Best Biggest Studio Monitors 2022 (FarField Monitors)

Available Farfield Studio Monitors (Biggest Monitors) |

Today, we will be talking about the best available far-field studio monitors of 2022.

A new solution for immersive, theatrical mixing experience is emerging. Find out why post-production studios are moving to FairField over multiple MidField monitors.

The requirements of a film mixing studio involve simulation of cinema to ensure translation when the film goes into distribution, which means SPL-calibrated surround speaker configurations. And often, to match the hefty requirements, several mid-field speakers are used per channel.

In contrast, far-field monitors are designed to have larger drivers, wider spectrum bandwidth, and exceptionally high-powered amplification. So, they are used along the perimeter of a large room and stay at least 15ft away from the listener.

They use the entire room space to project low frequencies, so top-notch treatment with resonance dispersion is essential. However, this method of sound reproduction results in a much accurate and comprehensive listening experience. With their extraordinary high-SPL amplifiers, far-fields are being employed to replace traditional multi-mid-field monitoring configurations, resulting in cohesive frequency response and elimination of phase issues.

Available Far-Field Studio Monitors 2022

ADAM Audio S6X Review

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Designed for large control rooms and film production studios, the S6X is a 7-drivers configuration delivering full-bandwidth audio with an unsurpassable dynamic range.

This active studio monitor employs one handcrafted X-ART tweeter, two X-ART midranges, two 7.5″ and two 12″ woofers, powered by seven PWM amplifiers totaling 2,250 watts. The result is a four-way sound reproduction system delivering ADAM Audio’s hallmark flawless clarity and high-resolution audio at extraordinary SPL.

The seven drivers have been arranged symmetrically on the front in an extended D’Appolito configuration. This arrangement, along with the crossover slopes employed, results in highly consistent sound reproduction at the horizontal center position, free of time alignment issues caused by lobe-tilting. The configuration also minimizes vertical sound radiation and reflection, resulting in significantly better spatial imaging in any multichannel setup.

Key Features:

  • Seven Drivers
    The S6X has seven drivers arranged in a calculated way to even out dispersion patterns and eliminate interference from verticle early reflections. The drivers are mounted on an aluminum-made honeycomb-core panel that optimizes integration into the cabinet. This regard for stability gets rid of any noise or vibrations.
  • Extraordinary Bandwidth
    With the 12″ subwoofers coupled with the spectacular cabinet engineering, the S6X delivers low-frequency reproduction as low as 23Hz, while staying flat. This marvel still keeps the bass tight and distortion-free. The high end of the spectrum is just as stunning with its reproduction up to 50kHz, making it an unparalleled sonic revelation of every nuance in your audio material.
  • Control Panel
    The control panel at the back of the cabinet has an input sensitivity control (±10 dB), shelving filters, and three parametric EQs. A certified Dolby X-Curve filter engages a 3dB per octave roll-off starting at 2kHz designed to help simulate theater/cinema sound during film mixing. The three EQs can be applied as a group or individually for better sonic reliability and control.
  • PWM Amplification
    This studio monitor employs authoritative 2,250-watt audio amplification via seven dedicated PWM amplifiers — one for each driver. The 12″ subwoofers are powered by 500W each, while the rest have anointed 250W amplifiers each. This amplification configuration allows for peak sound pressure levels above 130 dB without distortion or compression.

Character & Sound:

ADAM Audio has built a solid reputation as a connoisseur of pro audio manufacturing. With decades of research since its establishment in 1999, the company has built an arsenal of custom drivers that deliver preeminent sonic reproduction fit for world-class audio studios.

The S6X main monitor is designed to reproduce a ruler-flat frequency response, and it certainly delivers. The high-powered PWM amplification system combined with its meticulously engineered driver arrangements produces flawless, high-quality audio at any sound level for professional multichannel setups.


ADAM Audio’s continuous research on modern technology and materials has helped it achieve and elevate studio monitor engineering standards. The S6X’s resilient materials, well-engineered construction, and high efficiency make for an uncompromised monitoring system, which leaves nothing as guesswork for the sonic realm.

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