Why is Apple Music Louder than Spotify? 5 Reasons & What To Do

Why is Apple Music Louder than Spotify? Here Is Why | integraudio.com

Music streaming offerings have revolutionized how we listen to songs, presenting substantial libraries of songs at our fingertips. Apple Music, one of the most well-known platforms in this industry, possesses a sizable music library, while Spotify possesses many features that are above and beyond the standard. 

As they appear comparable, many users have observed that Apple Music tends to sound louder than Spotify. This disparity in extent ranges has sparked interest and led to hypotheses about the underlying reasons. 

This article will explore some factors that affect how loud Apple Music is perceived, explaining why it sounds louder than Spotify.

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Why is Apple Music Louder than Spotify?

Apple Music tends to sound louder than Spotify because of sound normalization, audio compression, volume level settings, and content differences. Apple Music always provides better sound quality with higher audio hertz. Spotify has low audio hertz rates compared to Apple Music.

Sound Normalization

Sound normalization is fixing the loudness of audio tracks to ensure a steady listening experience. Spotify employs a method known as “Loudness Normalization,” wherein all tracks are processed to have a similar loudness stage. 

This approach eliminates volume variations among songs, developing a more uniform experience. On the other hand, Apple Music uses a distinct method. It utilizes a feature known as “Mastered for iTunes,” which seeks to preserve the unique dynamic variety of the songs. 

It ensures that the songs’ volume levels stay as the artists and producers intended. Because of this, Apple Music can sound louder.

Why is Apple Music Louder than Spotify? Here Is Why | integraudio.com

Audio Compression

Audio compression reduces the amount of space audio tracks take up in a computer’s storage without significantly diminishing the sound quality. The Ogg Vorbis audio format, which utilizes a specific compression algorithm, is used by Spotify.

Even though this compression algorithm is designed to hold an excessive level of sound quality, it may potentially change how loud the tracks sound, making them a little softer than they did before.

Instead, Apple Music uses the AAC format, which also aims to shorten document lengths while maintaining high audio quality. AAC’s precise set of compression rules may handle audio differently, giving the impression that the volume has increased. 

Volume Level Settings

The default degree settings on Apple Music and Spotify can also contribute to the belief that Apple Music is louder. Simply put, Apple Music may give the impression that it is louder if its default volume settings are higher than Spotify. 

However, it’s critical to notice that users can manually modify the volume stages on both systems. Ensuring volume settings are normalized and consistent while evaluating the loudness between the two services is useful.

Each platform’s default volume level is the preliminary setting when playing music. The platform developers decide this default placement and may range among services. If Apple Music has a better default quantity stage, it may provide the impact of being louder compared to Spotify.

Why is Apple Music Louder than Spotify? Here Is Why | integraudio.com

Content Differences

The perceived loudness can also vary due to content differences between Apple Music and Spotify. These platforms have different music catalogs and licensing agreements. Certain tracks or versions of songs available on Apple Music might have been mastered or encoded differently, leading to a perceived increase in loudness. 

The loudness of particular tracks can also be influenced by other elements, such as the standard of the source recordings and the producing techniques employed by the various artists.

In addition to licensing agreements, the quality of source recordings and the mastering techniques employed by different artists can significantly impact the perceived loudness of tracks on Apple Music and Spotify.

Why is Apple Music Louder than Spotify? Here Is Why | integraudio.com

Device and Software Integration

The volume levels may alternate if the music-streaming app is included with the device’s operating system. It is because different platforms may also use one-of-a-kind audio processing algorithms.

It is critical to understand the unique impact of device and software integration on volume ranges which varies across different devices, operating systems, and music-streaming apps. Additionally, user choices and settings in the app can similarly affect perceived loudness.

How To Boost the Audio Quality Of Spotify Like Apple Music

You can fix it by changing streaming quality, enabling high-quality streaming, downloading high-quality music, using an external DAC, and using high-quality audio equipment. In addition, the audio quality can be improved by ensuring your internet connection is stable.

Change Streaming Quality

By default, Spotify streams track at a popular, high-quality level. However, you can enhance the audio quality by changing the streaming quality in settings. In the Spotify app, go to “Settings”> “Music Quality” and choose a better streaming excellent alternative, mentioned as “Very High.”

Remember that better-quality settings devour more records and require a strong network connection to circulate seamlessly. If you have limited data or an unreliable internet connection, staying with the popular high-quality is advocated.

Why is Apple Music Louder than Spotify? Here Is Why | integraudio.com

Enable High-Quality Streaming

You can access “High-Quality Streaming” on Spotify if you pay for a top-rate subscription. This positioning permits all gadgets to circulate at their best when connected to a Wi-Fi community. 

Go to “Settings”> “Music Quality” and choose the “High-Quality Streaming” checkbox from the list of to-be-had options to apply this feature. Your listening experience will be better if you permit “High-Quality Streaming,” which ensures the best feasible audio for your devices each time they’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Why is Apple Music Louder than Spotify? Here Is Why | integraudio.com

Download High-Quality Music

If you frequently listen to songs offline, you may want to download tremendous tracks. Turn on “Download the use of excellent audio” from the Spotify app “Settings”>” Music Quality” phase. It guarantees that the downloaded tracks have higher audio quality, improving the listening experience.

Enabling “Download using high-quality audio” ensures that the music you download for offline listening is of higher quality, enhancing your listening experience even when you do not have a Wi-Fi connection.

Why is Apple Music Louder than Spotify? Here Is Why | integraudio.com

Use an External DAC

If you are an audiophile searching for the best possible audio quality, consider using an external virtual-to-analog converter (DAC). A DAC can bypass the integrated audio components of your device and offer higher-quality audio output. Connect the DAC to your device using the suitable cables, and choose it as the audio output supply from the settings.

Bypassing the internal audio enhancers of your tool with an external DAC can help produce a more pleasant audio output. Ensure that the digital audio converter (DAC) you use suits the device you intend to connect to and that the appropriate cables and connections are utilized. 

Use High-Quality Audio Equipment

Use premium headphones or speakers to enjoy enhanced audio quality. Purchasing remarkable audio gear will improve your typical listening experience by allowing you better to hear the subtleties and information inside the music.

Purchasing premium audio equipment can drastically improve your capability to enjoy a track by producing more accuracy. It allows you to hear the quality, intensity, and clarity in music you won’t be able to hear with less effective equipment.

Why is Apple Music Louder than Spotify? Here Is Why | integraudio.com

Does Spotify Premium Sound Better?

Spotify Premium offers an enhanced audio experience compared to the platform’s free version and has better audio bit rates. Here are some reasons why Spotify Premium is considered to sound better:

  • High-Quality Streaming

Spotify Premium lets customers move tracks to higher quality levels. The default streaming quality for Spotify Premium is 160 kbps (kilobits per second) for free users, though Premium users can experience streaming at as much as 320 kbps for selected tracks. This better bitrate improves audio fidelity and greater detail inside the music.

  • Ad-Free Listening

One of the advantages of Spotify Premium is the absence of commercials. Ads on Spotify’s free version can make listening less enjoyable and occasionally degrade audio quality. Ads are removed from Premium, which preserves the musical quality and flow.

Why is Apple Music Louder than Spotify? Here Is Why | integraudio.com

  • Offline Listening

Spotify Premium lets customers download tracks for offline listening. This characteristic ensures that customers can revel in their favorite tracks without counting on a solid internet connection. The audio is excellent and well-maintained when listening offline, providing a consistent and wonderful experience.

  • Exclusive Content

Spotify Premium gives you access to one-of-a-kind content material, including unreleased tracks, live performances, and special versions of albums. This exclusive content often offers higher audio quality compared to everyday releases, imparting an improved listening experience for Premium subscribers.

  • Personalization and Customization

Spotify Premium gives you extra capabilities for customization. Users can alter the equalizer settings to fine-tune the audio to their preferences, which could enhance the listening experience by optimizing the sound based on the user’s preferences.

  • Gapless Playback

Spotify Premium helps with gapless playback, eliminating the small gaps between tracks and presenting a continuing transition among songs in albums or playlists. This uninterrupted glide enhances the listening experience, particularly when playing concept albums or continuous mixes.

Why is Apple Music Louder than Spotify? Here Is Why | integraudio.com


Numerous elements contribute to the notion that Apple Music is louder than Spotify. Variations in sound normalization methods, audio compression algorithms, and volume level settings can all play a role. 

Apple Music’s use of the “Master for iTunes” characteristic, which aims to keep the authentic, dynamic variety of songs, can result in a louder standard sound. Additionally, content variations, device and software program integration, and personal track mastering variations may contribute to the perceived loudness disparity.

Spotify users can regulate streaming bets, enable extremely good streaming when connected to Wi-Fi, download tracks in super audio for offline listening, use an outside DAC for improved audio output, and purchase excellent headphones or audio systems to improve audio quality.

The loudness perception may be subjective and can vary primarily based on individual preferences, audio systems, and listening environments. It’s important to experiment with exclusive settings and systems to locate the most reliable audio experience that suits your preferences and complements your enjoyment of songs.

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