Is FL Studio Good For Recording Vocals? Answered

Is FL Studio Good For Recording Vocals? |

This article will discuss whether FL Studio is suitable for recording vocals. 

Vocal recording is capturing sound through microphone technology to record a human voice. This can be done in a professional recording studio or a home setup with a computer and a microphone. The recorded vocal can then be edited, mixed, and processed to produce the final product.

It is widely used across various applications and industries, such as music production, where singers and other vocalists record their vocals to create albums and tracks. It is also used in film and television, where voiceovers, sound effects, and dialogue are recorded in movies, TV shows, and other video content.

Vocal recording is also utilized in podcasting, where podcasters capture their voice to produce audio content. Other uses include voice-over work for commercials, audiobooks, and video games, as well as in education and training, where instructional or lecture recordings are made.

There are a variety of software options available for vocal recording, including both free and paid options. Some popular choices include Pro Tools, a professional-level digital audio workstation (DAW) used by many recording studios; Audacity, free, open-source software for recording and editing audio; Logic Pro X, a comprehensive DAW for macOS; Ableton Live, a DAW that incorporates live performance features, Cubase, a popular DAW for Windows and macOS, and FL Studio, a DAW is known for its user-friendly interface and ability to create music from scratch. Now, let’s address the main question.

Is FL Studio good for recording vocals? 

FL Studio’s flexible workflow, simple and interactive GUI, advanced editing features, effects, plugins for vocal enhancement, and high-quality audio interface make it an excellent tool for recording vocals. Whether you’re recording a podcast, a film dubbing, a song, a choir, etc., it is great for all purposes.

Pros of using FL Studio for recording vocals

  • Versatility and flexibility
    FL Studio offers a range of audio effects and plugins, including equalization, compression, and reverb, which can enhance and shape your vocal recordings’ sound.
  • Affordable
    FL Studio offers a range of pricing options, including a free version with limited features and a complete understanding that can be purchased at a relatively low cost compared to other professional-level DAWs.
  • User-friendly interface
    FL Studio is known for its user-friendly interface, making it a good option for those starting in vocal recording. Its recording workflow is as simple as hitting the “Record” button and pressing the space bar when tracking the vocal on your playlist.
  • Ability to create music from scratch
    As a comprehensive DAW, FL Studio allows users to create and record music from scratch, including vocals. Hence, you can add sound effects, create music, or do scoring around your vocals. In addition, using its simplified drag-and-drop sampling workflow, you can add SFX, foley, and other sounds to your recordings.
  • Mixer
    FL Studio includes a mixer, allowing you to control the levels and panning of each track in your mix, including vocals. You can also add post-fx or post-production of your vocals to enhance the quality of your recordings. You can also add effects like auto-tune, distortion, compression, etc.

Cons of using FL Studio for recording vocals

  • Learning curve
    FL Studio has a bit of a learning curve, especially compared to entry-level software like Audacity. You may need to invest time in learning the software and its features to make the most of it for vocal recording.
  • Not as widely used as other DAWs
    FL Studio is not as widely used as some other DAWs, such as Pro Tools or Logic Pro X. This can be an issue for those who are looking for a DAW that is widely used in professional recording studios, as there may be a smaller pool of resources and support available for FL Studio. That also hinders collaborations and communications between professionals like engineers, producers, artists, etc.
  • Limited collaboration options
    FL Studio does not have as many collaboration options as some other DAWs, which can be an issue for those who work in collaborative environments and need to share projects with others.
  • No native support for some audio file formats
    FL Studio does not have native support for some audio file formats, which may require additional conversion steps or third-party plugins.


In conclusion, FL Studio is a comprehensive digital audio workstation that offers versatile features and a user-friendly workflow for recording vocals. The DAW includes a mixer and various plugins to enhance and shape vocal recordings, making it a great tool for various applications such as music production, podcasting, and voice-over work.

It offers affordability with a free version and a full version at a relatively low cost. However, FL Studio has a learning curve and is not as widely used as other popular DAWs, which may limit third-party support and collaboration options. Additionally, it does not have native support for some audio file formats.

Overall, FL Studio provides an expansive solution for recording vocals with a wide range of tools and effects available to help you achieve professional-quality results. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced producer, the DAW’s powerful and intuitive interface makes it easy to create high-quality vocal recordings. 

Lastly, some notable singers/artists who have used FL Studio include Martin Garrix, Zara Larsson, Bruno Mars, and Avicii. These artists have used FL Studio to create hit songs that have topped charts worldwide. FL Studio’s intuitive interface and powerful features make it an attractive option for many singers who want to produce their music, irrespective of their career level.

It is a good option for those looking for a flexible and affordable solution for vocal recording. I hope the article answers your questions. Thank you for reading.

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