Top 7 Deep & Dark Dubstep Sample Packs 2022

Top 7 Deep & Dark Dubstep Sample Packs |

This article will discuss the seven best Dubstep Sample Packs of 2022 and a free sample pack as a bonus. 

Dubstep emerged in the early 2000s, originally from South London underground clubs, and it’s recognized by its signature syncopated rhythms of growly, wobbly, and distorted synth lines, combined with the heavy movement of subs-heavy bass lines. 

The genre appeared as an off-shoot of UK Garage and is built upon Jamaican genres like Reggae, Jungle, Grime, and Backbeat. Its dark undertones and aggressive & heavy sonic scapes made it famous worldwide, and today it’s one of the most prominent music genres.

It made its way out of underground clubs to mainstream popularity with DJs/producers like Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Bassnectar, and more, but many of its derivative styles are still played in sound systems and garage-based local parties. So with that introduction, let’s discuss some great sample packs of the genre. 

Top 7 Deep & Dark Dubstep Sample Packs 2022 

1. Sample Pack One By Shades, Eprom & Alix Perez 

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Sample Pack One is a dubstep sample pack consisting of 64 basses, 11 leads, 9 drum loops, 44 effects, 10 vocals, 27 pads, and plenty of drum & percussive one-shot samples for creating deep & dark dubstep. 

SHADES is a producer duo that creates unique original music, and experimenting with different sounds and styles. They have released the sample pack in combination with Eprom and Alix Perez.

The sample pack features deep and hard dubstep sounds, including fat bass sounds, explosive impulses, knocky leads, glitchy synths, punchy drum samples, and more. 

Lastly, it was released in mid-2020, but the sounds are still quite relevant in 2022.

2. Production Master – The Void Deep & Dark Dubstep

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If you’re looking for a sample pack with hard-hitting synthesizers, dark ambient pads, glitchy transitions, fat and punchy bass and drums, and daunting and atonic tonal beds, The Void by production Master is the right sample pack for you.

The sounds have sonic characteristics of the classic Moog synthesizer and warm tape saturation. Inspired by artists like Kryptic Minds, Plastician, Burial, Benga, Skepta, J Kenzo, Hatcha, Digital Mystiks, Mala, Kode9, Bukez Finest, Coki, and more, the sample pack features deep, dark, and mysterious sonics scapes. It’s also perfect for sound design. 

 The Void features 185 unique loops and one-shots, including full-throttle beat loops, energetic kicks, punchy snares, dazzling top loops and hi-hats, organic percussion, and lofi groove loops, keeping the gritty and dirty vibe alive, combined with simple and clean sounds. 

3. Production Master – Subhertz 2 Deep & Dark Dubstep

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Production Master brings you the dark and daunting vibe of the mysterious underworld with the Subhertz 2 Deep & Dark Dubstep sample pack. 

Packed in an 800 MB of size, it features synths, deep sub-bass, synths with hard-hitting drums, growls, punchy stabs, and atmospheric sounds

It’s inspired by the underground UK Croydon sound, which artists build like Plastician, Burial, Benga, Skepta, Skream, Hatcha, Digital Mystiks, Mala, Kode9, Bukez Finest, Coki, and more

It consists of 22 bass loops, 100 drums/percussion loops, 19 hi-hat loops, 40 percussion loops, 105 Drum & Percussion One Shots, 40 hi-hats, 17 percussions one-shots, 33 effects, 12 melodic one-shots, 47 vocal loops, 57 bass one-shots, 22 full drum loops, 14 kick, and snare loops, 5 top loops, 10 claps, 28 kicks, 30 snares, 17 melodic loops, and 30 textures. 

4. KAN Samples 140 Dark Vol.1

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Inspired by the new underground dub movement KAN Samples 140 Dark Vol. 1 features deep, dark, and minimal dubstep sounds at a tempo of 140 BPM.  

It’s quiet, minimal, mysterious, and easy on the ear, but still impactful, dark, and deep. The 800 MB sample pack consists of 310 high quality, royalty-free, 24bit 44.1kHz WAV files featuring 40 Bass Loops, 40 Drum Loops, 30 Music Loops, 30 Atmos Loops, 20 Perc Loops, 20 FX, 10 Vocals, and 120 One Shots, all at a tempo of 140 BPM

5. Ghost Syndicate SUBLIME: Dubstep

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SUBLIME by Ghost Syndicate features glitchy, electronic, and underground Dubstep sounds. 

SUBLIME: Dubstep consists of 64 bass loops, 40 synth loops, 29 melodic combi loops, 24 full drum loops, 23 hat loops, and 24 top loops. Also included are 104 drum hits, 27 bass one-shots, 28 synth one-shots, and 32 FX one-shots

In addition, there are 20 drum loops, 10 drum kits, 10 Ableton Live 11 drum kits, an Ableton Live drum rack, and an Ableton Live 11 project file as bonus sounds, all packed in an expansive sample pack of about 1 GB. The BPM of the overall packs is 140, and you can also download its Taster Pack on Loopmasters. 

6. Leon Switch – Deep Dark Dubstep (Most Reviews)

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Deep Dark Dubstep by Leon Switch is one of the most popular and highest-rated Dubstep sample packs on Loopmasters.  

Set at 140 BPM, with 1.65 gigabytes of 24Bit 44.1Khz loops and sounds, including 30 Bass Loops, 29 Unique Drum Loops with split versions (total loops 115), 20 Percussion Loops, 41 Music Loops, 2 Bass Multi Sampled Instruments, 5 Pad Multi Sampled Instruments, 60 Drum One Shots, 60 Mid-Range Bass Stabs, 207 Rex2 Files, and 82 Soft Sampler Patches, the Deep Dark Dubstep sample pack is sure to give you dynamics and minimalism. 

Leon Switch has been a part of Kryptic Minds for sixteen years and is a well-known bass music producer in the local UK scene. You can listen to the Taster pack and test the sample pack for yourself. 

It has been given a rating of 5-stars by 135 customers on Loopmasters and is also available on Loopcloud. The drum machine sounds of deep and punchy drums, industrial underground textures, daunting stabs, and ambient atmospheric textures composed in daunting musical intervals will surely give you the dubstep sound you’re looking for. 

7. Raijin – Dubstep Sample Pack

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Raijin made a sound pack consisting of deep & dark Dubstep samples, loops, and Ableton racks & templates. 

The underground movement has begun with punchy yet minimal drums, crunchy wobbles, analog synths and sound effects, stabs, and leads. Raijin has an expansive sonic material to fill the dance floor with wicked vibes.  

The sample pack is 100% royalty-free and features Bass, Drums, Synth Loops, and more grooves and loops at 140 BPM. Sized at 840 MB, Raijin has 21 mid-bass loops, 21 full bass loops, 21 sub-bass loops, 21 full drums loops, 19 hat drum loops, 11 percussion loops, 21 Top Drum Loops, and more.  

Created and sold by Loop Cult samples, the Raijin sample pack is inspired by Alix Perez. The sounds are hands-on, pre-mixed, and instantly ready to be used. It also features a Dubstep-based Abelton Live project file, a 16-pad Abelton Live 10 Drum rack, 2 Abelton Live bass sounds, and more.  

Free Deep Dubstep Sample Pack

1. Ghost Syndicate Audio FREE SAMPLES VOL.4  (FREE)

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Ghost Syndicate Audio has released a few free sample packs, the fourth volume of which consists of royalty-free sounds for the deep Dubstep genre and also for Grime and Bass music.  

The high-quality free sample pack by Ghost Syndicate Audio gives paid Dubstep, Grime, and Bass Music sample packs a run for their money. It comes with pre-mixed and ready-to-use samples, with a 4.9/5 rating/reviews by 19 reviewers. Ghost Syndicate has a loyal customer base and has been producing great samples and preset packs for electronic music for a long time.

It consists of 62 drum and percussion loops, 24 bass loops, four synth loops, two atmospheric loops, 3 FXs, nine kick one-shots, 15 snares, 6 percussion hits, and 13 hi-hats one-shots. 

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