Apple Music Randomly Delete Songs? – 8 Solutions/Fixes

Why Does Apple Music Randomly Delete Songs? |

Music lovers now frequently use Apple Music to listen to their favorite songs on different devices. 

However, a bothersome problem that some customers have encountered is the arbitrary deletion of their music from Apple Music. Users often wonder why certain songs are suddenly removed, which may be confusing and inconvenient.

This article examines the potential causes of Apple Music’s sporadic song deletions and discusses the various contributing variables. 

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Why Does Apple Music Randomly Delete Songs?

  1. Syncing Errors
  2. Cloud Storage Issues
  3. Software Bugs
  4. Account Syncing Problems
  5. User Error
  6. Subscription Lapses
  7. Licensing And Rights Issues
  8. Metadata Conflicts
  9. Server Maintenance
  10. Regional Restrictions
  11. Version Incompatibility

How To Stop Apple Music From Deleting Songs?

You can fix it by turning off automatic downloads, making good use of offline downloads, and carefully organizing your music library. Additionally, frequently back up your library, check your membership status, avoid unauthorized content, and update your device’s software.

Here are the steps you can follow to stop Apple Music from deleting songs:

Disable Automatic Downloads

When you upload a tune or album for your Apple Music series on one tool, the Automatic Downloads feature immediately and without delay provides it to all your devices signed in with the same Apple ID.

But this can result in unforeseen additions or removals. Go to your device’s settings, pick “Music,” and then toggle off “Automatic Downloads” to avoid this. It gives you control over your series and ensures that no tracks are added or deleted without your permission.

Why Does Apple Music Randomly Delete Songs? |

Use Offline Downloads Wisely

A practical approach to listening to your favorite music without an online connection is through offline downloading. However, using this method to manage your library requires caution. It will also be removed from your offline downloads if a song is taken down from the Apple Music library. 

Check for updates on your favorite music frequently to prevent any unforeseen deletions. Be warned that licensing difficulties might make certain content inaccessible.

Manually Manage Library

You have more control over your music library when you actively manage it instead of depending on automated synchronization. Manually add music and playlists, especially if you want a well-chosen selection.

Use the “Add to Library” option for individual songs rather than adding full albums. Doing this will give you better control over your library’s content and lower the possibility of errors leading to deletions.

Why Does Apple Music Randomly Delete Songs? |

Backup Your Library

It’s critical to regularly back up your tune collection in case of accidental deletions or sync troubles. You can back up your collection to iCloud through Apple Music. 

You might also make backups on your PC or with outside storage vendors. By doing this, when issues emerge, you can restore your library to an earlier state.

Verify Subscription Status

Access to your music library must be maintained, so make sure your Apple Music subscription is current and valid. Even if you downloaded music for offline listening, you could lose access if your membership expires or financial issues arise.

With a current membership, you can access a massive music catalog, download songs for offline listening, make playlists, and employ Apple Music’s radio stations and tailored recommendations.

By keeping a current membership, you may take full advantage of Apple Music’s advantages and capabilities while preventing any unforeseen library removals.

Why Does Apple Music Randomly Delete Songs? |

Avoid Unofficial Content

Downloading from unreliable websites or getting music from unauthorized sources might cause Apple Music compatibility problems. The service might not support such content, and your library may be deleted as a result. To prevent issues, stick with reputable sources and make sure your music was purchased legally.

It’s important to only upload content from approved sources to Apple Music in order to maintain a seamless and pleasurable user experience, follow copyright laws, and support artists while avoiding potential compatibility, security, and content removal concerns.

Keep Software Updated

Apple often upgrades its iOS and macOS operating systems and the Apple Music app. These upgrades frequently include bug fixes and enhancements that can prevent unexpected deletions and other problems. 

Keep the app and the device’s software current to take advantage of the latest updates. If updates are available, install them according to the on-screen directions.

Why Does Apple Music Randomly Delete Songs? |

Report Issues

Report the issue to the Apple Music guide if you experience arbitrary music removals or other problems with Apple Music. They may check out any technological problems and offer assistance in addressing them. 

By reporting problems, you are seeking help for your hassles and contributing to enhancing Apple Music for all users. Apple takes personal remarks seriously and uses them to make important improvements and updates to its services.


For music lovers, the phenomenon of Apple Music’s arbitrary song deletions may be confusing and upsetting. Understanding the reasons that cause these irregular losses will enable customers to take preventative actions and guarantee a smoother music experience.

Sync difficulties and problems with cloud storage, among other things, frequently cause song deletions. Unintentional deletions may occur as a result of synchronization errors or issues with the iCloud Music Library. 

Song removals are also significantly influenced by user mistakes. Songs may be accidentally deleted, have settings unintentionally changed, or be accidentally deleted due to user error. Similar to subscription cancellations, geographical limitations brought on by licensing and rights difficulties might appear to be arbitrary removals.

Users can take proactive measures to prevent music from being deleted from Apple Music. More control over the library may be achieved by turning off automatic downloads and carefully controlling offline downloads.

A stable library may also be maintained by keeping track of subscription status and eliminating unlawful content. Maintaining software updates ensures the program runs smoothly and lowers the chance of experiencing software-related problems.

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