Do Second Gen AirPods Work in First Gen Case and Vice Versa?

Do Second Gen AirPods Work in First Gen Case and Vice Versa? |

AirPods have changed a lot since they first came out and have improved over the years. An unfortunate situation may arise if you lose your case and need to use your earbuds. If you still have your earbuds but the case is missing, you would have to keep them charged, so the battery does not deteriorate.

In such cases, you might wonder if your Second-generation AirPods will work in a first-generation AirPods case or vice versa. Today we will explore what AirPods are backward compatible with and how much an Apple AirPods replacement may cost.

Do Second-Gen AirPods Work in First-Gen Case and Vice Versa?

The AirPods case is interchangeable between the first and second generations. The first-gen AirPods 1 case has the same form factor as so second-gen AirPods, so the first-gen case or earbuds will fit in the second-gen case and vice versa. The only difference is wireless charging capabilities.

AirPods should normally work regardless of the case being first or second-generation. You can keep using your AirPods by swapping cases; Apple sells replacement cases separately. However, an AirPods Pro case will not fit standard AirPods.

Do Second Gen Airpods Work in First Gen Case and Vice Versa?|

Difference between First and Second-Gen AirPods

The first-gen AirPods use a W1 chip, whereas the second-gen AirPods come with an H1 chip for better performance. The new AirPods 2 also have more battery, speech commands, wireless charging, and superior connectivity. Other than that, AirPods cases are quite similar and can be swapped interchangeably.

AirPods 2nd-gen have better connectivity and are less likely to experience audio delays. They also allow you to use Siri hands-free through voice commands rather than touch input. You can not use the “Hey Siri” command to activate assistant on 1st-gen AirPods. 

The battery on AirPods 2nd-gen is around fifty percent larger than 1st-gen AirPods, which means you can use them longer. The second-gen AirPods case is equipped for wireless charging, while the first-gen AirPods case is not. This makes the new AirPods case two grams heavier.

The Difference between AirPods and AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro 2 uses a newer H2 chip and is more expensive than the 1st or 2nd-generation AirPods. AirPods Pro also supports noise cancellation and has better sound quality. They have a new in-ear design for a better fit and offer IPX4 water and sweat resistance for added protection.

The latest AirPods Pro  2 has active noise cancellation better than the old AirPods Pro. Standard AirPods do not have noise cancellation. AirPods Pro is great for noisy environments and also has a transparency mode. Noise cancelation adjusts to noise pollution two hundred times per second, ensuring a great listening experience regardless of external factors. The sound quality is also superior on AirPods Pro, with richer mid-ranges and more bass.

The shape of the AirPods Pro case and earbuds are different, and they are less likely to fall out of your ear and come with a little resistance to sweat. IPX4 rating does not guarantee that they are water-proof; thus, it is advisable never to deliberately get your AirPods Pro wet. AirPods Pro battery life is slightly worse than standard AirPods and offers around four hours of running time with noise cancelation. The Pro case can charge wirelessly and is not backward compatible.

Can you get Replacement AirPods or Cases?

You can take your damaged, incomplete AirPods to Apple to get them replaced. You will need a receipt or the AirPods box as proof of purchase. You can also get a replacement from authorized apple service providers. You can also send your AirPods through an Apple shipping service called a prepaid box.

It would be best if you never bought from unauthorized dealers as you risk buying counterfeit replacements. If the AirPods have a manufacturing issue or are defective, you can get them repaired or replaced for free under Apple’s warranty.

Do Second Gen Airpods Work in First Gen Case and Vice Versa?|

  • How much Does Apple Care+ AirPods Replacement Cost?

Under the AppleCare+ warranty, you can get your AirPods replaced or repaired for only $29 (USD). However, you can only use this option once and will pay full price the next time you send them in for service. Different authorized Apple service providers might charge more or less for service. Apple does not cover water-damaged AirPods.

  • How much does AirPods Replacement Cost Without AppleCare+?

A single left or right AirPods earpiece costs $69(USD) without warranty. The wired charging case costs $59, while the MagSafe case costs $79. Airpods Pro single earbud costs $89, while the Pro case costs $99. Replacements are still cheaper than new AirPods.

  • Can you still buy 1st-Gen AirPods?

The first generation of AirPods was released in December 2016, and since then, they have been discontinued. You can not buy 1st-gen AirPods from Apple. The newer AirPods 2 are better overall than the old AirPods 1. You can replace your old AirPods case with a new AirPods 2nd-gen case if it starts to fail. 

Buying a new 2nd-gen AirPods case can help you save money on new AirPods, and would also allow you to charge them wirelessly. You may also experience slightly better battery life from the second-generation case.

  • Will AirPods Pro fit in a standard AirPods Case?

Standard AirPods will not fit in an AirPods Pro case, and vice versa. AirPods Pro will only fit in an AirPods Pro 1, or 2 case. The shape of standard AirPods makes it impossible to fit them inside an AirPods Pro case.

  • Will using different charging cases damage the battery?

According to Apple using a compatible case such as a replacement, or an older generation AirPods case will not damage the battery. However, leaving your AirPods out of the case for a prolonged time may damage your battery. Some cases made by third parties for AirPods are also available on the market which may damage your AirPods battery over time.

How to Use Replacement AirPods?

Here is how you can use replacement AirPods:

  1. Go to Settings, then Bluetooth, and click your paired devices
  2. Select your old AirPods from paired devices history, and select “forget this device.”
  3. Turn off Bluetooth.
  4. Put your new AirPods in the charging case, and wait patiently until the light turns amber.
  5. Press and hold the setup button on the AirPods case until the light starts flashing in white.
  6. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone, and open your AirPods case.
  7. The AirPods should now be set up with your replacement.

Do Second Gen Airpods Work in First Gen Case and Vice Versa?|


AirPods replacements can be quite costly; if you have some damaged older AirPods, chances are you can put that case to good use. The old case could sustain your AirPods if you lose your case. That said, replacements are still cheaper than purchasing brand-new AirPods or AirPods Pro.

Swapping cases is simple if you have standard AirPods. While purchasing a replacement, avoid counterfeit replacements offered by unofficial Apple service providers. Some third-party AirPods charging cases

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