Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker Plugins 2023 (+ 2 FREE Plugins)

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker Plugins (+ 2 FREE Plugins) |

Today we’ll learn more about the best Leslie & rotary speaker plugins available in 2023.

Together with the Hammond organ, the Leslie cabinet has a very characteristic sound that was, is, and will be coveted by many musicians for years ahead. The sublime, elegant tones that resonate from this speaker are notorious for their immersive quality and for providing a nice sound texture in your mix.

The Leslie speaker was invented by Donald Leslie, who purchased a Hammond organ in 1937 and was deeply unsatisfied with its sonority. He wanted to have the same feeling when playing the pipe organ but in the space of his living room. He expected that the Hammond organ could do this instinctively, and soon he realized he had to create a new cabinet to achieve that.

Donald realized that the best way to emulate this sound was by introducing moving speakers in his new cabinet, and thus the Leslie speaker as we know it was born. Essentially, this cabinet houses two speakers: a treble horn unit at the top and a woofer speaker in the center. Both have a distinct engine that allows free rotation, powered by a vacuum tube preamp.

Instantly, this speaker gained wide notoriety. The success was so great that most stores started selling Hammond organs and Leslie cabinets together as if they were a single instrument. Over the years, many companies controlled these two brands until Suzuki finally bought them in 1992 and has since been responsible for every Hammond and Leslie product manufactured. 

The swirling effect provided by the Leslie speaker became widely used in many music styles and even was used in different instruments. Today’s article will teach you more about its history and bring you the top nine Leslie & rotary speaker emulation plugins available in 2023.

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker Emulation Plugins For Organs, Guitars, Drums & More 2023

1. Eventide Rotary Mod

More Info & Price (Trial Available)
All you may ever want from a rotary effect is contained in this plugin.

Eventide is a very experienced company that has been developing excellent effects in hardware and software for a long time. Their famous racks, guitar pedals, and plugin effects are notorious for extreme quality in terms of sonority. This time, they showcase what they can do best with everything related to a rotary effect in Rotary Mod.

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker Plugins 2022 (+ 2 FREE Plugins) |

Key Features:

    • Independent speeds
      The rotor’s and the horn’s speed can be adjusted separately via two dedicated knobs. This allows for a precise adjustment in your overall soundscape, further expanded by another individual volume control that can make each track stand out in the mix.
    • Frequency modulation
      You can add frequency modulation to your speakers via a secondary LFO that includes a selectable modulation source, a custom rate control, and another responsible for the overall amount of the effect. 
    • Cabinet size
      Rotary speakers come in different sizes and, as expected, may deliver different sounds because of that. In Rotary Mod, you can switch between “Standard” or “Giant” sizes via a small “Type” button on the left side of your user interface screen.
    • Tap tempo
      Tap tempo is a nice element in effects like a rotary speaker. With the extended uses of DAWs, it’s an overlooked feature that may be crucial to your track. So, accordingly, Eventide included a tap tempo in Rotary Mod so all your swirling sounds can be synced properly with the BPM you’re working with.
    • Ribbon control
      This control allows for seamless alterations in several knobs, somewhat emulating what the real equipment would provide to you. You can program the right and left ranges for these parameters, and the “Ribbon control” will allow you to morph between the settings. All you need to do is click anywhere on the “Ribbon” and move the electric arc back and forth.
    • Mix Lock
      One additional feature that allows for a refined experience in Rotary Mod is the “Mix Lock” setting. This option ensures you can peak from the multiple presets in this plugin and keep the wet/dry mix constant simultaneously. This is perfect for actually hearing the difference between sounds and parameters.
Eventide Rotary Mod Leslie Cab Modulation Plug-in Demo


The plugin is available for macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 8 or higher (64-bit only). It comes in VST2, VST 3, AAX, and AU plugin formats. 


Rotary Mod showcases what Eventide can do best with an effect that has been done masterfully. The effect is more than just a “Leslie effect,” as all the rotary elements you will need are contained in this plugin. More than that, the additional features, such as the frequency modulation included, make it more modern-sounding and useful to a wider range of styles. 

2. T-Racks Leslie By IK Multimedia

More Info & Price (Trial Available)
The unmistakable Leslie tone is housed within this plugin.

IK Multimedia is well-known for its iconic Amplitube plugins, which aim to recreate the most iconic amplifiers worldwide. In a similar method, T-Racks Leslie is the result of a partnership with Suzuki Music Corporation that aims to bring you the best tones you could possibly imagine from a Leslie cabinet.

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker Plugins 2022 (+ 2 FREE Plugins) |

Key Features:

    • The models
      There are six Leslie models available in T-Racks Leslie: “Leslie 122,” “Leslie 122A,” “Leslie 147,” “Leslie 3300W,” “Leslie G37,” and “Leslie Studio 12.” 
    • Circuits
      Both amps and cabinets were designed in partnership with Suzuki Music Corporation, which means they were replicated down to the tiniest details regarding the circuitry and components. IK Multimedia introduced its “Dynamic Interaction Modeling” technology on T-Racks Leslie so that every detail wouldn’t be missed.
    • Mic placement
      As in a real studio, you can place your microphones the exact way you want to. One of the possibilities in T-Racks Leslie is to choose between the 90º or 180º position according to the speaker, aside from varying their distance for more accurate stereo imaging.
    • Parametric EQ
      The included parametric equalizer can be of great help in shaping the overall tone of your Leslie cabinet. T-Racks Leslie’s EQ has common knob parameters, such as “High Freq,” “Mid Freq,” and “Low Freq” controls and even a “Mid Q” configuration.
    • Tube sound
      The authentic sound provided by a tube amplifier is regarded as part of the “Leslie vibe.” Five amps were included in T-Racks Leslie to get that nailed perfectly, which match the aforementioned cabinet models. You can expect maximum warmth and saturation coming from the tube simulation.
T-RackS Leslie In Depth


The plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It comes in VST2, VST 3, AAX, and AU plugin formats. 


As expected, IK Multimedia once again has done an excellent job translating an amplifier and cabinet combo into a bunch of algorithms. This is no easy task, and their distinctive technologies prove that the sounds are authentic. The warmth regarding tube amps is present, as are the beautiful swirling sounds only a Leslie cabinet can provide.

3. D16 Group Godfazer

More Info & Price (Trial Available)
A great modulation plugin that has a Leslie option included.

The Godfazer is a very versatile and responsive modulation unit. Shaped just like a real unit would, this D16 Group product contains iconic, new, and revamped tones within its elegant interface based on vintage units that shaped modern music.

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker Plugins 2022 (+ 2 FREE Plugins) |

Key Features:

    • Ensemble module
      This segment houses every effect contained in Godfazer. Aside from chorus, phaser, and tremolo options, you’ll get four Leslie-oriented options: “Rotary Horizontal,” “Rotary Vertical,” “Rotary RA20 Fast,” and “Rotary RA200 Slow.”
    • Filter modules
      Godfazer has two built-in multi-filter modules that can help shape your effect appropriately. You can choose between 40 types or models, adjust the “Cutoff,” “Center Frequency,” and “Emphasis” parameters for each, and set the overall “Balance” for your sound to be just as you imagined it.
    • Constant modifier
      This segment has two “Value” knobs, one tailored for the right channel and another for the left. This means you can control the mix of both channels, aside from linking them with a special “Link” button between both knobs.
    • Peak follower
      This beautiful screen is another great feature of Godfazer. The “Attack,” “Release,” and “Sensitivity” controls can be crucial to develop the appropriate dynamic layer in your sound, as the best envelope filters usually do.
Should I Buy It? - D16 Group | Beat Lab


The plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It comes in VST2, VST 3, AAX, and AU plugin formats. 


Although this is not a Leslie-oriented effect, it does include one. Godfazer is a handy modulation toolkit, bearing the most common mod effects available and giving unprecedented control over every parameter. As for the rotary tones, they are convincing and can be highly modified, thus being just as useful for modern tracks and beats.

4. PSP L’otary²

More Info & Price (Trial Available)
The rotary sound you want with all controls you need.

L’Otary² is a high-quality rotary effect provided by the PSP company. The inspiration behind this effect came from two Leslie cabinet models. The result is not just a mere modulation plugin but a precise-sounding and configurable sonic tool that handles every rotary need you encounter.

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker Plugins 2022 (+ 2 FREE Plugins) |

Key Features:

    • The models
      L’Otary² is based entirely on the iconic tone of two famous Leslie cabinets: the 122 and 147 models. These two versions are some of the most iconic ever used, frequently appearing in multiple styles and uses over the years.
    • Sections
      As in a real Leslie cabinet, L’Otary² allows you to control both speakers simultaneously. For this, the plugin’s user interface is divided between the respective sections of such cabinet: you have isolated parameters for the horn, the drum, and the overall sound of the cabinet itself, including control over the amplifier you’re using.
    • Inertia
      Present in both speakers, the “Inertia” segment controls the overall speed of these rotors. You can do so by tweaking the “Acc” and “Dec” knobs with values measured in milliseconds. Be ready to have swirling effects at any rate you’d wish, from a subtle performance to something more aggressive.
    • Tremolo
      The “Tremolo” effect can be activated and controlled for the entire cabinet’s sound via a dedicated fader on the right side of your user interface screen. You can select “Stop” or “Speed” to engage it, and the “Chorale” fader provides the amount of this effect you may wish to include in your final sound.
    • Equalizer
      Another cool addition in L’Otary² is a built-in EQ. This effect can be crucial in setting the appropriate frequencies in your sound, and when it comes to the swirling bliss of a Leslie, this matters a lot. You have “Bottom,” LoMid,” “Presence,” and “Top” knobs that control the diverse aspects of the frequency spectrum, such as the lower and higher frequencies, and also an overall scoop of said frequencies.
    • Ambiance
      Lastly, a great reverb effect is also included in L’Otary² to provide the best ambiance possible. The “Size,” “Color,” and “Amount” knobs deal with the overall configuration of the effect, with results being favorable to recreate a nice room simulation that may bring your entire sound to life instantly.
PSP L'otary2 presented by Marlon Wolterink from White Noise studio.


The plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It comes in VST, VST 3, AAX, and AU plugin formats. 


With an excellent design interface that resembles a vintage unit from the 1970s, L’Otary² is a great offering by PSP. The amount of controls and parameters is superb, guaranteeing that you’ll have the most diverse options you could possibly need. Everything is displayed nicely on your screen, and each section is housed clearly. The results are instantaneous and realistic, depending on the setting you choose to dial in.

5. UVI Rotary

More Info & Price 
A modern-looking effect that provides the same results as the vintage models.

Usually, UVI does an excellent job of recreating whatever sounds they aim to reproduce. Be it a specific effect or an entire instrument, they often nail every subtle aspect of its sonority. In Rotary, this is no exception, and the iconic sounds of a Leslie cabinet are joined by a concise distribution of modern parameters, blending the best of both worlds.

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker VST Plugins 2022 (+ 2 FREE Plugins) |

Key Features:

    • Mic placement
      One of the big differentials behind Rotary is the intuitive microphone placement possibilities you can have. UVI wanted this option to be as natural to tweak as possible, so you can expect to click and drag the mic symbols to set the best position for your microphone’s sound. Thanks to this easy-to-use control, asymmetric, automated stereo fields, or even a simple A/B position, are all possible.
    • Independent controls
      The horn and drum speakers have independent controls, like the original unit. You can set the appropriate level for each horn, or you can go way beyond that and adjust the inner configurations of each speaker circuitry, which can lead to authentic and expressive tones.
    • Tailor the horns
      Rotary gives you unprecedented control over this setting if you need to tweak each speaker to sound exactly as you imagined. Essentially, you can alter the horn’s radius, the different sizes of each cabinet, the reflections behind it, and even how the final sound will respond in your mix. 
    • Acceleration and deceleration
      These two parameters are crucial regarding the speaker’s rotors, as they dictate how fast they will spin. As expected, they can be set separately for each speaker, allowing hybrid tones to surface from the most common settings applied.
    • Drive
      The amplifier of Rotary’s cabinet is based on tube models. These amps would be very nice-sounding most times, and one crucial element of that tone is the warmth provided by these vacuum tubes. This can be set accordingly via the “Drive” control, which seeks to nail the harmonics and overtones in such iconic tones.
UVI Rotary | Overview


The plugin is available for macOS 10.14 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 10 or higher (64-bit only). It comes in VST, VST 3, AAX, and AU plugin formats. 


UVI nailed it one more time. This plugin is awesome in every aspect behind it, thanks to the effort behind every single parameter you see available on your screen. Rotary does swirling sounds and more with extreme ease, reflecting the hard work and effort put into its development. The precise configurations of almost any aspect of your final sound are the main feature here, and this is why you’ll most certainly get a very professional result from the slightest tweaking.

6. GG Audio Spin

More Info & Price (Trial Available)
Swirling tones were never easier to obtain.

For decades, the swirling bliss behind every note played on a Leslie cabinet was coveted and sought-after for years and multiple musicians. Keyboardists, guitarists, and even vocalists wanted that effect in their instruments – for this last example, check out The Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows. You can have all of that in simple packaging, as Spin provides.

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker VST Plugins 2022 (+ 2 FREE Plugins) |

Key Features:

    • Tube power
      You can rely upon the power of tubes when using Spin. There are three distinct emulations of a single amplifier (the classic one contained in the 122/147 rotary speaker), called “A,” “B,” and “C.” These different versions reflect how distinctively a tube amp can sound, with as simple alterations as using it in a new room. There’s an additional “High Gain” setting very characteristic of Marshall amplifiers, which were heavily used by players such as Jon Lord and Goldy McJohn.
    • Cabinets
      The cabinet models used, as mentioned previously, were the classic 122 and 147 versions. Additionally, a “Custom” version was added to cover the “high power” sound that some modified cabinets were known for back in the day, aside from the rarer “RA200” and “4×12” cabinet configurations. Lastly, remove any diffusers on the top horn for a brighter and more pulsating sound.
    • Microphones
      Microphones are essential in any instrument recording session, even more so if your speakers are moving around constantly. For this, Spin has some cool controls to help you in achieving the perfect tone: you can select their placement, and their type and set the values for “Spread,” “Distance,” and “Balance.”
    • EQ
      The included three-band equalizer can be very handy for nailing your sound in seconds. It sits in the “Output” section, meaning it’s one of the last additions to the “virtual circuit” before the signal reaches your DAW. Feel free to adjust the “Low EQ,” “Mid EQ,” and “High EQ” settings, aside from the “Balance” and “Volume” of your entire effect.
    • Low CPU usage
      For a plugin that offers so much, it’s important to note that it doesn’t consume as much power as you’d expect. Spin is very lightweight on your CPU processing power, which is important when discussing a swirling effect like rotary speakers. The modulation behind every nuance in your sound is crucial for an authentic sonority, and GG Audio’s team deserves kudos for keeping it light even with so many parameters available.
GG Audio - Spin / Mercuriall SS-11 / Gibson SG / 5:28 Mix Music


The plugin is available for macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It comes in VST2, VST 3, AAX, and AU plugin formats. 


Spin delivers what it promises with outstanding quality. There are enough controls and knobs to keep you distracted for a good while, and the most important part is that they’re all relevant to your final sound. A special mention goes to the distinctive microphone selection, which allows you to set the perfect ambiance for your speaker’s rotating sound.

7. MeldaProduction MRotary

More Info & Price (Trial Available)
A complete rotary simulator that can be set exactly how you need it.

MeldaProduction has gained substantial praise in the last years for its iconic plugins and music production software, always boasting high quality and futuristic approaches. This is not different in MRotary, which seeks to blend the vintage sounds provided by Leslie cabinets with futuristic algorithms that can expand its sonority significantly.

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker VST Plugins 2022 (+ 2 FREE Plugins) |

Image: PluginBoutique

Key Features:

    • The algorithms
      MRotary contains two main algorithms that can help nail the Leslie sound as closely as possible. The first one is dedicated to capturing the subtle nuances of most Leslie cabinets, while the second seeks to nail the mathematics behind the sound’s reflections. You can further explore this sonority by mixing different algorithms in the same speaker, aside from including six different of these speakers in a single cabinet.
    • Cabinet simulator
      Going beyond pre-recorded samples of iconic cabinet models, MRotary lets you select individual properties of specific models you want to recreate, such as their size, material, mic placement, and much more. With this feature, you can recreate what a wooden, plastic, or metal cabinet would sound like!
    • Equalizer
      MRotary contains a “True Dynamic Equalizer,” the same one included in MAutoDynamicEQ. With it, you can set the frequencies as you like them, but further configurations, such as stereo spacing and the dynamic range of each channel, can be adjusted by simply dragging around the band’s vertical node.
    • Amplifier
      The analog saturation provided by the tube amplifiers in most Leslie cabinets is a distinctive element of the final swirling sound. With the help of the aforementioned algorithms, MRotary nails this aspect seamlessly, with the possibility of adding even more digital saturation to your audio signal.
    • Modulators
      Another cool use of modern and digital controls lies in the modulators present in MRotary. For instance, you can switch from “Fast” to “Slow” automatically and as many times as you’d like in the same song, and the same applies to any specific value, like “Distortion” or “Dynamics.”
MeldaProduction MRotary teaser


The plugin is available for macOS 10.14 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 8 or higher (64-bit only). It comes in VST, VST 3, AAX, and AU plugin formats. 


MeldaProduction always excels in bringing the same effects we are used to, but in bold and revamped ways that make us wonder how we could have spent so much time without them. MRotary is a perfect example of this, providing authentic vintage tones without disrupting its sonic profile and offering great modern features that will increase its versatility.

8. Plug & Mix Ls Rotator

More Info & Price (Trial Available)
A simple design that offers great swirling results.

Sometimes, all you need is a simple look to motivate you to explore a specific effect, even if it’s a complex one. Luckily, a rotary simulation is not as complicated as delay units, so it’s easy to have things done with Ls Rotator. 

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker VST Plugins 2022 (+ 2 FREE Plugins) |

Image: Plug & Mix

Key Features:

    • Dry/Wet
      The upper left knob control is called “Mix,” and it’s a great way to blend your effect with the dry signal you’re modifying. Blending these two signals effectively adds the perfect amount of rotary bliss to your final sound without muddying up the mix or vice-versa.
    • Slow/Fast
      In the center of your user interface screen, there’s a switch for the “Slow” and “Fast” configurations. In an obvious way, this control sets the speed of your rotating speaker instantly.
    • Bass and Treble Faders
      Now that we control the effect’s speed, you can precisely set how much it will resonate. For that, the “Bass” and “Treble” faders can set the perfect value, no matter which position it’s altering.
    • Acceleration
      The acceleration of the swirling speakers is also determined by an individual fader, entitled “Accel,” in this case. Additionally, the “Balance” fader sets the ratio between the lower and upper horns’ volumes, which can help better tame the difference in output gain.
    • Drive
      To add the amount of tube saturation you want, Ls Rotator includes a “Drive” fader that can precisely add the perfect texture for your swirling sounds. The saturation provided is very relatable to what a tube amplifier would, with the best dynamics flowing around its spectrum.
Plug & Mix - LS Rotator (Leslie) - TEST


The plugin is available for macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It comes in VST, RTAS, AAX, and AU plugin formats. 


Although the looks behind Ls Rotator are not as attractive as other items on this list, the sounds are authentic and convincing to the ears. The distribution of important parameters in faders is nice, which can be crucial in setting the exact amount of these parameters and not an inch more. Lastly, the parameters themselves are useful and expected in an effect such as this, which won’t make you feel like something is missing.

9. Audiority Tube Modulator

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker VST Plugins 2022 (+ 2 FREE Plugins) |

Audiority’s Tube Modulator features a wide range of spatial and dynamic effects, including vibrato.

The plugin hosts a healthy handful of emulations of classic analog effects units from the late 1950s and early 1960s psychedelia eras. The user interface is straightforward and centers around an attractive X-Y scope that gives you real-time feedback on your signal modulations.

Key Features:

  • 7 Modulation Modes
    The Tube Modulator features vibrato and options for tremolo, chorus, and uni-vibe modulations. There are also combinations, such as chorus-vibe and trem-vibe, that modulate more than one parameter of your signal at equal rates.
  • 11 Waveshape options
    Tube Modulator features 11 LFO wave shapes that you can apply to your vibrato. Shapes range from traditional forms like sine and triangle waves to experimental shapes for more avant-garde sounds. You can adjust the modulations’ rate and depth with quick access dials underneath this control knob.
  • Spatial Effects
    Included with this plugin’s features are three classic spatial effects that you can use to add some stereo dynamics to your modulations. There is a panner, wow & flutter, and a classic Leslie speaker effect with LFO, rate, and depth controls for extended modulation options.
  • Link/Sync options
    You can sync this plugin’s LFOs to a host clock or link it with another device to help ensure that your modulations maintain rhythmic integrity regardless of how far you push the depth of your oscillations.

Character and Sound:

This plugin is modeled on equipment from a specific classic era in music. As such, the Tube Modulator’s sound has a retro feel and carries the warmth you generally hear from valve amp technology. The spatial effects add to this plugin’s throwback theme and are useful for adding some creaminess to your vibrato. 

Audiority Tube Modulator Demo


Tube Modulator is compatible with Windows 7 or above and Mac OS X 10.9 or higher. It is available in VST, AAX, or AU formats. 


Fans of cloudy, spacy vibrato will appreciate the Tube Modulator. It sounds great over guitars and organs but will also be useful when used subtly on things such as vocals or pads that may need livening up.

Fans of Lo-Fi production will enjoy the Leslie Speaker and Wow and Flutter controls. Producers that like to design custom LFOs may find this plugin a bit limiting, and the lack of a quantized rate parameter might be a bit of a hindrance for some.

Best Free Leslie & Rotary Speaker Plugins 2023

1. fxPointAudio Spinner LE

More Info & Download
Authentic swirling tones, but for free.

Spinner LE is a two-band Leslie cabinet simulator effect modeled after the original unit.

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker VST Plugins 2022 (+ 2 FREE Plugins) |

Key Features:

    • Two bands
      Consisting of “High Frequency” and “Low Frequency,” Spinner LE divides its functionality between these two bands to provide an authentic swirling notion. The effect used was the chorus, which can be somewhat relatable to a rotating speaker.
    • Valve effects
      This segment, located in the lower part of your user interface screen, aims to reproduce the subtle variations in saturation and dynamics provided by the authentic vacuum tubes in old Leslie cabinets. You can set the “Drive” and “Level” of it, aside from activating and deactivating the entire section as you see fit.
    • Horn filter
      The dedicated horn filter is a good way to make this speaker sound like you want it to. You can adjust the overall “Frequency” and “Q” settings, aside from activating them whenever you want.
    • Segments
      The division between the “High” and “Low Frequency” sections is nothing but a speaker separation: the “High” refers to the horn, while the “Low” refers to the drums. Each segment has individual “Fast,” “Accelerate,” “Slow,” “Decelerate,” and “Level” controls.


The plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It comes in VST plugin format. 


As limited as possible, Spinner LE brings a somewhat useful rotary speaker recreation that is worth trying if you don’t own any similar effect. However, it’s important to note that it’s merely two choruses combined into one effect and not a precise recreation per se. This can be disappointing, even though the sounds are okay.

2. Retro Sampling RS RotoThree

More Info & Download
Three sounds that are ready for your use.

As simple as it gets, we can define RotoThree as a ready-to-use rotary plugin effect that only bears three controls in its minimalistic interface.

Top 9 Leslie & Rotary Speaker VST Plugins 2022 (+ 2 FREE Plugins) |

Key Features:

    • The controls
      Simplicity is the main goal behind RotoThree. In essence, you have “1,” “2,” and “3” knobs that can set how slow or fast the rotating speakers are resonating. The difference between these three controls is that each has a particular pre-made speed, and you can vary and blend them accordingly to make your piano sound refreshed.


The plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher (32-bit only). It comes in VST plugin format. 


RotoThree might be a good choice if you’re looking for a straightforward effect. The simplistic interface only bears three controls containing pre-made values, so you cannot tweak them as precisely as you wish. Other than that, it’s exclusive to Windows and only supports 32-bit architecture. 


The blissful sounds that come from a Hammond B3 organ are one of the greatest achievements of mankind. To have such an inspiring and sweet tone come out of a keyboard is magnificent, and you can mostly thank that to a fellow named Donald Leslie.

His experiments with rotating speakers led to a revolution that created the most characteristic and characterful instrument there is, applied in multiple varieties of instruments and music styles. Everyone loves the dream-like tones only a Leslie cabinet can offer, from gospel to rock and roll and from organs to guitars.

Among the items on our list, some deserve exquisite recognition for their precise rendition of such a complicated tone to recreate, especially digitally. The favorite item with a serious argument for being the best rotary plugin nowadays is PSP L’otary², which provides all the controls and parameters you may need in a friendly design interface and superb authenticity regarding the sounds. Another cool option that deserves second place is T-Racks Leslie By IK Multimedia, with extreme configurations regarding the multiple controls included.

There are other options that retain a more modern approach, which can be very interesting if done properly. Some examples are Eventide Rotary Mod and UVI Rotary, which can retain the same vintage-inspired vibe alongside some modern features that are imperative in any modern music production session. MeldaProduction MRotary also nails this character brilliantly.

Ultimately, it all comes down to taste, and it’s important to test these plugins before buying them. Feel free to explore these sounds because you’ll be amazed at how good a rotary effect can sound.

See you next time!

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Top 7 Wavetable Synth Plugins 

Top 12 Sub Plugins (Best 808 & Bass Tools For Massive Low End)

Top 10 Plugins On PluginBoutique (And 7 Best Free Plugins)

Top 11 Plugins On Plugin Alliance 

Top 7 Acoustic Guitar Plugins (And 4 Best Kontakt Libraries)


9 Best Bass Guitar Plugins (And 2 Best Freebies)

Top 6 Electric Guitar Plugins (Best PAID & FREE Picks)

Top 10 Arpeggiator VST Plugins (Best Synths, MIDI Effects & Tools)

Top 10 Modular Synth Plugins (And 3 Best FREE Plugins)

Top 6 Choir Plugins & Sample Libraries (And 3 Best Free Plugins)

11 Best Percussion & Drum VST Plugins (And FREE Plugins)


Top 8 Piano Plugins (Best Sounding Pianos & 5 FREE Piano Plugins)

Top 6 Organ Plugins Ever Made  (And 3 Best Free Organs)

Top 14 VST Plugins For Beginners (And 9 FREE Plugins)

Top 9 Drum Machine Plugins (And Groovebox Plugins)

4 Best Banjo Plugins (Best Banjo Instruments)


The 5 Best Ukulele Plugins & Kontakt Libraries 

Top 13 Synth Plugins (And 5 Best FREE Synths Plugins)

Top 13 Sequencer Plugins  (Synth, MIDI & Step Sequencers)

The 10 Best Multi-Effect Plugins (And 3 Best Free Plugins)

Top 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Mixing & Mastering)


Processing & Sound Design:

8 Best Lo-Fi Plugins (PAID & FREE)

Top 11 Plugins For Mixing Vocals  (For Home Studio)

Top 12 Saturation Plugins (Best Mixing & Mastering Tools)

Top 6 Pitch Shifter Plugins (And 3 Best FREE Pitch Shifters)

Top 6 Chorus VST Plugins For Musicians (And 3 FREE Plugins)


Top 6 Limiter Plugins For Precise Mastering & Mixing

The 8 Best Filter Plugins For Precise Cuts & Boosts (+ 5 Free Filters)

6 Best Autotune Plugins To Improve & Enhance Your Vocals

Top 10 Transient Shaper Plugins (VST, AU, AAX)

Top 7 Enhancer Plugins (For Bass, Drums, Vocals & Harmonics)


Top 6 Flanger Plugins (And 5 Best FREE Flanger Emulators)

Top 7 Phaser Plugins (And 3 Best FREE Phasers)

Top 10 Plugins For Mixing Drums (And 3 Best Free Plugins)

Top 7 Bitcrusher Plugins (And 4 Best FREE Bitcrushers + 3 Bonuses)

Top 6 Plugins For Voice-Over & Dialogue Cleaning (Post Production)

Top 10 Stereo Imaging Plugins (Best Old & Modern Picks)


Top 5 Multiband Limiter Plugins 

Top 7 De-Esser Plugins For Better Vocals (And 4 FREE Plugins)

Top 7 Clipper Plugins (Best Limiter Alternatives)

Top 6 Chord Generator Plugins That Inspire Melodies (+ FREE Tools)

7 Best Exciter Plugins For Mixing & Mastering

Top 7 Channel Strip Plugins (And 2 Best Free Plugins)


Top 11 Distortion Plugins (And 4 Top Free Plugins)

Top 5 Comb Filter & Resonator Plugins | Melda, Kilohearts, Tritik

The 7 Best Vibrato VST Plugins | Audec, Audiority, Melda

The 7 Best Tremolo Plugins | Eventide, Melda, SoundToys, Kuassa…

The 7 Best Harmonizer Plugins | Eventide, Melda, Aegean Music

7 Best Sidechain Plugins (VST, AU, AAX) | Xfer, Cableguys..


Top 10 Noise Gate Plugins (And 6 FREE Free Gate Tools)

The 6 Best Ring Modulator VST Plugins | KiloHearts, Melda

7 Best Autopan VST Plugins | CableGuys, Melda, Waves, Soundtoys

The 6 Best Frequency Shifter VST Plugins

Top 11 Granulizer Plugins For Future Sound Design

29 Best Sound Design VST Plugins


Compressor Plugins

Top 11 Free Compressor Plugins (VCA, Vari-Mu, FET, Digital)

Top 7 Multiband Compressor Plugins (And 4 FREE Plugins)

Top 5 Diode-Bridge Compressor Plugins 

Top 6 Mastering Chain Plugins: Complete VST Solutions 

Top 10 FET Compressor Plugins 

The 7 Best VCA Compressor Plugins (VST, AU, AAX)

Top 11 Mastering Compressor Plugins (And 2 FREE Plugins)

Top 10 Opto Compressor Plugins For Transparent Sound

The 7 Best Vari-Mu Compressor Plugins (And 2 Best FREE Tools)


Reverb & Delay Plugins:

Top 12 Reverb Plugins (And 5 FREE Reverb Plugins)

The 6 Best Spring Reverb VST Plugins | AudioThing, GSi, u-he, Eventide

Top 12 Delay Plugins For Music Production In (VST, AU, AAX)

Top 10 FREE Delay Plugins (VST, AU, AAX)

The 10 Best Convolution Reverb Plugins 


Amps & Preamps:

Top 10 Guitar Amp Plugins (And 5 Best FREE Simulators)

Top 10 Bass Amp Plugins (And 5 Best Free Simulators)

Top 9 Preamp Plugins (For Vocals, Guitars & More!) + Free Preamps


Other Recommended Gear:

Top 12 NearField Studio Monitors On Any Budget

Top 10 Midfield Studio Monitors For Home Recording

Best Biggest Studio Monitors (FarField Monitors)

Top 10 Guitar Pickups for Low Tunings 

Top 10 Analog Compressors For Mixing & Mastering (On Any Budget)

Top 12 USB Audio Interfaces Under 150$, 200$, 300$ 400$ (Any Budget)


Top 12 Hardware Equalizers (Analog EQs For Mixing & Mastering)

Top 6 Analog Hardware Limiters 

Top 6 Solid State Bass Amps (On Any Budget)

Top 6 Ribbon Mics On Any Budget (For Vocals, Drums & Guitars)

Top 6 Cheap Dynamic Mics For Vocals Under 50$, 100$, 200$ & 300$


Top 6 Chorus Guitar Pedals (On Any Budget)

6 Best 61-Key MIDI Keyboards (On Any Budget)

9 Best 49-Key MIDI Keyboards Under 100$ & 200$

Top 5 Best 25 Key MIDI Keyboards (On Any Budget)

Top 12 Acoustic Drums (Best Kits/Sets On Any Budget)


Guitar/Amp Focused:

Can I Put Nylon Strings on a Steel-string Guitar?

Do Electric Guitars Sound Good Unplugged?

Buying Your First Guitar: 2 Things To Know

Are Tube Amps Worth It? (Tube vs Solid-State Amps)

How Often Does A Guitar Need a Setup?

Can I Play Classical Guitar On A Steel-String Guitar?


How often guitar necks need reset?

Can You Play Two Guitars Through One Amp?

Can a 6 String Bass Be Tuned Like A Guitar?

Can I leave My Guitar Tuned Down a Step? Yes, But Is It Safe?

Should I Learn 4, 5 Or 6 String Bass Guitar & Why?

How To Know If your Guitar Amp Is Broken?

How To Fix Distorted Bass Guitar Sound?


Do Fender Guitars Appreciate In Value?

Should You Put Stickers On A Bass Guitar?

How Acoustic And Electric Guitars Are Made?

Is Electric Guitar Too Loud for an Apartment?

Does a Preamp Improve Sound Quality?

If I Learn Acoustic Guitar Can I Play Electric Guitar?

How Many Hours A Day Should You Practice Bass Guitar?

Do I need an AMP/DAC To Run Bookshelf Speakers?

How to Record Electric Guitar Into Logic Pro X?

Do headphones get worse with age?


DAW Related:

Best DAWs For Musicians Available (With FREE DAWs)

How To Develop DAW Software?

What’s The Most CPU Efficient DAW? – 5 DAWs Compared

How To Make Music Without Using A DAW?

Pro Tools Guide: How To Use AutoTune & Pitch Correction?

Ableton Review: Is It Worth The Money? (Cons & Pros)

Logic Pro X Review: Is It Worth It? (Cons & Pros)

How To Use Auto-tune & Pitch Correction In Cubase?

How To Fix Ableton Crackling, Crashing & Freezing? Step By Step


Plugin Related:

What Are Audio Plugins? Different Types of Plugins Explained

What Are The Best Tools To Develop VST Plugins & How Are They Made?

Cost of Developing Audio VST Plugin: Several Factors (With Table)

VST, VST, AU and AAX – What’s The Difference? Plugin Formats Explained

Complete Guide To Noise Gate – What It Is, What It Does & How To Use It?

How To Clip My Drums? Here Is How & Audio Teasers (Before/After)


Complete Guide To Limiter: How To Use It (+ Best Plugins & Analog Limiters)

Mixing With Reverb: How To Add Life To Your Mixes

Linear Phase vs Minimum Phase EQ – Full Guide

Difference Between LUFS, RMS & True Peak Loudness Meters

How And When To Use Algorithmic And Convolution Reverb In Your Mix?

Difference Between Active EQ, Passive EQ and Dynamic EQ


Headphones & Studio Monitors:

Do headphones get worse with age?

Monitors vs Studio Headphones For Mixing & Mastering

Top 10 Room Calibration & Headphones/Speakers Correction Plugins 

Does Heat Damage Headphones?

Are Noise-Canceling Headphones Good For Music Production?

Can Headphones Break in Cold Weather?

Why do headphones & cables get sticky?


Can Wearing Headphones Cause Hair Loss?

How Do I know If My Studio Monitor Is Blown?

Side Effects Of Sleeping With Your Headphones On

Do You Need Music Amplifier For Studio Monitors or Studio Headphones?

Do Headphones or Earphones Damage Your Brain?

Can Headphones or Earphones cause Deafness or Toothache?

FarField, MidField & NearField Monitors – Their Uses, Pros & Cons


MIDI & Synths:

Should I Buy A MIDI Keyboard Or Synth? (Are Synths Worth It Anymore?)

Why Is Audio Gear So Expensive? (Especially Synths)

Top 12 Synth Brands – Analog, Digital & Modular Synth Manufacturers

11 Tips How To Choose MIDI Keyboard 

Should I Buy MIDI Controller Or Keyboard? Cons, Pros & Tips

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