Top 11 Harp Plugins 2023 (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins)

Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

You’ve found the ideal location if you’re trying to incorporate some harps into your song. We’ve created a list of the Top 11 Harp Plugins for 2023 as well as the Top 3 FREE Harp plugins.

The harp has been compared to no other instrument because of its well-known shape but mysterious origin. When defined, it has frequently been mistaken with the lyre, cithara, and other instruments. There are several interpretations for the name’s etymology, with the word harp or harp’s root occurring in various languages.

The origin of the harp is now hard to pinpoint in terms of time and geography because it has been used by several geographically dispersed peoples since Antiquity, according to written accounts or representations in the realm of plastic.

Here are the top 11 Harp Plugins for 2023:

Top 11 Harp Plugins 2023 (AND 3 Best FREE Plugins)

1. MODARTT Concert Harp (Plugin – Requires Pianoteq 6 .6 or higher)

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MODARTT Concert Harp - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

MODARTT Concert Harp is a sound library that replicates the authentic harp sound.

Your acoustic pallet is expanded by the soft tones of a carefully recreated Salvi grand concert harp provided by the Modartt Pianoteq Concert Harp Add-on. Using the Pianoteq Concert Harp add-on, you can perform glissandos and pinch harmonics (flageolets). Additionally, it contains a diatonic mode with seven virtual pedals that let you play in all keys and modify the pitch of the strings.

The first four fingers of both hands are used to play the concert harp, which contains 47 strings linked to a soundboard. The harp has a mystical element to its sound since the strings are not dampened, and the Modartt Pianoteq Concert Harp add-on remarkably catches the essence of this magnificent instrument.

Key Features:

  • Concert Harp
    Physically, the Concert Harp for Pianoteq is based on a Salvi Grand Concert Harp. The concert harp is played with the tips of the first four fingers on both hands and has 47 strings linked to a soundboard. Pianoteq technology can capture the harp’s unique enchanting sound with startling fidelity since it has no damped strings when it is in operation.
  • Celtic Harp
    The new instrument in the Harp instrument bundle is the Celtic harp. You’ve undoubtedly heard Celtic harps in folk music, classical music, and modern new-age. Traditionally, nylon (the material utilized in this virtual physical model) was used to string Celtic harps instead of wire or gut because it produces a softer, more delicate tone.
  • Pinch Harmonics
    Pinch harmonics, which include only even harmonics and generate an octave higher sound, are produced on a harp by pinching and touching the center string. The second sequence performed an octave lower than the first and sounded the same pitch because the center of the string is plucked, creating an equal number of harmonics and an octave higher sound.
  • Interface
    The user interface is really simple to use. We have two dynamics and volume faders, a velocity curve that occupies a sizable portion of the plugin’s surface, the ability to manipulate the action, an EQ, and effects like reverb and delay. The primary interface has been updated to include certain piano-specific pedals that provide what is available in real life. You can use the instrument’s “Aging” mode. However, it isn’t very accurate
  • Glissando
    By swiftly moving the fingers across the strings, a glissando is produced. Glissando notes typically sound different than notes played alone because of the specific finger posture required. These and other harp playing methods are recorded and reproduced by Modartt’s Pianoteq Concert Harp. This plugin is becoming increasingly realistic.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


A minimalist interface with a desire to seem elegant but nothing extraordinary to give. It is a plugin that provides the harp’s authentic sound, and it needs updating and modernizing.

2. UVI Nagoya Harp (UVI Library)

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UVI Nagoya Harp - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

The Nagoya harp by UVI is a highly adjustable instrument that mimics the sound of a traditional Japanese harp.

Japan is the country of origin for the Nagoya Harp. It resembles the string instrument known as the Indian Bubul Tarang very much. Although the Nagoya Harp has complex harmonic variations, it may also play it classically. Compared to the Indian model, the Japanese version has fewer strings and a shorter neck.

The Nagoya Harp is tuned in pentatonic scales, but the Bubul Tarang is tuned in chromatic. Hence there is a difference in tuning between the two. Another difference in the playing method is that the Indian model is played with a pick while the Japanese model is played with fingers.

Key Features:

  • Strum
    The simple control set of STRUM, intended to replicate traditional playing style, includes discrete 3-mic control, a velocity sequencer, open string tuning, drone tuning, and key noise quantity. Hammer-on and pull-off samples are intelligently triggered by performance-based scripting to provide guitar-like emotion and organic strumming note progressions.
  • Keys
    A 4-stage amplitude envelope, a multimode filter, stereo unison, choices, a pitch-sliding mono/poly switch, and rapid mappings for the controller’s keyboard mode wheel are all included on an additional page of controls.
    KEYS innovates on this classical instrument by producing various experimental sounds, from percussion to ambient pads to guitar tones. Palm Muted, Una Corda Low-String, Una Corda High-String, Sticks, and Bowed, are available.
  • Mic Mix
    With the Royer SF-24, Neumann U67, and Bruel & Kjaer 4006 surround microphone, you can combine a mono signal with a stereo signal and stereo recordings. You may customize the instruments and add your own Falcon effect. You will elevate your sounds to a completely unorthodox level by using all of the Falcon’s effects.
  • Effects
    Chorus, Convolver, Delay, Equalizer, Overdrive, Phasor, and Reverb are some of the effects that Nagoya Harp uses to let you customize the sound of your harp.
  • Samples
    Alain J Etchart, Floriane Palmkrantz, and Kevin Guilhaumou recorded, edited, and produced UVIs, Nagoya Harp. Captured over 20,000 samples in all. Reduced the sound files from their original size of 21GB to 7GB. The Nagoya Harp instrumentalist employed a plectrum, bow, sticks, palm muting, mallet, and several o-string combinations when it was recorded. 


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


To add various tones and originality to your score, stack the instrument with other conventional instruments. The ethnic instrument may give your composition different tones and characters. The ethnic instrument’s adaptable sound might assist give your composition different tones and characters.

The Nagoya Harp is a versatile, authentic-sounding instrument that may give your song a special touch. To produce a Japanese or wider Asian sound, stack this ethnic and non-traditional instrument with other traditional instruments. You may work with Nagoya Harp to produce a soundtrack that sounds genuine and appeals to listeners seeking genuine ethnic music.

3. Orchestral Tools Berlin Symphonic Harps (Kontakt Library)

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Orchestral Tools - Berlin Symphonic Harps - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

Harps of excellent quality are used by Orchestral Tools to round out their sound library. It’s a sophisticated plugin.

The sound collection of the Berlin Series now includes a new instrument. To provide customers with more alternatives while learning about the Berlin Series template, Berlin Symphonic Harps was registered in the Teldex Scoring Stage.

They used two harps to provide a balanced tone without sacrificing the recording process. These two harps were expertly built and combined, and they provide huge diversity of sounds.

Key Features:

  • Interface 
    The main interface allows you to select ten basic presets, each of which alters the harp’s tuning range. Naturally, there is no need to utilize presets to modify the range because each range’s controls are located below the presets section. In addition, a circle in the center of the screen displays additional information in addition to the note’s speed. The functionalities are straightforward to use, and the UI is elegantly integrated.
  • Sophisticated Features
    True pedal control means each harp string’s natural pitch, including sharps and flats, was recorded. By tuning the harp-like the real thing, users may control this feature in CAPSULE utilizing a distinctive interface. Regions that are playable but slick.
    Lessening of depreciation Different note lengths and dampening noises are recorded and triggered in the sustain patches for both harps depending on when the key is released. However, they will continue to play for whatever length you choose if you push and hold the sustain pedal.
  • Articulations 
    This package contains various articulations, including Sustain, Flageolet, Glissandi, Glisan, Portato, Staccato, Bisbigliando, and many more. I believe that it is currently the plugin with the most articulations in terms of a Harp.
  • Samples 
    The 79 GB of samples have a 40 GB download size. They captured them at 24Bit/48KHz. It turns out that it is a sizable plugin, demonstrating the capability of the engine as well as the involvement of the Orchestral Tools folks in its development.
  • Mic 
    Each harp has five microphone locations, including Tree, Surround, AB, Close 1, Close 2, and Close 3. In addition, each has panning faders, two solo and mute buttons, and volume faders. The sound produced by the utilized microphones is the most beautiful and warm. They also have high accuracy.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


Unquestionably the most sophisticated and seamlessly integrated harp plugin is Berlin Symphonic Harp. Once more, those from Orchestral Tools demonstrate how far they may push the envelope. I haven’t observed any resemblance in other plugins’ sophisticated features, and the product is high quality.

Unfortunately, it costs a lot of money and uses a lot of CPU and RAM resources, and these two drawbacks may be quite off-putting. Unfortunately, I didn’t detect any effects in this plugin, but I’m confident that the external effects will improve the sound of these harp tracks.

4. Spitfire Audio Harp Swarm (Kontakt Library)

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Spitfire Audio Harp Swarm - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

The harp is elevated to a new level by Spitfire Audio. There are many features in Harp Swarm, and it has a beautiful sound.

Air Studios’ hallway was filled with nine harps playing at once. From creepy slow and quick tremolandi to long and short plucks, harmonics, and what may be the most astonishing collection of cascading glissandi I’ve ever heard. You may find a wealth of ideas and applications in the second section of the Swarm tale.

A hauntingly enormous melodic cosmos is created by the pinched harmonics, which will gladly expand over louder orchestral compositions in any dynamic. However, the Spitfire team created that the slow, rapid, and granular tremors, ranging from a gentle sea of calm coral to a fierce downpour, give this library its true charm.

Key Features:

  • Interface 
    The default view of the overview panel allows us to control the key features. We can adjust Dynamics, Speed, Release, and Expression as with their other Swarm plugins. Here I see that the microphone mixer has another user interface called Easy Mix, which aids in blending the microphones in a more intuitive way than technical, simulating how the sound is transmitted.
    This feature is quite helpful. Finally, we have a more comprehensive choice for the micro blend mix on the general control panel, where we may choose presets, transpose, and alter the pace.
  • Mics
    Your options for combining the microphones offered in this plugin are virtually endless. For example, it is possible to use a microphone in a location such as Close, Tree, Ambient, Outriggers, Surround Tree, or Gallery. In addition, Spitfire Audio provides you with three microphone mixes, Fine, Medium, and Broad, in case you don’t want to use this feature entirely. In the general control panel, you may find these settings.
  • The Ostinatum 
    You have the option to contribute notes to the pattern sequencer via this interface, which results in an immediate creation. You only need to choose the Key and Speed at which you wish to sing. It resembles an arpeggiator on a synth.
  • Samples 
    The compressed 10.5GB download bundle contains the 7768 samples simultaneously recorded by nine harps set up in parallel in a soundproof room at Spitfire Audio in London. The plugin takes up 15.8GB of space when installed. Therefore, a Disk space of 21.00GB is needed for the duration of the installation.


The full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is neededIt runs on macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only).


It is a plugin that nicely rounds out the collection of virtual instruments from Spitfire Audio. You have a lot of options, thanks to the distinctive textures of this plugin.

The little blend engine has benefited from a lot easier-to-use interface, and the glissandos are of high quality, making this plugin more accessible to novices.

Although it lacks numerous effects and has a tiny interface, future upgrades will undoubtedly include these requirements.

5. Cinesamples: Cineharps (Kontakt Library)

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Cinesamples: Cineharps - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

A new plugin is released to celebrate Cinesamples’ tenth anniversary. There are several articulations in Cineharps, which were captured in various locations.

Cinesamples is pleased to introduce CineHarps, a totally rebuilt and heavily sampled sequel, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of our benchmark product CineHarps. It preserves the simplicity of usage and variety of approaches of the original CineHarp while adding flawless audio fidelity and upgraded features that will make it a classic in any composer’s arsenal.

CineHarps, which was recorded in three different locations on the scoring stage, has a variety of articulations and timbres, including pinched patches, exact glissandi, and highly powerful effects. As a result, CineHarps offers composers the most comprehensive library of harp sounds, whether a piece asks for the use of classical harp techniques or a hybrid approach to sound creation.

Key Features:

  • Gliss Mode
    Based on the chosen notes and the pedal diagram, Gliss mode transposes all white keys. This mode makes it simple to play glissandi on the white keys. Note assaults in quicker phrases are slightly softer when the Gliss Mode button is selected. The assault is gentler the faster you play. You may play in a chromatic manner while turning on Gliss mode and keeping the pedals in C major.
  • Dynamic Range
    The instrument’s total dynamic range may be altered using the dynamic range knob. Low dynamics are virtually undetectable when the slider is down, while greater dynamics are very loud. The instrument plays back all recorded dynamic layers at the same apparent loudness when the knob is completely turned down.
  • Perspective Fader 
    A new perspective mode has been added to CineHarps. A slider that smoothly transitions between the Close, Room, and Surrounds microphone angles is visible when the perspective mode is activated. In addition, you have immediate control over the relative depth of the instrument, thanks to the slider’s automatic mapping to the mode wheel.
  • Delay Button 
    A little yellow button with the letter “D” is located above the Mute Mic viewpoint. If you use this function, the shutter viewpoint sound is delayed by about 15 milliseconds, aligning it with the camera and surround views and producing a louder sound. In addition, the instrument has additional depth and clarity when the closing delay is disabled, which is advantageous for integrating it into the mix.
  • Velocity curve 
    You may choose the precise dynamics you want using the Velocity Curve slider. For example, bias Forte makes it simpler to play dynamics with more force, and Bias Piano makes it simpler to play dynamics with less force. As a result, speeds can go linear without being altered. You may also use the Velocity Curve control to correct an undesirable harsh or soft action on a MIDI keyboard.


The full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher is neededIt runs on macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only).


The extra instrumental patches that contextualize the harp are really helpful, and the variety of timbres offered by the Glissandi and FX patches make this bundle rather affordable, at least if you use harps frequently.

Anyway, it’s time to quit talking about it because it is exhaustive, goes above and above, and sounds great. You get the impression that Cinesamples went above and beyond what may be considered usual for an instrumental library to build the ideal and most complete harp resources.

6 Soundiron Elysium Harp (Kontakt Library)

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Elysium Harp - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

Elysium Harp is equipped to do solo and group performances. And it seems as though you’re in paradise.

Soundiron has enhanced the harp with a new instrument ideal for solo and conventional symphonic work. Music makers now can use only the Elysium Harp to construct full compositions. I wasn’t anticipating the harp collection to have such rich pads and ethereal sounds. They sampled the library with six distinct speed layers, and the playback produced a very expressive performance.

The playback range for the Elysium Harp is C-1 to C8. Almost every parameter and control you can imagine is included in the engine that houses the library. With settings for body control, offset, tire inflation, attack and release, and a vibrating dial produce an odd tremolo effect.

Key Features:

  • Articulations 
    Elysium Harp is a very playable and dynamically sensitive instrument, featuring right-handed fingerpicks recorded at six dynamics with eight round robins. Beautiful harmonics, fingernail weaving, “xylophone” percussion performances, and strong bass string noises like an Indian tambourine are alternate articulations. 
  • Pedal
    The instrument also features a useful PEDAL mode. The instrument’s black keys are disabled by this function, leaving the white keys open to PEDAL settings adjustment. In addition, you may choose preset tuning using the PEDAL controls, which include a sizable number of key presets connected to key switches.
  • Samples 
    The collection has six major patches, totaling 12,145 samples, 30.6 GB uncompressed, and 14.7 GB download size. You may hear traditional plucked harp articulations in the “Elysium Harp 1 – Main Patch.” In addition, a unique articulation patch plays back Pedal Buzz sample playback with harmonic samples, Xylophonic samples, and Finger Nail performance samples.
  • Mics
    For each of the three microphone positions, the instrument’s two-channel mixer offers choices for signal routing to various Kontakt outputs (front, back, and room). The channels also include presence and pan controls.
  • Engine 
    With settings for rate (speed), playback curve, humanization, and direction, The Gliss engine is nicely designed and includes many features to carve customized glissandos quickly. The possibilities are unlimited when using Gliss Engine to create unique glissandos.


The full version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher is neededIt runs on macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only).


Elysium Harp has a huge number of features built-in. One of the most difficult offerings is a wide variety of sound possibilities and solo or ensemble singing options. It is a plugin that appeals to all preferences, but for beginners, the variety of options may be overwhelming. The fact that an arpeggiator and an unlimited variety of sounds like heaven pleased me.

7. Cinematique Instruments Lap Harp (Kontakt Library)

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Cinematique Instruments Lap Harp - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

Cinematique Instruments catches the essence once more and presents it in a clear manner.

The Perepyolochka is an Eastern European zither-like instrument sampled by the Cinematique Instruments team to produce the Lap Harp. They recorded four round-robin variants and several velocity layers. Each note was played with a plectrum, a piano mallet, and the thumb side so that the user of the Kontakt interface may choose the appropriate plucking methods for their works.

Three articulations, four Round Robins, and two low volume speeds are included with the lap harp. In addition, they included a Glissando function and a Tremolo function via the script, which modifies midi behavior and brings you that much nearer to playing the real instrument intuitively. So whether you use the lap harp as a solo or background instrument, it adds a great organic feel to your music.

Key Features:

  • Articulations
    Three-note sounds were produced using various techniques for plucking and hitting the strings. The thumb articulation is not significantly different despite the PLEC (plectrum) being the thinnest of the three. The third, Wood Hammer, loses the scraping quality but has a considerably warmer tone than the other two.
  • Engine
    They used a Schoeps condenser microphone and placed it near the strings to capture a clear, precise sound. As an added gimmick, they have included a Glissando function and a Tremolo function via the script, which alters the midi behavior and brings the instrument playing even more closely to reality.
    Overall, they leave with an instrument that gives your song a beautiful, organic feel, whether used as a solo or as background music.
  • Effects
    A chorus effect, cabinet and rotary speaker simulators, low and high filters, and articulation mixes may all be further modified. However, there are seven reverb settings, a level slider for the delay, and a level dial for each effect. The final two parameter selections could be the most exciting.
    Pressing the “Tremolo” button encourages a highly rhythmic playing style by re-triggering each key after it is released. Virtual instruments frequently contain arpeggiators for starting note patterns, but Tremolo and Glissando are intriguing alternatives.
  • Samples
    A powerful patch with over 50 settings and 34 sound sources. Presets, some new features (including Arp), and effects were all added by Cinematique Instruments with the 1.5 version. They advanced the design as well.
  • Interface 
    As usual, the Cinematique instruments provide a user interface that is as simple as possible. In brief, three columns are visible when we activate the plugin; the one on the left has preset settings with five modes.
    The Articulations section, in the center, introduces the three modes, PLEC, FINGER, and HAMMER. Finally, the intriguing portion may be found on the right side, where you can locate the effects, arpeggiator, and Recorder mode.


The full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is neededIt runs on macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only).


Methods used in cinema Lap Harp is a plugin that completes their collection of available instruments. It is a plugin that uses all the features they add to their Engine, which is causing a stir in the analog instrument emulation industry.

The way the features are incorporated makes it easy for beginners to utilize the plugin. Since this version is still updated, I believe it is worthwhile to be a member of the Cinematique Instruments family since the plugins gain from ongoing development.

8. Sonuscore ha•pi Concert Harp (Kontakt Library)

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Sonuscore ha•pi - Concert Harp - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

Ha•pi is a concert harp that draws its inspiration from the heavenly and has glistening tones and eerie atmospheres.  The Concert Harp’s emotional sensitivity has the power to soften even the hardest hearts.
Simple string strums from ha•pi may be turned into intriguing, otherworldly soundscapes by using the Glow slider.

In addition, Ha•pi has knobs for changing the tone, ambiance, dynamic range, assault, release, and blend of the two recorded articulations, Naturals, and Harmonics. Five round robins were employed in the recording. To get you started, we’ve included 11 colors presets that you can choose from directly on our streamlined user interface.

Key Features:

  • Interface
    Based on human input, Glow generates randomly developing soundscapes. For example, slide the slider to the left to hear a concert harp. Then, start dragging the pointer to the right to hear straightforward chord progressions develop into enthralling soundscapes. This feature is imaginative and sounds mysterious.
  • Glow Slider 
    The plugin’s home page contains the most crucial options. Functions like Attack, Release, Dynamic Range, Harmonics, Tone, and Reverb are available. For example, the Harmonics function modifies the blend of two distinct harp playing techniques. Additionally, you may control how much strong reverb you wish to utilize.


The full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is neededIt runs on macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only).


It is a plugin with high-quality sounds incorporated into a beautiful and practical user interface. Although it doesn’t use much space on the hard drive, using it necessitates a fast CPU. Nevertheless, it has several distinctive qualities and may be applied in novel ways.

9. Libre Wave Michaela’s Harp (Plugin)

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Libre Wave Michaela's Harp - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

Libre Wave Michaela’s Harp is a Celtic harp with a plethora of characteristics.

The Celtic harp is a stunningly distinctive instrument with a lengthy and interesting past. The harp’s several strings are plucked by the player’s hands, giving it its characteristic sound. The Celtic harp is a great instrument and can be played solo or as part of an ensemble.

Michaela’s harp is the ideal piece of equipment for anybody interested in learning about Celtic music. The samples for this harp are rather dry because it was recorded in a studio and has a warm tone, and this will make it easier for you to layer and mix them with other tools.

Key Features:

  • Triplets 
    Celtic harp music frequently involves playing rapid groups of three notes, which is difficult to reproduce using hand-picked samples. So instead, each triplet sample set is triggered in a round-robin method, and the triplet sample set may be engaged using a key switch, MIDI CC, or program shift. This feature gives you complete control over the tempo of your performance without the need for artificially extending the duration.
  • Stopped Strings 
    In certain works, the musician must block the sound of one or more strings using their hands. The vibrating string is abruptly halted, which produces a distinctive sound. You may practice this move live using the sustain pedal on Michaela’s Harp. Individually halted samples are activated when the keys are released while the pedal is in motion.
  • Articulations 
    Four different dynamic levels of samples of typically plucked music are included in the instrument. This articulation, which is the default, offers the distinctively warm, resonant sound of the Celtic harp. They also captured damped string samples separately. Michaela moistened the strings around the plucked one and made these with her hands. 
  • Presets 
    You may choose from many factory setups in the library’s dedicated preset browser or make your custom presets. In addition, you can easily retrieve your favorite settings using the browser’s favorites feature and search bar.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


Certainly, Michaela’s Harp has a harp with a deep tone. The pickup mechanism gives you a direct input recording with two stereo microphones, which are meticulously recorded. It lets you meld and play the sounds with the other instruments quite well. It is unquestionably a good option for anyone seeking a reliable and flexible plugin.

10. Toontrack EZkeys Hybrid Harp (Plugin)

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Toontrack EZkeys Hybrid Harp - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

Toontrack’s Hybrid Harp once again includes a musician who may act as your virtual bandmate. A great plugin with a plethora of features.

A popular selection of ocarinas, two harmoniums, a bowed glockenspiel, and a Swedish nyckelharpa are included in Toontrack’s most recent EZkeys expansion pack. A basic porcelain flute, likely used in Troggs’ “Wild Thing,” is also absent. Instead, these various sources are combined to create a collection of distinctive hybrid sounds that includes some gorgeous electronic soundscapes.

Mattias Eklund, the head of sound design at Toontrack, created this bizarre mix to fuse the old, rustic instruments of his upbringing with modern esoteric score parts. The producer also recorded creaking and floor-creaking Foley noises, which may turn off if you don’t need them to achieve eco-realism.

Key Features:

  • Presets 
    53 presets on Hybrid Harp provide a wide variety of sounds. “Flowing” is a gorgeous, spacious pad that blends harp licks with a high-octave sustain layer. “Slow Mood” has ethereal, echoing harp harmonics, while “Lights In The Sky” is a vast, icy, royal, unpredictable changing pad with pitch-shifted glacial upper octaves.
    To check the “spooky music” box, “Cabin Feel” blends key harmony noises with other instruments to create another creepy pad texture, while other raw patches resemble the more straightforward sound of miniature organs and Mellotron flutes.
  • Effects 
    Raw samples are transformed into otherworldly soundscapes by the use of the hall, room, flat, spring, and inverted reverb, delay, echo, vintage tape modulation, chorus, vibrato effects, filters, and extreme pitch-shifting, while the massive “Extreme Bass” patch reaches its peak in terms of bit crushing and powerful distortions. Patches load with a few preselected effects; you may alter the effect’s settings but not the selection.
  • Interface
    As we all know, Toontrack provides customers with a broad selection of pre-made instrument parts. For instance, in EZdrummer, we receive MIDI recorded drums from a real drummer, and in this instance, we also receive harp parts.
    The Chord Selector, located at the bottom of the plugin, allows us to construct parts, and when we do so, the circle of fifths emerges. A Timeline Arranger or Song Browser built into the application interface is useful for recording midi. All midi files gain from the new Humanize mode, which pre-quantizes your Midi upon import and gives the track a more accurate timing.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


Every plugin that Toontrack provides gives you a special opportunity to create the music most originally and creatively imaginable. This time, the traditional UI that nicely complements their previous plugins helps EZ Hybrid Harp.

It also provides a Standalone version, a wonderful perk. If you have a Harp part and want to perform it fast, this is undoubtedly the method.

Being a member of the Toontrack ecosystem will undoubtedly help you improve the quality of your tracks since you will always have a sound that you can rely on and can use the plugin’s functionality to the fullest.

11. APD Etherealwinds Harp II By Versilian Studios (Kontakt Library)

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APD Etherealwinds Harp II By Versilian Studios - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

There are several musical genres in which Versilian Studios’ APD Etherealwinds Harp II may be used. It sounds fantastic and has many functions.

You can use the Etherealwinds Harp in various genres, including folk, cinematic, world, pop, rock, and ambient. It can readily swing in any direction and sounds equally at home in a concert hall as in a coffee shop, with a tone that falls between a little lap harp and a large concert harp.

The 34-string, ash, and beech Iona lever harp used in the sample were played by British musician, singer, and composer Jordi Francis, nicknamed Etherealwinds. Video games,  folk, New-Age, electronic and classical music are among Jordi’s many musical interests. These influences have influenced his playing style and an extensive repertoire of extended methods.

Key Features:

  • Articulations 
    Numerous articulation techniques are included, and you may access them via the routes provided by the plugin. The harp’s articulations signify normal-to-standard finger plucking. PDLT: A squeeze close to the soundboard and muted is the ability of the bottom of the string as you pluck the standard to create a muffled tone. You’ll also see that each articulation for the harp has “Sustained” and “Disabled” variations. While Stopped indicates, it will only support as long as the note is pressed. 
  • Patches 
    Several .nki files can be found in the tools folder. Each file gives users access to a unique collection of samples or sounds produced using those samples. You can access a wide range of options in this pack, including Articulations KS, Borealis KS, Clavi Harp KS, and Primordial Waters KS.
  • Phrases
    It gives access to all 240 pre-recorded phrases, arranged in key switches so that you can switch between them as needed. For example, you might utilize the C phrase key switch when composing in C and switch to F when modulating or presenting a chord or tonic you wish to harmonize.
  • Samples
    The download size is 3.8GB, and the installation package includes 3200 samples. However, because it is a plugin that uses a lot of CPU memory and a fast HDD or SSD can speed up loading, a 7200+ RPM HDD or SSD is necessary.


The full version of Kontakt 5.5.0 or higher is neededIt runs on macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only).


The Etherealwinds Harp II is a top-notch plugin with regular and stopped plucks, muted plucks, glisses, and a ton of other methods to create a high-quality harp tone. The engine is also good, and the quality of the samples is naturally in line with what is available on the market. The interface is properly integrated and user-friendly. This plugin can be regarded as essential.

Best Free Harp Plugins 2023

1. SampleScience Crystal Harp

More Info & Download 

SampleScience Crystal Harp - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

The free plugin Crystal Harp may be utilized in many ways. It could also be used to compose bass or drum soundtracks.

For music makers, SampleScience creates expert sound solutions. Introducing Crystal Harp, a cutting-edge virtual instrument with a wealth of top-notch characteristics makes it ideal for producing electronic music.

The virtual instrument known as Crystal Harp reproduces the sound of a crystal harp. The instrument offers a very clear tone that gradually deteriorates with use.

Key Features:

  • Crystal Multimode Filter 
    For 8-bit resolution and 64dB resonance, use the crystal multimode filter. Because of this, you have a lot of control over the sounds Crystal Harp generates, and they sound more organic than computerized like many other free plugins now accessible online.
  • Effects 
    The slide’s width and speed are adjustable by the user. The auto-glide function of this plugin, which you may enable, will automatically cause all notes to slide when you play the following note. The resulting sound is incredibly smooth and works well for composing melodies and dissonant chords. A Multi-LFO, Room Reverb, and Lowpass/Highpass Filter is also included.


The full version of Kontakt 5.5.0 or higher is neededIt runs on macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only).


Crystal Harp creates sounds that are quite rich in texture. Percussion, bass, and leads may be easily produced using it. Warm, rich, and clear sound is what it delivers. Perfect octave division is another feature of the Crystal Harp that allows users to construct complex harmonies easily. It has many features that many plugins do not and is completely free.

2. DSK World StringZ

More Info & Download

DSK World StringZ - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

In addition to providing superb sounds, DSK World StringZ is a playground where we may study traditional instruments in a pleasant way.

More than only harp sounds are available in DSK World StringZ. The instrument consists of eight world instruments: a Celtic harp, a cumbus, a dobro, a kanun, a dulcimer, a tar, a Turkish oud, and a kanun.

The item on this list that most piqued my curiosity was the Celtic harp. As I would anticipate from a Celtic harp, I found the sound incredibly present and earthy while playing with it. The deeper tones are great and have a slightly eerie sensation.

Key Features:

  • Interface
    Through the interface, you may control the amplifier’s tone, fine-tuning, and filter (HP or LP). Additionally, you may use MIDI to automate all of these settings.
  • Envelope 
    We may use parameters like room, delay, micro tuning, and amp in this plugin section. Unfortunately, the fine-tuning slider doesn’t offer numerical values or an easy way to reset, so if you change the tuning, it cannot be easy to return to the original tuning setting. Nevertheless, the settings are appreciated and do a great job shaping the sounds.


This plugin is available for macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only). It runs in standalone mode and VST2, AAX, and AU plugin formats.


Although you can’t use this plugin to make a movie soundtrack, it is cheerful and allows you to discover oriental instruments visually appealingly.

3. Sonatina Harp

More Info & Download

Sonatina Harp - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

Sonatina Orchestra, a free sound library that fits right into your collection of plugins, includes Sonatina Harp.

There is a free orchestral sample collection called Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra. SSO offers all the fundamental components needed to construct true virtual orchestrations, albeit not as sophisticated or expansive in scope as commercial options. Although it is primarily targeted at novices, more seasoned composers searching for something portable or light-weight could find it handy.

Harp Sonatina, a classical harp, was sampled, and the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample collection was used to edit the samples. It’s a plugin with effects you can access directly from the UI and some warm harp sounds.

Key Features:

  • Effects: 
    The primary interface has the standard envelope parameters; here, you may change the attack, decay, sustain, release, volume, and pad. Reverb and delay, which provide incredibly wonderful sounds, are more options.
  • Presets:
    You may utilize presets if you need something quick and want a decent sound for your song. They undoubtedly have nice settings and are handy. In addition, it is useful when you wish to learn more about sound collection.


The full version of Kontakt 5.5.0 or higher is neededIt runs on macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only).


The plugin is accessible. It provides some distinct classical harp sounds, and the fact that it is free is undoubtedly a plus if you wish to experiment with harps in your music. Also, because it has wonderful sounds, you may use it as the song’s ending.


Mosaic Pluck (Kontakt Library – Harps & Other Instruments)

More Info & Price

Mosaic Pluck - Top 11 Harp Plugins (AND 3 Best FREE Harp Plugins) |

With Mosaic Pluck, you can produce cinematic effects and it continues to give a distinctive sound palette.

The newest virtual instrument in Heavyocity’s successful Mosaic series, a range of virtual instruments based on what the firm finds inspirational about a specific musical aspect, is called Mosaic Pluck. This new collection is all about squeezed noises, as its name suggests.

Mosaic Pluck offers all the dynamic plucked sources you need to cut through even the densest mix by combining vintage synthesizers, organic layers of attack, and a broad selection of sampled sounds (including plucked strings, harps, processed bells, and thumb pianos).

Key Features:

  • Engine 
    Although Mosaic Pluck is an original hybrid instrument, its true strength lies in the exhilarating combinations made possible by combining sources from each of the three Mosaic Engines channels Rhythmic, Lyrical, Spatial, Emotional, and Dynamic in exciting new ways. The options are virtually limitless, especially since it comes with over 120 perfectly made starting snapshots.
  • Plucks 
    The plugin offers all the plucked dynamic sources you need to break through even the densest sheet music mixes by combining analog synthesizers, organic layers of attack, and a broad selection of sampled sounds (including plucked strings, harps, processed bells, and thumb pianos).
    As a result, the Mosaic Pluck is a crucial component of your toolset for transforming ordinary timbres into thrilling, cinematic moments because of its unique capacity to inject a scene with immediate tension and dramatic mood shifts.
  • Interface 
    The top of the interface has six pages: Mixer, Control, Options, Arp, Macro Seq, and Master FX. The Mixer, Control, and Macro Sequencer pages have a Macro Control button in the middle. Envelope, Eq, Filter, Drive, Gate, and Space are all controlled by macro sliders. Three mixer channels that may be activated or deactivated are located below the Macro control knob.


The full version of Kontakt 5.5.0 or higher is neededIt runs on macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only).


I appreciated the design of this plugin. The interface is accessible and easy to use, the engine runs well, and Heavyocity recorded the instruments properly. This plugin is used mostly in cinema music but may also be utilized in general music. And composers found it to be really helpful.


We have a good selection of virtual tools in this top that help us in many ways, but the majority of the producers have recognized the importance of having an engine that is as competent as possible, and here in this top, most of them have this.

If you already possess a harp plugin, maybe even one I’ve included here, I recommend that we discuss your options for using that plugin or the likelihood of adding a new level of a harp to your song.

Most of them have various features that enhance your productivity in different ways, and the way they created the library is how we can tell them apart. In the plugins I’ve previously reviewed, I’ve seen certain variations, and I can state that some have included functions essential to all plugins.

Toontrack EZkeys Hybrid Harp is unquestionably the most distinctive of all. In terms of workflow, Toontrack staff have consistently been in the lead. They realized that there are occasions when you need a virtual “musician” to provide you with different takes on the portions you have already written.

The “Humanize” option will greatly aid your productivity, which modifies your midi parts and makes them off-beat, so they appear to be performed by a live instrumentalist. Then, of course, you may quickly and naturally release songs as a member of their ecosystem.

Cinematique Instruments Lap Harp and Elysium Harp are those plugins that have made significant investments. They provide you with many options for modifying the sound you may broadcast, and the sounds they capture are as genuine as they can be.

Another major benefit is that although they are quite strong, they won’t consume as much CPU and RAM if you use them sparingly. If you don’t know how to accomplish this, you should learn. 

Regarding CPU resources, we also have plugins that consume many resources at this top. Orchestral Tools – Berlin Symphonic Harps is the most complex library on this list. It comes bundled with 70GB of samples and different features compared to what we see in the others.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t offer you effects, so you’ll have to use other plugins to shape the sound it offers. It’s a good plugin, but it requires a lot of resources, and it’s quite expensive, so a lot of people will stay away from it. But for the experienced, the plugin excels.

I was pleasantly impressed with SampleScience Crystal Harp and DSK World StringZ among the free ones. The versatility of Crystal Harp allows you even to compose drum sections. DSK World StringZ gives you access to a great environment where you may experiment with and learn about traditional instruments.

In conclusion, these plugins satisfy your demands in the most cutting-edge manner while carrying out their respective tasks. I see Spitfire has included a new easy blending mode, which is unquestionably necessary for all their plugins.

We can thus argue that we are developing at the same time as new technologies, and we have even arrived at a stage where digital is very near realistic.

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