, but it also lets you be the expert and not let the algorithm work for you.

Mute Buttons

This feature takes place in live performances because you always get accessible, well-placed, and MIDI-assignable mute buttons in every delay line. So this way, you can invigorate and bring some life to your production.


Its interface is very well organized, a standard browser pops out under the control panel, stepping into presets, and you can access preferences.

Besides that, the most important part of these preferences is that there is Processing Quality that lets you trade off CPU usage for Real-Time and Offline usage through the settings it gives you Medium, Ultra, High, and Draft.

D16 Tekturon is available in VST, AAX, and AU formats (32-bit and 64-bit) for Windows 10,8,7 and macOS 10.12 – 10.15.

Even though it is an easy-to-use plugin due to its simple control scheme, it can generate filtered multitap delay lines very coolly. Every parameter of the plugin can be automated in the DAW but also assigned with MIDI, and what’s even cooler is that you get multiple DAW outputs which means you can send each tap to its mixer channel.

Waves Supertap 

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8 Best Multi-Tap VST Plugins Great For Sound Design | integraudio.com

The Waves Super Tap plugin gives you complete control over great tape-style delay effects.

It is a six-step delay line tweaked up to 6 beats, with independent control over pan position, eq of each tap, and gain. It has integrated feedback controls and global LFO, and its results are very cool, even if its interface is extremely old-school. You can quickly produce tape and analog delays, rhythm loops, chorus, and reverb effects with it.

Key Features:

Pan Graph

Here you can see the precise 3D stereo location of every tap in the field. The correct term, Rotation, would cover both stereo and mono inputs, as the plugin can handle both. You can adjust the gain and the pan by clicking and dragging the markers for each tap in that display.


The value can be adjusted either automatically or using the triangle buttons. There are two distinct modes: rhythm and pattern. If you aren’t familiar with the song’s exact tempo, you can utilize the tempo mode to set the tempo by tapping the pad with the mouse.

The plugin does the math for you, averaging the BPM and ms and displaying the results. In pattern mode, you can set your delay durations for each tap.

Output Gain

Next to the modulator, you can find gain controls and gain peak meters. The range is between +/- 12 dB, but you can see the value under the display and adjust it by clicking and dragging that fader on the left side of the meters. It also shows that those red rectangles can be reset by click-dragging if you have a clipping sound.

Feedback Modes

Waves Supertap comes bundled with two feedback modes offering slightly more unusual but cool effects. Normal mode feeds each tap back into the input at the percentage you set, and Tap Feedback mode allows you to specify a separate delay time value for feedback alone.

It is ideal for creating rhythmic delays, setting the pattern for individual taps, and after-time feedback to a bar.

Waves SuperTap is available in VST, AAX, and AU formats (32-bit and 64-bit) for Windows 10,8,7 and macOS 10.12 – 10.15.

It’s worth mentioning that you could make any effect that Waves Supertap produces using a regular plugin, and very little more accurate than it, but it will give you trouble. It is impressive because you can quickly create huge delay effects ranging from the chorus and rhythmic patterns to slapping back.

On top of that, users asked for a Tempo Sync because there was none in the first versions, so the plugin develops with time and user needs, which is cool from the guys from Waves.

Audiority Deleight 

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8 Best Multi-Tap VST Plugins Great For Sound Design | integraudio.com

Deleight is a stereo multi-tap delay processor based on a Korg DL8000r modulator.

As we all know, most of the hardware from the ’80s-’90s was quite complicated to use, as it had a lot of parameters, and you had to know a bit of science to use them.

Deleight is much simpler than the hardware version, but it doesn’t have as many modulation options and only has one frequency filter per channel. It has a very easy-to-use interface, the controls are intuitive, and the UI has a simplistic design that is fully resizable.

Key Features:

Feedback Tap

This column offers two feedback modes, namely Rule and Cross, which have the same controls regarding tempo-syncable delay. So you can expect controls like Modulation, Time, Level, and Hi-Low filters and the amount of Feedback. If the parameter is not linked, you can use different LFO waveform and feedback modes for each channel.

Global Parameters

These can be found above the Left or Right Tap, and below the top bar includes some basic controls that you can use for the final output of the plugin. So you can expect Drive, Dry/Wet, Gain, and High/Low freq cut controls.


You get 11 waveforms that can be found in the Shape menu and control the modulation of the RATE, but also a few tools that are quite a surprise. Also, a Link button will link all the channel parameters, and a Loop Button will open some sets of looping controls to adjust the speed, or you can reverse the playback using the Reverse button.

Delay-Based Effects

It has various delay-based effects, from basic echoes to complex flangers, multi-voice choruses, doublers, early reverbs, and more. Switch to the Loop mode to use Delight as a looper with Speed and Reverse settings for generating unique effects and textures.

Audiority Deleight is available in VST, AAX, and AU formats (32-bit and 64-bit) for Windows 10,8,7 and macOS 10.12 – 10.15.

Deleight is more than just a delay, which makes it extremely powerful. The modulation part offers many effects and chorus or flange, letting you experience the desired sound as deeply as possible.

With an interface much easier to use than physical hardware, it’s not necessarily a headache plugin and will help you deliver quality effects to your track. 

Eventide Ultratap 

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UltraTap - Top 12 Eventide Plugins With Best Value | integraudio.com

A novel new plug-in from Eventide is called UltraTap. The H9 plug-in series introduces it as the first plug-in in a new range of effects.

With a big helping of Eventide strangeness, UltraTap is more than just another multi-tap delay; it can produce delay, effects, tone manipulation, and more. You may switch between several groups of settings tab by using the wide ribbon located at the bottom of the plug-in window.

The fading length for each control, which is shown in blue, is determined by the endpoints on the rings around the controls. The ribbon responds to MIDI wheel mode control signals in DAWs that allow MIDI control of effects plug-ins.

The Hotswitch button allows you to quickly switch between two settings, with the goal of making the plug-in as functional for control as the hardware.

Key Features:


A further parameter is Duration, which limits the multi-tap burst’s Duration to a maximum of four seconds. The Taps option may be used to adjust the number of taps. Spread also refers to delay taps, however this time, the space between taps is altered.

While clockwise values in the center gather the taps near the conclusion of the burst to produce a speeding up effect resembling the sound of a spinning coin coming in stand by, values left of center make the taps more tightly spaced at the start of the burst, slowing it down.

Taper And Width

When used in stereo, Width controls the width of the taps’ stereo picture, delivering more alternative taps to opposite speakers as the value rises. The taper modifies the fade-in or fade-out level of the taps. The treble of the tap signal is either reduced or enhanced by tone.


Chop is a level modulator that can produce different tremolo effects, volume boosts, certain gate effects, and a choice of triangle, sawtooth, ramp, square, or sample waveforms. The LFO may be set with a touch button or synchronised to the host tempo.

Signal Flow

The signal flow, which occurs in the sequence of Pre-delay and Tap Delay, is the best method to understand what the UltraTap can achieve. And you must understand what Slurm implies in order to follow this! The creators claim that Slurm makes tapping sound less concentrated through modulation, reverb diffusion, and various unpredictable, multi-voice explosions.

UltraTap Preset Demo


The plugin is available for Windows 8 or higher and macOS 10.9 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST2/3, AU, and AAX formats.


For both music applications and more general sound design tasks, UltraTap is a fun, creative tool. It may create high-quality double-track imitations or traditional echoes for music, quick delay bursts that more closely resemble closed reverbs, and certain rhythmic and freely manipulated sounds.

However, although some producers and engineers have discovered a method to employ a burst of delays that speed up or slow down in a musical context, I’m never really sure where to apply it based on artists’ presets. Additionally, ribbon automation allows for easy configuration switching.

The more you experiment with the surprisingly few parameters, the more sounds you’ll learn to extract out the UltraTap.

PrimalTap (Retro Dual Delay)

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This dual mode delay offers the perfect retro vibe for your lo-fi productions.

Soundtoys presents a very powerful recreation of the iconic Lexicon Prime Time Model 93 delay processor in PrimalTap. This awesome delay unit was introduced in 1978, constantly utilized in multiple genres and by various artists.

The good thing is that PrimalTap also offers unique modern features in the same package besides covering the important aspects of remodeling this unit.

PrimalTap - 12 Best SoundToys Plugins 2022 For Pro Sound | integraudio.com

PrimalTap - 12 Best SoundToys Plugins 2022 For Pro Sound | integraudio.com

Key Features:


Such a unique feature is one of the great add-ons included in PrimalTap. Essentially, the “Freeze” knob allows for a momentaneous ‘freezing’ of the input audio being processed inside the plugin, providing an infinite loop. As soon as it’s engaged, a red light pops up to indicate that, locking the audio data and being deactivated only by pressing the same button one more time.


This is another key element to providing the characteristic sound of PrimalTap. The “Multiply” control aims to increase the currently selected delay time by 2x, 4x, or 8x. Like in the genuine Lexicon Prime Time delay, every time the delay time is doubled, the sample rate is halved, for instance.

This introduces some steep antialiasing filters, reinforcing that if the delay time goes up, the fidelity goes down.

Delay time

Two delays

Two delay lines are included in PrimalTap, described as “A” and “B,” each designated in a specific, colorful knob.

Each line can be operated in “Time” or “Beat” modes, in which the first will give the delay time on your screen in milliseconds, while the latter will display on the same screen the given spacing related to the current host tempo, with a value range from 0.00 to 4.00.

Link switch

The tiny switch located between the “A” and “B” knobs is called “Link,” and it’s useful to tie both delay lines together, linking the knobs. For example, if you tweak the red “A” knob, the yellow “B” knob will automatically adjust its value according to how you set the red knob, and so forth.

It’s extremely useful to keep proportions between the two delay line’s values very precise.


This might be a good place to start if you want to get into experimentation territory. The “Adjust” knob modulates the delay times for both “A” and “B” lines, creating sounds akin to chorus, phaser, or flanger.

“Rate” and “Depth” controls are also present to set this effect properly, setting the tones you want very subtly.

Soundtoys PrimalTap - Over The Top Product Video


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


PrimalTap is another nice rendition of classic hardware, with all the good aspects present in the unit allied with the infinite possibilities of the digital remodeling world.

The number of choices and possibilities regarding the delay control is absurd, even more, if you add a second delay line.

Cool elements, like the “Freeze” button, make this plugin work as organically as the real unit would, with the powerful help of computer processing to introduce awesome elements to the effect.

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